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Why The Left Adores Pacifism

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Robert Stacy McCain observes the loser psychology of the Left:

Feminists refuse to confront the reality that there are evil forces in the world which wish us harm.

…Feminists can denounce the president as a “fascist,” and suffer no harm, but what would become of these fools if America was not protected by brave troops obedient to our Commander in Chief?

The Left makes zero sense until you understand them as individualists. They want to be free from any risk in decision-making, of the Darwinian kind including a loss of social status, while they are still able to enjoy the benefits of society, and are empowered to game the system by being able to make public, symbolic gestures of goodness that obscure the moral level of their other acts.

They hide this philosophy in egalitarianism because the plural of “I can do anything I want” is “we can do anything we want” and this type of collectivized individualism compels all of the members of the gang to defend each other, and so is the most effective method of building a cult-like revolutionary movement within a thriving society.

It makes sense to note this: Leftists do not create civilizations; they attach to them, or rise up within them, and then act as all parasites do. They siphon off nutrition and as they get more numerous, clog the internal motion necessary for homeostasis and gradually weaken and then kill the civilization. Leftists want you to see them as independent; a better comparison is the mosquito or cholera.

The thing about parasites is that if the host dies, all they need is another host nearby. For this reason, it is important for Leftists to encourage the host civilization to embark on any wars it cannot win. Once it is conquered, the Leftists will be there to collaborate with the enemy in exchange for a position in the enemy where they can continue their parasitism.

One reason that theories about The Rich™, The Masons™ or The Jews™ taking over our civilization are silly is that these theories are designed to conceal the actual parasite, which is the Leftist. Maybe the others are also parasites… evidence suggests they are varied, like any other human group. But what they do pales in comparison to the damage Leftism does.

A parasite needs to be like a good snake oil salesman or celebrity. It must constantly draw attention to itself in a way that displays its moral goodness through symbolic acts, because these are a cover for its immoral acts like parasitism itself. Think of it like a businessman: it is more efficient to give 10% a year than spend 20% of every deal ensuring it is ethical and constructive.

This “virtue signaling” is the hallmark of the Leftist and shows us that their ideology is not a philosophy but a pathology. They have zero interest in whether their words are true; what matters is — like the salesman, again — how their words are perceived by others in terms of making the Leftist look good.

If you wonder why Leftist politicians can approve obviously insane and non-working policies and laws, here is your answer. They do not care whether the policy works; in fact, it serves them better if it does not, and creates more social chaos which in turn engenders more unhappy, neurotic and rootless people that can be recruited into the Leftist gang.

Pacifism appeals to the Left because it is part of their stable of “reality is not reality” thinking. Leftists realize they do not have to be radical innovators in order to look like profound inventors, which they do by acting out the script of an inventor.

The inventor is remember by the group for having essentially said “reality is not reality” in a specific area; the way everyone was thinking about a problem was wrong, and some guy beat it, so it turns out that what most people think of reality is not reality… in that specific area. Leftists want this power more generally, and so they act out the script of claiming most people are wrong in order to appear to be radical innovators.

Conventional knowledge, common sense, logical fact and history hold that the best way to achieve peace is to have a deterrent to aggression. If you can cost the enemy more than he can likely gain, and create uncertainty that he can win, then you are as safe from him as you can be. If you declare pacifism, he will roll in and conquer you, at which point the parasites transfer to him.

Conquerors like the Romans and Genghis Khan experienced this in their own adventures. Whenever they conquered a state or city, there were people there waiting to be of service to the new regime. These people had been highly powerful before and so, it stood to reason, they were competent. Instead they were often parasites, which increased the viral load for Rome while healing some of its territories.

The “reality is not reality” approach of the Leftist recognizes the truth of the need for a military. In fact, if Leftists consistently oppose something, it is a good idea to reconsider it as it usually will be something good. Leftists want to virtue signal their independence from need and their moral supremacy, and humans — especially women — respond to pacifism as if it were good.

