Western Civilization

Human minds can quickly come to accept things as normal and push them to the background of consciousness. For example, we do not usually wake up and think about the fact that we are riding a ball of rock through space by the grace of a large ball of fire which warms us. Nor do we think about our hearts beating, or an asteroid plummeting to smite us.

Civilization fits into the same frame of mind. To paraphrase the neurotics at Apple computer, as long as “it just works” we sort of forget about it, and because it is bigger and more complex than us, we assume it is just working until we see clear signs of its failure. Those usually come long after the problem can be fixed.

And yet, like all things crafted from a design whether intentional or accidental, civilizations start from an idea and work outward. This idea is what ideology intends to replace; the idea is functional, where ideology is compensatory, or designed to work around the idea so that the individual can be powerful despite potentially not living up to the standards set by the idea.

The idea of the West is that of the reflective being: alone, he needs no stimulus, but can reach deep into his intuition to see where it pairs up with the natural world around him, and by deriving similar patterns, understand the cosmos beyond the physical. This is a hybrid of intravert and extravert that creates the feral beast which can also conduct logical analysis.

Most civilizations are reactive, or stimulus-driven, in other words purely extraverted. The third world is this way. People go about routines and react to events. When there are no events, they go somewhat crazy, so pointless drama is more valuable than silence. Even their analytical thoughts are like reactions, and their music, syncopated and color note heavy, reacting to the imposition of structure.

This explains the frenetic nature of the third world. There must always be entertainment. If there is not, the dark acid of existential questioning eats away the framework of the illusion and a void is revealed into which gravity pushes people without mercy. When that happens, those who have power are in danger, so it never happens.

Reactive civilizations are simpler and easier to set up than reflective ones. One needs only a group and a schedule of events, such as that there is always something happening — “what’s going on?” — to suspend the existential terror that is the actual default state of humanity. When the people are occupied, they are oblivious to direction.

This shows us the power and pitfall of reactivity as a psychology. It is easy to maintain and avoids the difficult questions in life like meaning and death, but it also makes the people who are caught in it oblivious to anything outside of themselves, to the point where when things do not turn out as they expected, they tend to be angry at life itself.

Most people even within reflective civilizations choose a reactive outlook. It is existentially more convenient because it does not confront disturbing questions, or require the individual to make hard choices. However, it leads to the type of solipsistic outlook that if predominant enough converts the society as a whole into a reactive one, at which point it slides into third world disorder.

If one thing could be identified as being responsible for the rise of the West, it is our salient attribute as reflective people: we look both within and without, searching our intuition and developing our knowledge of reality in parallel, to know what is true. This is a rare trait and it alone explains the results our civilization has achieved.

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  1. Godomar says:

    We are hyperboreans!

  2. pibcola says:

    Continuing on the escape/transcend line of thinking … third world reactivity is basically an infinite loop of escaping from danger/threats/scarcity and then resting/partying/gouging until the next danger arrives. And of course, in the third world, dangerous things just happen by chance or luck or voodoo, not because of poor decision making.

    The transcendence to first world thought is recognizing cause and effect, not superstition/luck/fate is what drives reality. Plant the seed and you shall have wheat. Sometimes this will fail because of a drought or disease, but it wasn’t because you didn’t sacrifice enough goats to your idol, but because the weather is often random.

    Side note: immigrants to the first world often talk about how they physically escaped from their third world countries, yet unfortunately they often fail to escape from the mental framework of their third world homes

  3. Pedro says:

    “No comprende.”

  4. andrea ostrov letania says:

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  5. Asian Reactionary says:

    Technology would seem to have vastly exacerbated reactivity, then.

  6. Alchemist says:

    The so called “technology” is radically transforming Western society towards the third world. A world where one, in utter conceit, imagines that knowledge is had at the finger tip – a world without reflective thought.

    In Africa, they do believe if you click on the “free money, get rich now” link, it will work.

    I lived in West Africa for eight years and never met a person who was capable of reflective thought.

  7. Dr. Evil says:

    When we go back and read the reasoning behind the Constitution , the Federalist Papers, we see that the framers were true students of human nature and history. They weren’t just trying to hand out free cell phones and EBT for votes like the Democrats do.

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