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The problem of passive aggression in far right personalities

Of the various forms of far-rightist, a personality type keeps emerging. It is not inherent to rightism, but rather to any marginalized belief that is also messianic. In this personality type, the mind becomes fixated on a perceived truth, for example the notion that The JewsTM control the world and are behind the downfall of […]

Where Conservatism, Inc. went wrong

In the USA, we have three silos of political reasoning: Liberal, Conservative and conservative. Note the lowercase “c.” The main party of lowercase-conservatives is the GOP, which many refer to as being part of “Conservatism, Inc.” or those who profit from offering conservative opinions, stirring conservative rage, selling conservative products, and then losing elections or […]

Picking up the pieces

Ross Elder wrote something interest on his Facebook the other day when people were as usual talking politics. To paraphrase his statement: we all know that government doesn’t work, but the people who seem to complain loudest about it are not involved with it. There’s truth to his words if we take them at a […]

The Neoreaction/Dark Enlightenment tantrum

I’ll confess the whole thing began with me being rather stoked to see a new movement that affirmed three things that my own learning suggests are necessary for a thriving civilization: gender roles, nationalism, and a taste for actual leadership instead of the marketing routine that is democracy. However, the more I interacted with the […]

Rationalism is the death of realism

Conservatism is like a mountain peak rising above the clouds. The light glints on it and we realize, surrounded by the ruins of the delusions of our fellow citizens, that conservatism gives us an option to certain failure. But we do not yet understand it. As a non-ideological viewpoint, Conservatism needs a different form of […]

Conservatism ruined itself as a trademark

Think about your ideal conservatives. They would be like wise elders. They would be stable. But they would be positive, always seeing the best in life and determined to bring it out. Now look at today’s “conservatives.” In the public sphere, we have a group of liberals who believe in balanced budgets, capitalism and strong […]

Conservatism needs to de-marginalize itself

The internet is filled with people who make declarations. Very few have actual experience; most are cheerleading for whatever they’ve found so far that makes sense to them. There are many among us who seem to think that politics is found by rounding up such people, forming a group that chants the same thing at […]

White nationalism died because it dropped out

“Tune in, turn on, and drop out,” were the words of the 1960s hippies. They advocated such behavior because they realized they were a minority attacking an established society. Thus they adopted a method — passive-aggression — that involved them becoming an obstacle to this society. Since then, this mentality of protest has been common […]

Why conservatives should celebrate William S. Burroughs

I normally enjoy Kevin D. Williamson’s writing, but he is off-base about William S. Burroughs. Williamson committed the mortal sin of being a conservative in this new era, which is a knee-jerk response based on the counter-culture’s version of events, and not the actual events. The forum he chose for this error is an article […]

The fanaticism of liberals

I never wanted to be a conservative growing up. Conservatives always lose. They’re the ones stumbling around, unable to organize themselves, while liberals sweep in with a single-mindedness that overwhelms the opposition. As life went on, I came to distrust single-mindedness. It’s a condition not unlike being an insect. One is made inherently fanatical by […]

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