The Renewal Of The West Arises From Insurgent Realism


We live in an age of massive inversion. All of the original values held by our civilization were deemed offensive, so they were replaced with inoffensive versions, effectively reversing the original meaning.

An example can be found in the notion of tolerance. Tolerance originally meant accepting different viewpoints, but that required us to tolerate opinions that did not flatter the ego, so it was redefined to mean accepting all people who avoid unflattering opinions.

This has been going on for centuries, millennia even. It is the fatal disease of civilization itself: as soon as a society thrives, those who are unrealistic benefit from the inventions and social order imposed by the realistic. Since the realistic reproduce at a lower rate, soon the unrealistic outnumber them and shift policy to insanity.

At that point, the insanity of groups take over. Votes and mob participation do not involve individual responsibility, allowing the Crowd to participate and then blame itself without attaching guilt to any persons in particular. Groups tend to favor what keeps the group together, and that is almost always illusion.

The insanity has begun to melt however. For the first time in ages, we are having a conversation about civilizational health: how well our society works and what its prospects are, including whether it allows people to enjoy life and therefore try to do well by it.

That in turn leads to an inversion of the inverted. The mind recognizes that all social order is more social than order, and that each definition — like an official Soviet or Newspeak label — hides its actual meaning. With that comes a realization that the traditional ways and the ways of nature were effects, not causes in themselves, with the causes being an understanding of reality itself.

In this way, realism returns. Humans naturally fear nature because with it comes the risk of being personally destroyed by a natural selection like process. As a result, they rebel against realism, and create rules designed to insulate the unrealistic from the consequences of their actions.

And yet, all of those rules turn out to be wrong because they treat cause and effect as the same. Laws for example prohibit behaviors instead of looking at why those occur. Management of people relies on enforcing uniformity, not looking at the differences between people that cause some to do good, and some bad.

With the inversion of our adulterated values, which is the “re-evaluation of all values” that Nietzsche proposed, civilization can return to its function: adaptation to nature, which is not a binary process but a spectrum. That thrusts on us the choice of what type of future we would prefer.

Europeans rose above other groups by creating a civilization in which individuals had both an intense desire to do right, and a strong motivation to bond with life and experience a transcendental appreciation of its beauty, intensity and excellence. All of that has been gradually obscured by the unrealistic, who want safety more than existential joy and purpose.

As all of the plans of the unrealistic come to fruition, as began to happen in the 1990s in earnest, we are seeing the future that unrealism makes for us: endless rules, constant tedium, and a lack of mental silence and time in which to get to know ourselves and existence.

With that, we abandon the control-oriented human schemes, and return to the subtler and more flexible designs of nature. The backlash is still in its early stages, but one might visualize it as the functional people seeking a way to separate from the inverted people. We do not need them. And we cannot make them happy.

Years of inverted living have brainwashed people into accepting what seem like the best options from what is available. But when even those lead to destruction, it is time to think outside of what is accepted, and open our frame of reference up to the eternal instead. This leads to an entirely different viewpoint, one in which the inverted are no longer necessary or desired.

At first, this backlash may appear in political forms. But in parallel, it is occurring through cultural and artistic change as well. We have reached the endpoint of inversion, and seen that it is death, and now people are thinking of life again — and are determined to escape the inverted values that put us on the path to death.

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7 Responses to “The Renewal Of The West Arises From Insurgent Realism”

  1. Doug says:

    The Alt-Right isn’t alternative, it is right. It was here already, it has always been here. There is nothing to prove, there is nothing to justify, the Alt-Right doesn’t require anybody or anything to accept it, or not, it just is. It requires no qualification, nor does it need it, nor has it ever, it already is. To be Alt-Right is just right.
    The Alt-Right is open source natural liberty, it is the primal natural grass roots underground because it is provincial by its nature. There is nothing new about The Alt-Right, it isn’t a political movement, an ideology, a cult, or a “movement”, you are Alt-Right or you are not, there is no way to sit on the fence with your finger in the air and claim to be Alt-Right or know the Alt-Right, you can only live Alt-Right.
    The Alt-Right can never be fully defined with words, it can only truly be defined with action. The Alt-Right is upstream of all social fictions and constructs, it is upstream of all politics, it is culture upstream of all else in the sphere of human activity of the heart and mind.

    The Alt-Right is open source by nature. It is why it is such a powerful existential threat to cucks and cultural marxists, but that is just a natural aspect of The Alt-Right. It isn’t a paradigm, yet the power of the Alt-Right has caused a sea change in those who perceive it as a threat. It is why so many fail to grok what it is, it is because they can not grasp what it is not. The Alt-Right is a conundrum to those who are not Alt-Right. It is anarchy to them, when the truth is The Alt-Right is the Anti Anarchy. Funny how that works.
    The Alt-Right is self determination, it is individualism, it is independence from dogma, ideology, cargo cultism, it is the diametrically opposite of totalitarianism in all its forms.

  2. Finnish Individual says:

    I always have to spend several minutes pondering whether the choice of the image accompaining the article is more genius than the article itself

  3. 3xilarch says:

    A democracy can only be as good as its average citizen.

  4. thordaddy says:

    Mr. Stevens
    And the grand inversion?

    (S)upremacy = degeneracy…

    Such that…

    The degenerate life is “gawd.”

  5. kerry owens says:

    We have to stop romanticizing our European history as one of homogeneous continuity up until recent times.Our European ancestors enslaved each other and sold their own people to the highest bidder most notably to the brown Muslims, the Americas were built with white slaves,albeit some were indentured servants,most held in bondage from the poor houses and prisons two thirds of the population in early New England fell into this category.Many were sent to Barbados to be worked to death in the sugar cane fields. Whats happening race wise to the whites in current western civilization is akin to the treatment imposed upon them by Cromwell’s policies of Merry old England concerning the poor and criminal,mind you, offences in that day were subject to far more severe penalties than today.We whites have always been victimized by our own,but never to the extent they received after Cromwell cleared the way for the return of the Chosenites to England.

    • crow says:

      Who’s ‘we’?
      You were not there. All you think you know was delivered to you by ‘history’, which as we now know, is presented any old way the current regime prefers it to be delivered. It may be as you say it was, but chances are it was not.
      Either way, the past can not be adjusted. The present can. It doesn’t do much good to convince yourself your whole history was bad, bad, bad, before you even start on the present.

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