In reality, this “good” is just rationalization of a problem to the point of explaining it away. No hippie ever had a good answer for what would happen if the Soviets charged through the American heartland. But, a good salesman makes people feel better by explaining away actual problems so that instead the victims of his con focus on what he wants them to see, which is his virtue.

Feminism — entirely a subset of Leftism — opposes the military because it wants to weaken the nation around it and conquer that nation for its own purposes. Like any other viral thought, feminism “seems” intelligent, good, moral, etc. but turns out to be a deception. Its pacifism is a ruse to the end of that deception, and can safely be considered insane like the rest of feminism.

We Are What You Fear

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Writing about politics for several decades has convinced me that people from different “tribes” — a mixture of ethnicity, caste/class, religion, politics/philosophy and social rank (alpha, beta, omega) — really do not understand each other. Each tribe knows itself and, because its normal opinions shock others, its members isolate into “bubbles” where they experience only similar opinions.

This is why the Left has utterly no clue about who the people of the Right are. They have stereotypes: inbred farmers, the Klan, angry Christians, Hitler, the Confederates, maybe even those people who live at the end of the cul-de-sac in the suburbs. But those are surface descriptions. They do not actually know these people, nor do they care to.

For this reason, it always shocks them when we turn out to be educated or “educable” (my term for those who could accomplish a college degree or run their own successful business, whether they chose to or not) and normal. This ruins their narrative that we chose our ideas because we are dysfunctional; instead, it reveals that our ideas were logical responses to the situation we see before us.

Leftists start calling names when their narrative is interrupted, which is why the usual neurotics are attacking LD50 Gallery by calling anyone involved a “fascist”:

After some digging, it turned out that the gallery had, on the down-low, actually hosted a “neo-reactionary” conference as well, though not a particularly well advertised one. Or as one of the speakers wrote, “behind a veil of secrecy to prevent the usual suspects (Leftists and other neurotics) from attacking”.

Those are the words of Brett Stevens, a fascist who has in the past praised Anders Behring Breivik, the far right terrorist who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.

…In case you’re unconvinced, one of the few place to offer any support for LD50, was a right wing website that, as part of it’s mission statement, suggests we “repatriate the non-indigenous”.

As obvious historical illiterates, these neurotics have no idea what “fascism” actually is, nor do they care. They want a term for an enemy that is so bad that it is OK to destroy them, harm their families, enjoy torturing them, dehumanize them and exterminate them. This is not an analysis; it is a category for extermination.

They cannot accept the fact that their narrative and ideology have failed to convince people. They must pretend to be shocked at this because they base their identities, or personal sense of self-worth, on the idea that they are “right” and the rest of us are “wrong” and therefore their purpose and truthfulness is greater than ours.

This reveals the basis of Leftism in individualism or hubris. They really do not care whether or not what they say is true. What they care about is that it be treated as true, so they get what they (personally) want, and they have formed a collective of individualists like a union, gang or cult to demand this from the larger society around them.

Leftists use a method of passive aggression leading to circular reasoning by which they demand that you accept their assumptions as gospel truth, and then react as if they have been victimized when you refuse to accept the insanity.

In this way, Leftists create a psychology where they are always correct and the rest of us are always wrong, therefore the only solution is for us to accept the greater morality of the Leftist position and roll over on our own. This only works if we accept the fundamentally social morality of the Left, which is that including everyone is more important than getting to the correct answer.

The Left thus resembles an abusive relationship in which the rest of us are always wrong, the Left is always right, and they use this imagined justification to essentially steal from us to fund their own projects, which coincidentally result in enriching Leftists with wealth and power. Their goal is to seize control from those who naturally should wield it and transfer it to themselves, through the ruse of altruism.

What is shocking the Left (this week) is that the victims are no longer rolling over for the parasites. In fact, something bigger has happened: the victims have recognized that the parasite is a parasite, not a logical participant, and they are no longer listening. The same force that kept them “cucked” for years caused them to suddenly snap and polarize to the opposite direction.

