“You’ve had your party, now it’s over, and it’s our turn.”

From an unlikely source:

We live in an age where bigots are newly emboldened. They treat supporters of anti-racism, feminism and LGBT rights like this: “You’ve had your party, now it’s over, and it’s our turn.” It is tempting to turn and retreat.

This accurately summarizes the Reagan/Thatcher revolution as well as the election of Donald J. Trump: the West is a fundamentally conservative place, but over the last thousand years has been under assault by liberalizing forces. At first, it gives in to these, and allows them to run amok, but then when the consequences of their actions become visible, they are rejected.

A fatal flaw within this rejection is that it does not clean up, i.e. remove the damage and bad laws left behind by the periodic Leftist takeovers such as in the 1930s, 1960s and 1990s.

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23 Responses to ““You’ve had your party, now it’s over, and it’s our turn.””

  1. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    I am not sure what needs to be cleaned up exactly. I kind of think the Catholic church was in need of some kind of Reform. Yet looking at the general result of Martin Luther it is hard to see much good until you actually get to the creation of the USA and the Constitution of the USA. Kings also do not seem so great. I can kind of sympathize with John Locke and Hobbes and the other Enlightenment philosophers that were looking for a good place of balance.

    • -A says:

      We can all sympathize with them. That was the basis of their appeal other than the apparent rationality they provided. They had their party too, and it crashed with the Civil War and kept on crashing. If it wasn’t for America’s involvement with the dysfunction abroad that many moved to America to escape, the consequences of MBC’s dead horse initiative would have been much more apparent.

      The appeal of Kings is in the order they and their Aristocracy bring. Remember two things: Whiggism is a real disease that is the primary animus of leftism, Kings get worse reps than they deserve (watch Versailles to see how even positive stories can get pozzed fast) and second: with all of the off and on feudal wars and invasions we had to fend off our previous Dynasties had to hop-scotch between Gentleman Beast and Warlord.

      • The aristocracy guided us through terrible times and kept us intact, then were replaced for their troubles, and the new political landlords have done nothing but steer us into one crisis after another.

        What needs to be cleaned up is Leftism and modernity. These have failed. We need something new, other than these ancient (ca. 1500s) ideas. Some would say they are older, going back to Genghis Khan, who conquered many lands but could not build a lasting empire, which suggests he was delusional.

  2. missy says:

    It’s possible the left is a much smaller group than thought. The leftist media is giving the left undeserved media dominance. This election, where the media was completely wrong about Trump’s odds of winning, shows the disconnect. And aren’t they mostly dumb young people who grow out of leftism? If this is so, then leftism is mostly a fabrication of the media.

  3. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    I do not think Leftism is a fabrication. From the way I see things, things in the USA were great as long as it was more or less going with John Locke and the Constitution and an underlying belief in the Law of Moses. What seems to me is that the Frankfurt school and the worst parts of Hegel got into everything. Maybe for Tzarist Russia, Lenin thought that Hegel and Marx were needed to end their involvement with WWI and the Russian Civil War. But that is what what necessary to get power and stop the chaos. The trouble is the USA was doing perfect well before people started trying to tear down traditional family values and belief in the Bible.

    • -A says:

      Why stop at traditional family values? Why not traditional everything? I personally don’t see how older traditions have been outmoded (not yet, I could be wrong) and the downfall of belief in the Bible is that not everybody operates well with that simplicity, even if the Bible is a fountain of timeless wisdom. Of course, it gets re-written all of the time. We need a soul as a People because at this point, I don’t think any of us really know to what scope any of us can achieve autonomy and self-reliance. This is a goal that needs to settle itself and having a strong Hierarchy will give us the room to see what is the norm and what isn’t.

      • Even more, autonomy and self-reliance may be false goals or partial solutions.

        • -A says:

          At the very least, how the words are used. I just didn’t want to go into the extreme that we are all only bound together because we are helpless. When I say autonomy in the positive, I am referencing real independence. Not freedom, not liberty, independence. The ability to think and act for one’s self and know his limitations. The idea that man is an island, or even his own universe and god to boot, is a false goal. It is one hell of a dream to recede into.

  4. ChangeOfSeas says:

    The pattern at the end of your post suggests 20 years of liberal reign to every 10 years of conservative reign. Item #1 on our agenda ought to be razing the affirmative action/disparate impact laws. That will cement the dominance of the present majority for some time.

    Our medium-term goal is to take advantage of the relatively conservative upcoming generation, to make sure that this is a lasting effect and doesn’t just disappear like the Reagan years.

    • D says:

      I’m right there with you. Destroying affirmative action and disparate impact are essential. I have mailed the new administration suggesting this.

      • Destroying affirmative action and disparate impact are essential.

        Not to mention anti-discrimination, civil rights laws and laws protecting unions.

        • -A says:

          Mandatory 23&Me (or better) tests with every single piece of paperwork. Insurance, medical history, hiring and the whole nine yards. Whichever comes first will negate the need for the rest. We would need a good bureaucracy to handle it all though. That’ll be a find. Most bureaucrats are cheap and power-hungry.

          • I am in favor of eliminating as much paperwork and other tedium as possible. Part of that involves deporting known blockheads.

            • -A says:

              Okay so, Royal Decree that all blood be tested. One drop askew and you get your pick of roon colonies.

  5. Asian Reactionary says:

    I echo that I don’t think the war has been won at all. A simple, surprising battle has been won but the general dominance of Leftist thought remains paramount, and will probably remain so for some time yet.

    • Agreed, and most people simply want to assume the problem is solved so they can go back to sleep. Lazy monkeys.

      • -A says:

        Wouldn’t that be god damn nice, though? If they really want to go back to sleep, a King taking care of all of the political matters would work wonders.

        • You hit on something important here: most people are by nature asleep, and only want to go back to sleep, and a king allows them to do this where democracy does not but they do it anyway.

          • -A says:

            Democracy is a gargled mass of poorly written ideas they read in a book in a dream. When they wake up, they want it to be reality because they were asleep so long. It is the Valley of the Dolls.