When a civilization dies, the culture goes first and what is left is hypocrisy.

People become really disgusting, and false and hollow, and they spread that like a disease among themselves. They are manipulative and insincere. And why not? It’s not like they live in a society that works for their benefit. Instead, they’re trying to hold on to the parts of a disintegrating mess that tells them they’re “equal” and then treats them like chattel. They have nothing to their name except some job, a car, and a place to live. Almost none of them believes that will mean anything because there’s always someone richer, so people start “posing” and using lifestyle choices to make themselves seem more important than everyone else.

It’s not personal, but it ends up being personal, because they see everyone else as potential competition. If you want to know why men belittle each other “in fun” and women are catty, this is it. There is no social order or morality in common to give their lives meaning, so they’re trying to one-up each other by being more important in different ways: moral posturing (I give to Greenpeace), social status (I know the owner of that trendy club), elite possessions (I have an iBrain), and even rank (I’m executive vice president of doing nothing). As said elsewhere on this site, it’s “keeping up with the Joneses” but it’s not limited to material possessions or socioeconomic status. It’s just pure status.

Because of this nasty “crab bucket” tendency to try to climb above everyone else, each person ends up searching out an identity. If you’re thinking of the first week of high school, a prize for you. Remember when kids split off into groups like theater kids, goths, jocks, preppies, druggies, partiers, gangstas and nerds? That exact same process is going on in society at large, all the time. People are trying to find an identity, and they build that identity out of things they own but more importantly, public attitudes or stances.

Unfortunately these people destroy anything they touch. Their goal in joining your non-profit is not to achieve the goal of the non-profit, but to show others how benevolent, altruistic, compassionate, gentle and insightful they are. This is why most volunteer organizations fall apart. People are too busy posing and being self-important to get anything done, which they don’t care about anyway. They are there to look good to their friends and to remind everyone else that we are not as cool as they are.

This attitude has a schizophrenic character because they know, barely under the surface of their personalities even, that their pose is not true. They are faking it and they fear you’ll find out because it’s easy to see. They become really afraid of you finding out. As a result they are constantly passive-aggressive, which is a tough term to define but roughly means unreasonably putting themselves in your way, and then claiming you attacked them first, and using that as a justification to attack you. It’s like the kid in elementary school who kept poking you all class long and when you finally had enough and punched his lights out, he claimed you were bullying him and got you sent to federal prison. That’s how modern people think, and this is why T.S. Eliot and others have indicated our present historical age as a “Kali-Yuga” or end-time in which no one is to be trusted. It sounds misanthropic but if you pay attention when you go through life you’ll find that maybe 10% of the people out there are well-intentioned and the rest are purely selfish and not all that much fun to be around, which is why they band together with other idiots to force you into jobs and other social circumstances where you have to tolerate them.

There are many modern poses or justifications. The most obvious is the Steve Jobs style Californian messianic type, but equally devious are the hipsters, hippies, anarchists, soccer moms, Christian evangelicals and tree huggers who try to give their empty lives meaning through an ideology that allows them to drama-queen around in public and feel as if they matter. It gets even worse when you get on the internet. To make a long story short, I’m going to talk about one of these personae today, and that’s Tweebo.

“Tweebo” is a portmanteau of “twee” and “Rambo” because that describes the mentality of tweebos. On the surface, they are classic beta males: sensitive men, compassionate pushovers, feminists, freethinkers, liberal, etc. (it doesn’t matter what they claim, as they believe none of it and lack the biological intelligence to analyze and understand it). They will fall to their knees for any underdog or lost cause as long as it is a socially popular one, meaning that it panders to the individuals out there who are miserable and are sure they are victims of an unfair and horrible world and something should be done about it. Tweebos do not like for honest people who fall on hard times. They really don’t care if a tornado killed your family, destroyed your home and broke off your legs. They care if you’re a drunk homeless guy who was “just never given a chance, dude” or some other pity target. You have to be a pity-target because otherwise you don’t serve their pose, which is as wise benevolent rich altruistic and compassionate geniuses who are riding in to save the day. This is the paradox of tweebo: it is both twee, or immersed in the kind of self-pity that projects outward and has them seeking out victims and hopeless cases to coddle, and a sense of “white knighting” like Rambo to save those same cases from anyone who is not also twee. The twee is the passive, the Rambo is the aggressive. Tweebos are passive-aggressive moral posers.

They have several traits:

  • Low self-esteem leading to victimhood mentality.
  • Both social and practical incompetence which causes them to hate people who are succeeding in any form.
  • Vast self-pity leading to identification with other victims.
  • Cognitive dissonance “white knighting.”
  • Bored, slovenly modern existence causing interest in the plight of pity objects.
  • Absorption of massive doses of anarchist, Marxist and hippie faux ideology but underneath that strong tendencies toward consumerism.
  • General depression and dysfunction leading to a desire for uplifting images, memes and propaganda.
  • Hatred of their own origins and thus posturing, pretense and moral superiority and righteousness posing.
  • A tendency to be smarter than average, but not smart enough to realize that minor achievement does not make them Omnipotent Geniuses (this is the Dunning-Kruger effect of illusory superiority).
  • A fascination with all things twee, failing, pitiable, sad, miserable, lonely, weak, dying and dysfunctional.
  • A constantly repeated lie that if society would just get off their back they’d turn out great, somehow launching from their entry-level jobs in IT and food service to the top of the ladder.