For example, we can look at the lamentations of the insane that they are not treated as sane people in American politics anymore:

Democrats’ frustration spilled over after one member noticed a Republican House member wearing headphones plugged into his phone during the debate.

“What could possibly be more important right now?” Abbie Finkenauer of Dubuque shouted. “Get off your phone and pay attention.”

Shannon Wurzer, a Republican teacher from northeast Iowa, said she was shocked when she saw the party she supports refusing to consider any of the amendments.

“They weren’t giving an inch. It didn’t seem like the Republicans were even listening,” she said. “It was all their way. And that’s not what we’re used to in Iowa.”

Notice the passive aggression in the above. These Leftists — some of whom claim to be Republicans, who claim to be conservative sometimes — are upset that the previous order in which everyone rolled over for them has been disrupted. Republicans are no longer listening to them because the Republican base has realized that Leftists are insane, and you cannot negotiate with insane.

Much of this comes from the interweaving of HBD, Nietzsche and deep ecology in the Alt Right: we stopped seeing ideology as philosophy, and started seeing it as pathology, or in other words a symbolic expression of the needs of the individual. Leftists justify themselves more than they assert positive future options. They are at heart, simply neurotics.

For this reason a cultural shift is going on in the world. We have seen through the veil and realized that behind Leftism, no matter what degree, lies only insanity. Any idea that begins with the assumption that all people are equal will lead to complete breakdown of sanity, logic and pragmatism.

It also acts on our people like an addiction. This is why it is important to discard scapegoats and intermediaries — the Rich,™ the Jews,™ the Government and the Deep State — those are symptoms of the basic fact that We The People are in charge, and mob rule always produces dysfunctions of that nature. The real error was equality as articulated during The Enlightenment.™

Everything else has followed from that basic assumption. When people surmise that individualism is true, this leads to a condition called “Crowdism” that collectivizes that individualism and results in mass insanity as people are forced to accept mob rule as if it were reality. If we do not destroy equality, we will repeat the same historical pattern of failure.

These people are not realistic. They are not good. Their leaders are a few self-enriching cynics, ruling over neurotic true believers and a huge crowd of useful idiots who just want to have happy social feelings by being “good” through a few symbolic acts, which is much easier than actually being good in all that one does.

You can see the insanity on full display through the Leftist jihad against non-Leftist speech which leads to hilarity like the following:

And this just in— Editor Peter Brimelow’s alma mater, Stanford’s Graduate School Of Business, just cancelled a debate between Brimelow and Tim Kane of the Hoover Institution to be held by the Stanford chapter of the Adam Smith Society, citing the destruction of Berkeley as the reason they’ve been scared off.

Get this: the Left has canceled a debate by a Rightist because the Left is afraid that it will become triggered and riot, despite that having absolutely zero to do with the Rightist. It is like an alcoholic demanding that his community ban wine because otherwise he will drink it all and burn down a barn.

We are what they fear because we refuse to accept their narrative as “good.” This is the first step, and most important, in delousing oneself from Leftists. Their entire philosophy is based on the idea that individualism and equality are good. In reality, those destroy civilizations, and our goal is to avoid being destroyed, so we must fight back… in self-defense… by any means necessary.

We have reached peak insanity with the Left and it is clear that we can no longer walk down the same path holding hands, Right and Left. We need separate nations. Since Leftists already have most of the world, it makes sense to repatriate themselves elsewhere, and return our societies to the ethnic groups and philosophies that last ruled them well. End the Left. They are a disease.

