How To Make Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP)


Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP), often referred to as “acetone peroxide,” was the explosive used in the recent Brussels attacks. It is relatively simple to make from commonly-available ingredients. It is an entropy burst explosive, releasing massive amounts of fast-moving gas as its internal structure collapses.

Straight out of the early 1980s to you, here is the G-file on acetone peroxide, courtesy of

You need:

  • acetone (hardware, paint store)
  • hydrogen peroxide (hair bleach type – 15 volume or higher – hair/cosmetics store)
  • sulfuric acid (concentrated; if you use battery acid,boil until white fumes appear to remove all of the water)

You also need a thermometer, ice, salt, and containers.


Combine 30 milliliters of acetone and 50 milliliters of hydrogen
peroxide into a glass container and mix thoroughly.

The container must now be put into ice/salt water and cooled to
below 5 degrees Celsius. The easiest way to do this: take a coffee
can, put in water and salt to about half full, put container
(empty) into can, put plastic lid on can to keep container from
floating, put can in freezer, when water is frozen, take out,
remove lid, proceed. This will provide excellent cooling and also
keep container from floating.

Now, put a thermometer in the mixture. When it is below 5 degrees
Celsius, start putting in the sulfuric acid, one drop at a time.
Keep stirring and watching the thermometer. Adding the acid
produces heat; if it gets up to 10 degrees, stop adding acid and
wait for it to cool. You need to add a total of 2.5 milliliters of
sulfuric acid, one drop at a time.

What happens if the temp gets significantly higher than 10 degrees?
I don’t know, because I never let it happen. The BlackBook usually
warns you if you are in danger, and there is no warning here, but
still, don’t try it! Keep the temperature down. Also watch the
acid, as it tends to splatter.

Keep stirring for a couple minutes after adding all the acid. Put
the container in the fridge (not freezer) and let it sit overnight.
When you get it out the next morning, there will be a white
precipitate on the bottom.

Pour the solution through a coffee filter, paper towel, or other
filtering paper. This will collect the precipitate. Pour a couple
of spoonfuls of ice-cold water through the towel to remove acid.
Now set the paper out to dry. The resulting powder/crystals are a
very powerful primary explosive. According to the book, “Keep away
from shock, friction, and flame.”

This material can be loaded into a 2.5 inch length of brass or
copper tubing and pressed down to make blasting caps. The pressing
may be hazardous – the book details the manufacture of a loading
press which includes a shield to protect the user. The book says
this type of blasting cap will detonate most homemade explosives
without a booster explosive: “Acetone peroxide is a very powerful
initiator and can be used by itself as the main filler when making
homemade detonators.”

This is the explosive of choice — called the “Mother of Satan” by some terrorists — of those who are attacking us in Europe. All of its ingredients are easily obtained, and the process of making it is simple and (relatively) stable. In other words, we cannot stop it from happening.

It illustrates the failure of diversity: without social trust, a society turns on itself. If you cannot trust that your neighbor and you — barring his insanity or sociopathy — have the same goals and values, you can expect terrorist attacks on a regular basis. Also expect complaints to be ignored, because they will be used spuriously.

Our future is one in which either we hyper-regulate many common chemicals, or we get used to the gentle sound of explosions and the wailing of victims. This is the future under diversity in a free society, and if it has a flag, it should have the TATP molecule on it.

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26 Responses to “How To Make Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP)”

  1. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    We need to fight back, using any means necessary, against the third world hordes sent to overwhelm us and the traitors and collaborators who encourage and facilitate the invasion. War is coming.

    • Jehan MOREL says:

      Dear Laguna beach fogey
      If you need to survive,as you will have to in the near future ,to escape the hordes from the migratory tsunami,try to read “Guerilla & Counter-Guerilla,Theorie & Pratique “.This book written by an expert,is unfortunately in french. But the english translation should be published soon.You will then know everything that you need to survive!Good luck!

  2. Chris says:

    This sounds like the explosive Walter White used to force negotiations with Tuco.

    The head engineer I work for is a redneck who collects how to journals of explosives and chemicals besides other more practical household endeavors. In the words of Dave Chappelle, “It’s amazing the shit you white trash know.”

    • capitalist says:

      Do you realize that the show is not real? You’re basing decisions on something you saw in escapist entertainment. You might as well be referencing the flux capacitor.

    • John Lejeune says:

      Actually, Walter White tells Tuco the bag of crystal which blew the crap out of Tuco’s office was fulminate of mercury.

      • Shmigglesuperposition says:

        Mercury Fulminate is slower and more stable than tatp. Both work. Odc id rather be working with HgNo3!

  3. J.j. Cintia says:

    This is the kiddie pool version of divide and rule. Its like divide and conquer except its supposed to weaken the populace by preventing its working together to overthrow the government. This would only work if none of the groups desired to overthrow the government. At this point just about everyone wants it overthrown, and why not? It doesn’t do its job. It meddles in affairs it has no business in and manages only those who can manage themselves. The criminals ignore them and they are too weak and lazy to capture and control them.
    Call it anarcho-tyranny. Call it stupid. Just don’t expect it to actually govern.

