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We have now come to the end, or near end, of our fanciful tale about how Ukraine could be pacified and a spirit of brotherly love, in its true Christian sense, could be spread throughout Europe and possibly even to competing factions throughout the world.  The ultimate weapon to insure peace by threatening paralysis on the battlefield was the “atom bomb menace” of its age.

Davrita and Feodor were soon married in a Russian orthodox ceremony with many colleagues attending, even their parents from America.  With Putin’s influence, Feodor had been appointed head of a new research laboratory in which the development of robotics, both commercial and military, were being pursued.  Feodor’s credentials, awards, and near mastery of the Russian language all worked in his favor.

Davrita had formed a special bond with Putin’s granddaughter and consequently she was soon chosen as the head mistress of her prep school at the age of 32, which in Russia was quite a feat.  Although both Davrita and Feodor could return to America for vacations or emergency visits, they had become expatriates and were granted Russian citizenship.

Similar to the atom bomb effect in Japan at the end of the Second World War, the use of the “paralytic” laser emission weapon had soon brought the warring parties to the negotiating table in Ukraine.  Zelensky chose exile in Israel where the liberal left-wing party welcomed him as an international hero. He became very wealthy from his speeches throughout Europe and America, and the massive amount of foreign aid that he had transferred to unnamed Swiss bank accounts during his presidency of Ukraine.

Contrary to the “marching orders” from his Russian advisors, Stanley reunited with his wife and children in London, not in St. Petersburg, where they planned to live; however, the Russian secret police presented a compromising dossier to the British customs authorities and, in an exchange deal with the Russian FSB (or secret police), the British authorities refused Stanley’s request for asylum (as a British citizen) and the Russians recovered a coveted spy that was imprisoned in London.

When the CIA identified Stanley as one of the “traitors” who had facilitated Russia’s military dominance of Europe, an international warrant was issued for his arrest.  As a measure of last resort, he accepted the Russian offer to work with Feodor at the robotics plant outside Moscow.  Unfortunately, Stanley’s wife, Cynthia, had taken the children and returned to Washington.  Soon after, she was granted a divorce for abandonment and philandering.

From time to time, Svetlana and Stanley would see each other but only as lovers.  He had thought about marriage, but Svetlana was a Russian asset and a skilled operative whom he could never trust.  They both came to the conclusion that a conjugal bonding would not agree with their life styles.

They did have a “love child”, Anastasia, who was cherished by both parents and was educated at Davrita’s prep school.  She was accepted into Russian high society and eventually became “Miss Russia” as a result of her mother’s stunning good looks.

China and Russia, with the willing collaboration of Putin and XI, formed a military alliance that included Iran and Saudi Arabia who sold less and less fossil fuels to a green-oriented America.  As the United States became increasingly obsessed with rising tides, African hunger, electronic vehicles, and virtue-signaling, they lost control of their international dominance of commercial markets. Even at home internal priorities were changed by “woke” policies that focused on subsidizing anyone who could claim victimhood because of a darkened skin color.

The Democratic Party, after martyrizing Trump with incessant legal attacks for more than seven years, found itself hard pressed to select a viable candidate for the 2024 elections.

Perceptive readers at this point might reasonably ask: how about the fail-safe device and the antidote for battlefield application in case of unfortunate or misdirected irradiation?  Prior to mass production of the drone and ray gun attachments, Feodor — in a moment of conscience and regret — disclosed these items to the production manager.  After some experimentation to prove their efficacy, they were given to engineers and pharmaceutical experts for inclusion in a pilot’s safety kit.  Russian combatants were also provided with the antidote they were to use, if necessary, during warfare.

A sense of invincibility spread through the ranks.  As a result, Russia would have little hesitation to attack its potential enemies.  The balance of military power had shifted to Moscow and not Washington.

And the rest, as the saying goes, is history…to be filled in by those who cling to reality to make decisions.

Well, future voters, will it be Biden, Trump, or the Mad Hatter?

Not Alice? Well, at the risk of sounding misogynistic, our fictional mistress had gone back up the rabbit hole and wasn’t accessible at the moment.  She had been recaptured by the real world of hard decisions and nasty people who constantly did terrible things. She would not, under any circumstances, become a candidate for president.

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