Why diversity trumps feminism every time


So imagine it’s your daughter’s first day of college. She is on campus for her Freshman Orientation. Dean IP Freely stands up and announces that all freshmen girls have to stay at least one arm length away from co-eds because there is no other way to prevent the guys on campus from raping them at random. If they dress too provocatively, they’re asking for it good, long and hard. But you don’t want to question the behavior or origins of these men committing all of these sexual assaults, you will be guilty of ¡HATE SPEECH! Once found guilty of ¡HATE SPEECH! You will be cast forth into the void with wailing and gnashing of teeth. What would be the response?

Can you imagine how generations of American Feminists starting with Camille Paglia and going all down the line to Jessica Valenti would respond? The Huffington Post would demand I.P. Freely’s head in a basket within the day. But what if the rapists were diverse? Let’s suppose their perversions were multicultural even? What if they were poor, suffering, down-trodden Syrian refugees? You could either be a ¡RACIST! or a ¡RAPIST! As IBM used to put it in the commercials: You make the call.

The German city of Cologne gives us the chance to see this seemingly unlikely dynamic actually play out. ABC News gives us gory details.

A string of sex assaults and robberies during New Year’s celebrations in Germany has fuelled debate about the country’s ability to integrate large numbers of migrants, after police said that men who targeted dozens of women in the western city of Cologne appeared to be of “Arab or North African origin.” Political leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the attacks, though many also warned against hasty conclusions about the perpetrators. But to some Germans already uneasy about the one million asylum-seekers their country took in last year the incident seemed to confirm simmering fears.

But since the rapists are multicultural, since they are diverse, since they are refugees, we have to be humane about it. The charming examples of necessary diversity are helpfully explaining this to anyone who will engage in properly constructive dialogue once they’ve wiped their mentullae off after the gang-bang.

But the leaked police report, published in Bild newspaper and Spiegel, a news magazine, claims that one of those involved told officers: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.” Another tore up his residence permit before the eyes of police, and told them: “You can’t do anything to me, I can get a new one tomorrow.”

In this case, we get a news blackout* worthy of a Colin Flaherty book. What happens when the rapists are diverse? White Girl ends up bleeding a lot. We get clear and shocking details from Rotherham, England. The term “grooming” gets introduced. It’s like they are training horses.

What this obvious double standard accomplishes is to specifically clarify what feminism now consists of. Feminism has less and less of anything to do with Women’s Liberation. It is now a targeted method of violence used to wreck the lives and career prospects of men that the wielder of the feminism does not like. If an “Asian Gang” can drug, beat, terrorize, rape and then peddle the pudendae of 1,400 underage sexual slaves, than who can take the recent uproars over guys named Bill all that seriously? The people who peddle feminism could give a rat’s rear-end less whether the average woman on the street gets raped and left for the maggots. Their only question is whether or not the perpetrator is someone they’d like to take down a peg.

The collision of feminism and multiculturalism is going to prove fatal to one movement or the other. You can’t simultaneously weep for Lena Dunham and ignore the rape conga lines of Cologne. Or maybe you can, but not if an aversion to rape is your genuine reason to sympathize with Dunham. Or if you do actually believe that women are singled out far too often for sexual assaults, than you can’t continue to give diverse rapists a pass on their criminality because they are diverse.

At some point the fundamental contradiction we are seeing today from the Progressive Elite is going to be resolved. The voting calculus, the economic incentives and the cultural zeitgeist are all going against Sandra Fluke. Population replacement is a far more important goal to the Cathedral than Feminism. In a head-on collision between feminism and weaponized diversity, feminism will end up being totally destroyed.

* – ¡RACIST! – news dimming of illumination is a more socially acceptable term.

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Jonathan Peter Wilkinson

JPW works as an Operations Research Analyst. This line of work has trained him to view the world in a systemic fashion. In solving the System Identification Problem of modern society, he discovered that the system was not truly designed to make us happier or more successful. Secondly, an unflinching evaluation of the ongoing outputs of the current system show its marked decline in quality and success.

30 thoughts on “Why diversity trumps feminism every time”

  1. Feminism’s purpose was to bash white men, marginalize them either through shaming for real rape (which white men rarely do), or in the absence of real rape any other slight transgression, like how they sit on the subway. To find out who is behind it we need to ask who hates white men, and has the power and money to effect this much change? Its not black people, or Asians, which leaves only Jews. It’s no coincidence that almost all the founders of feminism were Jews.