Deranged Leftists Attack LD50 Gallery For Insufficient Conformity

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Goony neurotics are again forming in swarms to attack the symbolic enemy, thus hoping to clarify their own thinking despite having no idea of what positive goals they actually desire. This time, they are attacking LD50 gallery by arguing for censorship and violence as have been Leftist habits since the French and Russian Revolutions:

This week a tremor of disgust passed through a large community of London artists who realised that they have shown at, collaborated with or visited a Dalston project space, LD50, that was at the same time, and within a single framework, programming a series of ‘artistic’ talks on ethnic nationalism and race biology. The artists concerned had been unwittingly conscripted into the rebranding operation of a fascist ideology whose ‘evolution’ in relation to Nazi race theory bears roughly the same fucking relationship to the evolution of a bad odour from the general vicinity of Winston Churchill. Whether it would be more correct to say that fascism had grown up within this art scene, or that the art had merely been reduced to a decorative detail in the larger fresco of fascist ‘normalisation’, has nothing to do with our immediate practical situation and is in the last instance besides the point. The point now is, How do we stop this from ever happening again? Or in slightly more words it is: once we have made practically certain that the LD50 gallery is closed permanently and that the people who live in its vicinity know exactly what it was doing – once this has been achieved, how do we reconceive our own art to ensure that it never again serves as a conveniently indeterminate incubator for those who would gladly destroy us, our friends and neighbours and comrades, along with any latent possibility of a genuinely open and revolutionary culture or emancipated society?

Leftists have been attacking LD50 gallery and attempting to force it to shut down for the crime of exploring Neoreaction and Alt Right thought through modern-art style exhibits and art pieces.

In the above article, Leftists call for forcing everyone to obey the same standard of thought — Leftist — and to that end, eliminating dissidents or merely non-conformists like the LD50 Gallery. Today they come for the dissidents, but tomorrow, they will come for you for the crime of displaying insufficient enthusiasm for the New People’s Republic. Fear them, and support LD50 in bucking this trend.

An Enduring Text: “Communist Rules For Revolution”

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

The New York Times says it is a hoax, and while the lügenpresse does one thing well (lying) it also seems like the language in this document is more American and 1940s than Russian or German from the 1910s. However, it endures for the same reason many other hoaxes do, which is that in a semi-satirical but analytical fashion, it describes how Leftists operate.

A careful reading of this text suggests that it is more tongue-in-cheek than previously thought, but also bitterly accurate about what people could see happening even then. The Communist “Rules For Revolution” endure because of that accuracy:

1. Corrupt the young: get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.

2. Get control of all means of publicity. Get peoples’ minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books, plays and other trivialities.

3. Divide people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

4. Destroy the peoples’ faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy.

5. Always preach “true democracy” but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.

6. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit; produce fear of inflation, rising prices and general discontent.

7. Foment strikes in vital industries; encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward these disorders.

8. By special argument cause a breakdown of the old moral virtues: honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

9. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext with a view of confiscation of them and leaving the population helpless.

We might regard semi-hoaxes — in which it is unclear if they are designed to be taken literally — as a genre of political literature rather than exact historical argument. This document reads like a creative attempt to describe the Left as an organized conspiracy but misses the actual motivation behind Leftists: destruction of everything but the Self, made holy by Enlightenment&trade-style equality.

For that reason, while the above is instructive in recognizing Leftist behavior, looking at Leftist methods serves as less of a gateway to understanding than looking toward the intent and psychology of people involved with Leftism. What we see, independent of techniques used, is a deeply-rooted individualism which consumes all else like an unstable ego expanding to the size of a small star.

Conservatives Do Not Understand The Left

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Conservatives do not understand Leftists, in part because conservatives do not understand conservatism.

Let us venture back to the French Revolution, after which the modern definitions of Right and Left became known. The Left had won and overthrown the kings, and France tried to reconstitute itself around the new political assumptions. The Right formed of those who realized things had been better before but were willing to compromise with the new idea.

The Left exists for egalitarianism, or the idea that everyone is equal. This arises from The Enlightenment™ idea that all people possess reason, which means equal reason, which means that we no longer require a hierarchy based on who has the most reason, but can instead sort out problems as a mob.

Leftism can be translated then into the idea that we need no hierarchy, and instead, that every person is a god of his own creation. The individual is supreme above the order of nature, a need to strive toward divinity, and even social standards and culture. Egalitarianism is a cult of the ego and it displaces everything else because it is addicting to human minds.

