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Jobs are misery. Conservatives do not know how to respond to this because so much of the right is awash in “work hard and go to church” style thinking, but if we get to the core of conservatism, we can see an answer. Conservatism conserves the best that humanity has discovered. This includes liberating people from horrible jobs.

That task contains two parts. First, we can stop sending people to unnecessary jobs; second, we can make existing jobs better. This requires confronting a reality that offends the egalitarianism of conservatives, and using solutions that offend the special snowflake pretenses of liberals.

Eliminating unnecessary jobs requires rethinking work. An obstacle that arises here is that in our media-government lingo, “creating jobs” is always good, so our political authorities will oppose this idea. On the other hand, the way they create jobs — subdividing existing tasks and creating more by law — reduces the value of the end product, so there may be more opposition to them than they know.

The most important part of the idea of “unnecessary jobs” is the “unnecessary” part. Any role which does not directly produce can be eliminated by reducing the vast amount of regulation that requires paper-shuffling roles, and providing indemnity for corporations against certain kinds of lawsuits. Without civil rights, union-related and other government-imposed categories of liability, many paper-pushers could be sent home. In the same way, we could cut out a lot of middle management if companies were more free to hire and fire.

“But that’s against the worker!” says the well-educated (i.e. witless) modern person. Actually, it’s a question of what benefits the worker. Being able to quickly transition jobs, and having lower costs, benefits the worker by giving them more flexibility with fewer obligations that keep them entrenched in the nine to five. If we stripped aside all of the regulatory and liability crap we’ve added since 1945 or so, the average worker would have a lot more money and it would become easier to find new jobs because hiring would be less expensive. This would liberate many people from ugly job situations and force management to treat its employees better as a result.

In addition, we could halve the workforce by sending women home to have families. Those that are unmarried can live with their parents so that, instead of spending two decades in casual sex while wasting time at paper-pushing jobs, they can instead get started with families and have more time after the kids are grown to do fun stuff. Our bars, cafes and shops are filled with lonely single women who are wasting time trying to “date” when they should be looking for a marriageable candidate and creating a family instead.

That act alone would obliterate the perceived need for importing workers. Suddenly, we would have plenty, and competition would return in a positive form that emphasizes finding the best possible match for any job that is possible. Right now, hiring people is expensive and full of legal risk, so employers are highly conservative in how they hire. If that changed, they would take more chances on unproven workers and move many people up in the hierarchy.

In addition, we could shift our culture from a fatalistic celebration of the do-nothing cube slave job into one where proficiency was valued and thus, people took pride not in having a certain job, but in doing that job well. This in turn would reduce the manic number of hours people worked by redirecting our measurement of competence from time spent participating to results obtained.

Improving existing jobs requires making jobs relevant, useful and empowering. Jobs bore just about everyone because they are often “pro forma” or make-work done for the sake of appearances, repetitive and show no result other than a tiny detail in a large mostly redundant process. The solution here is to reverse all of those traits.

People feel power when they can have an effect. This means that they have an identifiable portion of the whole. Think of the credits at the end of a movie; even if a person has only a small role, they are listed and their work is shown as part of its necessary relationship to the whole production. Empowering people in the only sane meaning translates into giving them control over something where they will rise or fall based on performance, which encourages them to perform instead of languish.

In turn, giving people power reduces the extraneous and repetitious jobs because instead of the assembly-line mentality, where many people do small steps, someone walks a process through from beginning to end. At this point in our technological history, assembly lines are for robots; craftsmanship is for humans, and this applies to everything from filing loan applications to cooking a four-course meal. With the power to see a task from inception to completion, people feel they are masters of their own fate and boredom is reduced, as is job redundancy.

Employers counter this with the viable argument that it is hard to replace workers, so it is better to have a dozen cogs than two superstars. One solution to this is to hire people as contractors, and another is to avoid super-specializing jobs and instead, finding intelligent people and expecting them to “sink or swim” with learning the job. While this sounds cruel, it also gives them a sense of accomplishment and builds skills in a way that school never can.

This approach has to take into account congenital intelligence and temperament. Someone from farther right on the Bell Curve will by nature be less tolerant of repetition and lulls in the development process. Such workers need fewer hours of more intensity, where slower workers need the comfort of repetition and confirmation. This leads to conflict with the democratic ideology of empowerment through granularity.