    1. This site is mum on the J question. It’s a question that needs to be discussed if your goal is truly dismantling globalist egalitarianism.

        1. “Dismantle democracy, restore nationalism and suddenly all other quests are revealed as scapegoat-hunting. Watch as it happens.”

          When a country/society has one way or another, right or wrong, arrived at a point where completely incompatible “cultural” groups are stuck together all living under the same government – and certain of those groups have benefits and rights not accruing to certain others – then dismantling democracy & restoring nationalism become impossible. At least impossible without some unusual, unexpected events occurring.

          You figure it out, Brett. You are not stupid.

          1. Nothing is impossible. If we achieve power, which is possible because most people do not vote much less achieve much of anything politically, we can remove insane laws and then work backward toward a more stable model of leadership, and from that, choose our best for power.

          1. The answer is always: “By any means necessary.”
            If we do not point out Jewish involvement with liberalism then they will recede into their faux White identities to plague our gene pools and wait until we are low in intellectual confidence again. We do not need to scapegoat them, we must keep a sharp eye out for them and exile them like everybody else.

    2. Liberalism, of which feminism is a subset, has one purpose which is to replace the naturally talented with the naturally credulous. That is how one maintains power like a Stalin.

  2. ” In a head-on collision between feminism and weaponized diversity, feminism will end up being totally destroyed.”

    When will weaponized diversity itself be destroyed? Will it be neutralized before it is “too late”? Or is it already too late?
    And what does too late mean?
    Too late to save the current iteration of our civilization, but hopefully not too late for a remnant to create a new civilization?

    The likes of Alain de Benoiste seem far too lackadaisical to me. It’s like they are trying to fight a forest fire with a squirt gun.

    1. We scream !LIAR! in the face of the Prog every time one of these contradictions gets revealed. We do it to them like they been a-doin’ it to us.

    1. “Did these Moslem men rape as many Moslem women in their native country? What is it about white nooky that drives these guys wild?”

      I think it is done to white women because morally speaking – according to their particular morality/culture/religion – they feel they are justifed. They believe they are entitled to rape/harrass white women because they do not cover themselves like moslem women do and therefore deserve rape etc. as punishment. Infidels are worse than dogs, doncha see.

      If they were to rape a moslem woman, it would likely be one who they believe broke some sort of rule and thereby “deserve” the rape. You know, like being seen in public with a man not their husband or relative, etc.

      Get ready for sharia law, folks, itz on itz way.

      1. Also: just plain old resentment. Everyone wants to take the King off his pedestal, and that extends to wanting to destroy blonde blue-eyed people for being from a successful society that has bested others in wars, commerce, invention, etc.

      2. It’s even worse than that. Yes, they’ve been targeting white girls because of their already-completely-destroyed morals, and girls normally come from homes that don’t report them missing till a good few days have passed, but also, their own community simply wouldn’t tolerate it happening to their own, to their credit.

        What’s worse, the liberals in our judiciary are even AWARE of this fact and sentenced this sub-human accordingly:


        Are these kind of judgements (including all the ‘human rights’ laws that I have never, once, seen used on the side of justice) intentionally passed to destroy what’s left of our people’s pride?

    2. It’s a question of dress and behavior. The Muslim men think they are putting them back in their place. This is a culture where a woman who screws up and gets herself sexually assaulted can be stoned for having embarrassed their family. Do we seriously want to import this or do we want he who is without sin to cast the first stone?

      1. Would she feel the same way if they did it to her? Or, better yet, would she feel they were totally entitled to through every one of the bums back out and make them go fix Syria?

        1. She said Europeans (Men) are pussies who let everybody walk all over them so they deserve to be destroyed for “sucking everybody’s dick” <– as she put it..

          She wants Europe to be European..

  3. The girls in the top picture are hot. You will be drowning in resentment while I have a threesome with them.

    1. Why drown in resentment when Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is available at a supermarket near you? Protip: They make a much better threesome if you know how roller skate.

    2. Be sure to lubricate them with self-loathing first. Though, if you have had sex before, I am sure that is something you have practice in.

      1. Well, I was gonna say:
        “There’s just that tiresome hurdle of puberty to overcome, first”.
        But I decided to be kind.
        Only to find that nobody else concerns themselves with such niceties.

      1. I saw some stat that 90% of what went up on the Internet involved imaginary sex. It makes being in my mid-40’s a relief instead of a burden.

      2. Be nice. It’s Noah’s first, tentative attempt at humor. It falls to us to encourage this, in spite of the inherent difficulty involved in doing so.

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