The American Nativists were right


American Nativism was a movement in the 1800s which said that the original founding population of America was Western European and that adulterating that with non-Western European immigrants would destroy it. In particular, these Anglo-Saxons argued that bringing in Southern, Eastern, Mediterranean and Irish European groups would destroy our culture.

It turns out they were right, about everything. These new groups voted Leftist, having lower IQs and being more prone to unrealistic thoughts which they then defensively asserted preemptively as reality. These groups introduced lower standards of social behavior. And they voted, so soon corruption became the norm in politics. Anyone who remembers Tamany Hall shepherding Irish voters or the Chicago machine herding Eastern Europeans knows what this was like.

The fact remains that Western Europeans are the world’s only real minority and are an exceptional group that most closely resembles the historical European ideal. These historical Europeans ranged throughout Asia and India, came over the steppes and dwelt in Northern and Western Central Europe. From there, many other civilizations prospered as offshoots, possibly reflecting caste divisions in this ur-European tribe or its re-integration with the population that once produced it.

What will destroy Western Europeans is assimilation, including by “trace admixture” groups like the non-Western Europeans. Eastern Europeans are part Asiatic; Southern Europeans, part Persian; Irish, part North African; Jewish, part Persian, Arabic, Asiatic and Armenian; Greeks, park Turkic. Mixing these groups into the Western European gene pool will destroy Western Europeans just as surely as breeding them with sub-Saharan Africans. It is not what they are mixed with that counts, but that they are mixed at all, just as diversity of any kind is destructive, no matter what groups are involved.

Luke Ford notices JayMan’s comments on de facto American Nativism:

There are rational and sensible reasons to advocate for a strict moratorium on immigration to every developed nation (not just Europe and the Anglosphere), but if you seriously want to turn back the clock at this point, why don’t we be consistent here and just kick out every single Sicilian, Irishman, or eastern Slav from the United States, considering the poorer intellectual achievement of these European populations. After all, who are they to sap the creative juices of the master race?

JayMan is correct, but not for the reasons he thinks. These groups may have lower achievement but the important fact is that they are not Western Europeans. Western Europeans stand alone and need to act in their own self-interest, exluding all Other of any type.

To prevent ethnic genocide, one cannot simply keep the name of the group but replace it with near misses. The group must be preserved genetically so that it can continue its culture, values and civilization. The greatest threat to Western Europeans now is “white nationalism” or “ethno-bolshevism” which would breed us all into one uniform, admixed population and destroy the historical Western European remnant.

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17 Responses to “The American Nativists were right”

  1. Eugene Rublev says:

    However it’s Western Europe who’re committing cultural and civilization suicide. The UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden are those who, despite the “higher” IQ, are the source of everything you’re fighting with. And most of limousine-liberals/SJWs have Anglo-Saxon roots.

    At the same time, Asian countries (Japan, China, Korea) do resist and stay monocultural.

    Yes, _economical_ achievements of Western Europe are great, due to individualism and free markets (btw, without scientific discoveries it wouldn’t be possible and a substantial amount of them is done by non-westerners). But individualism doesn’t seem to be evolutionary stable as it falls into decadence. Besides that it’s Western Europeans who are infected by excessive altruism (which is most probably a genetic condition) and inability to adequately assess intentions of people coming from other cultures. Maybe you tend to overestimate the IQ of your tribe?

    • But individualism doesn’t seem to be evolutionary stable as it falls into decadence.

      I agree this is the crux of the issue. People need to see more than themselves; unfortunately, the middle section of the smartest — who have the votes — tend to be oblivious to this. It is why democracy needs to be replaced immediately.

      • Eugene Rublev says:

        I agree. But is democracy a cause or a symptom?

        There are genes which correlate with individualism/collectivism, for instance:

        In other words, Western society might naturally drift to democracy and universal suffrage. And even if it’s deconstructed, probably it would bounce back.

        I found beautiful articles about nihilism/realism on this resource. So you probably agree, than humans have no more freedom to follow a certain chain of decisions, than a stone rolling down the hill.

        Of course, not all Westerners fall into the trap of Liberalism. But too many do, I think. And therefore we’re witnessing natural selection at work. Probably there’s going to be a big contraction of population, followed by consolidation and drifting towards a more collectivist culture (and genes-makeup) of whites in general, and Ango-Saxons in particular.