Back in the post French Revolutionary days, however, conservatives made a fatal decision: instead of resisting the Left outright, they would compromise with it, and retain their own methods but adopt the Leftist goal of egalitarianism. In doing so, they invalidated their methods, which were based not on human individuals but results for civilization as a whole.

In other words, conservatives became liberals because they could not reconcile the need for a society of time-proven solutions with the new and infectious viral meme of egalitarianism.

This leads to the type of utter confusion that blights the modern conservative mind:

The Conservative upholds some obvious and self-evident good thing, like equality or property rights. The Progressive, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, promotes an idea that it the diametric opposite of the first idea, such as elitism or communal rights, and then merely calls the first idea by the opposite of its true name.

The argument at that point becomes an argument of metaphysical philosophy, or an argument of worldview. But the worldview of the conservative is the Christian worldview, which is why they believe in things like the equality of man, the rule of reason, and the law of identity.

No conservative should endorse equality. Further, conservatives need to recognize that property rights are a means to an end: the health of the civilization and, through it, the best chance of the individual for leading the best possible life. Anything else is confusing the tool for the goal.

When conservatives endorse equality, freedom, liberty and individualism they are unknowingly becoming servants of the Left. Those are at best intermediates, or steps to the end of a healthy society which enables the individual to live a good life without interference from the insane. The best societies reward the good, and ignore or punish the bad, including the insane, unhealthy, delusional and egotistical.

Conservatives do not understand the Left. It is best to view them as computer programs out of control, with all of their instructions supplanted by a single pathological goal: advance equality. They do not care about consequences, decency, or the future of the nation. They would rather achieve their ideology and immediately perish in flames than postpone it.

When conservatives adopt any part of the Leftist, or egalitarian, ideology, they turn into similarly programmed beings. Reality must be subjugated to the needs of ideology. This makes them essentially insane, or oblivious to inputs from the world around them, satisfied only by their internal sensation at the idea of ideology. In this way conservatives become Leftists without knowing it.

The essence of conservatism is time-proven truth, or consequentialism, which favors a certain type of society that is totally alien to what we have now. But reality it is what it is; we must work for this “impossible” goal or become assimilated by the insanity around us, and while that seems harsh, becoming ideological zombies is far worse.

Leftism Replaces Responsibility With Conformity

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Conformity has two parts: first, do whatever everyone else is doing; second, avoid offending anyone but those that you can rebel against because they are in power and therefore, whatever you do will not actually harm them. This allows the attention whoring individual to both have his cake and eat it too, being a rebel who is not actually a threat, and as a covert conformist, to be rewarded for his obedience.

To disguise his utter conformity, the individualist disclaims responsibility. To be cool is to be indifferent to the world around you and the consequences of your own actions, which every rebel acts out by thwarting or attacking the dominant powers, but never directly, instead spreading around the damage as externalized socialized cost.

Being cool however means being sociable in a way that makes everyone feel accepted. Indifference conveys this by asserting the absence of standards and purpose, which means that no one can be doing wrong. This takes on another dimension because the assertion of indifference becomes important in order to make people feel comfortable, and so even contentious acrimony has its place, if it supports the right ideas.

That in turn adjusts the meaning of “responsibility” from a duty to be accurate in what one does to a duty to not offend others while advocating indifference, which in turn requires obliterating any information which does not support the indifference narrative:

“Academics must understand that they are utterly responsible to [sic] whatever they post on their social media channels just as they are for the words they say in a classroom, and such reckless tweeting, clearly made by this lecturer is a prime example that some may be unaware, or indeed neglect their duties of responsibility when expressing one’s views.

“[We] would appreciate that ALL lecturers understood that whatever their comments, they will be held responsible for their remarks given their position of authority and trust.

Basically, be cool — avoid being right — so that everyone feels content and therefore, you can benefit from the advantages of civilization without the risks. That is the point of the petit rebel: take all that you can, and give nothing back, while justifying it with some vague sense of goodwill so that you fool all the other monkeys into defending you.

