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Roots Of Leftism: The Enlightenment — And Before That?

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

We moderns face dual problems: the immediate political collapse of the West and the long term decline and collapse of Western civilization. To defeat these fatal pitfalls, we must understand where they come from so we can choose a different direction and not merely opposition to them.

The origins of our downfall in the immediate political collapse of the West prove easy to find: post-war Leftism, itself an outgrowth of the trendy 1930s socialism that occurred in response to the instability of society brought on by 1920s moral laxity and financial herd behavior.

But where did that come from? A blithe writer in American Pravda a.k.a. The New York Times reveals the roots of Leftism in The Enlightenment™ and hints at its derivation in turn:

The Enlightenment must never bow to the Inquisition.

Recognizing and even celebrating individual identity groups doesn’t make America weaker; it makes America stronger.

There you have it: The Enlightenment™ is the ultimate goal, and Leftists see it as both their inspiration and goal. And so what is this “enlightening” philosophy? Skipping over group graffiti blog Wikipedia and its derivates, we can find an answer through an established and vetted source, The Encyclopedia Britannica, which tells us that The Enlightenment™ very much resembles eternal Leftism:

Central to Enlightenment thought were the use and celebration of reason, the power by which humans understand the universe and improve their own condition. The goals of rational humanity were considered to be knowledge, freedom, and happiness.

This requires a bit of distillation to see what is actually intended, since all humans express a dichotomy between public (social) and private (self-interested) views. In the above we have five assumptions:

  1. Reason. It is assumed that reason, in itself is good, forgetting that despite some areas of life being understandable a priori, many require experience or repeated contact over time to understand their complexity, and that people learn unequally because of different biological capacities for perceiving, remembering and understanding these correlated details. Reason without a parallel referent in reality itself is solipsism, or at least can be, and theory often does not correlate to reality because the theory is based on human assumptions which can be rationalized or forced to be understood through reason, and thus assumed to be reasonable, and does not have a referent in external reality.
  2. Equality. This derives from the idea that all humans have (equal) reason, which is required to consider reason a universal good. Implicit in this is pacifism, or the idea that other people are reasonable, or respond to reason instead of bodily impulses, personality-supporting pathologies, over-intellectualized neurosis and a desire for personal wealth and power.
  3. Knowledge Knowledge, and not wisdom or intellectual ability, is presumed to be what makes people smart. Take anyone, “give” that person enough education, and then he has knowledge, which replaces a need to have the innate biological and genetic ability to understand that knowledge, and more importantly, to apply it in such a way that it advances principle, civilization and individual.
  4. Freedom Instead of having goals, we should have an anti-goal of having no goals whatsoever. That way, these equal people can use their reason and knowledge to do… well, probably the same stuff their ancestors did, which for 99% of them means the “four Fs” — foraging, fighting, fleeing and reproduction — with complete blithe oblivion to any consequences of their actions beyond immediate inconvenience or convenience to self.
  5. Happiness Where previous societies looked toward sanity and realistic adaptation as their goals, we will instead pick an easier target: being happy. What makes someone happy? No one knows: it varies between individuals, and we do not want to admit this, but seems to rely heavily on the group, because people need context for the feeling that the way they are living is the best possible way they could live, and need a stable, functional and upward-driven society in order to live in pleasant surroundings, which have much more to do with their happiness than any navel-gazing or politics.

From these, the basis of our modern society is formed. We know how well that turns out, and we have seen similar types of mental structure in the past, such as in ancient Athens and Rome. But where did the impetus for The Enlightenment,™ which looks like a formalization of a long-building social/cultural shift or civilization decline, come from?

The original article gives us a clue:

If my difference frightens you, you have a problem, not me.

Ah, yes: forced acceptance. Equal inclusion is the motivation behind The Enlightenment™ and Leftism/liberalism alike. Its root is in a pathology of people who fear they do not belong in a group, namely that they want to force themselves to be included, at which point they can continue their non-contributory or parasitic behaviors and other people are forced to accept those as normal whilst paying for them through contributions to the collective, or socialized cost matrix to which expenses of dysfunction are externalized.

The origin of the paradox can be found here. Individualists, who want to force others to accept them but not to change their own behaviors, demand equal inclusion on the basis of collectivism, or the idea that everyone is important, solely for the reason that they want personal inclusion. The whole thing is a con job, from start to finish. Never trust a Leftist; they always lie.

Why Organizations Are Important

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Across the West, people are suspecting that institutions are corrupt, which has led to a lack of faith in not just our civilization but our own personal futures, as polls indicate:

After 17 years of polling, the Edelman marketing firm found that trust in four institutions – government, business, media, and nongovernmental organizations – took the steepest drop ever last year.

Almost two-thirds of people surveyed in 28 countries do not trust the four institutions to “do what is right.” More than 50 percent say “the system” is not working for them.

The rising distrust may help explain the attraction of anti-elitist and ultranationalist political leaders from the Philippines to Europe. More than 70 percent in the survey say government officials are not at all or somewhat credible. And the credibility of business chief executive officers fell 12 points to 37 percent.

Organizations rule the day when it comes to having a first-world society. Without a postal service, hygiene, police, fire, legal and medical institutions, the type of efficiency for which the first world is famed cannot occur and we are left at third-world levels of disorganization. When distrust expands across the globe and across institution-type, we know that organization has failed.

We forget how important organization is because we tend to see our society in terms of ideology and economics. If we have the right ideology, and a working economy, then everything else comes secondary. But other inputs have every bit as much influence as those two. Culture reflects what people want because it has worked for them in the past, religion contains their hopes, and the science of management determines how likely it is that the society will have competent organizations.

The savaging of Western institutions happened through two fronts: first, unions and regulation became involved, and second, these organizations became politicized, which meant that a mediocre solution which was politically correct was seen as superior to a good solution which was not as politically correct. This in turn meant that reality was suspended and replaced by ideology.

The high cost of replacing reality is that soon incompetence rules the day, and with that comforting miasma of confusion to camouflage it, corruption and ineptitude have a field day. The unions defend the inept, the regulations give them plausible deniability, and affirmative action essentially prevents many of them from being fired. As a result, institutional value has plummeted.

Any study of organizations reveals that giving the people at the lower level the ability to hit a stop button for the whole organization will quickly sabotage that organization and drive away the competent. And yet, with Leftist programs like affirmative action, unions and most regulation, this is exactly what we give low-level workers.

Now that the years have run past, and it is too far gone to fix or find the culpable, we are starting to recognize that distrust in American institutions has plummeted. The same is happening worldwide, because those institutions follow the same model. The high cost of Leftism takes years to reveal itself, but then, it always makes us regret ever going down that path.

A Middle Path For The Alt Right

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Perhaps the doctrine from Buddhism that is most useful on a daily basis can be found in the idea of the middle path, which also possesses counterparts in Greco-Roman ideals of balance, golden means and natural orders and hierarchies. The essence of the middle path doctrine is that in every situation, people gravitate toward extremes, but the real solution is found in having a direction toward a goal and pursuing it through methods that fall between the extremes.

