Walking corpse

The modern time: after the fragmentation of the Roman Empire, the schism of European Christianity, the Enlightenment and then the liberal revolution of 1789.

Its defining attribute: equal validity of all people’s aspirations, or in other words, no one right way for society to act, in which people must then find a role. There is no goal. The individual does whatever he or she finds equally valid.

The result: politics itself. Since we cannot count on a common goal, and thus organizing people toward that goal, we must pander or terrify instead. The science of mass manipulation was born.

From this comes all of the disasters of the last two centuries. 1789 was only a decade from 1800, when European re-arrangement along lines of the nation-state took its modern form. Only a hundred years or so later, the world was plunged into its first apocalyptic full-scale modern war.

When you look at this event curve from the perspective of history, it’s the blink of an eye. A change was introduced as idea, and overnight it swept Europe, and then swept Europe into war. Finally in the 2010s people started to question the idea, because after all of our contortions we still can’t make it work and collected disaster looms on the horizon.

Politics emerged from the need for this mass manipulation. It was as if society made a decision to no longer lead itself as an organic entity, but to lead itself around through deference to an external authority: an ideology, an economy, a morality or even a symbol.

This was convenient, because it meant that no opinion was more valid than others. Saying “I think that’s not a good idea” is “personal” in a society of equals, but claiming that there’s no more money in the budget, the voters nixed it, or it’s against equal rights is removed enough that it operates as an impersonal justification.

Paradoxically, if you want a society dedicated toward the individual, it has to become impersonal, so that it doesn’t impinge on that individual at all.

An impersonal society however must have no purpose and as a result, all activities that humans undertake are compensatory. When your society has an ideology, you have reached the stage where it never actually changes direction. Like a contemporary office, it just adapts to the times but never changes the agenda. You just attend and carve out a space for yourself.

The result of millions of people simultaneously carving out a space for themselves is a tragedy of the commons. The modern entitlement complex comes from this sense of having no influence on any actual change, except perhaps a deepening of the ideology of society (a liberal ideology), and thus wanting to carve out more for the self. And if we’re all equal, and someone else has something, don’t I deserve it too? Actually, they’re not asking; they’re telling. They’ve been forced to go to work, obey laws, and heed the ideology. Thus they demand equal entitlement.

If one gets something, everyone in the crowd must have it. If that destroys it, oh well.

When the crowd destroys the object it covets, it cannot blame itself because that would invalidate its principle of rule. Thus it must always manufacture enemies. Having a Hitler crop up is a once-in-a-lifetime streak of good fortune. No one really thought a man outnumbered 20-to-1 had a chance. It was a business opportunity.

This affliction is not just for the middle class. Whether they are drinking away afternoons in the bodega, or jet-setting millionaires inventing new schemes to help misbegotten places, or even the gangbanger culture of the inner city or the dropout culture of hipsters, they are all compensating for a lack of real direction to their civilization or power in life.

Pluralism means no purpose. It means many purposes at once, which means they are all equally irrelevant, until one “wins” by being most popular. As history shows us, most popular is a race to the bottom. It’s the lowest common denominator, compounded by the arrogance of those who know little and the underconfidence of those who know more.

As a result, modern life is hollow. On the surface, there are many reasons why (justifications) and ideologies (inclusion tokens for the group). There is no substance underneath however. Modernity is more than anything else a process, because in order to be pluralistic, it cannot have a goal.

The modern person is a walking corpse. On the surface, they are adorned with unique ideas and combinations of clothing, activities, beliefs, books, etc. Underneath, they are all the same — equality was a self-fulfilling prophecy — in that they have an equal level of confusion because they are missing parts of the function of civilization itself.

With every day, the anxiety spreads in overlapping waves. No one knows what to do; yet they are told what “should” be done. Like kulaks they march toward the Great Ideological Fulfillment, and yet it does not fulfill. The disconnect forces them to compensate, deep into cognitive dissonance.

Soon they know nothing but the path they are on. They are blind to other possibilities. All they know is that reward comes from ideology. They fear, so they seek enemies. They are hollow, so they fill the void with murder or consumerism. And they spread the disease. Soon all are walking corpses, staggering through a wasteland, proclaiming the victory of progress.