Tweebo kills all discussions with groupthink, and because he sees his view as the one universal and absolute moral path, is intolerant of any deviation from that view.

As a result, tweebo is excessively “conservative” in the sense of eliminating all but a very narrow “way we’ve always done it around here” but tends to adopt morality based in the individual, or humanism, as his shield. Tweebo standardizes discussion and brings conformity.

For this reason, tweebo is especially active in media. They like to get jobs in media so they can push their dysfunctional opinions (that they don’t even believe) upon you. They are also very active on the internet, especially chatty communities like Fark, Reddit, and MetaFilter. You will know you have hit a tweebo hive when there is an unstated opinion that everybody obeys and defends, and when they’re hostile to outsiders about the same. It’s a way of being addicted to the same vapid hivemind while pretending to be iconoclastic individualists, man.

Tweebo is also irritatingly self-righteous and deplorably ignorant, but cannot understand why that is so, thus represents a giant mob of people who repeat identical opinions at top volume and strangle any deviation from the norm, crushing any thinking “outside the box.”

Tweebo, in the name of non-conformity, is the ultimate conformist.

Remember that tweebo is an unstable combination of self-pity and white knighting (“moral vigilanteism” through a keyboard). They do this to hide the fact that they are overwhelmingly single, lonely, dysfunctional, socially alienated, week-willed people in their 20s whose “ideology” consists of equal parts self-pity and revenge on the more successful.

What makes tweebo dangerous is that he is a distraction and a false ideology. Millions of spoiled fat first-world children gather together and go tweebo, and this means they act outrageously in public for lost causes but won’t lift a finger to help an actual problem. It is not uncommon to see tweebo drive his prius past a girl getting gang-raped, or for tweebo to come home from a green party protest and throw a whole bag of recycleable items straight into the trash. Tweebo uses ideology and politics for his own convenience, and doesn’t care about anyone else or whether his ideas come to pass. It’s just a pose, like everything else tweebo does.

If you look out your window and see someone making a big deal about the rights of the homeless to defecate on your lawn, or whether we are doing enough for starving orphans in some tiny place you’ve never heard of, you are probably seeing tweebo in action. My lawyers say I can’t tell you to open fire, but if you did accidentally shoot all the tweebos in your neighborhood, you’d do more to improve humanity than all the tweebos since the dawn of time would ever do. They don’t see it that way however. You’re either tweebo, or you’re part of the problem, in their view. While this has no relation to reality, it does make tweebo feel better for a few moments, and that’s all he cares about anyway.

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16 Responses to “Tweebo”

  1. EvilBuzzard says:


    These Tweebos are behind the times. They just need a supple wrist and a Twitter Fake Girlfriend!

    Problem solved, dude!

  2. ryan says:

    excellent analysis of the millineal generation “at the height of it’s bloom”. perfect instance of “tweebo” mentality: lets protest wall street and not the pentagon (you know the whole “Iran thing”, project for a new American century, massive under the table spending). the best part is after a healthy dose of cynicism here at amerika, any one of us can go onto a social media website and revel in the plethora of young morons posing with semi-literate(i can’t joke too much) half-assed marxist posters, trying to look like “bob dylan”

    • EvilBuzzard says:

      I ate Bob Dylan. Not bad road kill when you add a dash of Tobasco.

      • Ryan says:

        mmm i always wondered how it tastes to eat an indie rock musician? i figured it would be really stringy and not at all satisfying. but then again you’d be pretty full after devouring an ego of that magnitude.

  3. crow says:

    I can be vague sometimes.
    It stops me from droning endlessly.
    If I give advice, people rant at me for doing so.
    If I tell what I know, people demand I offer proof.
    If I offer sympathy, I am labeled a fake.
    If I try to lighten the mood, I am called flippant.

    I like to think the world can do just fine without my input.
    So what I say, or write, is generally for my own amusement.

    But I have to say: this is one fine article.
    A survival manual for those still struggling to figure out what the hell is going on, outside one’s reasonably-ordered skull.
    I wish I had known this stuff, some time ago.
    It would have saved a lot of angst.

    • Kirill Nenartovich says:

      “I like to think the world can do just fine without my input.”
      The world made you thinking so. At the same time it makes you posting replies. Thus, it is not just for your amusement.

      • crow says:

        “Thus, it is not just for your amusement.”
        Actually, it is. Posted to see what would follow it.
        I am amused :)

        • Kirill Nenartovich says:

          Even if you’ve managed to amuse yourself by typing this response, and this response would never available to others, just killing couple of thousand germs while typing might prevent a huge pandemic, how can you know? :)

          • crow says:

            Some of the most amazing revelations and inventions in history, were the products of accident.
            Penicillin, for example, resulting from poor hygiene.
            Maybe I just saved the world.
            But if that is the case, I am not to blame.
            I didn’t do it on purpose.