Much as the old saying goes that “exceptions strengthen the rule,” meaning that in a relative universe we only know something through its opposite, and so an exception shows us just how consistent the rule is in the vast majority of cases, extremes serve to reinforce a center. These extremes feed off one another, creating motion back and forth, and somewhere in the middle, a realistic and measured path emerges — if one is fortunate to be aware of what the actual goal is, knowing that the first thing extremes do is redefine common sense goals toward scapegoats, distractions and other human pathologies.

The Alt Right came about for two reasons: in the mainstream, people would not talk about problems of vital importance and the clear logicality of certain erstwhile taboo solutions; in the underground, people refused to do anything but talk about these taboos, turning them into a goal in themselves which leads to pointless stupidity including violence. The big secret of the Alt Right is that it is not White Nationalism, but a reaction to White Nationalism as much as it is to the John McCain style bend-over-here-it-comes-again Republicans.

As modern citizens, we live in an egalitarian time, which is essentially chaos kept in check by concealed power that never arrests the decline. That is because egalitarianism itself is a rationalization of decline; if we cannot stop our downfall, we might as well make sure every person feels comfortable, which happens through the class war pacifism of equality. This leads to another form of pacifism, democracy, which ignores what is right and necessary and replaces it with whatever makes most people feel comfortable. At that point, we have chosen the mentally convenient over the realistic, and so our system cannot make any sane choices except in a crisis when even “most people” see the obvious.

In this time, every decision will consist of choosing a middle path between cuck and sperg. “Cuck” (verb, noun and adjective) derives from the term cuckold which in internet-speak came to mean anyone who is cowed into accepting the lies approved by their social group when those lies conflict with what that person knows to be true and his own needs. “Sperg” is a nasty little term arising from the armchair psychologist diagnosis that Leftists started using in the 1990s to cuck people into denying facts. Someone is a sperg if they notice a socially inconvenient fact and demand it be addressed, in the Leftist usage. However, since that time, sperg has come also to refer to those who then fixate on that socially inconvenient fact and use it to explain all other facts, such as “lower black average IQ is why American television is so bad” (hint: American media was bad even when Stepin Fetchit was the only black role allowed).

With those terms in mind, we can look at American politics through the actual issues we need to be concerned about

  • Civilization Decline. Civilizations rise and fall according to their internal design and the directions in which this points their leadership. Democracy, for example, is very stable but fails to make long-term decisions, so tends to exterminate itself. Monarchy can lead to more conflicts, but these tend to stave off long-term problems, so life is better in monarchies. In the middle are other types of government which essentially follow the bureaucratic-administrative-managerial attitude of democracy, which is a government to facilitate its citizens administered through politics, which makes any strong and forthright action — the type necessary to avoid long-term problems — onerous and destabilizing, thus unlikely to occur. For a civilization to rise, it must have both a sensible internal design and the will to pursue realistic and existentially rewarding paths; “Does our civilization have these?” is a constant fascination of the intelligent.
  • Overpopulation. All environmental problems fall under this banner. With few enough people, and common sense about not releasing toxic materials into our environment or over-utilizing its resources, we encounter no environmental problems. But as the population rises, it both naturally produces more waste as a side effect of the infrastructure needed to support a much larger group, and also takes over more land from its natural state, eliminating the diffusion, absorption and deconstruction process by which nature eliminates both natural and manmade pollution. With the over-concreting of earth, we are seeing local disruptions in water and temperature regulation as runoff and reflection of sunlight heat become concentrated.
  • Collectivism. Humans in groups can take one of two approaches: either they have hierarchy, and reward the best, or they adopt a system of collectivism, where all are accepted and used to subsidize the rest so that there can be “equality,” a concept not found in nature. Collectivism is a form of pacifism that seeks to avoid internal competition so that every individual can be universally accepted. It also retards the qualitative nature of society by tolerating mediocre activity instead of letting it fail naturally. Collectivism is a form of individualism, because the game-playing individual realizes that statistically, he is unlikely to be on the top of the hierarchy, but if he demands equality, he can suppress those at the top and still act in self-interest to accumulate more than others. In this way, society makes parasitism compulsory. Hierarchy, while less popular, eliminates this constant internal conflict.
  • Genocide. History is the story of genocides. Every group, in a Machiavellian realist sense, can be expected to try to destroy all other groups so that it can dominate them, take what they have including genetics through their women, and raise itself up to a greater height. This does not actually work because it only raises a lower group part way; the smarter groups recognize this and tend to eschew genocide except when threatened by other groups, at which point they either eliminate the other group entirely or bleed themselves out with constant warfare over many centuries until the weaker group finally outnumbers them and destroys them. Smarter groups instead seek to remove themselves from areas near other groups, because at that point, genocide is not a factor. Immigration and diversity cause “soft genocide” by displacing populations politically and then destroying them through outbreeding.
  • Existential Misery. Life should be pleasurable, in the deepest meaning of that term. That is, if people live sane lives in a sane civilization, they should be enjoying the process and finding themselves discovering the majesty and depth of life over the course of their own biological duration. When this is not true, people begin to die out from lack of an existentially rewarding path. This condition is both a symptom of civilization decline and its cause; when populations succeed, the rise in complexity required to manage the newly larger group places a huge burden on the smarter people, who soon find themselves as glorified babysitters for the less intelligent, which exhausts the smarter and causes the type of despair that leads to suicidal decision-making, even if those decisions take centuries or millennia to manifest.

You will not hear about these issues on your television, from politicians, in academia or even in conversation with your local fans of politics. That is because these are long-term decisions and politics makes any action on those too risky for an individual to attempt, because politics always goes to whatever is easier for most people to understand — a type of lowest common denominator — and so is bigoted, biased and hostile toward complex ideas, and these are required to understand the importance of long-term decisions. All civilizations in decline have this “every man for himself” attitude.

The root of the cuck/sperg dichotomy is found in the denial of these issues. Cucks, thinking of their own self-interest before that of the group or nature or the gods, will deny these issues. Spergs, getting a sense of how much is denied, want to focus in on one solution to one of these issues, and use fanaticism about that to make themselves feel mentally comfortable about the other things going wrong. For example, a diehard racist will believe that if he eliminates white, black or Jewish people, then society will overcome its other problems by some kind of magic. That is the essence of the sperg mindset. A cuck, on the other hand, will accept that “everything’s going to hell in a handbasket” and use that negativity to justify doing nothing about real problems while building up personal wealth and power in the hope of escaping personal consequences of those problems (hint: this never works, because as order declines, the wealthy and powerful become targets and are sold out by their personal security forces or mercenaries).

Extremes such as these provide a sensible middle path: instead of denying the problem, or denying most of it through obsession with one problem, design a solution for all problems. This takes two forms, short-term and long-term.

