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Drugs Are Winning The War on Drugs in Appalachia

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Oh, that war on drugs? The drugs are effectively executing the Von Schlieffen Plan. We’re getting nuked, we’re getting killed. How well is it going? Shannon Sharpe offers us insight.

OK, on a more serious and academic note, it’s about as great as The Great Society. (Yep, Dr. Wile E. Coyote, Supra-Genus tells us it sucks)…

There is no way our government can win The War on Drugs. There is no deus ex machina to pull the lead character here out of Hell. We already fought and struggled in a war like our current War on Drugs. Vietnam. You see, we are fighting a sub rosa opponent with no fixed base, who are covertly supported by large proportions of the indigenous population. An indigenous population that includes some of our children, friends and neighbors. Our doctors are legally prescribing the weapons of our own demise. The pain pill clinics proliferate on more corners than Stringer Bell.

So the drugs will win, but can we possibly make peace? We can, but only if we go full consequentialist, and if we teach people to survive the death of the American opportunity economy. There will be no long-term future for lower class, White males in The Appalachian Region that they do not create for themselves. The liberals and professional minorites cheer when the Nashville morgue overflows from opioid deaths. Seeing these “Pill-Billies” OD makes these people happier than the after work Gin and Tonic.

The Conservatives? National Review has never sounded more like the #SWPL/#SJW choir at Salon and Nation. As Gorbutt, NY dies, the only thing Kevin Williamson left back in the snark arsenal was the sneering “Punt ‘Bama, Punt!” chant.

Not only are the drugs winning in Appalachia; but the entire elite is putting on the fan gear and openly cheering for the opioids. These evil futhermuckers are enjoying their White Tail Redneck Shoot. So what do? Appalachia needs to go back to the old ways. They need to read their own Foxfire Books. Not just the one about brewing up the hooch. People like Stephen Clay McGehee need to be the mentors for Appalachian America. They are hated for being White and targeted for elimination. You beat that by going WGTOW.

If you go to the outer suburbs here, every other house seems to be subsidized to some degree by reselling products on eBay or other internet work. The kids who mow the lawn are paid in canned food. A guy down the street swaps homebrew beer and tobacco for raw materials to make more. The carpenter takes labor in kind in trade, or goods, and just acquired a used car cheap this way. Look at their 1040s. Every single one includes a home-based business that generates massive deductions, if they even bother to file one. The end result is that these people have converted themselves from tax cash cows into tax-eaters. They buy almost nothing new, and are fixing those old gadgets, cars, heaters, air conditioners and water heaters, especially since the old ones work better anyway.

And those who don’t adapt and overcome? They need to fail and learn. It will not be the great culling. When Darwin strikes one he teaches one hundred. Those who can will become the model for those who can only do meth. Or, those who can only do meth will burn out and no longer burden the new generation of pioneers. This is tragic; but nobody wants these people to exist anymore. They either do it for themselves or they die. The first step to political rape prevention is the fundamental realization that you are getting screwed. Then we move forward to separation. Freedom of Association combined with independent self-generation is the only antidote to the hatred. Taking opioids to be comfortably numb will not make the Grim Reaper turn away.


Thursday, June 8th, 2017

History runs in cycles because no matter what year it is, the same actions beget the same responses. When a civilization adopts democracy, it signs itself on for a Captain Ahab style pursuit of equality that will ultimately kill it.

Equality is power because it makes a room full of people sigh contentedly and nod. As things get worse, and they get more afraid, they want more of the magic drug that makes them feel good.

Praise the lowly drug addict, for at least he is honest about his need to get high.

As the West has drifted more Leftward, it has savaged its middle classes by engaging in wealth transfer programs that amount to class warfare, draining wealth from the productive to the unproductive, which means that opportunity goes away.

Funny, something similar happened in the Soviet Union. Oh, and, er, in post-Revolution France. Also in Cuba and Venezuela. And it is happening in Europe, although more slowly because they have a smaller group of third world underclass dependents to drop money on than the Americans do.

But now that the Left has won, even the sleepwalking press is noticing the disappearance of the American middle class:

The two retailers’ strategies of aiming at the furthest ends of the income spectrum highlight the widening gap between wealthy and poor Americans and the disappearance of what was once the most sought-after class of income-earners in the country.

