Defensive personalities

Often life is paradoxical because appearance is a result of underlying structure, and not equal to it.

The best way to think about this is the example of a tornado, which does not form itself. Winds of different temperatures cross under the right conditions, and create a tornado.

In the human world, there is an equivalent to this. People say one thing, and use it to hide their actual behavior and motivations.

For example, among us walk those who preach tolerance and pluralism. However, these tend to be the most hateful people in our society.

They are either intolerant of specific groups, or intolerant of anyone who has not ruined a particular aspect — religion, innocence, intelligence, morality, heritage, culture — of themselves.

The tolerant person is “misery loves company” in incarnate form, wishing others to be as deprived as they are. But another factor is in play here.

If I am an angry person, and wish to be intolerant, I need a cover story in order to be able to get away with it. My best cover is as a missionary of tolerance.

That way, I am the official authority on tolerance and can carefully define my own behavior as tolerant, whether it is or not. Don’t change the behavior — change the meaning of the word!

Becoming known as an expert or paragon of some behavior is a type of pre-emptive defense against those who, in the future, might accuse you of violating that same taboo.

This is similar to billionaire philanthropists who gleefully give away 5% of their wealth in order to make headlines for their charity, while hiding their tax-dodging and ill deeds under those headlines.

At the current time, we can see this phenomena in the rising shrillness of global liberalism. Two centuries after liberalism officially became our world order with the French Revolution, the disaster is unfolding.

It is not a single failure — no, liberalism has failed on all fronts, and most importantly has failed to bring about the new Utopia it claimed it would.

A convergence of failures occurs because liberalism fails on all levels: economic, political, social, biological, cultural and even individual happiness. It has corrupted science and religion, destroyed art and alienated the individual.

These intensifying failures work together like notes harmonizing into a chord, showing us that the New World Order we thought was right is in fact a path to death. People are considering abandoning it.

As a result of that instability, those who depend on liberalism for their sense of self-worth are turning up the heat. More fanatical statements, more extremism and greater degrees of illusion are demanded, and the faithful lap it up because their identities are constructed out of the success of liberalism as an idea.

The propaganda grows stronger, the allegiance tests get more absolute, and the leftists appear emboldened, strong and victorious.

But these are not structural traits, but appearance. The underlying cause is a need to hide their fear of total failure that is imminent. They are running scared.

It is paradoxical that the seemingly most confident people are those preaching a dying ideology that belongs to a failed past. But they hope to convince you, and keep the sad farce alive for just another day.


  1. Lisa Colorado says:

    Do you think there is a method for detecting when this is happening, on the spot, in daily life? I think there might be. It involves sifting the words out of what you are encountering to get to the intent. People can sense one another’s intent. Even listening to the radio you can hear that some people are really digging for meaning and connection while others are just trying to fill air time with an opinion.

  2. crow says:

    Well. That was a thoroughly brilliant piece of insight.
    The leftist is an agent of destruction without any volition of its own.
    Like a tornado that knows not what it is, or what it does, because it is the result of something else, and could not exist without that other thing.
    “And miles to go, before I sleep…”
    Combinations of certain words turn it into an automaton that wrecks everything it comes into contact with. It may as well be a stick of dynamite, or a brainwashed assassin.

    We who have life still in us should be very thankful that we do.
    Our duty is to maintain the sanity that has become so thinly spread, for that sanity will be sorely needed in the future, when liberalism has laid waste to everything, and a barren moonscape is all that remains.

    A forest fire behaves in much the same way, wiping out everything in its path. The results are devastating. But from beneath the thick layer of ash which is all that remains, seeds always sprout, as if by magic, and grow into a whole new forest. The cycle continues.

    1. Missy says:

      Yes, the fire in the forest “dynamizes” the soil, ie, concentrates mineral matter. And mineral is what life is all about. “Dust of the earth”. No minerals = no life. Also, fires remove excess understory and open up the ground to the sky. Other things going on, also.

      However, there is a point of diminishing returns. Not all fires act as a spark plug to restart life. There is such a thing as a fire that’s too lengthy and too hot. In physical holocausts and in the depredations of evil people. So, I don’t know for sure what the score is, now.

    2. 1349 says:

      The leftist is an agent of destruction without any volition of its own.

      A similar thought has been haunting me for the last several months:
      “These guys (leftists/trots/marxists) just can’t live the other way, even if they wholeheartedly wanted to. They are possessed. Their mission is destruction/permanent revolution. I am probably possessed, too, but by something opposite.”

      1. crow says:

        You’re possessed by the instinct of self-defense; there’s nothing wrong with that. Leftists only know how to attack, in their characteristically underhanded, bullying way, and we’ve all seen them doing that, like there’s no tomorrow. Which, perhaps, is what the leftist really wants.
        It’s sanity versus madness, and the madness is like the worst of diseases known to man: insidious, pervasive, and with a near total mortality rate.
        The very few immune ones are very, very fortunate.

        1. 1349 says:

          You’re possessed by the instinct of self-defense

          I meant something of a larger scale. Like, they are possessed by a universal power which wants chaos/entropy and kind of “launched” them into this world; me – by a power which wants order (~beauty). Sounds fairly fanatical. :)

  3. 1349 says:

    As a result of that instability, those who depend on liberalism for their sense of self-worth are turning up the heat.

    The propaganda grows stronger, the allegiance tests get more absolute, and the leftists appear emboldened, strong and victorious.

    Interestingly, i’ve noticed this, too – here where i live. The discrepancy between the local left and right has become more pronounced lately; disputes turn into quarrels more easily; more insults are used. :) Pagans and traditionalists have been more active than usual, and the media are churning out degenerate propaganda in amounts i’ve never seen before…

  4. Eric says:

    All I want to say is that I see people who need some sort of external reality to be a certain way in order to fulfill their identity needs all the time. Identity should come from within, a sense of self and being. But we have created a culture where identity has been packaged and sold for many years now. Some instead like to just latch on to other external things, not necessarily material, that they can use to define themselves. And when these things get challenged, they get defensive, because in fact it is their own sense of being that feels to be on the line, no matter how false and artificial it is whatever they have latched onto. If they would have only dug a little deeper and based their sense of self on something a little more real and concrete and lasting… Well, you get the point.

    1. Doug Vance says:

      I understand the blog posting, but one thing confounds me. Why, oh why does kitty gnaw on piano key?

      1. crow says:

        What, are you stupid?
        A no-eared cat will, given a piano, always gnaw on the keys.
        Surely any fool would know that?
        Maybe you are being ironic.

      2. Eric says:

        I don’t know, I didn’t write the post nor include the picture ;)

        1. crow says:

          Ah! Someone who ventures no opinion. I like it :)
          I knew there was something about you, Eric.
          Yer in da roight place, so ye are!

          1. Eric says:

            Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. And sometimes I do, and what I say or feel comes across as contradictory. But I am learning in this life I don’t need to have an opinion on everything regardless of those that feel otherwise. Sometimes I’d rather just be and not waste mental effort worrying about that that is beyond me.

            1. crow says:

              Opinions are indeed odd things.
              Usually containing “I think” and “they” or “it”, along with “should”.
              Who gives a toss what “I think”, anyway?
              What a peculiar concept to disregard what is, and instead render it into what it “should” be.
              I think my opinion should be that I shouldn’t have one.

  5. Meow Mix says:

    If you ever get bored and want to journey into the heart of the paranoid and defensive, just spend a couple minutes on one of these ‘whiteness studies’ blogs that are so popular among the lefties these days. Seriously, they honestly take offense to just about everything in existence:


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