In the short term, the West is trying to shrug off the immediate doom brought on by Leftism and democracy. These two things create one another: the root of Leftism is egalitarianism, and democracy is based on egalitarianism, so the system has been corrupt from day one because it can only go in one direction over time, which is toward more egalitarianism. All of the intermediaries and proxies — liberty, freedom, justice, free markets — are desired because they offer a way to co-exist with the insanity of egalitarianism without being personally destroyed by it, forgetting that destruction of a civilization means personal genetic destruction in future generations.

In the long term, the West is attempting to reverse its decline. The good news is that we encountered decline, unlike other societies, because we succeeded and therefore got to a new level of complexity and scale which brought with it new problems, and we are now struggling to fix those problems. The list of actual issues above nicely encompasses what must be addressed here, even though these problems seem intractable because the obvious and also singular solutions to each are taboo to the herd, and when mob rule is the standard, the will of the herd banishes any such realistic, intelligent and life-affirming thinking as to try to solve fatal long-term problems!

Our success in beating back the immediate threat of a chain reaction virtue spiral from Leftism and long-term civilization decline from individualism will determine the binary question of whether we exist in the future. While it will take time for decline to reach us, it will eliminate us eventually, and as is the way with most natural systems, the process accelerates as it becomes closer to fruition. This then defines our path: we must choose a direction that goes away from these twin forms of decline, and between the extremes of cuck and sperg.

Enter the Alt Right. The Alt Right does not formalize itself as an ideology, and so keeps itself flexible by having a high degree of internal dialogue. It also avoids cuck by being outright irreverent toward sacred cows that are not backed up by a record of time-proven success, and avoids sperg with the same irreverence, mainly by being skeptical of anyone who claims to solve all of our problems with “this one neat trick,” as egalitarianism did when it promised, during The Enlightenment,™ that equality would deliver us from internal conflict through ending competition via pacifism.

The glory of the Alt Right is that while it is not extremist and fanatical, it is unreasonable, because being reasonable leads to getting cucked by those who are not reasonable, and therefore both roll over the reasonable — who rationalize their own defeat as victory — and set a new social standard that approves of misbehavior, thus encouraging it because bad behavior is always more efficient and rewarding to the individual in the short term than good behavior.

Our middle path consists of going to the root of the problem in the West and seeing that it is individualism, or the tendency to put self first before principle and people. We recognize individualism on the battlefield as cowardice, because any soldier who refuses to engage the enemy in order to preserve himself, and thus endangers or indirectly kills his comrades, is a threat not only to individuals, but to the unity of the military unit itself. When cowards are present, a good man will go forth and get killed so that cowards can survive, so good men hold back, just like the cowards. This behavior then spreads like a virus, much as individualism has spread through the West.

To hold back individualism, we must nail “equality” to a cross and watch it die. There is no equality; people vary in quality. If you want better quality people, you must reward the good and punish or at least not reward the bad. If you want a working civilization, you must not only have a hierarchy of leadership, but a social hierarchy, called caste, where people are only allowed to make the decisions they are competent to make. In any population, only about 5% are natural leaders, and only 1% can understand the basic concepts needed for leadership or avoiding long-term problems. It is essential that those have strong power over the rest, or we see the kind of chaos that we dwell in daily.

This approach avoids the dual extremes of democracy and dictatorship. The former avoids long-term problems and self-destructs, revealing itself as a variety of cuck; the latter pursues symbolic or ideological issues in order to maintain its own power, and so becomes pointlessly extreme and cruel so that it can be stable, revealing it as a variety of sperg. These two paths, cuck and sperg, lead to doom. It is not equal doom, meaning that they do not create the same exact results, but these dooms are two tributaries of the same river, which leads to civilization decline that manifests as a slow conversion of first-world high IQ single-ethnic wealthy and knowledgeable societies to third-world low IQ mixed-race impoverished and ignorant societies.

At the end of the day, for humans, “the problem is us.” What we think we want, or in other words what we intend, is usually what is worst for us. People power makes other people happy, so is socially a winner and personally more convenient and profitable, but this individualism causes society to break apart. The Alt Right is navigating between cuck and sperg, which are both ultimately scapegoats, toward its real goal: reformation of the Western soul, culture and civilization to rise above the broken notion of equality, and through that, to end both short-term and long-term fatal problems that are precipitously close, at the time of this writing, to ushering us into the grave.

Donald J. Trump Becomes The 45th President Of The United States

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Official White House live cam here:

As far as the usual profound “out with the old, in with the new” commentary that you expect from websites today — and remember, consumer expectation defines the product — there is only this to say: the election of Donald J. Trump was a strong rebuke to Leftism and the ideals of liberal democracy, which places equality above realistic competence on its list of demands, and the crest of a wave which is the people of the West reacting to the gradual Leftist takeover since the French Revolution.

Leftism is rationalization of decline. Our civilization has been in decline for a thousand years, but decline is a gradual process, and its final stage is liberal democracy and Leftism, including disastrous programs like gender equality, normalizing perversity, diversity, socialism and pacifism. Leftism is insanity. The election of Donald J. Trump is the first of many “baby steps” toward reversing and choosing a new direction not just away from Leftism, but from civilization decline itself.

End Of A Franchise

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

It became clear that America had entered the final stage of collapse during Hurricane Katrina. From my car at a stoplight, the crime being perpetrated by refugees from New Orleans was visible and constant. But on the car radio, NPR was announcing that the previously reported crime rate increase was in fact an illusion.

Official sources at first confirmed a 25% rise in the murder rate of the city, but then those figures mysteriously vanished. The press reported something else instead, and it went down in history, in the media and in Google/Wikipedia that nothing bad happened. And yet, over the course of several weeks, the bad had both been seen and reported. It was covered up.

When that sort of editing of known fact can occur, ideology has taken over your society. This is what kills every advanced civilization: the theory of the tool replaces knowledge of the task, and gets translated into a social control mechanism based on redefining what is “right” to mean what is convenient for the majority of people, who are selfish herd monkeys who do not mean ill but always make things go ill through their self-fixation.

Ideology is a reality replacement. Instead of thinking about how things work, which is a mathematical determination more than a physical one, people think about how things “should” be according to human social intent, which means excluding risk. That translates into a brew of pacifism, universal inclusion, ignoring differences and forcing everyone to behave the same way so that none feel lesser.

When ideology takes over, the path to wealth and power is determined by ideology. There is a type of “ideological market” which regulates which viewpoints are in vogue, and this influences the cultural market which is upstream from political opinion and consumer interest. By this mechanism, those who say the right things — according to the ideological narrative — achieve wealth and power.

This creates a franchise where the most efficient path to success is determined by ideology, and those who choose to avoid this path then take on an additional burden that makes them less competitive. At the same time, institutions and social standards start to work against the civilization by enforcing honesty in the context of an unrealistic narrative, forcing people to become dishonest.