“This is absolutely symptomatic of a deteriorating middle class, or at least what we used to consider to be the middle class in America,” Stephens told Business Insider.

…”From postwar to about the late 1970s, you wanted to be in the mid-tier of retail. That is where everybody was making a fortune, including Walmart,” Stephens said. “Then from 1980 onward, you wanted to pick a side, because it started to become clear that the middle class was evaporating.”

The deterioration of union jobs, the shift of manufacturing jobs overseas, and the growth of the knowledge economy that led to a boom in high-skilled jobs contributed to this trend.

Let us look at how Leftism achieved this: it assumed that the American middle class was a blank cheque, and raised labor costs with unions and regulations, then affirmative action, effectively driving production overseas. Then it saddled itself with huge social welfare programs — up to 60% of the budget — which drained money from its infrastructure and research, causing it to fall behind. Finally it replaced its Western European elites with new “educated” cosmopolitans of mixed-European heritage who promptly bungled and stole the rest.

Now you are looking at a type of bankruptcy that makes the Great Depression pale in comparison. Where the Great Depression was a dip in value, this is a depletion of value on a long-term and permanent basis. Even worse, by disenfranchising the Western European founding core of America, especially through civil rights preferences in hiring, America has driven away the people who can save it.

Where are they now, these people who once built this nation? They are Whites Going Their Own Way (WGTOW) who have dropped out, moved away from the big cities, set themselves up with rougher surroundings, and done their best to secede from political and economic life. They are earning less to avoid paying taxes, and doing more through barter and producing their own food, supplies and tools.

If you go to the outer suburbs here, every other house seems to be subsidized to some degree by reselling products on eBay or other internet work. The kids who mow the lawn are paid in canned food. A guy down the street swaps homebrew beer and tobacco for raw materials to make more. The carpenter takes labor in kind in trade, or goods, and just acquired a used car cheap this way.

Look at their 1040s. Every single one includes a home-based business that generates massive deductions, if they even bother to file one. The end result is that these people have converted themselves from tax cash cows into tax-eaters. They buy almost nothing new, and are fixing those old gadgets, cars, heaters, air conditioners and water heaters, especially since the old ones work better anyway.

When you need someone to help out, you go hang out at the local watering hole that now serves homebrew beer and allows people to smoke again. The band tonight takes payment in home-grown vegetables and homemade beef jerky. People are buying what they need online with BitCoin or through swaps via Craigslist. There is a neighborhood website where further transactions take place.

Many are working part time. They spend the rest of the time doing something that others need, like fixing cars, making cabinets, wiring homes, hand-loading ammunition, giving legal advice, rebuilding air conditioners, and many more things that previously would have been handled with a phone call and a check.

Others have simply gone entirely off the path. They report no income, have no credit cards, transact everything with cash or trade, and have turned their backyards into gardens. You can hear chickens and sometimes goats even in the formerly staid halls of suburbia. These people realize that their government and society has turned against them, and they refuse to support it.

Inside the city, the new Americans are earning good money at big name jobs. Cosmopolitan, educated in that way that involves memorizing lots of procedures but having no analytical skills, cultureless and obsessed with products, these are the new consumers. They favor novelty over endurance and live in debt, dependent on their jobs.

But out in the burbs and beyond, people are rediscovering real life. They work every day but they work less, and they suffer no office politics or hours wasted on commuting. Their interactions are based on trust and mutual esteem. They know their neighbors. They are rediscovering culture, turning off the televisions and checking out of Facebook.

As government in the West winds down into an abyss of debt and dysfunction, people are finding ways to live normal and successful lives in the oldest meaning of the term “successful”: family, homestead, friends, culture, church and community.

They are going their own way because they know that democracy is falling apart, and they do not want to be like the city people, standing around wondering aloud how this could happen to them on their day off, when the cash machines stop working.

A Different Way Of Life

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Our problem is that our people have lost the reason to unite and stay together. This often happens with majority groups, unlike the envious minorities who want to take power from them. Because we already have the power, we have turned to other things for our quest in life, things which are more specific to the individual, things that divide us and weaken us.

