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Troy Southgate has a new book coming out from Primordial Traditions, who publish some of the most interesting work these days in that liminal zone where philosophy, religion, history and politics intersect.

  • TOMISLAV SUNIC – History and Decadence: Spengler’s Cultural Pessimism Today
  • JONATHAN BOWDEN – A Polyp Devours Its Feed, Paracelsus Unzipped: An Analysis of F.W. Murnau’s Film, Nosferatu
  • TROY SOUTHGATE – Heidegger: The Application of Meaning in An Increasingly Transient World
  • WAYNE JOHN STURGEON – Anarcho-National-Syndicalist: Some Reflections on Being Shot by Both Sides
  • ALEX KURTAGIC – Lessons From the Music Industry
  • BRETT STEVENS – The Civilisation Cycle and its Implications for the Individual
  • MAXIM BOROZENEC – An Introduction to Intertraditionale
  • DR. K.R. BOLTON – The Art of Rootless Cosmopolitanism: America’s Offensive Against Civilisation
  • VINCE YNZUNZA – The Manifesto of the Psychedelic Conservative
  • TROY SOUTHGATE – Schopenhauer and Suffering: Eternal Pessimist or Prophet for our Times?
  • WAYNE JOHN STURGEON – Anarcho-Gnosticism: Golgotha of the Absolute Mind
  • SEAN JOBST – Towards a Sufi Anarch: The Role of Islamic Mysticism Against Modernist Decay
  • BEN CRAVEN – Are Human Rights a Fiction of Modern, Western Liberal Democracies That Bring Us No Closer to a Shared Ethical Framework?
  • TONY GLAISTER – 50 Years On: Notes on the New Right
  • WAYNE JOHN STURGEON – The Impossible Dream: An Introduction to Christian Anarchism
  • KEITH PRESTON – The Nietzschean Prophecies: Two Hundred Years of Nihilism and the Coming Crisis of Western Civilization
  • TROY SOUTHGATE – Transcending the Beyond: Third Position to National-Anarchism
  • GWENDOLYN TOYNTON – Reforming the Modern World: Addressing the Issue of Cultural Identity

You may recognize some of these names from around here. We’re looking forward to this interesting release which takes politics from beyond the narrow linear confines of self-interest into a concept of human life as more than the sum of its parts.

Available in March 2011 from Primordial Traditions.

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