  1. Luqman Alvi says:

    God is dead so man is dead.

    1. Man without capacity for belief in the divine, and or reverence for the universe as an organic whole, lacks the ability to believe in God and many other good things.

      Even a die-hard atheist can see that without reverence for our world, we become bitter little prisoners.

      Equality tends to remove reverence because it’s not universal, and replace it with financial, social and political obligations.

      1. A. Realist says:

        I think the issue is larger than that. An individual is either capable of understanding the whole, meaning nature and the universe as having laws independent of your control, or if not she is only capable of understanding her own desires and those of people like her. Guess which group are the liberals.

  2. great guy says:

    I reccomend doing some qigong. and by some i mean incorporating it into ones life on a daily basis for at least 2-3 hours a day. it is perfect for intellectuals who strain themselves in the act of aligning complex mental structures past the point in which the combination of energies they use are stretched too thin to operate with supple strength more often. It is also a doorway to endless inner knowledge that no amount of clean intellectualizing can realize in full and a doorway to developing inner senses and abilities that lie dormant hidden in the deep corners of the self obscured by energy blockages and accumulated stress.

    specifically, i would reccomend dragon tiger medical qigong.

    chop chop

    1. crow says:

      Good idea. Anything to distract the mind from its addictive meddling would be good.
      Great suggestion, Great Guy :)

    2. KB Delaney says:

      Sounds pretty effective, but where’s the Jesus?

      1. crow says:

        The Jesus is wherever you feel like finding him.
        Or not.

        1. A. Realist says:

          Jesus is like MSG. You can add it whenever you want.

  3. ferret says:

    “It was as if society made a decision to no longer lead itself as an organic entity, but to lead itself around through deference to an external authority: an ideology, an economy, a morality or even a symbol.”

    Ideology, economy, and morality are inherent to any society. Same about traditions. And all of them are not external.

    1. A. Realist says:

      I see it this way:

      Internal: I prefer…
      External: Rule 37 says…

      1. ferret says:

        Exactly. And the majority prefer. Consumerism wasn’t established by the rule 37. And the idea of making money while doing nothing is so dear for everyone. Can you remember, what you did with your millions: spent them on education or bought stock?
        We prefer, it’s our essence.

        1. A. Realist says:

          We prefer, but when it comes to explaining our needs to others, we prefer to justify them with externalities.

  4. ferret says:

    “Like kulaks they march toward the Great Ideological Fulfillment”

    Kulaks were peasant farmers posessed land and a bit more successful than others. No ideological goals; just worked hard and knew how to work.

    1. 1349 says:

      Yep, mixed’em up with bolsheviks or someone else…

      1. ferret says:

        Of course, not that simple. And the article is correct.
        The point was that kulaks didn’t “march toward the Great Ideological Fulfillment”, but rather were robbed by bolsheviks and transferred to Siberia to die, or killed on the spot.

        1. A. Realist says:

          As the article showed, the kulaks went along with the plan for a long time and then it turned on them. That’s the point the article made. It’s not all that different from Russian Jews, who were willing participants in the Soviet power structure until it turned on them and killed them. The point of using the term kulak is to mean a peasant, but one who has options as opposed to some dirt-poor know-nothing who’s going to go along with the government because, what choice does he have?

          1. ferret says:

            “As the article showed, the kulaks went along with the plan”

            The article showed to you, not to me. Perhaps, because I’ve read some other stuff, talked to these kulaks’ children, I don’t know why exactly. I re-read this article three times and didn’t find the “kulaks went along with the plan”.

            Kulaks didn’t like these “dirt-poor know-nothing”,and the government composed out of them. Kulaks simply had no choice: they lived how they use to, when allowed, and died, when not.

            I’m not sure I understand what options you are talking about. To me it seems there was no option, except to die now or a little bit later.

  5. crow says:

    I just had a very odd vision…
    Leftists take themselves so damned seriously.
    That must be why they make a religion of turning society into a circus.
    For the relief!
    The right should cultivate a characteristic of not taking themselves even a bit seriously. And saving the serious business of running a nation for being serious.
    If you don’t like my idea, blame Ted Swanson. He inspired it :)

    1. A. Realist says:

      For the distraction. Leftists are basically miserable people.