Since the end of World War II, the only remaining ideology has been Leftism, but it has adapted to include capitalism in a neutered form, namely “consumerism” in which through egalitarian policies and the welfare state, all consumers have some money, which corrects capitalism not toward realistic goals, but ideological ones as people buy what they think makes them successful according to the franchise.

With the rise of what the media calls “populism,” drawing comparison to the American Nativist movement of the 1840s, the Leftist regime — driven by globalism, liberal democracy, diversity and consumerism — has collapsed as an idea. People trusted it when it seemed to lead to good results, but when given full power with the election of Barack Obama, the Left proved to be as destructive as in the USSR.

As a result, people starting with the natural leaders who are the most competent but often the least officially recognized in their fields, have turned against the “liberal world order”:

At a time of “uncertainty” we must double down on the values that made Western democracies great, and not allow the “liberal world order” to be torn apart by destructive forces.

…He warned that the reason for the pressure on the democratic order is the rise in income inequality and the hollowing out of the middle class, as the rich get richer and people in developing nations see their lives gradually improve.

Biden went on to identify Russia as the force of this change, wanting to “roll back decades of progress.” In reality, this is merely scapegoating: the Left needs someone to blame for its own failure, so it has conjured up a hybrid of King George III, Jefferson Davis and Adolf Hitler. In reality, the impulse against the “liberal world order” or “new world order” has come from within the West, and is a cultural wave against the ideas which legitimize this new world order by indicating it is our best possible future.

As history shows us, Leftist governments fail the same way wherever they are tried. They fall in the same way every time, which is to gain power, become unstable, and then launch a series of wars as they try to re-build the collective consciousness that united their people when they were in the process of achieving Leftism. The reason for this has to do with the origins of Leftism.

Since Leftism is derived from the ideological viewpoint itself, it serves to unify people by opposing a natural state. Once power occurs, and that natural state is displaced, Leftism no longer has a scapegoat. Since Leftism is based on regulating our methods so that we can change natural reality, its only objection to others occurs on the basis of their methods. This does not allow the formation of a Leftist goal in itself.

As a result, Leftism fragments when power is achieved and it has agreement on nothing but power itself, which causes its social support to waver and often, to oppose it. It is common for people to support a revolution and then turn on it once it has power because it has become the new version of the scapegoat it targeted. Re-unifying these people requires a bogeyman even bigger than Hitler.

For this reason, we must look carefully at what Leftists complain about. If inequality has occurred, it is because Leftist policies failed to remove inequality and instead accelerated it as people learned to use the ideological path to power in their favor. If the middle class is perishing, it is because Leftist wealth transfer programs penalized the most consistent sector instead of “the rich,” always an amorphous term.

As a result, early opposition to Leftism is disorganized and inept, but later opposition has widely popular support and consists of a demand to remove Leftist programs so that what was there before can exist again, because it was better:

Hedge Fund billionaire Ray Dalio warned on a panel chaired by Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua that “we may be at a point where globalization is ending, and provincialization and nationalization is taking hold.”

…Davos over the decades has become synonymous with globalization and open markets, but in the background this year is the failure of business and political elites to predict any of the seismic political events that shaped 2016. That has raised questions over whether they are capable of understanding and addressing the anti-establishment forces that have roiled the U.S. and Europe over the past year.

These elites have become powerful in the years after Leftist takeover by pandering to the society it has created, and they know that with the reversal of these policies, their fortunes will also reverse. Globalization was their dream because it meant that one standardized world market would enable them to expand their empires to all corners of the globe. Now they are looking at a breakup as people pull away.

They might as well rage against cycles of the moon. The breaking away of people, especially more proficient groups, from the rest has been going on since the dawn of time and is how humans evolve. Most humans are mildly delusional and narcissistic, so those that are not move away from the others and set up a civilization based on being realistic. It then thrives until it breeds more delusional and narcissistic people.

Leftism arises through a process of rationalization of the decay. Fighting decay is socially unpopular, so unscrupulous people choose instead to say something popular that denies decay and scapegoats something else, namely the lack of Utopian or “progressive” thinking. This enables them to become kings among the ruins, even if it ultimately dooms them.

The scariest fact about ideology is that people cannot leave it behind because to do so is to incur the wrath of the herd:

Years ago, watching science fiction magazines and newspapers of various sorts come and go, I identified a process I called “roll hard left and die.”

When a magazine or a newspaper or any news or entertainment media was in real trouble, they went hard, hard left, then died.

It took me a little while to realize this was a sane strategy. In a field completely controlled by the left, when you knew that your job was in peril be it through mismanagement or whatever, your last hope was to go incredibly hard left, so you could blame the failure on ideology. And instead of not being able to find a job, you found yourself lionized by all the “right” (left) “thinking people.” New jobs were assured.

This is how societies die: once in the grip of ideology, they can never back down or admit they are wrong, and each person in a quest for personal successful will re-affirm the ideology endlessly even as doom becomes apparent. They do this because they can claim they did the right thing, and were martyred for it, and so always have hope of personal success at the expense of the group, a usual human modus operandi.

Their only option thus is to double down on what they have said so far, and to intensify it by accusing those who deviate from the Leftist program of whatever sins according to Leftism might be made to semi-plausibly stick to them. This is why we get the constant ranting about how those who are not Leftists are Nazis, George III or Confederates:

“Certain politicians are flourishing and even gaining power by portraying rights as protecting only the terrorist suspect or the asylum seeker at the expense of the safety, economic welfare, and cultural preferences of the presumed majority,” wrote Roth. “They scapegoat refugees, immigrant communities, and minorities. Truth is a frequent casualty. Nativism, xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia are on the rise.”

One must remember the old saying that says The Leftist cries out in pain as he hits you to see what is going on here. They accuse us of racial hatred and scapegoating, which means they are motivated by racial hate — against any strong national group, as it turns out — and scapegoating. They accuse of what they are doing to deflect from their own behavior, like children caught fighting: “But he started it!”

What they are really saying here is that the groups they forced together through Leftism and Globalization are now splitting apart because there were insufficient motivations to hold them together, plus as has become obvious during the last few years, massive disadvantages to Leftist rule. This means that we are heading for first what Billy Roper calls “balkanization,” or division into separate groups, and eventually separation and a global re-sorting according to which tribe we find an identity in, as Samuel P. Huntington wrote about in his The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

The result will be a giant crack-up that starts as political separation, but accelerates to tribalism, with massive relocation of populations across the world:

The thirty-year-long Peloponnesian War did not start overnight. Greek casus belli intensified gradually over a fifty-year span as selfish agendas became acceptable through the slow creep of greed, pride and suspicion. Ironically, the very peace Athenians and Spartans secured against Persia enabled the widening of attitudes. Tragically, Greek divergence metastasized into open conflict and, ultimately, mutual ruin.

Why? A key message of Thucydidean history is that without mutual effort for unity, a people of common heritage but different perspectives will develop oppositional interests over time. This was the case with Athens and Sparta and is occurring in “blue” and “red” segments of America’s populace.