The egalitarian ideal desires robotic, redundant jobs. In the minds of those who think equality is a solution to the challenges of life, the best job is one that anyone can do if given the right instruction. This approach eliminates the internal traits like judgment, aesthetics and depth of understanding and replaces them with external abilities like memorization, obedience and surface-level perception. Cogs utilize external traits; craftspeople use internal ones.

In an effort to validate our ideology of egalitarianism, we have made jobs into the type of dual hierarchy seen on Star Trek: a few main characters at the top do all the interesting stuff, and everyone else is a “red shirt” who can die and be replaced with zero interruption in the storyline. Egalitarian societies tend toward such “flat hierarchies with rock stars” because their ideology cannot admit the variation in natural ability, so it reduces everyone to a single level and elevates some on the basis of their supreme obedience. This does not promote the best, and as a side effect, it makes the people at the top remote and authoritarian. It is one of the supreme failings of egalitarian social orders.

Back in present-day reality, most people spend eight or more hours at the job and at least two preparing and commuting to work. This reduces their free time to fourteen hours a day, eight of which goes to sleep, which means they have six hours in which to exercise, eat and relax. That is enough time to waste on television, the internet or video games, but not enough to embark on any projects of significance, which keeps people forever in a loop where they go through repetitive days but never get a chance to work toward a real goal. They have time to make model planes, but not to build a plane, at least if they also want to get enough sleep to be healthy. Naturally, since the small amount of free time they have is where people have the most power and are most effective, they cheat on their time, which creates a society of sleep-deprived, bored, lifeless and zoned-out zombies staggering around going through the motions of unnecessary, irrelevant and demeaning jobs.

Conservatives have eschewed talking about the horrors of work because so much of our mythos in America rests in the “put your head down, work hard and get ahead” mentality, which itself is a compensatory behavior that arises in lieu of taking society as a whole in a positive direction. It is what people do when they believe they have lost and cannot change anything but themselves, so they desire to be successful as a means of offsetting the fact that their society is careening headfirst into the toilet.

However, the time has come to speak of all the ways in which the egalitarian liberal ideology has failed us since taking control starting in 1789. It has made life more boring, more crassly commercial, and more slave-like. It has given us “freedom” but then, because we must support the mass of others, strapped us into suicidally stupid, boring and ugly lifestyles in order to keep the system going. Like the Soviet Union, it removes the natural nature of free markets, free association and collaboration and replaces them with obedience and utilitarian, one-size-fits-all solutions. Since work is part of this, it should be noted that egalitarianism has failed there as well, and we should not be afraid to speak up for achieving a less miserable existence through an anti-work mentality.

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30 Responses to “Anti-work conservatives”