  4. crow says:

    Nice going. Show the right-wing fascist haters how to make bombs.
    If the security forces weren’t intently watching before, they’re sure to be intently watching now.
    Unfortunately, the only thing security forces seem to be good at, is rounding up right-wing fascist haters.

    C’est la vie.

    • -A says:

      Hah! I was thinking the same thing. However, who doesn’t own “The Anarchists’ Cookbook” here in America? Among early millennial high schoolers who were one part Juggalo, one part Goth, one part Punk and the rest TradChristian with rural Pagan bents…this was as common as Type O-Negative.

    • capitalist says:

      They’re not watching you; you can relax. It’s cute that the government in any way tries to stop terrorism. They exist to enslave, not to protect. People publish books on explosives manufacturing and nothing happens. Maybe if they thought you could actually threaten the government with this explosive they would watch, but they have tanks…

  5. -A says:

    What can I say? It was a thing when I was in high school. Owning it proved you were “cool” and “switched on.” Some millennials were vestigial souls of the Gen X crowd and therefore were more “radical” in some ways. Nobody ever really seemed to want to actually revolt, though. They just wanted to bitch.

    • That’s a great summary of most revolutions. No real plan; just discontent and social posturing!

      I remember the rebirth of The Anarchist’s Cookbook maybe a decade ago. I thought it was just that it was easily available through Amazon.

  6. Dark Axe says:

    I thought the cookbook was known to be CIA counter-intel . For instance the instructions for making morning glory acid were well known to get you onto their list of suspects. I also heard that about buying ammonium nitrate and other chemicals in the large quantity which that book specified. I also heard some of the instructions were purposely incorrect and meant to backfire and cause explosions against the maker. Does anyone know if those rumors I heard are accurate or not about the origin and intent of the Cookbook as a form of counter intel meant to backfire and or cause listing and monitoring ??

    • No one knows for sure, but I suspect more that the writer recorded all of the “lore” he could find and some was deliberate trolling. Remember bananadine?

    • capitalist says:

      I had never considered it, but it is most likely counter-intel. Everything you’ve said about it is true. Like Brett said, it is full of deliberate trolling. The fact that it is so popular hints at CIA involvement. If you want some real literature in that genre, find books published by Paladin Press and Loopmanics. Both have published a few dozen books. If you want real good information, you will find it at specialist conferences and specialist literature. For example, bomb squad literature and conferences. Most ‘hidden’ information is actually regularly explained in detail at such conferences. The problem is that they use specialist language, so you will need to have a strong background in the subject to understand what they’re saying. Just make sure to give a fake name. While they may try to keep the public out, approximately no one outside their field ever tries to attend, security is nonexistent.

  7. […] publishes a recipe for our diverse future: How To Make Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP). Also at Amerika: The Easy Path To Secession From The Union of Socialist American […]

  8. Ajay says:

    why such sensitive and dangerous data is available online for everybody. I read in indian newspaper that acetone peroxide was used to plan an attack on innocent civilians. and here it is step by step how to make it … keep it up.. life is so cheap for some people

  9. Is this an actual receipt? Or have steps been left out so it won’t compromise whom ever posted it, It seems a little to easy and if this is just a cursory version were might I go to get real instructions on preparing to level the playing field against the inevitable? There must be some accounts for a individual with no real skills except the ability to read and think at competent IQ (in fact very much so)I want to be able to last a few rounds in the least for my survival and freedom not to mention rights. I have now reached the point that I will do what it takes or die trying, I just want a reasonable shot at it. Do I make myself clear and is there any help out there?

  10. Gerald williams says:

    It is good to make people aware of how TATP is made. Sickos that want to harm America don’t need to learn how to make explosives from a blog site. They know already. I would hope that with this knowledge clerks in hardware stores or beauty supply stores will recognize the need to call authorities when people buy big quantities of acetone and strong hydrogen peroxide solutions together.

    • That is generally the idea behind this post, in addition to pointing out that this information has been out there for thirty years, and that we will not be able to stop people from making explosives of this type with laws.

    • opposition says:

      If i may ask,why are sickos always attacking america?How come america is never the sicko who attacks rest of world? If im not mistaken american economy is based on wars,petroldolar,more debts…so i cant see how can USA stands for it self without this kind of world dominance…and most of todays worlds enemies were tribal people or smaller countries who were under some kind of colonialistic government,and not developed countries with superior firepower…there are many evils around the world,but if u try to just blame someone on current happenings ,u can be very wrong…action brings reaction

  11. delabarre guy says:

    thanks for the very interesting informations about explosives and guerilla

  12. Wiley E Lobo says:

    Anyone got a phone number for ACME explosives ?

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