…As with Athens, “blue” populations view themselves as exemplars and vanguards for Western civilization’s progress at home and abroad. Athens’ rival was Sparta, principally an agrarian society husbanded within the countryside and without continual contact with overseas cultures. Sparta maintained a formidable army and militant ethos to protect its land’s resources against enemies.

In other words, we see two different ways of life here: the primarily agrarian and warlike red states, and the primarily mercantile and cosmopolitan blue states, but the secret is this, this division extends across the West. Thus we will see the same split in Europe and afterwards in every other first-world nation. The Leftist franchise has ended, and we are separating between those who want it and those who hate it.

With that political breakup dies the forces that held globalization together and which are forcing different groups to coexist, which these groups resent. As the false unification of the Leftist franchise loses cultural legitimacy, individuals will separate voluntarily from those who are around them but of a different political or tribal inclination.

Leftism, in other words, is failing as it always does, leaving behind shattered impoverished nations in which the populations cannot be united again. A sensible act is to leapfrog balkanization as much as possible and encourage the inevitable world tribal sorting to occur as efficiently and bloodlessly as possible. If we refuse to do that, war is our destiny.

End Of The American Century

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Even Reuters notices that the USA has fallen from proficiency with its agenda of Leftism and corresponding methods of miscegenation, equality, tolerance, diversity, feminism, LGBT prominence, immigration and sensitivity:

The United States, at first reluctantly, has since the 1940s taken on the responsibilities of a hegemonic power with increasing enthusiasm: nowhere has that posture been more “‘rock solid”’ than in Europe. The Europeans have done their part – most (not all) are members of NATO, and contribute to its force levels. But most – including the major states of France, Germany and Italy – pay less than the agreed 2 percent of GDP on defense: the United States put in $650 billion in 2015, 3.61 percent of GDP. The Europeans are not free riders, but they are easy riders. The ride has suddenly become rougher.

Europe, with Britain (2.21 percent of GDP spent on defense in 2015) as a partial exception, developed a worldview in keeping with its modest defense spending. It was a “post modern” view, one which transcended both the nation state and the multinational empires of the 19th and early 20th century – the last of these, the Soviet Empire, collapsing in the 1980s, seeming to put a last full stop to an era.

…Yet, like children unable to give concrete forms to their dreams, European leaders have taken only the most hesitant steps towards closer union. The growth and popularity of the nationalist parties of the right almost everywhere has imposed a kind of stasis on the continent’s politics: the hope is that in Dutch, French and German elections this year the nationalists will be defeated and the progress towards closer union re-started.

In other words, it is Americanization versus Nationalism.

Let me tell you a story: once upon a time, some very smart guys saw the writing on the wall. As a result, they accepted that future, but tried to limit it with some clever words, rules, laws and principles. Those failed, however, because their core principle was not reality (cause-effect) or tribe (our people first) but universal concepts, like human reason, which were not specific to any time, place or group at all.

Those universal concepts make us feel good. If the rules are broad, we are included by something stronger than reality itself, which is the logical rule formed in linguistic tokens… or at least, our brains think this. In fact, these rules are as flimsy as anything, being formed of words which depend on their hearers interpreting them correctly, which is not binary but a matter of degrees, therefore erodes with time.

As a result, these concepts always dominate. They take over human societies over time. Unfortunately, this also destroys those societies because these concepts are based on human internal mental truths, not external reality. And so, human societies succeed and have the power to determine reality, and after doing so, self-destruct because reality is a mathematical order that can occur within, not just an external place.

Americanization is what happens when those concepts — universal inclusion, equality, individualism and personal validation — are taken up by those who realize that these concepts are nonsense. Just as the founding fathers tried to limit the nonsense, modern Americans are opposed to most of this stuff, but are forced to accept it because they agree that all people are equal and should be given a place in our society.

This means that Americanization is a weaponization of equality. People see themselves as equal, and therefore that Bad = Good, meaning that if a person does something and it is not a gross transgression like murder or rape, it can be accepted as valid right alongside acts that we know are good. This is necessary to make everyone feel included.

The process of Americanization results from this equal inclusion. It is not tied to a place, or a group, but to an idea which spreads like a virus among people because it makes them feel good like heroin. Equality means pacifism, acceptance of the individual, and a cessation of the need to struggle against reality to assert our will to live. It is death enclosed in a candy shell.

Nationalism says the opposite: we are not all equal, and each nation needs to find its own path based on self-interest. Even more, we are not equal within societies. We all serve different roles toward that same purpose, and this requires each society to exclude all others but itself so that it can discover its purpose. This offends our sense of including everyone and being peaceful. Instead, it makes us into warriors.

When Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union fell, it was assumed that Americanization beat them. In reality, they were beaten by sheer numbers in the former case, and by the instability of an insane ideology in the latter. Americanism has never been tested, but under Barack Obama, it became a parody of itself and now has fallen.

We thus return not to the world of 1945, but to the world of 1914. There is no way of government and lifestyle that is universally acceptable. Instead, it is every nation for itself, and those that find commonality with others on the basis of principles which cannot be superseded by politics — like ethnicity, race, culture and religion — will prevail over the rest.

This is a new Dark Age. All that we thought was “Enlightened” turned out to be lies, and all that we considered primitive proved to be correct because it was the simplest possible expression of a natural idea. Our notions of “correcting” nature failed, and what we found instead was the wisdom of nature, replacing Americanization, Leftism, liberalism, tolerance, equality, diversity and other emotional symbols.

Equality = Entropy

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

If you think equality is wonderful, study some thermodynamics. Learn it on a truly philosophical level and you’ll have to turn yourself inside out like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre victim in order to remain a dedicated Leftist. You see thermodynamics works remorselessly towards equality. It sucks the life and vitality out of any dynamic system until it gets there. And it mathematically has to arrive there, like the trainwreck you can’t stop or look away from. Equality always occurs at the zero.

Amazingly, physics frequently imitates life. It’s almost as if they were trying for that effect. In thermodynamics, this point of equality from which you’ll never recover is absolute zero. It represents the temperature at which all molecular motion stops. In political economy, it could soon be Venezuela under Chavista Socialismo.

Only 230,000 companies remain of the 800,000 that opened in Venezuela during Hugo Chavez’s regime, meaning 570,000 have shut down.

Seventy-Four Percent of them have failed. The rest are exploitive capitalist running dogs that must be sent to the gulags. Just keep going. Raid everyone’s stash. Bogart everyone else’s stash and hork all their twelve-packs. There’s never a cost later. Never any consequence. Until there is…

Eventually, Venezuela will get their LePen. They will get their #PresidentTrump. There’s another set of physical laws that tell us that. Newton’s Laws. Especially the one that espouces that every action provokes an equal and opposite reaction.

