Zionism Is Nationalism And Worth Defending

The internet, which is now a social interaction, like all social interactions distills complex ideas down to the viewpoint of the herd: we fear this, we do not fear that.

As a result, on the Right there is often talk about “Zionism” as being a horrible evil which intends to take over the world, forgetting that Zionism is an assertion of Nationalism — the idea that Jews need their own state, and all Jews belong there, where they can control their destiny and live according to their ways.

Its opposite is diaspora thinking, or the idea that Jews should live in every country on earth and try to be dual citizens there. The extreme of diaspora thinking is the idea that Jews must be exterminated because they corrupt these nations, and having them have a nation of their own is impossible.

Back when Ben Shapiro was writing most ardently on this issue, he stated the case for Nationalism as a way for high-IQ populations to defend themselves against assimilation by the much numerically superior third world populations:

Here is the bottom line: If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then you must allow Israel to transfer the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Israel proper. It’s an ugly solution, but it is the only solution. And it is far less ugly than the prospect of bloody conflict ad infinitum. When two populations are constantly enmeshed in conflict, it is insane to suggest that somehow deep-seated ideological change will miraculously occur, allowing the two sides to live together.

Unfortunately, this insanity is generally accepted as “the only way forward.” President Bush accepts it because it is politically palatable. The Arabs accept it because for them, it is a Trojan horse. The Israelis accept it because they are afraid that if they expel the Arabs, they will be called Nazis.

In Israel, Jews have the ability to live as they want according to their cultural mandate. The more people act against Israel, the more the diaspora persists, creating the usual diversity conflict which is that multiple groups living in the same place prevents a value system from being chosen and upheld.

In the West, we live through the same invasion, not just of Muslims but of many other third world groups who reproduce faster than we do, and will replace us with a mixed-race population that has third-world levels of ability, moral character and inclination to social order.

For Israel to survive, it must adopt a policy of exclusion not just of Palestinians but all others. When this happens, the presumptive victims of Nationalism during the Second World War will have validated it as a necessary principle, and the rest of us can begin to adopt it from our countries, which are also under risk of third world assimilation.

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18 Responses to “Zionism Is Nationalism And Worth Defending”

  1. It is worth defending. But if Jews attack the nationalism of other peoples, we must ask this question: Why should we defend Jewish nationalism when Jews attack white gentile nationalism?

    I mean Hungarians and Poles are not demanding that Israel take in ‘Syrian refugees’. But tons of Jews, even Israelis, are saying Europeans have to take in Muslim migrants.
    This is especially absurd when those people were displaced by Jewish-controlled foreign policy.

    In a perfect world, Jews would respect the nationalism of gentile peoples, and gentile peoples would respect the nationalism of Israel.
    But we don’t live in that world.
    Why not? It’s because Jewish Power isn’t primarily located in Israel. It is in the US and EU. In those nations, Jews are the ruling minority elite and, as such, allergic to possible rise of gentile nationalism that might challenge the globalist agenda of Jewish Power.
    If most Jews lived in Israel, Jews would likely be okay with gentile nationalism. But because so much of Jewish power in centered in gentile-majority places like US, Canada, and EU, Jews want nationalism for Jews but globalism for gentiles.

    Also, even if we do support Israeli nationalism, it should be within Israeli borders. Jewish Occupation of West Bank is a violation of nationalist principles. West Bank is Palestinian territory, and we should support Palestinian nationalism at least on that turf.

    The best policy would be to send all Jews in West Bank to Israel and to send all Arabs in Israel to West Bank. An homogeneous Palestinian state next to a homogeneous Jewish state is the best formula for peace.

  2. Godomar says:

    Is Zionism similar to White Nationalism? What Beta Israel (average IQ of 70) has to do with Ashkenazi Jews?

  3. Carnage says:

    Indeed, one ought to safeguard the rights of all people to nationalism. Failure to do so results in the loss of nationalism for oneself.

