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You Cannot Beat The Left By Using Leftist Language

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Among those on the Right, a disturbing tendency appears time and again where we attempt to use the arguments of our enemies against them, but go too far and use their language.

To defeat a party by using its own arguments, you must show that your way works better in terms of achieving goals, and also possibly that their way does not achieve its goals. If the mayor says he wants to decrease litter, and he wants to do it by putting more trash cans in the town square, pointing out that most of the littering does not occur there is a winning argument.

But Leftist language is not about goals; it is entirely categorical. You are either ideologically correct or the enemy. This is why it tends to operate in binary forms that designate a category of bad things, and an “anti” category for those that oppose them. People signal obedience by belonging to the latter.

For this reason, to use Leftist language is to affirm one side or the other when the actuality of the situation is more complex. Are you an ableist — a Leftist term meaning those who favor physically fit people — or not? Does the world ever fit into such narrow categories? Most people do not take ideological positions, but realistic ones, and the Left forces them into a categorical choice to control them.

If you are not an ableist, after all, you agree with the Leftist position against ableism. On the other hand, if you say you are an ableist or try to evade the question, you will be filed in a neat little box of ideas that the Leftists want you to think are socially unacceptable. It is their way of either forcing you to conform or beginning the process of destroying you.

Those who are not Leftist can defeat Leftists by rejecting their terms. This is why it is self-defeating (the worst kind of defeat) to use terms and metaphors like the following:

  • Nazi.
  • Racist.
  • Fascist.
  • Elitist.

You may recognize the second item as the failed DR3/DemsRtheRealRacists ploy which generally serves more as an indicator of cuckservative intent than a refutation of Leftism.

Many on the Dissident Right mock cuckservatives for engaging in “DR3” or DemsRRealRacists i.e. incapable of defending their values on their merits, they concede the Left’s moral premises, but accuse them of being the “real racists”, homophobes, sexists etc.

If you need to call the Left nasty names, try these instead:

Unlike Leftist language, these are descriptive terms based on the behavior of Leftists. They also explain Leftism as a pathology and not an ideology, which is its weakness and why Leftists tend to be so fanatical. It is time to retake language from politics, and stop using it to affirm the Leftist narrative in a misguided attempt to attack Leftism. That never works.

The five types of people you will meet in extreme politics

Sunday, August 16th, 2015


In the mainstream, there are opinions that most people agree are not necessarily true, but safe. They will not disturb a social gathering, which now includes mixed-sex as well as mixed-ethnicity. If you want to know why empires disappear without a trace, it is because almost every person plays “follow the leader” and parrots these mainstream opinions without reference to reality, which is the only standard of actual truth.

When one steps outside the mainstream, the reason most people stay in the mainstream becomes apparent: here be dragons. In fact, most of non-mainstream thought is gibberish concocted for reasons other than trying to find and promote truth, and is prized like a consumer product for being inoffensive and thus unlikely to get the purchaser blamed for its failure. “Well… it was ISO 666 certified!”

However, whether you are left or right — and there are no other philosophically-distinct options, only clever marketing — you will encounter within the world of extreme politics a number of interesting characters. They can be identified by their psychologies, or even pathologies, and here’s a list to help you avoid the worst…

  • The Poseur. The poseur exists to put others down. He believes in things in order to be “better than” other people, which explains away his mildewed townhouse, entry-level (20 years running) job, and general dissatisfaction with life. His purpose is to appear larger than he is.
  • The Hipster. Hipsters are defined by one salient trait: they use external things to define internal. Thus, they listen to bands you have never heard of, wear combinations of clothing you would never consider, and embrace outsider political views just to be different, ironic and unique.
  • The Suicide. This person has given up; life is for nought. He wants a reason to die so he will be remembered well, and so he drifts toward extreme ideology so he can have a solid and exciting reason to kill himself.
  • The Sniper. Some people exist to feel important by tearing down others. The sniper is the person who reads a 400 page manifesto and thinks a minor footnote debunks it all. A person of no power or importance in life, he feels most alive when tearing down those above him.
  • The Innocent. This is the person you actually want to attract. She means well, wants the best results possible, and has found that mainstream politics will never achieve this. Thus she drifts to outsider politics, a nerd among the extremists, and will always do what she thinks is right.

What makes these people similar? Like hipsters, they are “outward in”: they use external accessories to signal internal value. A hipster listens to obscure music so that the hipster seems knowledgeable and like an altruistic librarian, poring deep through the music world to find hidden gems. In fact, what he is pimping is usually obscure because it sucks, but the hipster does not care. He only wants to look good. That is what all of the above, save the Innocents, have in common.

Extreme politics means stepping outside of the nicely-laid path which most walk. That means you are on your own to separate lies from truth, and that because there are no rules, this path will attract a disproportionate number of mental defectives and neurotics. Know the major types that infest extreme politics, right and left alike, and you can avoid having your time wasted by people who are essentially moral parasites.

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