That reaction is occurring in America, France, Great Britain and will spread throughout Latin America. Venezuela cannot continue to wind this spring. The more they tension it, the harder it will snap back. You control the extent of the reaction by stopping before the spring gets too wound. People are getting set on fire and burned for skipping ahead in food lines. It is probably too late to prevent hell in Chavezland. It may still remain possible to avoid this in the US. Over to you, Amerika. Fail, and we achieve equlity. We will be equally screwed.

Leftists Are The Party Of Human Intent, Which Is Always Wrong

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Humans are a mirror of the world, but as with any mirror, things are backward when seen by an observer. This is why humans can exist in opposites to reality within their own minds, and yet these inversions are visible from outside those minds.

Very few people realize how human intent is not just different from, but opposed to reality.

For example, equality is the opposite of reality, because equality does not exist in nature, and therefore human intent seeks to impose equality on the inequality of nature, like clear-cutting a forest but for symbolic reasons. In the same way, human intent itself is the opposite of results in reality. If something exists, it does not require intent, only recognition.

This pattern extends to all levels of human thinking. Whatever we think we should do is usually wrong; whatever works, is usually right. This is the split between Left and Right. The Left believes in equality because it believes all people can receive “reason” through symbols passed on by others, and therefore can make the right decision by using that mental tool. The right believes in time-proven solutions and pursuit of timeless and ongoing goals like excellence, beauty, accuracy, realism and goodness.

When Leftists act, they inevitably choose pathological options, or those in which they repeat the same ideas regardless of results in reality. They have a pathology, or mental compulsion, to act this way in defiance and ignorance of reality because their goal, which is based on human intent, is the opposite of reality.

With that in mind, it makes it easy to appreciate why the idiots double down on insanity:

“In times of economic war and mafia attacks … we must protect employment and workers’ income,” added Maduro, who has now increased the minimum wage by a cumulative 322 percent since February 2016.

The 54-year-old successor to Hugo Chavez attributes Venezuela’s three-year recession, soaring prices and product shortages to a plunge in global oil prices since mid-2014 and an “economic war” by political foes and hostile businessmen.

But critics say his incompetence, and 17 years of failed socialist policies, are behind Venezuela’s economic mess.

If increasing the minimum wage did not help the last five times, it will not help now. This is not a question of degree, but of a failed policy. And yet, he must do it, because he is pathological, because he believes human intent is more important than reality.

In the Leftist mentation, all that matters is intent. People are starving? Your intent is that they do better, so you write a law saying them get more money. This intent-only outlook is inherently solipsistic and denies the fact that the world — including the markets — will have an equal and opposite reaction, such that this money will now have less value. Intent, which is symbolic and appearance-based, cannot recognize this.

This is why Leftists love minimum wages. The symbol is correct; the reality is a disaster. They also love welfare, pacifism, equality, diversity, free love, drug use, communes, anarchy, rainbows, “we are all one” and “peace in our time.” They have made themselves delusional by valuing the sensation inside their minds more than what happens as the result of their actions. Leftism is a pathology.

Our only salvation lies in restoration of the reality principle, but the catch is that most people cannot appreciate or discern reality. Only the best can, and this requires giving them absolute power to do what is right, and to displace the thronging herd of neurotic people who want to impose their intent on us and make us suffer its consequences, all for their pretense of being more good than reality itself.


Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

As the realization sets in that the functional side of humanity in the West has rejected Leftism and liberal democracy, the usual neurotics and unhappy people who make up the Left are campaigning to hide the dissent, as they always do.

To that end, the little totalitarians have set up a list of Twitter accounts they want censored for the crime of deviating from the Leftist narrative. We have a phrase for this: Typical Leftist Behavior (#TLB).

We — the account used to promote Amerika — made it to #184 on the list for an account that has already been shadowbanned by Twitter for several months, if not longer.

Here is the rant from the Reds:

Twitter is brimming with active Nazis who use your platform as a tool to recruit members, spread hate, and harass other users.

In the past several years, this problem has turned from a disturbing joke into a more disturbing reality. Racists and neonazis have consciously used issue coalitions to spread hate, recruit new members, undermine basic values of decency and honesty, and actively hound folks who would counter their message.

…It’s not subtle. When someone uses a #1488 hashtag or expresses their violent thoughts on the JQ, they’re clearly engaging in hate speech.

This is classic Leftist dogma, which takes the form of circular reasoning: “Assuming that our perspective is right, anything opposing us is wrong, and therefore is blasphemy against what we think is truth, and must be removed lest it make the gods angry.”

As some have pointed out, this religious view leads toward a type of intolerance of dissent so total that it has divided our society into two groups, realists who oppose it and individualists who support it:

Dylan sang of a change so profound that the older generation would not even understand it. Now, we do understand. Dylan was announcing a worldview invasion of the West by Eastern pagan thinking. In much of our culture, that invasion has become a triumph, overturning the Western Christian view of existence. We have moved from a Twoist presupposition of a Creator God who made the structures of existence and revealed his moral will, to a Oneist presupposition that rejects any Creator or pre-existing structures and believes that humanity creates its own reality and will make a better world. This is why the Left showed utter disbelief at having lost the election; traditional politics does not even enter into its worldview.

The Eastern pagan nature of Leftism, descended perhaps from the Mongol invasions of Genghis Khan, is the idea of human individualism taking precedence over natural order and an organization to existence that extends into the metaphysical. Where the West pursued transcendentals like excellence and realism, the East pursued humanity, and as a result fell into an impassive solipsism. Now we follow them through liberal democracy and Leftism.

Those who oppose this change get called whatever nasty terms the Left can dig up. At first it was “royalists,” then “elitists,” then later “classists,” until finally with Hitler they found their Emmanuel Goldstein and started calling all of us “racists” and “Nazis.” These terms now have no meaning because they designate only that the offender has disagreed with a Leftist somewhere.

Amerika will never be popular because it offers a complex, nuanced and realist vision of human existence, but also does not reject the metaphysical. It is Nietzschean conservatism at its fullest, except that it is warm to sane interpretations of religious faith and sees them as beneficial, making it closer to Plato in the end calculus than Fred Nietzsche. It does not distill intricate political issues into slogans, emotions, or other forms of manipulation. As a result, it is difficult and unpopular.

It is only thanks to those who have made an effort to seek it out that this site thrives. It endures despite Twitter censorship including mysterious mutings, the rage of the Left, and the deliberate slighting of Amerika by those on the Right who fear it as competition because its worldview is more comprehensive than ours. It thrives only because of you, our readers.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart and those of our other writers. It is thanks to you that we are reaching the world. Today, #184… tomorrow, the world! As we push back against the Arschpresse — that is a “Nazi-era term,” journalists — and shout ZIEGE HEIL! at the top of our lungs, remember, world: reality is dangerous, and realists are pushing back for a more interesting dangerous world than the clear path to civilization collapse that Leftism (spit) offers.

Welcome to a new Dark Age.

Planned Obsolescence

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Neoreaction gained an audience because it spoke a simple truth: governments are businesses, so there is no point having government be a business with special privileges. In this way it took after a long tradition of Rightist thought about government and its self-interest. In fact, we might call Neoreaction “space age paleoconservatism” and be correct.