That mental virus destroys society as surely as Communism but slower because it is of a less intense degree. When standards are lowered, those who take on higher standards also make themselves inefficient in that they have assumed a burden which will not reward them. At that point, the rest become de facto free riders who argue that the lowered standards are in fact a moral good. This puts the onus on those who want higher standards to “prove” that those are necessary, which cannot be proven of course, and so the free riders reap the marginal difference between the minimum required for the illusion of civilization and the minimum required to maintain civilization by adopting the former. Their “cool” is a way of suppressing those who want higher standards.

When writers on this site endorse elitism, it means this: if you want civilization, you must constantly fight back against those who erode standards and justify the difference with socially popular illusions. That is the eternal death of humanity, and Leftism is one of its many faces. Where normal and sane people are responsible, Leftists are responsible to public image, and this is why they leave ruined civilizations in their wake.

Adults In Diapers

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Leftists are losing it over everything. Betsy DeVos sets them off. Gavin McInnes sets them off. Vladamir’s dastardly invasion of Korea sets them off. The halls of America echo with cries of ¡TRIGGERED! and the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

These triggered people are both remarkably stupid and remarkably motivated. There are Leftists stupid enough to claim PM Justin Trudeau of Canada is a ¡WHITE SUPREMACIST! They’ve even seemingly forgotten about laws against murder.

In California, Democratic assembly member Reggie Jones-Sawyer of Los Angeles has predicted that the anti-Trump resistance will be “a looming, long, ferocious and hard-fought legal war with bloodshed stretching from the Golden State to Washington D.C.”

And that Dastardly Donald has set back Women’s Rights by banning premarital sex

Donald Trump was sworn in as President on 20th January, and in just two weeks he has already set back women’s rights dramatically. He has restricted women’s reproductive rights, cut funding to international organizations who promote, provide and advise on abortions, and just yesterday it was revealed that he’s planning an executive order to declare pre-marital sex, same-sex marriage and abortion to be wrong.

So they’ve gone full SJWtard and you should never go SJWtard. Some call the Left evil. Others call them stupid. JPW the internet comedian calls them material. But there really is a sad and dark side to this entire recent trend. The SJW always has to double down. They yell ¡RACIST! until it gets tired. Then they really get original and yell ¡NAZI! instead.

Milo Yiannapoulos is a gay Jew who can’t seem to go more than five minutes without mentioning that he loves sucking black cock. He has openly and repeatedly disavowed white nationalism, especially the “14/88” crowd. Doesn’t matter. Posters preceding his recent appearance in Denver tagged him as a “Nazi” and encouraged punching him.

When that doesn’t work….It’s time for Lefty Fight Club! Bash the Fash! If that doesn’t work, they ban conservatives from campus so they can feel safe.

The bad thing about this virulent bout of Leftist reality denial is that they have to ratchet it up. There is never any respectable way to climb back down off the ledge. And the carnival barkers and hucksters continue to cheer it on. Here’s a guy who’s “officially neutral” over the violence occurring when Leftists rally.

If you are Trump supporter, maybe you better just stay home. If you so much as leave your house, you probably stand a pretty good chance of getting punched in the face. It’s like punching Trumpsters in the face is some sort of a new national pastime or better yet, sport. We could even make it into a competitive sport and have teams of punchers and the winner would be the team that punched the most Trumpsters the hardest. Seriously man. Whenever I imagine myself as a Trump supporter now, I see this fist flying towards my face. I think I already have PTSD from all this horrible, awful, terrible, disgusting, vile, revolting, sickening, repulsive, infuriating, obnoxious, cringey, gross political violence that I am watching for hours and hours every day. Someone help me, I’m addicted.

Yes, they are addicted: ideology is a nasty crack habit that leads you nowhere special. Someone should help them, if it still remains possible. Making every aspect of your life about ideology only leads to emptiness and disappointment. Ideology infantilizes people, and this makes them helpless and atomized, so their pointless and omnidirectional rage “makes sense” from that vantage point.

