Modern life induces stress that destroys us


What is going on across the West? People are not having babies, they are withdrawing from society, and most of all, they are miserable. We can tell their misery by their daily behavior and their long-term plans. People are not having families and babies and working toward anything larger than jobs and hobbies. They are retreating into themselves.

The biggest reason for this is that they have been made to work for others who contribute nothing. The average person works 50% of his time to pay for the welfare state, and then adds more hours to compete in a society hell-bent on replacing him. This puts him in a position of constantly being stressed, exhausted and frustrated while slaving away for a future he cannot turn his brain off enough to believe in.

Evidence is increasingly leaking out that stress destroys us at a biological level:

A major review of published research suggests that chronic stress and anxiety can damage areas of the brain involved in emotional responses, thinking and memory, leading to depression and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Linda Mah, the lead author of the review carried out at a research institute affiliated to the University of Toronto, said: “Pathological anxiety and chronic stress are associated with structural degeneration and impaired functioning of the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex, which may account for the increased risk of developing neuropsychiatric disorders, including depression and dementia.”

These studies are new because, in the society created by a workers’ revolt, the only thing sacred is that we all go to work every day and slave away to pay for the rest of them. That includes the welfare state, a multitude of diversity payments, and benefits and salaries to the legion of bureaucrats who claim to be implementing those. In reality, the entire payment goes to parasites and drains us.

Stress is caused by worry, frustration and relentless activity that does not have immediate feedback of success. We wonder if we are doing the right thing, we puzzle over the future and our existential happiness, and we push back nagging doubts as we grind on. Slowly it kills us, both from within and without, but worse, it destroys our chance of happiness.

The only health ideal for a society is independence from guilt for the condition of anyone else. If they are dying, we cannot look at the correlation and declare it as causation. We must look to the cause, or just not worry about it. Most of humanity has always been dysfunctional and this is why societies choke on their own masses. Their dysfunction should not concern the functional, who should be able to rise — and then rule over the dysfunctional.

Guilt is a backward-looking emotion. It has no hope for a better future, and so looks to try to divide up the spoils of the past so that people now “feel better.” In the process, it eats away the good people from within, and with their loss, the hope for the civilization — which benefits good and bad alike — also vanishes.

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16 Responses to “Modern life induces stress that destroys us”

  1. Johann Theron says:

    Great article pointing to risks not addressed by societal systems.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Right. I hate it. Our people are withdrawing and refusing to fight.

    But what about those of us who still want to fight? What are we supposed to do? Where are we supposed to kill the enemy?

    I ask this, of course, in all seriousness.

    Things are getting very interesting. Before they get very ugly, of course.

    • Where are we supposed to kill the enemy?

      Ah. You put your finger on what makes this whole business so hard: there is no enemy because the enemy is us, at least when we are in the hands of insane delusions like egalitarianism, democracy, liberalism, altruism and egoism/individualism.

      This is why what we fight — at least for now — is a cultural war. There are people among us who are natural leaders, meaning they are competent to make leadership decisions and rise in whatever field they are in. We need as many of them as possible on the same page: knowing what is wrong with now, and in rough agreement on what we want for the future.

  3. crow says:

    When your country becomes an alien nation you suffer from alienation. That’s a given. So you withdraw. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are, or need to be, depressed.
    Depression is caused by rampant emotion, which is also encouraged by your alien nation, so consciously declining to emote makes all the difference.

    Speak less, smile less, show caring less, care less. How you feel is your business.

    Laugh any time you feel like it, and never when you are expected to.
    If you’re superior, exhibit it. Be it.
    Sod them all. Most of them don’t have a clue. But you do: you avidly read Amerika.

    Whatever you do, don’t do anti-depressants.
    Your mouth will dry out, your eyes will go blurry, your dick will get limp and you’ll actually feel a whole lot worse.

    Dr. crow will set you straight.
    Feeling better now?
    That’s the spirit!

  4. Some slightly cool Goy says:

    Thanks for this it came at a very good time for me personally. Anti-depressants(Paxil) has negatively affected my life in a (H)uge way, sending my entire soul into the hands of Nihilism. Second only to The Race issue, the issue of stress and depression of modern life amongst us needs to be addressed on the alt right.

    • crow says:

      The upside to this is a resurgence in the area of spirituality. Not the faux new-age crap, but the genuine thing, which has faded from society over many years.
      The birth, care, and feeding of one’s soul is something one ignores at one’s peril.
      Ongoing survival involves a re-connection with that area of life, in addition to the purely physical.
      This is an area the left is incapable of addressing, while the right, by its very nature, remains capable of damage-repair and recovery.

  5. JPW says:

    And you’ll always incur pointless stress when you encounter someone truly evil. It is one of their most insidious weapons.

  6. Fleshcrawl says:

    Take the stress grab a bat and start cracking heads!

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