Its formula possessed the advantage of raw realism in diagnosis, but not so much in prescription. Neoreaction tells us the truth about government, but where a dark enlightenment conservative would then argue for government without interest in harming its citizens, or the abolition of government in favor of aristocracy, Neoreaction argues for more government, just of a for-profit type. This self-defeats because this ultimately creates “economic democracy” and will succumb to the same problems as regular democracy since it is unclear that most people understand the relationship between their actions and the consequences that arrive afterwards.

However, Neoreaction gives us a powerful analytical tool for understanding the cultural shift afoot in the West with Brexit and the election of Donald J. Trump. In this view, government is not just a business, but a business hired for purposes by the consumers at every election. The voters delegate function to the business, and if it fails, they sever the contract created by that election because of non-performance.

This is what has happened to the postwar Left. Since The Enlightenment,™ a narrative has existed in the West: people are good because human reason is universal, and therefore, our only problem is unreasonable people, who we can tell are unreasonable because they do not accept that people are good because human reason is universal, and therefore, that our only problem is unreasonable people. Circular reasoning? Yes.

For this reason, the democratic West goes to war against anyone who wants hierarchy. The Confederate States, Germany and Soviet Union were all attacked on this basis. For the most part, the voters were content to go along with this, because since everything else seemed to be going well, it made sense that removal of the non-conformists would allow the unobstructed good to continue.

History however occurs at a time scale much larger than a human lifespan. This means that centuries go by before we see the effect of any action we have taken. And so, seventy years after the end of WWII, we are beginning to see the results of our policy of smashing down the strong and elevating the weak, which is a third world society caused by social breakdown and unlimited immigration attracted by our welfare states.

During the WWII era and afterwards, the voters hired politicians to get rid of problems that they saw as originating with those evil strong people: racial discontent, class warfare, union strikes, poverty, dictatorship, social decay and censorship. People did not want to go to the extremes that had been taken by the most visible instances of the strong-over-weak societies that contrasted the weak-over-strong democracies.

As time went on, it became clear that — as Neoreaction predicts — government took on a life of its own. It had been given a blank check, so in order to justify growth, all it had to do was connect its proposed plan to one of those fears that the voters had expressed. In this way, government grew under you-cannot-say-no illusions like anti-poverty, anti-discrimination, the war on drugs, the war on drunk driving and finally, the war on terror.

Taking its power to its ultimate extreme, governments on all sides of the ocean then began scheming to unite the world into a single open market. This enabled them to continue their plan of taxing and spending, and using that spending to “prime the pump” in perpetuity. This circular Ponzi scheme enabled governments to combine social welfare programs with aggressive consumerism, adding “wealth” to the economy in each cycle.

Leftism tells us that we should use demand-side economics which hold that if people seek money, it has value, instead of conservative supply-side economics which state that value is created only by the production of goods. Taken to the extreme, demand-side economics tend toward the circular Ponzi scheme, which uses Leftist social welfare as a means of enhancing the value of the currency.

With the “success” of these plans, which amounted to little more than inflating currency but making it plentiful, the Left found itself unopposed because no one else had experienced similar success. In actuality, a series of recessions, first small and later growing in size, hit the West because demand-side economics inevitably falters, causing the markets to devalue false gains or shrink.

At this point, the Left stood for a few things: the welfare state, globalism, diversity and political correctness. Each was necessary to achieve the ultimate end goal, which was a combination of Leftist ideology with the circular Ponzi scheme to fund it in perpetuity, while importing new people to use as permanent Leftist voters. This also gave the state new cheap labor upon which it could lavish welfare, driving the demand-side economy.

In the new millennium, reactions to this plan soured. Dumping more labor into the market devalued the wages of existing citizens, and the high taxes required to keep the circular Ponzi scheme afloat hurt them at the same time that they found their currency could buy less. But even more, people had become existentially miserable, just as they had in the former Soviet Union. There was no point working for a civilization that was obviously in decline and being carved up to be sold piecemeal, there was no unity between citizens, and most of all, no goal. For this reason, the smartest and best “checked out” or emotionally disconnected during the 1990s, allowing the mentally unstable to take over all aspects of society. These changes, the failure of Leftist economies and the increasing destabilization caused by Leftist policies all came home in the late 2000s, as the troublesome rein of the neoconservatives — Leftists in motivation but conservatives in method, like Tony Blair and George W. Bush — wound down and those leaders were replaced by more radical Leftists.

These new leaders were hired by the population to end the crises of those years, notably race relations and foreign wars, much as Bill Clinton had been elected in the 1990s to pacify the consequences of the Reagan years, which were only more volatile because they were spent un-doing the insane Leftist policies of the 1960s. Barack Obama, in particular, was elected to end the racial fracture that had become evident during the Bush years, and to restore the “good” economy under Clinton, which was really a result of the changes made during the Reagan years.

Given leadership in several countries — Sarkozy/Hollande in France, Merkel in Germany, Obama in the USA and Cameron in the UK — the globalist Leftists believed they could not fail. Instead, their ideology failed for them. Racial appeasement brought out more conflict as each group realized that it could not rule as long as other groups were present. The demand-side economy inflated currency and produced frivolous “service economy” businesses like social media instead of hard value. And most tellingly, diversity caused social fracture substantial enough to require foreign wars to keep dissent focused there instead of at home. All at once, the pillars of the Leftist Utopia began to crumble.

At this point, the voters fired their delegate leaders, although it has not yet occurred to those leaders and their allies in the propagandist media that this is the case. They also fired not just the previous seventy years of the postwar Leftist drift, but the very idea of The Enlightenment™ which states that all people are equal because they have universal reason. People rejected ideology entirely, and wanted instead to focus on time-proven solutions in the conservative manner, which has always been the tendency of people in the West.

Many became aware that, in addition to the circular Ponzi scheme, another government scam was ongoing: government specialized in inventing problems which it then claimed to solve, and when those solutions failed, it scapegoated a convenient target — right wing terrorists, third world dictators, the rich — and then broadened the failing programs as a means of giving itself power. This is a political counterpart to planned obsolescence, or the nasty habit of late-stage businesses to design products to fail so that they must be replaced.

This policy fits within the general pattern of Leftism, which is to rise in a dying civilization by offering distraction from the decline by rationalizing the decline as victory. In the Leftist view, a failure of culture and standards is “tolerance”; invasion by other nations is “diversity”; selling the nation by the pound is “globalism” and is presumed to bring wealth and happiness. This directly contradicted what the voters had hired their Leftist overlords to do, and in fact, made those concern areas worse.

However, Leftists had always had the support of intellectuals including those in the media because for these people, signaling “progressive” values was a way to adorn their personal myth with the appearance of good, much like they also liked to buy up-market products like BMW and Apple. The double strategy of distracting from the decline, and scapegoating non-threats as “the real problem,” enabled Leftists to give citizens a “game” they could win, instead of the hard work of fixing deep-seated mental, social and emotional problems that are the source of decline.

For this reason, it took many years for the cracks to appear on the facade of Leftist rule. Once they did, the wave pushed back at a cultural level as people recognized that the promised results had not been achieved. Further, the specific problems that concerned voters had worsened. This fits a typical pattern that we have seen with Leftist takeovers in Athens, Rome, France, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.

This leads us to the question that is most important of all questions for human beings: what led to the source of our decline? Some offer analyses based on external corruption, as from this highly literate and insightful source:

If there was a breakthrough in 2016 – if there was some kind of awakening, and potential turning point; it was a realisation that the major long-term problems of The West are not accidental, nor are they due to incompetence, nor a consequence of well-meaning but short-sighted and selective self-interest; but they are because The West is ultimately ruled by an evil-motivated ‘conspiracy’.

In other words, at the highest or deepest level of global affairs, there is a dominant grouping that are primarily and strategically aiming to harm the world and its peoples.

Nothing here is incorrect, but it describes a symptom and not cause. Parasites harm their hosts. They also behave in a conspiratorial way in human societies because they can recognize each other, and will advance each other because they share a cause, which is the legitimization of parasitism. What conservatives call “moral relativism” is a symptom of equality, in which the presumption of universal human reason leads us to, by the converse, accept any ideas and results as products of the intent of people, and by the principle of equality, worthy of equal inclusion in civilization. The basic formula of this thinking is Good = Bad, meaning that “good” and “bad” are equal, seen only as preferences of the individual, and when enough individuals prefer bad, it is presumed to be good that they are able to achieve it.

This however is merely the mechanism of the parasite. The motivation of the parasite is found elsewhere. For the sake of new readers, it makes sense to offer another explanation, which is internal corruption.

Civilizations begin with inherent purpose, which is self-referential: create a thriving civilization. Once they achieve this, they enter a period of rent-seeking behavior by citizens, caused by the acceptance of many who would not have participated in the founding, but want to take part in what has been created. This arises from two factors: tool-making and genetics.

When someone observes another person using a tool, the observer adjusts the equation of why that tool is used. In the original equation, a goal exists as a cause, and the tool is used as a means to that end, or effect; in the replacement, the tool is the cause and the effect is social acceptance for having been seen doing what others have done successfully. Results are replaced by conformity.

On the genetic front, a healthy civilization improves hygiene, learning, food supply and stability. From this come conditions where more people are able to survive who would not be able to otherwise. As a result, genetic detritus accumulates in the form of incompetent and parasitic people, including criminals, perverts and grifters, with the latter group being the most destructive. These unwanted people become adept at conformity, turning civilization into a “game” where one wins by conforming and flattering others, instead of by achieving results.

Leaders at this point face an ugly conundrum. If they expel the unwanted, every person will fear for himself that he too might be exiled. If they tolerate the unwanted, they will get more of them, and bad results will occur. Thus they invent control, or the idea of applying rules to everyone to shepherd them toward goals they do not understand. This further entrenches the problem of unwanted people who are able to conform.

These unwanted conformists quickly realize an opportunity. Their leaders are afraid to act against them, so they act against these weakened leaders by forming a cult and a gang — called a Crowd — dedicated to the principle of Bad = Good, because that way, no person can be excluded on the basis of their behavior, especially the failure to achieve results. This group offers other citizens a simple choice: join us, and repeat our dogma, or have us act against you. This essentially holds the population hostage to social attack, and so over the years, the Crowd gains power and size.

As part of its campaign to take over, the Crowd must eliminate all standards which compete with its own non-standard. This places culture, heritage, religion, philosophy and values on the cutting block, but because of its nature as subversive conformist, the Crowd does not eliminate them but merely subverts them by changing the definition of terms and goals to fit the new ideal, “egalitarianism,” or the idea that since every person is presumed equal because they possess reason, all ideas and behaviors must be accepted as equal.

Crowdism takes centuries to fully gain power, but is an eternal temptation like other forms of evil, which are error rationalized in the human mind by dishonesty, specifically by denial of obvious reality. This creates a force in people that seems demonic, and may well be, because it arises from the same emptiness and need for control and affirmation that drives mythical figures of evil such as Satan.

Although we are familiar with Leftism as the source of this evil, and that view is not wrong, there is a greater source, which is the weakness in every person which threatens to overwhelm their ability to perceive any degree of reality. This weakness is individualism, which rapidly becomes solipsism, or the denial of reality as anything but an aspect of the self. Because we perceive the world through our minds, we can choose to believe our minds are the world, and this comforts people who are unwanted and need a justification for their parasitic actions. They use self-pity, or the belief that the order of nature is bad and the world is bad, to convince themselves that they are victims, and with their resentment for this perceived treatment, they rationalize their negative behavior.

Leftism is one form of Crowdism. Any belief system can be infected with Crowdism using the simple idea that everyone should be included, which is a form of self-pity projected onto other people so they can be used as a means to the end of achieving egalitarianism, which is ultimately desired by the individual in an individualistic context because it guarantees the individual inclusion without having to possibly sacrifice for it. This creates the pathology of Leftism as a series of contradictions created by the division between public statements, which manipulate others through egalitarianism, and private motivations, which are parasitic:

In particular, the most idealistic anti-Establishment cultural critics fail to perceive that Leftism is at the very root of that which they most deplore in modern life: the pervasive dishonesty and manipulation of public discourse; the iron cage of bureaucracy; the international global elite; the pacifist warmongers; the pseudo-egalitarianism of exploitative corporate power; state propaganda’ bribery and soft-terror, the corruption of education; the systematic inculcation of fear and resentment between sexes, races, nations; anti-environment fake environmentalism, and so on.

Crowdism forces its way into any organization — business, church, friend group, family, nation — by being socially powerful. It does this by manipulating appearance. In social terms, it is impossible to reject the idea that “everyone should be included” without appearing mean-spirited to others, who fear for themselves that they will not be included. Leftist tropes like equality, diversity, sexual equality and tolerance for sexual non-conformity use this method, but these are not the actual goal of Leftism; its goal is control, and it uses pleasant fictions as a means to that end.

The demonic nature of Crowdism comes from this power. It is difficult to resist, both in the individual and in the group, unless one explicitly affirms natural hierarchy and a purpose to civilization, both of which are taboo to the Crowd. These in turn require that we think by deciding on goals that are logical given their cause-effect relationships in history, or in other words, to desire time-proven ideas instead of conjectural ones like egalitarianism.

As the West looks to reverse its decline, it must heed this warning: we need a sense of natural order, a purpose for our civilization, and the will to be unsociable in order to resist Crowdism. Religion aids in this quest, as does strong national culture, which is why these are two things in Leftist crosshairs as they attempt to seize the remaining power denied to them. For now, the voters have rejected the Leftist business model, but will they reject its soul?