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Women Are Driving The Education Bubble

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

It turns out that women carry two-thirds of the student loan debt that will eventually blow up in our faces like the other bubbles:

Women carry roughly two thirds of the country’s $1.3tn student debt load – altogether that’s about $833bn for women, compared to $477bn for men. The reasons for higher debt are varied, but the trends of financial hardship reveal how the new sexism problem on campus might not be so much outright discrimination but a slow-burning crisis of eroding economic opportunity once they enter the workforce.

…On paper, the gap may seem fairly small; the average cumulative debt owed by women with bachelor’s degrees was about $20,900 in 2012 versus nearly $19,500 for men. But across all degree levels, the year-to-year financial burden is crushing: women face an estimated 14% higher debt burden in a given year than comparably educated men. So within about four years of graduating, women generally lag farther behind men on their college debt repayments.

This one is easily decoded: women work, then have babies, and then come back to work and are behind. Even more, promoting women who are going to be leaving is a bad idea, as it creates power gaps. This is why traditional societies preferred that most women focus on the family instead. Like our other debt bubbles, this one has gotten so big that even government cannot bail it out.

The Dark Side of The Gubmint Gimmedat

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016


One fairly odd privilege of living in Alabama is the ability to observe Birmingham. It is the opportunity to see Amerika at its worst.

Everything the Cathedral can do to screw with people out of bigotry, pity and contempt has been done to the African-American majority city.* Recently, Business listed the ten worst cities for the ratio of student loan debts to starting salaries and guess which municipality won the flippin’ Iron Bowl?

1. Birmingham, Alabama

Average student loan balance per person: $60,184

Median salary for graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree: $39,868

Debt-to-income ratio: 151%

But student loans are a good thing. We give power to the people. We extend the ladder of hope down into the abyss of the knee-grow ghetto out of our love for the strength of diversity! Imagine there’s no countries. It’s easy if you try. Peace and love will prevail in the end.

OK, let’s put down the bong, Sparky. Student Loans are the evil business end of the Cathedral’s system of societal control. They are like The Outer Party in 1984. You get that degree on credit and then owe everything you ever make to the Feds who can call it in on you anytime you piss them off.

Here’s the evil reality. The labyrinthine code behind the Cathedral’s matrix.

What would you think of a lender that has holds more than one $1 trillion in loans outstanding, targets low income and minority borrowers, has a payment delinquency and default rate in excess of 25 percent, and has postponed repayment on 14 percent of its loans, but is still accruing interest on them?

I would think that lender eventually intends to send Mackie “Knuckles” O’Bannon out to collect once the vigorish runs long enough to make it profitable. Does this sound paranoid? If so, then talk me through the following.

  1. Why these borrowers can’t declare bankruptcy.
  2. Why uncreditworthy borrowers are getting $60K in loans. Didn’t we learn anything from The Great NINJA Loan Sh!tshow of 2007-2008?
  3. Shouldn’t the 13th Amendment make it illegal for the Federal Government of the US of A to make any debt owed to it undischargable and collectable through wage garnishments?

I bring up the 13th Amendment because Guaranteed Federal Student Loans are essentially a company financial services store owned by the Federal Government. At least it remains such as long as a Bachelors Degree from Podunk State is the symbol of respectable and trustworthy Middle Class adulthood in Modern Amerika.

And who do these people have to be trained and indoctrinated to be respectable by the Cathedral in order to manage? Obviously themselves. Like The Outer Party in 1984, the educational control measure isn’t designed to do anything but control the students themselves. That’s the sad, sad truth: the dirty lowdown…

* — And that doesn’t even get into what happened before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed and enacted.

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