        • -A says:

          Democracy is both a cause and a symptom. For all of the good things about Western Europeans, the fact still remains that like most top-down, Vertical Queen Systems, there are tiers to the people in question. Unfortunately, demotism becomes popular when people confuse a supportive and successful culture as being their own prowess.

          Western Europeans need to regain what others of their blood have taken away from them: self-respect. It will be an interesting change of course should the smarter among them be successful in pushing a cultural restoration of integrity among Western European culture, values, intellectual confidence, rational self-interest and ethnic cohesion.

          • Eugene Rublev says:

            Fair enough. But what are the fundamental reasons Western Europeans have come to the current state in terms of politics and ideology?

            • crow says:

              Ego. Democracy, by its nature, encourages self-importance, while leftist ideology encourages ego on steroids.
              Probably this was never intended, but is a by-product of the dismantling of hierarchy.

              • Eugene Rublev says:

                Which means that democracy is a product of individualism, which is, most likely, genetic. It means Western Europeans can only be healthy in an expanding civilization, conquering and colonizing (which it did in the past). But now it just eats itself as it’s prohibited to expand and “oppress”. However, it might change soon (when they’re kicked out of their homes by 3rd world invaders).

            • -A says:

              It is a combination of what crow said along with a long history of just the right events to create the climate necessary. I might also add that Western Europeans are not the first, the only or even the progenitors of demotism. In spite of this, the longest history of demotism may very well be from the peoples the Western Europeans came from. Ur, Babylon, Greece, Rome and so on into the modern era. One would have to see a connection between the Western Europeans and Ur itself to see how it has been a long lasting problem since the beginning of civilization. I would like to know, however, what the state of East Asian politics would have been like were it not for Zedong.

  2. MeToo says:

    The western Europeans need southern & eastern Europeans (1) to feel superior to; and (2) to do their shitwork.

    When y’all are re-purified (dream on), then you’ll have to dig to the bottom of your own barrel to find folks to fill the roles described above.

    It was ever thus, everywhere you go.

    • JPW says:

      Egoism again is the fountainhead of sin. Work, when pursued for a righteous purpose does not demean you. When people get brought in to serve as drudges, they have every right to hate the people who brought them in. Cologne from that perspective is not a real shocker.

      • Egoism again is the fountainhead of sin.

        I suggest we take a hint from the philologists and call it by its real name, even if that means breaking a taboo: individualism. Individualism means placing the individual before all else. It is different than self-interest, which most individualists cannot discern, and it is essential to debunk in order to rid ourselves of the utilitarian fallacy that most people know what they need and should be empowered to choose it. The vast majority of humans choose only the destructive when given choice, and so the answer is hierarchy in all things.

        • JPW says:

          That’s a fair equivalence. So is solipsism. I actually like solipsism better in fact. It implies a limited, myopic view, which is what causes short-sighted decisions like the population replacement immigration.

          • I actually like solipsism better in fact. It implies a limited, myopic view, which is what causes short-sighted decisions like the population replacement immigration.

            I agree with that, but individualism is the precursor state to solipsism. Our thinking should be reality first, and then fitting ourselves into it; individualism places the individual desires and feelings first, and then edits our knowledge of reality to fit that. It is a reversal of the cognitive process and a form of socially-accepted insanity roughly equivalent to Biblical evil.

            • MeToo says:

              Easy to say, but there are issues of all kinds where I am in the minority but I know I am correct. (How’s that for arrogance, Brett.) And I have the faith that my views will be vindicated, officially, one fine day. I’m talking about various medical procedures being forced down our throats by an All Powerful Big Government that colludes with All Knowing Big Medicine.

              Historically, when the official purveyors of Medicine realize they’ve been doing something very, very wrong for a long time, they never openly say so or apologize. They just kind of let the practice slip away quietly. For example, the use of mercury; and lobotomies for mental illness. All gobbled up by a populace whose faith in Almighty God pales in comparison to their faith in Medicine.

              Whether it interferes with your love of hierarchy or not, we need separation of medicine and state. The devil’s in the details in all things. Sometimes a little bit of libertarianism is just what a good Dr. will order.

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