  4. Brent says:

    In principle, I agree with Amerika’s argument, as I do not dispute the right of any people to have a place of their own in which they can safeguard their history, culture, and people and have control of their own destinies. The problem with Jews is that they see us goyim as less than nothing, and in doing so they have one set of rules for us and quite another set for them. Most diaspora Jews support Israel, but that acts rather as a home base for their people, while they continue to work towards the destruction of all other nations. The Ashkenazi branch is uniquely dangerous in that they are a (probably) better than 1st world people with 3rd world morals. As I said, I support Zionism in the sense that I would support all Jews congregating in their Jewish homeland, but they themselves will never support such a thing. It is hard to imagine what is worse- our chosen fate that sees us ethnically cleansed from all our homelands OR the mongrelized third world population that is left to be ruled by Jews. If the treatment of the Palestinians is any indication, extermination might be the preferred option in some regards. Nonetheless, so long as the “last son of the West” still breathes, we shall always have a future.

  5. AntiDem says:

    Zionism is worth defending… by whom, exactly? Defending Jewish nationalism is the task of Jewish people, and no one else. That said, yes – the Jews should have a homeland, and should go live in it and run it however they may like.

  6. This message is brought to you by AIPAC says:

    Zionism is nationalism with other people’s blood and money. Please stop shilling, Brett.

    • I will stand with Nationalists of every religion, ethnicity, race and culture to establish the principle of Nationalism for all of us.

      It is sort of like the old joke, “Anarchists Unite!” — Nationalists must unite to divide. We have the same goal.

      • This message is brought to you by AIPAC says:

        Why do you disregard zionism’s historical and contemporary drain on foreign wealth and war intrigues which led to the establishment of Israel? To me, that is dishonest.

  7. EX says:

    “Back when Ben Shapiro was writing most ardently on this issue, he stated the case for Nationalism as a way for high-IQ populations to defend themselves against assimilation by the much numerically superior third world populations:”

    Shouldn`t a population defend itself from all invaders? Otherwise one might just assimilate with the borg who are superior in most quantifiable ways and be done with it all.

    The semites should duke it out amongst themselves.

  8. Svmmoned says:

    Brett, in all your good faith you seem to conveniently “forget”, that model exercised already for decades is nationalism for Israel and diversity for others. Said model, to which our opinion and consent is of no consequences, is forced on us by any means they could find. Also, you classify Jews as some WASP-like elite of the world. Being remarkable at getting through appearnces, here you choose to accept status achieved by them within modern society and by its standards, which you usually see for what they are (e.g. education, media).

    • that model exercised already for decades is nationalism for Israel and diversity for others

      Is that a Jewish thing, or a Leftist thing?

      Also, you classify Jews as some WASP-like elite of the world.

      There are three anomalous high-IQ high-achievement populations worldwide: the Japanese, the Western Europeans, and the Jews. Nothing more is meant than that.

      • Godomar says:

        Zionism invited near-jews like the low IQ ethiopians jews in Israel. This is why I wrote that Zionism is similar to White Nationalism, they want it to be inclusive.

        They need Israeli Nativism (Ashkenazi jews + maybe Sephardi jews?) not Zionism.

        • They need Israeli Nativism (Ashkenazi jews + maybe Sephardi jews?) not Zionism.

          That is the nature of Zionism; the Ethiopian importation was a broken interpretation of it encouraged by the neoconservatives.

        • What is a jew? says:

          Aren’t all jews just near-jews?

      • Svmmoned says:

        It’s leftism if it spreads as an in-group disease. But it became Jewish if it is utilized purposely as a strategy against other nations. Just as a plague, it can be caused by inapropriate conduct of citizens or by sabotage. Personally, I wouldn’t spread leftism among other people to weaken them. And I believe you wouldn’t either. That’s just not our way, despite being nationalists. That’s also reason why I can’t legitimize their ways through some kind of universalization. Same with their intelligence.

        I agree with you about leftism being main reason of our decline, and that separation is the only way to live as each of us are meant to be. But the fact is, that for whatever reason and no matter what, THEY won’t let YOUR people go.

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