  1. Schierke says:

    In any case my problem with working personally isn’t work itself, it’s work “culture” which is unavoidable in the West
    I mean, we shouldn’t be working 40+ fucking hours. It’s unnecessary and it’s arbitrary. Why can’t I work 4 hours a day instead of 8? The answer is literally “jus cuz” – if there’s tons of people unemployed who want jobs, why not fucking pay someone to work the first 4 hours of my shift then I’ll do the last 4? We work less and employment figures are improved. Why isn’t this happening RIGHT NOW? Why is it 2015 and we still have a mindset akin to the Industrial Revolution? Why does society push the idea of work being some noble, beautiful venture in itself? Not working to DO something or MAKE something, but just working TO WORK BECAUSE WORK IS GREAT AND WE ALL NEED TO WORK AND REAL MEN WORK. Why? JUST CUZ. What if the job is pointless or unnecessary? JUST CUZ. What if I don’t want to? JUS CUZ. Fucking christ work is the last TABOO of the 21st century. We can insult anything EXCEPT work. If you even begin to imply that you don’t enjoy working, all the normie eyebrows begin to raise. “What’s that boy? You don’t enjoy a good honest day’s honest work down the ol’ office good honest working for an honest day’s wage an honest man’s way of making a living huh is that right boy? You lazy, boy? Something wrong with you?” We’re totally free to insult religion, the government, other countries, freedom is speech is great BUT YOU CAN NEVER QUESTION THE IDEA OF WORKING ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME. It’s not working itself I dislike. It’s work culture and this FETISH for work. This OH GOD LOOK AT ME WORKING OOH I FUCKING LOVE WORK LOOK BOSS I’VE WORKED 36 HOURS OF OVERTIME TODAY THAT’S RIGHT I LITERALLY WORKED SO MUCH I TWISTED TIME AND SPACE TO CREATE MORE HOURS IN THE DAY CAUSE FRANKLY 24 JUST WASN’T CUTTIN’ IT NO SIREE BOB. fucking lame-ass slave attitude makes me barf and as some have pointed out if you had enough money you could avoid it entirely. I mean realistically if the world was sane we could avoid it entirely right now but why would anything good ever happen?
    It’s fucked up we’re expected to work ourselves to the BONE during the prime years of our life/health
    All for WHAT? … Oh yeah, so that we can finally retire and “enjoy” 10-20 years of living as a disgusting wrinkled old fuck pissing ourselves all day and liable to get a heart attack/stroke/terminal illness at any given moment
    Even normalfags recognize getting very old is horrible. BUT GETTING OLD IS WHAT WE WORK FOR. HOW the fuck do we all live with this GLARING hypocrisy? The cognitive dissonance is strong. But hey, reproduce. So your kids can have the same miserable lives of drudgery, so they can retire too, and reproduce themselves, so their kids can have the same miserable lives of drudgery, then they can retire too, and the cycle goes on and on because it MUST go on and on because umm just because.
    The massive contradictions found in all commonly accepted normie wisdom are amazing.
    >Money doesn’t buy happiness. Health and family is most important. Emoticon smile
    >Life is tough brah. No one is promised anything brah. Who told you life is fair? Survival of the fittest my mandudebrahbro
    THEN WHY ARE YOU SO AGAINST SUICIDE? Oh wait, life is only painted as some Darwinian fucking hellhole until someone actually points out that maybe it’s better to not take part at all. But then suddenly you’re telling us about all the beauty in nature, all the roses and unicorns and waterfalls and how “we’re all connected brah just think of the stardust brah we came from the stars woah man”. SO WHICH FUCKING ONE IS IT?
    Something changed in me after I started wageslaving and discovered what the “adult world” is all about. The sheer inanity of it. The endless, futile fucking nonsense we’re forced into, and forced to treat like it’s somehow incredibly serious when it’s all just a stupid game we’re playing. I was disappointed. That’s my main feeling towards life now, not even sadness, but disappointment. You hyped it up, you fucks. You made promises to me when I was a kid that you knew you couldn’t keep. You showed me Disney movies and told me about life being some grand adventure. Then I turned 21 and you told me to put on a uniform, a name badge and report to the manager at 9am.
    How’s about this, normalslimes – when birth becomes a voluntary process, THEN humans will have an obligation to “repay society :^)”. Until that point? How in the FUCK can you FORCE me into life, then tell me I have a debt to repay? Sorry when did I ask for this shit? It’s like if you woke up one day with $20,000 in your bank account. The bank has given you a loan, but you didn’t apply for it. Then you start getting angry letters through the door every day. YOU MUST REPAY! WE HAVE GIVEN YOU SUCH A GREAT OPPORTUNITY! :^) HOW DARE YOU BE UNGRATEFUL! :^) YOU MUST CONTRIBUTE TO THE BANK NOW JUST LIKE YOUR GRANDFATHER AND HIS GRANDFATHER! :^)
    Yeah no
    God it’s all so BORING

    • crow says:

      So, what are you saying?

      • -A says:

        I think he’s saying he loves working.

        • Tumble out of bed
          And stumble to the kitchen
          Pour myself a cup of ambition
          And yawn and stretch and try to come to life

          Jump in the shower
          And the blood starts pumpin’
          Out on the streets, the traffic starts jumpin’
          For folks like me on the job from 9 to 5

          Workin’ 9 to 5
          What a way to make a livin’
          Barely gettin’ by
          It’s all takin’ and no givin’

          They just use your mind
          And they never give you credit
          It’s enough to drive you
          Crazy if you let it

          9 to 5
          For service and devotion
          You would think that I
          Would deserve a fat promotion

          Want to move ahead
          But the boss won’t seem to let me
          I swear sometimes that man is
          Out to get me, hmmm

          They let you dream
          Just a watch ’em shatter
          You’re just a step on the boss man’s ladder
          But you got dreams he’ll never take away

          In the same boat with a lot of your friends
          Waitin’ for the day your ship’ll come in
          And the tide’s gonna turn
          And it’s all gonna roll you away

          Workin’ 9 to 5
          What a way to make livin’
          Barely gettin’ by
          It’s all takin’ and no givin’

          They just use your mind
          And you never get the credit
          It’s enough to drive you
          Crazy if you let it

          9 to 5
          Yeah, they got you were they want you
          There’s a better life
          And you think about it, don’t you?