The ultimate consequences of our present trajectory are extremely negative, but it is hard to get people to recognize this simply by pointing out negatives. These are obscured by the ambiguities of the future and human psychological traits, like time preference habits, which focus on immediate positives at the expense of distant negatives.

In order to move people you need to recognize this simple rule: people respond more to visions of a possible future that is good than to warnings about the negative results of present day actions. Quite simply, you have to show them an ideal of what is better, because, by the principle of competition, people will pick whatever offers them a better way of life.

The kind of world we want to show them is a world where there is no guilt and no feelings of inferiority, where we are free to do what comes naturally, a world where all attempts at the “One Right Way” for “all people” have been abandoned.

Most of us — “if we can get it” — want to live in a small city or big town, have a happy nuclear family, work less, and spend more time enjoying life, while feeling that we have a sense of purpose. A good way to get people thinking about this is to propose a simple thought experiment: If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

Likely answer: Move out of the city apartment or cramped gated community, and take the family to a gentle and pleasant place. Live out my life doing things that fulfill me.

Not everyone can win the lottery but suppose we adapted that to reality: advocating a society where your money went farther, where you had better options for where to live, nicer choices for potential spouses, and a safer way of life.

What I am describing is America before the great social experiments of the 1820s and 1960s. It is an America that devoted itself not to ideology, but to practical, good living.

In it the first rule was that you owed nothing to anybody. You could associate with whomever you wanted and ignore everyone else. If there was a beggar in the street, you might give him a coin or not, and no one would think you were a subhuman jerk for turning him down.

There was no sense of guilt or inferiority. Everyone had a place, mainly because you could make a decent living and have a perfectly decent house outside of the city. It was boring, if you consider nightlife, crime, noise, pollution and other city stuff fascinating. People were not “intellectual,” they merely thought about things.

They had more time to do it, too, because they were not constantly working to assuage those feelings of guilt and inferiority. They did not pay the 60% or higher of our tax burden that goes to welfare, government programs to save us from ourselves, social engineering and the like. Government took money to build roads and keep an army and not much else.

They also felt no guilt about associating with people like them. Protestants hung out with Protestants, Catholics with Catholics. You expected to find your spouse in your community and have a boy-next-door-girl-next-door courtship and marriage.

People were also genetically healthier. Instead of having mix-n-match genetics, they were German. Or Swedish. Or English. Or Scots. Or some mix of the above with other Western Europeans. People generally were blonder, better looking, and had better overall longevity.

Think of the pictures you see from the past. Everyone looks very similar. This meant that there were not huge variations between potential spouses, physically. You found someone you liked and wanted to form a family with, and went from there.

Jobs were not jails. You could work for a company your whole life, and no one cared if you smoked or had a martini at lunch. You left early when the work was done. There was simply less competition so there was no need to “fly the flag” and work late to show you were more obedient than the other guy.

Fewer rules defined this society as well. A few general principles went far and after that it was “use your best judgment.” People were promoted on the basis not of being obedient, but because they were morally good and competent. The people making decisions above you were more careful and paid less attention to appearances.

No one expected everyone to get along. You did what you needed to, and others did the same. Crime was lower and costs were lower and people did not constantly obsess about health, money, public image and sexuality. All these things were under control of the basic goal, which was to live a normal life.

At some point the idiots and chattering neurotics got in and started convincing people that we needed an Ideology and purpose. This is what happens when societies are prosperous and happy; the people who are not happy inside start raging at those who are, and form plans to destroy them. Thus our limited democracy became demagoguery.

We can reverse this process. Already the signs are in the air politically: people know we have gone down a bad path and want a U-turn. That U-turn comes about when we throw out all the anti-discrimination, anti-poverty, and civil rights laws designed to make us live in guilt and inferiority.

With those gone, normal life returns. People attend to their own business. Better people make it up the chain of command, instead of reptiles getting promoted because they have the right ideology. And not everyone wants to come here. Why? Because the people here look a certain way and they like it that way.

It all starts with breaking the spell of appearances, and shaking off the sense of guilt and inferiority. We need those less than a hole in the head. What we need instead is to trust our natural instincts and get back to the life that makes sense to us inside, instead of worrying about these outside ideologies and the way they make us all slaves to a false purpose.

Originally published on Liberty GB.

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