    2. Ted Swanson says:

      Hey, I’m telling you – the New Right are officially the cool kids at the lunch table. The tables have finally turned. Except we are Rebels With a Cause! You heard it here first!

      1. crow says:

        OK, Ok…
        You get the credit.
        Yo’ is de mAn :)

      2. A. Realist says:

        I’ve been thinking this for some time now. The nagging elders aren’t telling us to quit dancing anymore, they’re telling us to be multicultural. They’re not threatening us with Satan, but with moral inferiority. They don’t want us to go to church, they want us to stop smoking and start thinking about female equality. There are more rules. The old people who are nagging were the hippies of the 1960s, but now they’re just more dried up old crones who want to screw up our lives they way they screwed up theirs.

        The New Right by contrast is sitting in a corner, dressed like a Goth, listening to weird loud music and making cynical remarks about the football team (who are pro-diversity and don’t smoke). We light a cigarette, flaunt the rules, give Patty Hearst (who’s now a principal) the finger and vanish in a flourish of trenchcoat and purple hair.

  6. ferret says:

    “All they know is that reward comes from ideology”

    They have no idea about ideology, otherwise they would know they are victims, not rewarded.

    The dominant ideology (i.e. religious, legal, political systems) is determined by a ruling class of a society and aimed to defend interests of this class and justify the current society structure.
    Liberalism is the dominant ideology of capitalist society.

    “There is no substance underneath however.” – No, there is: capital.

    1. A. Realist says:

      I think the point is that people repeat the same dumb propaganda and think it will make them successful. They are right, sort of. Only people with the right opinions get promoted. USSA?

      1. ferret says:

        “people repeat the same dumb propaganda and think”

        That’s right, except “think”. They mostly don’t think, just follow the propaganda and create it at the same time. Kind of loop.
        USSA sounds sad. Ultimate Sad Society Ahead.

        1. A. Realist says:

          They think they think. Ahead? It’s here and has been here for years. In Western Europe too. Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa etc face a different problem which is more material in nature thus a lot easier. We have lost our way and in the void, we have thrown hippie politics.

          1. ferret says:

            Agree. Ultimate Sad Society Already.

  7. ferret says:

    “When your society has an ideology, you have reached the stage where it never actually changes direction.”

    Yes, if it is a dominant ideology that maintains a stable society. As soon as this stability is lost, there will be a change in ideology, as it happened when feudalism was replaced by capitalism that became superior.

    Since we don’t have a system better than capitalism, there is no chance the liberalism and democracy disappear – they are derivatives of capitalism.

    There is no way of having a common goal for a whole organic society, while the goal is profit.

  8. 1349 says:

    Have i just read a Slayer song lyric? =)

  9. Dust-Wind says:

    Yes. I liked this.

    Humankind is now simply living in a giant hospital – cold, sterile, empty, lifeless. Even the food is bland, as not to awaken our senses to reality. 30 seconds after walking in, the well-meaning visitor becomes the victim of a nameless conspiracy to leech his soul dry of any and all will to power, and in doing so eventually becomes the patient. The weakening gaze of flourescent lights eventually sets in, and we become numb to the pain of being immobile. My bedpan is emblazoned with a Chinese character, yours with Arab scribble; aren’t we unique and interesting? It’s almost as if we’re from a different dimension altogether! It’s all a game of chutes and ladders from here, and we’ll go about getting involved in any drama, conflict or controversy that makes this nameless, aimless place seem meaningful.

    The only countermeasure to any of this is to keep your wits and never succumb, never get sucked into their games. Know and act in accordance with reality and it’ll reward you irrespective of what the other animals are making noises about.

    1. A. Realist says:

      A giant hospital or a giant high school, or a giant cubicle job? They’re all the same. Utilitarian and lifeless, in the name of making as many people as possible happy, and protecting us from rogue elements.

    2. Curious Cat says:

      I might be in the same office building as you, but at least I have organic food, some plants and a private office.

      1. A. Realist says:

        Get a Mercedes and you’re all set.

        1. ferret says:

          I don’t believe a private office would be big enough for a Mercedes.

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