          It’s a rich man’s game
          No matter what they call it
          And you spend your life
          Putting money in his wallet

          9 to 5
          Oh, what a way to make a livin’
          Barely gettin’ by
          It’s all takin’ and no givin’

          They just use your mind
          And they never give you credit
          It’s enough to drive you
          Crazy if you let it

          9 to 5
          Yeah, they got you where they want you
          There’s a better life
          And you dream about it, don’t you?

          It’s a rich man’s game
          No matter what they call it
          And you spend your life
          Putting money in his wallet

    • It is so terribly boring. And pointless, and frustrating, and it has literally driven people crazy. They are enraged with victimhood, control and power.

      Why does society push the idea of work being some noble, beautiful venture in itself?

      Because of equality, and because 1789 was a “worker’s revolt.”

      Otherwise, people would admit they hate this stuff. Only the pretense stops them. The pretense of being equal.

    • Platonista says:

      I enjoyed the rant. The delivery made me laaaaaugh!!
      I do agree with the essence though.
      And here’s an attempt to answer your question…hopefully it won’t be just a nice try. Why are the masses forced to spend so much time in work-prison daily, considering most don’t produce anything relevant? Answer: because those at the top need the masses to be controlled. I suspect the masses would not do anything particularly worthy with their free time if a ton of this fine merchandise was dropped in their lap daily. Most would follow their basal impulses – and nothing good would come out of that. Unfortunately, there is collateral damage in this project of control – people who would know how to use their free time beautifully but do not have the money to opt out of this insane system. You and I and others like us are just unlucky, my dear.

    • missy says:

      that was an great rant! I’ve always felt the same way. The way to escape the hell of being an employee is to become self employed. we did that and we’re very happy to answer to no one and no time schedule. as to why we need to work, well before “jobs”, we needed to eat food. to get food you needed to grow it (that was your WORK). so we’ve always needed to work to eat. all animals work to eat. i’m okay with work as long as it’s on my terms. it is even possible to go off grid and live fully self sufficient, no job required.

  2. Samlerie says:

    My wife and I are a young conservative couple who believe it would be, put midly, a mistake to raise a child in a society awash in gold stars, participation awards, and rabid SJW aggression. Furthermore, we are business owners and I believe that our business would suffer if we decided to have a child, forcing my wife to stay at home to raise the child. What is your opinion on couples such as us who view the current Amerikan way of life as toxic and harmful and not conducive to child rearing? Why should we have a child?

    • Samlerie says:

      Additionally, we are the contractors you write about, and one of our primary objectives is to identify those doing only enough to get by, terminate them, and bring in fewer, more intelligent people who can do the jobs of the many who were only doing enough not to get fired.

    • Why should we have a child?

      Society does not define you. Your time does not define you. Only your decisions do. If you and the wife are of good genetic stock of similar origins (race, ethnic, caste) a child will be a blessing, one of life’s great joys. It will also be an investment in the future of humanity and planet earth, which needs stewards and curators. You will also probably enjoy the little person when they arrive.

      Furthermore, we are business owners and I believe that our business would suffer if we decided to have a child, forcing my wife to stay at home to raise the child.

      This is the only sane way to have a family, so undoubtedly, you are correct.

      • Platonista says:

        Would you mind defining “good stock”? I am familiar with the classic definition, but I would be interested in yours.
        Also, if at all possible, would you care to give a concrete example of an individual of “good stock”? No definition, I would appreciate a direct example. As in “John Smith”.

        • Would you mind defining “good stock”?

          Of the right population for a given society, of upper half of middle class origins, with some ancestors who did something notable no matter how small (i.e. not celebrities or tools), with good intelligence (over 120) and moral character, and generally thin/tall/muscular with longevity and general attractiveness.

          As far as examples, the only ones I know are of personal acquaintance. It’s not something that can be accurately diagnosed via media images.

          • Platonista says:

            Thank you;
            but there must be some kind of public figure whose biography indicates he/she meets the criteria you mentioned. Who might that be?

            • I don’t know enough about public figures to say, and we know them only remotely through photo shoots and tailored articles. Perhaps Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald, Mary Shelley and Arthur Schopenhauer would do?

  3. Nihce says:

    Interesting read. My main bone to pick with it would be the “send the women home to breed” – as if this is their only mission in life. Not all women hang around in bars and cafes waiting just to date. And hasn’t child-rearing become quite redundant these past few decades? We need less populace, not more, and the one that exists needs to be educated (not in the traditional narrow education system) better, needs to be better included in the wealth created by all but controlled by the few, and if people are unwilling to work menial jobs or if the age redistribution of the country slants in favor of the aging and the elderly, then immigration can be a good, if temporary, solution to this problem. Better than just “Pumping out new units”, as George Carlin would say.