          • Erik Nordman says:

            The verbal lobbing between you two gentlemen has amused me . Also, I have not died from a virus or major pandemic while reading your words, or while typing this repl

  4. AaronFromToronto says:

    Love it!

    One thing: based on my observations, the average age of Farkers has been steadily creeping upward, and, while they may not be the trendsetters they were five years ago, I think they’re almost free of their Tweebo problem. All the nasties have either left, grown out of it, or (in the case of one guy whose username started with the letter C) gotten themselves banned and become a running joke.

    It’s interesting to contrast OWS with the Yippie demonstrations of the 60’s. There’s no joie-de-vivre at OWS. (Granted, student debt and income inequality are serious problems, but just about every generation of your family has survived worse.) Every time I hear people quoting statistics and quibbling about what OWS’s demands should be, I think of Jerry Rubin’s yippie axiom, “I disagree with your goals, but I agree with your tactics!” Stop wringing your hands about goals and demands and just shake things up for the sake of shaking things up, because that’s what scares the people in power the most. Don’t quote statistics about money; burn money.

  5. hipster traditionalist says:

    But like, where’s the proof man? This is all like, just your opinion, Mr. I-Hide-Behind-This-Computer-Screen-And-Pretend-Like-My-Rambling-Incoherent-Articles-I-Pass-Off-As-Truth-Are-The-Actual-Truth-And-This-Site-I-Write-For-Actually-Serves-Any-Meaningful-Purpose.

    I dare you to come out behind your wall, stop blaming people and see that there is a real problem that needs to be addressed. And that problem happens to be that wealth is concentrated in 1% of the population, and clearly this is more than definitive proof that everyone who isn’t at the top is being secretly swindled (since we’re all equal). You call this a democracy, Brett Stevens?

    I’ll tell you what it is! It’s fascism! Corporate fat cats are greedy! In turn, the same government that seems to subsist in a symbiotic relationship with these corporations should increase minimum wage to $20 because I have 5 jobs in order to support my liberal education and it’s hardly enough to keep me afloat because I can’t afford enough furry anime for my collection after I’ve fed myself, paid for my apartment and my education. More money for underdogs like me, and less for cunts like you who support evil corporations.

    PS. Steve Jobs was a genius. See: Convenience divided by Square Inches of Space = Brilliant. Oh, plus he invented Pixar and I love Monsters Inc. because it has so many cute furries and if you don’t like everything Pixar does, you’re obviously a Nazi without any sympathy and thus not a real human being because you have an opinion that isn’t identical to mine.

    PSS. Viva La Resistance!

  6. hipster traditionalist says:

    In all seriousness, this article reminds me of a certain individual who I used to attend class with in high school who posted this on facebook:

    “Heres the proper link if you are interested in helping to support me and my coworkers in the walk to help youth have a safe place to turn when they are in need rather then turn to the streets, I appreciate all the support.

    As many as 10,000 kids spend time on Toronto streets every year. Most of them have fled or been forced out of homes where there is abuse and neglect. Covenant House provides these kids with life-changing programs, inspiration and encouragement to get their lives back on track.

    With more kids coming to their doors every day, Covenant House needs our help to offer kids the opportunity to move from a life on the street to a life with a future.

    I myself have almost had to turn to this alternative as a teenager but I was very fortunate and lucky to have the help and support of friends and school teachers and guidance counselors, I would not have been so fortunate to be living with a roof over my head, while working a part time job and going to university. Not every child is as fortunate as I am, and I want to have the chance to give them opportunities that I was/am so fortunate be given. A child should have the love and support of family and friends, but when they have no where to turn, its up to us to help pull them out of the dark and show them the light.

    *Link to picture of her wearing a green Starbucks apron, some ‘heartwarming’ story about how she ran away from an abusive home when she was 16 and was fortunate to find shelter, blah blah blah…Support Children on the Streets by donating to Starbucks*

    Also, before this, she was selling popcorn to promote awareness of mental health issues because she fell into depression and wants to help others. The irony of not only tackling a symptom, but selling a nutritionally useless and most certainly genetically modified food product which will undoubtedly go to great lengths to affect how well your cognitive processes functions is simply ridiculous.

    On the surface, a typical well-intentioned ‘do-gooder’, fighting for a ‘good cause’. One thing is obvious: this is parroting of liberal ideas and being a useful idiot. But what is not obvious to me despite this is whether people like this are actually well-intentioned. I don’t know her personally and what isn’t quite clear is whether she really believes her efforts go a long way.

    The reason I bring this up is that everyone I meet either falls into the category of anarchist who denies any preferred model of existences (and thus advocates individualism/fatalism) and these ‘morally superior’ folks who trumpet their advocacy for social justice like it’s everyone’s social obligation to join them in the noble quest for the alleviation of inequality.

    In regards to the latter group, are this many people clearly full of shit or is it possible that they too want the same things that well-meaning, rational neo-Conservatives want? Or do I need to get to know all of them because it’s too hard to distinguish from the surface?

  7. TGGP says:

    The Dunning-Kruger study is often misreported.

  8. […] moral posers. ┬áThe twee is the passive, the Rambo is the aggressive. They love Reddit, Fark, etc. […]

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