You Are Monkeys


People complain about this site for racism, classism, etc. but its real sin — and vindication — is anti-humanism.

The illusion of our time is that all humans are the same. The reality is that we are all different, and a hierarchy of ability exists, which upsets those on the lower part of that hierarchy.

Some humans have more ability. If they develop it, they end up ahead of the rest. The ultimate taboo is noticing that there is a 1% of mental ability, moral integrity and character who should rule the rest of us, because our judgment is poor.

The grim fact is that evolution is not binary. It happens in degrees, like shades of a color on a detailed painting. Some rise above, and the rest remain in the middle, in varying degrees. Humanity has not risen above its ape ancestors, only some have, and the rest remain “talking monkeys with car keys.”

We see this daily. Monkeys look at the blue buttocks of another to become sexually aroused; we have Kim Kardashian shoving her buttocks in our faces. Bonobos offer sex to placate others; in offices, sugar daddies accept the conciliatory gestures of their subordinates. Monkeys hoot and howl when another tribe enters; we have sports and politics. And so on it goes… monkey behaviors are disguised behind costumes as “civilized,” when in fact they are the opposite.

Humans make fun of monkeys for being superstitious and driven by their emotions. And yet, every political speech is based on the Mysterious Foe and how good we will feel by vanquishing them.

There are only two solutions to the monkey within:

  1. Self-discipline. Through the process of observing our actions, and their results, we can limit our impulses toward illusion, desire, feelings and other non-realistic motivations.
  2. Exile. Not all of us will rise above monkeydom. The societies that succeed are the ones who exile people who behave like monkeys, sheering off a fifth of their population every generation.

It seems heretical to oppose our monkey nature. Under egalitarianism, people are free to choose to be animals, after all. And our human problems are presented to us as the fault of external things, like institutions or belief systems, not our collective failing to restrain our impulses.

All that is good in human history comes from the few who have risen above oppressing the rest, knowing that the rest are still in the monkey stage. All that is bad comes from universal acceptance and inclusion, at which point the lowest common denominator of monkey behavior becomes the norm, and civilization dies.

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11 Responses to “You Are Monkeys”

  1. avraham says:

    The Alt Right tends to be critical of democracy even of the John Locke kind. This critique might have a basis to it in some flaw in John Locke’s system itself in that it seems to be connected with his approach of the blank slate and that all knowledge come by empirical means. There are well known counter examples of this. Habermas did not mention this side of things but he did mention that the John Locke kind of system is showing flaws–just like the Divine right of kings did at one point. He said this in his masterpiece of logic –his critique on Rawls–which Rawls tried to answer: Still the truth be told: Habermas blew his whole thesis out of teh water.

  2. Tobias says:

    Thanks for a lovely article Brett. Jose Ortega y Gasset (Spanish philosopher) said that if you want to learn about human beings, go to the zoo and study monkeys. (in Essay: ‘The self and the other’, in History as a System, if memory serves me right. This title translation is unfortunately very misleading as the original shows the intent of his reference to monkey attention much better).

  3. Finnish Individual says:

    Truly terrible the current state of affairs.

    Waiting for the eucatastrophe. Daydreaming about it every day.

  4. Jose Cruz says:

    Is it possible for people to change? Is it possible for a monkey to ascend? Is it possible in a hiarchical society to have people from the bottom to honestly move up? Why are the peoples of some countries more like monkeys than others?

    • Finnish Individual says:

      Of course monkeys can ascend, it’s called evolution. But they can also devolve.

      We don’t have to expect inferior people to evolve, but certainly they can, and some do with humility. The ones with hubris devolve. We must assume they won’t, and if they do, good for them.

      It’s obvious why some races and peoples are closer to monkeys. They just evolved less as a group (or devolved more). Just as an individual can do that, so will a group.

      Monkeys can certainly evolve, just think of Shamani the handsome gorilla…(joke)

    • Is it possible for people to change? Is it possible for a monkey to ascend?

      Yes, some individual people, and some individual monkeys. If those people and monkeys are smart, they will then exterminate all who did not ascend.

      That is how you fix a trait in a population, at least.

      Why are the peoples of some countries more like monkeys than others?

      They are the remnants of dying empires. Those, in their final days, select for docility, selfishness, venality and obsessiveness. They select against intelligence and realism.

  5. crow says:

    I stopped trying to be a monkey some time back. Never was very good at it.
    I exiled myself, as thoroughly as I could arrange, and lived – inch’allah – far beyond the reach or assistance, of monkeydom.

    Fixed me right up, so it did, but left me permanently exiled even when I was back among monkeys.
    But this suits me. I know now what I am, and also what I am not. What I most certainly not, is a monkey.

  6. missy says:

    Humans are classified as one of the Great Apes. We can learn about humans by studying chimpanzees. I don’t know why the really violent monkey behavior is being tolerated, such as the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, and the attacks on Trump supporters and whites in general. The liberals are now like dogs with rabies. These opportunistic rioters should get immediate exile.

    • The liberals are now like dogs with rabies.

      The same people known for their liberal use of guillotines, gulags and nuclear weapons? Surely this cannot be so.

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