    • Good to see you here. Nihilism and other structured thought is like entering a new world. All that you know is inverted, and nihilism re-inverts it which makes it seem 180 degrees from “normal,” but over time, you will see why this new view is saner and reflects what is deeper inside of you as well.

      My main bone to pick with it would be the “send the women home to breed” – as if this is their only mission in life.

      Why do we assume their only mission in life is to work?

      We need less populace

      We need the same thing we always have: quality people.

      People are not all equal, so they can’t be measured by the pound like that.

      and the one that exists needs to be educated (not in the traditional narrow education system) better, needs to be better included in the wealth created by all but controlled by the few, and if people are unwilling to work menial jobs or if the age redistribution of the country slants in favor of the aging and the elderly, then immigration can be a good, if temporary, solution to this problem.

      Can’t agree with any of that. Education does not improve intelligence. Immigration destroys nations. Inequality is how natural selection works.

      Capitalism is not evil; however, like all methods, it requires some kind of goal and leadership or it becomes parasitic. Socialism/equality/liberalism on the other hand are all manipulative illusion and never work, which is why a nihilist would never accept them. Nihilism is rejection of the assumption that human perceptions are an inherent “truth” to the world; it seems them as what they are, projection.

      Like I said, it’s a new world… a different world… not socially acceptable at all. Beware! Here be monsters :)

    • fodderwing says:

      For every couple who question the wisdom of having children, there are ten couples who question nothing. Perhaps, since you have the what-for to run a business, you might consider sending more “units” like yourself into the next generation which will undoubtedly need them. There are many more ways than just work to build a civilization. Perhaps it’s time to quit worrying about overpopulation and consider the dismal world of tomorrow muddling along without your progeny to alleviate the poverty and ignorance.

  4. Pavol Horvath says:

    One of the best books I even read: 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
    Sound stupid, but its not. Even if you will like 10% of the book its worth reading it.

  5. Too Iron says:

    For the most part, may people don’t want to wor and many of them who do want to work don’t know how to work.

    • Jpw says:

      Very true. They get better at ducking and avoiding taskers. An effective boss has to find them and specifically track their performance. It makes being around two or three coworkers like that royally suck.

  6. Doug says:

    As if convention flouting and beligerent patrons were not enough of a crisis, once you bring on a bad employee you’re pretty much stuck with them since the risk of litigation or retribution many times outweighs the benefits of seeking a replacement. That is unless they do something really stupid like steal money, but even then the home office probably won’t mind too much if the site manager decides to cut the poor guy some slack (especially if s/he is a minority, of course). Integrity is so 20th century.

    Exasperation with enforcement and letting “little” things slide is always one of the first visible symptoms of a much, much larger problem, as is also evidenced by law enforcement agencies’ increasing unwillingness to rein in the “little” things like running red lights or aggessive driving. Bad behavior is woven into the fabric as police become overwhelmed and any enforcement attempts will be met with the temper tantrum and/or the fascist/racist accusations. Our daily commute subsequently winds up being a suitable prelude to the workday.

    The workplace insufferability index (WII) has quadrupled in the past 15 years and no doubt contributes to some seemingly unrelated phenomena, including the artistic integrity nosedive of roughly the same time span. Musicians in particular that in healthier times would have stashed some acorns and either gone back to school or slowly transitioned to a post-fame career will help flood the well with poison using even the briefest moment of prior success as justification for forced subsistence in the industry way the hell beyond their best-by date, probably not scornful of the Average Joes in the occupational trenches but understandably off-put by the prospect of becoming one of them.

    So yeah, the situation is probably less than ideal.

    • The workplace insufferability index (WII) has quadrupled in the past 15 years and no doubt contributes to some seemingly unrelated phenomena, including the artistic integrity nosedive of roughly the same time span.

      This is a really vital and excellent point.

  7. missy says:

    perfectly explains the decline in white population…and the fix. i’m one of the many victims of “female working to survive” so I waited until I could be a stay at home mom…took two decades to get there, what a shame. and I was very lucky to be able to have two kids in my forties thanks to being decades on a healthy vegan diet. it’s really insane to separate a mom from her baby for “work”. the USA doesn’t support the mom-baby process and from what I’ve heard, the insult to injury is the high cost of daycare. it’s very tricky for some one with high standards. I suspect people will wise up to the damage this has caused on so many levels.

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