Nobody is happy as an adult in diapers. If we remove the reward for virtue signaling, most of these people will move on to something else, like their previous hobbies collecting Beanie Babies, making artisanal garbage cans and moustache farming.

Leftists Just Inherited The Next Terror Attack In America

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

The brilliant strategy of Donald J. Trump: he issues a relatively mild immigration order, and the Left goes wild and impedes it however they can.

As a result, they have inherited the next terrorist attack on this land, which otherwise Trump would have owned by virtue of being the new President.

Instead, he has transferred the blame by offering a “light” version of what must be done, allowing himself to be crucified, and now letting the natural flow of events take its course.

Since terrorist events are a regular occurrence, it is inevitable that one will happen, and instead of blaming Trump, the voters will blame the Leftists who stopped him from sealing up the borders and cracking down on domestic terror.

Not that Leftists will admit this, because Leftists are pathological and always lie, but the average person in what is left of Western Civilization is not quite a Leftist.

And thus, the cultural wave against liberal democracy gains additional momentum…

“The Future Is Female”

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Leftism operates by inversion. It tells you that what is obviously true is not in fact accurate, so that you can throw away the idea of making sense at all. This allows it to abolish all standards, culture, families and allegiances and like a malevolent virus take over a society, which serves the underconfident individual by removing challenges to their perception of absolute autonomy.

Neurotic Leftist Hillary Clinton has returned to politics by appealing to her special interest group, single women and minorities, by proposing that the hierarchy which naturally favors the intelligent and family-oriented by replaced by neurotic single people:

“Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that yes, the future is female,” said Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. secretary of state.

“Just look at the amazing energy we saw last month as women organized a march that galvanized millions of people all over our country and across the world.”

…On the day of the Women’s March, Clinton took to Twitter to thank those who had participated, saying she believes that “we’re always stronger together.”

Here we see the division between public and private (text and subtext) that is inherent to ideological societies and championed by Leftism:

  • In public, Clinton promotes something which sounds good which is that theoretically vulnerable members of our society are given attention, care and concern. This is an effect masquerading as a cause, in that she is promising to achieve something by force, without setting up the conditions necessary for it to actually occur, a.k.a. “cause.”
  • In private, Clinton continues the 1960s efforts to destroy anything like normal life so that it can be replaced with Communism, at which point every individual will feel safe because they are no longer pressured to demonstrate ability and moral conviction. Individualists want to remain in worlds of their own intentions, and anything that forces them to demonstrate relevance to the world will puncture that bubble.

The image above comes to us from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011), perhaps one of the best films in recent memory that the herd missed while flocking to tired repeats of the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises. It shows a common slogan from the 1960s and 1970s.

What that tells us is that Leftism never changes. Its goal is always to destroy the natural sources of power and replace them with the angry herd and its appointed leaders, who hope to profit from the experience like Hugo Chavez who died a billionaire in a country full of starving people. When Leftists say “the future is female,” what they really mean is that females are useful idiots who can be used to create a totalitarian state.

Observing The Psychology Of Leftism

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

We might divide the Left into public and private beliefs.

The public belief, egalitarianism, conceals the private belief, which is a need to be included in society despite not necessarily contributing, or engaging in other deviant behavior.

In other words, the Leftist wants to use society as an expression of individualism. In this mode, they are able to act out their personal desires without being accountable to social standards, culture, natural law, logic, common sense, social hierarchy and other facets of a functional civilization.

Leftists could be viewed as those who have rationalized decline, or accepted it by transmuting it into a positive thing in their minds through symbolic associations. Chaos and anarchy create equality, and equality in turn creates them. This allows the Leftist to feel important for cheering on the ongoing slide downward.

When it comes to looking at the philosophy of a Leftist, which is public, and the private pathology that it conceals, it makes sense to look at some who have sold out their country to the Communists, such as oleaginous double agent Aldrich Ames: