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Upward Exit

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

When you’re going through Hell, make damn sure you keep on going. – Old Folk Aphorism


Amerika is post-modern Hell. We want out. We are trapped here and we want, yeah verily, the fvcking-fvck out. The walls close in. Like the trash compactor in the old, good, original Star Wars movie, they approach ever closer and make our space more and more constrained. You don’t want to sink. You have no lateral degrees of freedom. The only way out is the hard climb up. Upward exit is the pathway out of this hell.

So that is the new emerging demographic: the merging elite. They inhabit a bubble –- a select, pampered world of isolated zip codes. As Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle predicted, they have the Billion Dollar Safe Space.

To understand the path of the upward exit, we must understand the Hell from whence it leads. We here at Amerika borrow a theory from French Existentialist and attention harlot Jean Paul Sartre. Hell, quite simply is other people. Not in small numbers, not at a leisurely pace. Hell is other people packed butt-to-flank. Hell is other people acting in a concerted zombie apocalypse of the low double-digit IQs to enforce their mediocrity as if it were the beneficent commonweal. Hell, Monsieur Sartre, is Crowdism.

You do not know it, but you are a slave. You are not enslaved by a central authority, but by the Crowd. Their opinions determine what you can say; their product-buying choices determine what’s on the market; their government preferences create a “window” of acceptable ideas and anything else is excluded. This is tyranny by the Crowd…

The Wealthtopia thus features large estates of low population density. It allows selective disconnect from the madding crowd. The Wealthtopia is a gated community. They build high the very walls Mr. Trump is castigated for having the unmitigated gall of suggesting we build on our nation’s borders.

Post-modern Hell is Socialism. Marx was to poli-sci and econ what Anton LaVey was to theology*. So you escape it. You personally escape it. But it can be useful so you weaponize it.

Socialism gets the camel’s nose into the tent through the funding of public goods such as a minimum retirement, roads, prisons, schools and armies. It then gets perverted via Crowdism until it’s a “Get Out of Stupid Free” Card for the common, lazy parasite. Also, it is procured on the behalf of the billionaire via regulatory capture. Then it becomes a way to fund the negative externalities that would potential accrue to the powerful such as the risk inherent to some of Wall Street’s investment strategies. Any mere mortal who lost that much of other people’s money would get the Nino Brown treatment.**

Finally, the upward exit is one to both altitude and distance. They are immune and aloof to many of the forms of legal and societal consequentialism that the rest of us are forced to obey as matter obeys the laws of physics. See the diligence with which France pursues George Soros. Or the vengeful fury with which the DOJ went after Governor Corzine.

But there’s more to the upward exit than merely amassing possessions. This is the cruel truth. There are social as well as material requirements requisite to joining this invisible American peerage. Like Jay Gatsby, the average person is drawn towards this upward exit as a moth is drawn to a candle flame. If you can just make that leap. Being the next Gates, the next Zuckerberg –- it’s a ticket to the train to Jordan.

But the invisible barriers intervene. The dream never comes true. Daisy Buchanan never leaves her kind and all the money in the world will not buy true acceptance. In the end, the upward exit is an illusion. The stairway to heaven is nothing more than an old Zeppelin tune. The illusory exit is nothing more than a larp amongst the cucks.

*-Put that on your frikken’ SAT or ACT Test.
**-“Money talks. Bullsh!t runs the marathon. See ya’ but I wouldn’t wanna be ya!”

America is the new Carthage and it must be destroyed

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016


Friends, Romans and Countrymen lend me your ears.*

We are faced by a city-state so evil, so inimical to our way of life so opposed to our very being that there can only be one alternative. We must burn it. The first brave man over the walls will receive the coveted Corona Muralis. We must level its dwellings, put torch to its crops, tear up its roads and sow its fields in salt so that they never produce sustenance again. Except that we can’t. Cato The Elder’s solution won’t work for us. It’s tough to burn down a metaphor

Carthago is just about every city in the United States of Amerika. When the Carthaginians sought the favor of their evil gods they burned their children. By sacrificing babies to the Baals they believed they could put off the anger of a hateful cosmos one more day. When we irrationally claim everyone and everything is equal, we end up sacrificing our children to that fundamental logical contradiction. When we, the smart ones, are ruled by the Liberal ones are too butt-stupid to recognize A=A≠B, we should not recoil in shock when only one student in five in Detroit, MI graduates high school in a timely fashion.

Carthago lives on in every corrupt, amoral and incompetent political factotum who claims to rule on behalf of the people. The Carthaginians are the detestable cowards in the Alabama State Legislature that knuckled under to the Teachers’ Unions and eliminated a challenging graduation exam. Now Alabama high schools look better on paper than those in Detroit, MI.**

The Carthaginians rule in Flint, MI. We advise you not to drink the water if you prefer that your blood stream not include legionella bacterium. Flint, MI proves that there are even easier ways to propitiate The Evil One than just tossing babies on the bonfire.

The city, in an attempt to save money, planned to stop buying water from Detroit and sign up with a regional water system; in the interim, it was getting its municipal water from the Flint River, which is as much a garbage dump as it is a body of water. Residents complained that the water smells of chemicals, that it isn’t the right color, etc. Children’s lead levels are dangerously high, and an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease may also be linked to city water. The city knew about this, and did approximately nothing in response until the problem was well advanced.

The “adults” in Flint, MI are heavily represented amongst the ranks of Hamilcar Barca’s Carthaginian marauders as well. They’ve voted to drink the same municipal hemlock for the past 84 years. And what did the MI state government do? Jack. And our EPA – the wielders of Gawdallmiddy !SCIENCE!, what did they do? They made like Barack Obama and sought a legal opinion.

In Amerika, you can’t just barge in there and prevent innocent children from being turned into lead poisoned retards until you’ve crossed all the I’s and properly dotted the t’s. There’s a bureaucratic procedure to all these things. The government SJW is always here to save you until there is an actual dragon to fight. This is because they care only about getting the power. Using it to do their jobs and assist the people dipped in viscous, bloody immiseration is a laughable afterthought to them all.

So what is to be done and to who do I sadistically do it? The anger over the world I see before me on today’s Drudge Report blinds me. As the red haze clears and my vision returns I realize the sordid, disarming truth. Hannibal no longer camps outside the gates. His armored personnel carriers might as well be doing donuts on the White House Lawn. We are a lost and fallen people until we cease and desist from supporting and forgiving our destroyers. Sans the sanction of the victim, the Baal worshipers are exposed as malignant.

You cannot look upon the Modern American City and still believe in equality. If all people are equal to the current Mayor of Flint, MI, I’d probably better stay away from the mirror. If all CEOs are equal to the ones running General Motors, say hello to Mr. EBT Card. If we all just shut up and accept equality, we all become the Carthaginians. Somewhere a smug and contemptible Baal stands laughing while wreathed in flames. Somewhere in the wilds that lone last fighter for freedom says the words that terrify us all: “Delenda est Carthago!”.

*-$50 interest free would be nice also…

**-How ironic. I’ll bet half of the people included in the New and Improved Graduation Rates™ can’t even read what’s written on the nicer-looking paper.

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