There Were No “Good Guys” In World War Two

Many of us flinch when we see Nazi imagery pop up whenever there is political strife. It is not just that we detest neo-Nazis / white supremacists / white nationalists, who seem to specialize in forming cliques and driving normal people away, but also that we have doubts about Hitler himself.

After all, in his hands Germany was defeated in a costly war, her women raped and her cities bombed into ruin. There were also Jewish people left in German custody who, through neglect or mistreatment, perished en masse. Many of us see this as the opposite of what our people stand for, which is conquest without cruelty and establishment of lasting social order.

In addition, National Socialism had some fatal flaws. It depended on dictatorship and near-totalitarian conditions. It stood in the way of restoring aristocracy. Worst of all, perhaps, it refused to leave behind modernistic thinking, basing itself in both socialism and the idea of treating people as equal units to be stamped with official dogma and made into perfect citizens.

No, leave me out of the HitLARPing, please. It just makes me ill. Not all lost causes are bad, but the best lost causes are those which could have won and endured, not those which were unstable and prone to self-destruct even if their enemies had fallen at their feet.

But with the same spirit of honesty that we criticize Hitler, we should also acknowledge that there were no good guys in WWII. The Soviets were genocidal idiots; the Americans nuked civilians; the British delighted in fire-bombing citizens. On top of that, the Allies were an ecological disaster:

German munitions were dumped in the sea on the orders of Allied forces following their victory over Adolf Hitler in 1945. The US, Britain and France also dumped large amounts of weaponry off their coasts.

Although the majority of the German weaponry dumped was conventional (explosives or fire ammunition), about 40,000 tons contained chemicals including mustard gas, phosgene – a chemical weapon that gained infamy during World War I – and arsenic.

We have fallen so far that terms like “incendiary” for ammunition are now baffling to most readers. You have to distill it to a simple term, like they see on Taco Bell sauce packets. It’s “fire ammunition” now in Democracy-speak.

The war ends, and the victorious Allies — aware of how the voters are tired of the whole thing and want it to just go away — avoid the costly task of disposing of munitions by instead dumping them into the Baltic Sea. Out of sight, out of mind, just like every other pollution control under democracy.

Seventy years later, fish are mutating thanks to this massive dump of toxic stuff (this is unrelated to the term “toxic dump” as used in the context of Taco Bell):

They believe the cancerous growths found on the species known as the common dab could be linked to the estimated 1.6 million of tons of armaments that were dumped at the bottom of the Baltic and North Seas at the end of World War II.

As usual, in democracy the safest bet is to sweep the problem over the rug and to pass it on to future generations. Even if you know the disaster will become a problem eventually. In fact, certain future problems are a great idea to create. That way, you have an excuse to seize power in the next dozen generations as well as the current one.

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17 Responses to “There Were No “Good Guys” In World War Two”

  1. A.B. Prosper says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice this.

    WW2 was in essence Democratic Socialists vs. International Socialists vs National Workers Socialists with a side order or Imperialists

    The key word the being Socialists

    Its no wonder it was so bloody

  2. Alchemist says:

    In other words:

    The Enlightenment at its finest.

  3. Ronnie Waters says:

    That’s what I always say. You can make a case for 1789, 1812, mmmmaybe 1845, and perhaps even North Korea. But, we were definitely not the “good guys” in any other war.

  4. Ronnie Waters says:

    I’m sorry I had the wrong date for the American Revolution. I guess I went to my Julius Evola reset, blaming the revolutions in Europe of 1789 and 1848.

  5. EX says:

    “conquest without cruelty”

    Is such a thing even a possibility? Sounds almost like an oxymoron to me, kinda like gaining victory through pacifism.

    • Alchemist says:

      How about:

      We had to burn the village in order to save it.

    • Kvädare says:

      Cruelty is causing sadistic or needless suffering. Hunting because you need the meat to live, or destroying an enemy for some good reason, is not cruel, even though it causes pain.

      • EX says:

        Justified cruelty pethaps? Not that any deed needs justification, as only those who know they did wrong need a justification for their actions.

  6. Reinhard says:

    This is timely considering Memorial Day is approaching.

  7. carnac 123 says:

    Hitler’s National Socialism worked wonders in Germany at first. People were getting jobs, they were living better and no hunger was found, and at the same time Germany was becoming stronger militarily. The German economy was running like a well oiled machine while the rest of Europe and the US were still drowning in the depression. The trouble with Hitler’s form of fascism was the total power of one man. When Hitler stumbled so did Germany. Hitler was being fed Meth by a quack doctor and his health was deteriorating and so did Germany toward the last. Outside, unforeseen issues always sink countries when they least are ready. Both sides have blood on their hands….lots of blood.

  8. Eric says:

    German National Socialism adopted the socialist label and leftist policies because it saw the Volk only as strong as its weakest link. Wheras social democracy is a collectivized liberal off-shoot, National Socialism is on a different metaphysical domain and views the people as a fundamentally political body, thus the State as the very extension of that body, rather than a ‘guardian’ of the market and civil rights.

    The fact that the Socialist doctrines of the time provided the instrumental framework to realize the Reichs’ destiny doesn’t take away its innate Indo-European underpinnings. Socialism was the mask (since liberalism was the anti-thesis of Aryanism), but since the German people were undoubtly more happy and united under Hitlers prime days than they ever were under the Weimar-republic (which fell on its own false pretense) or in the democretinized “open society” of today shows the Third Reich was on a higher ethical level than the opposing side.

    • National Socialism is on a different metaphysical domain and views the people as a fundamentally political body, thus the State as the very extension of that body

      This is true, but the problem with it is that the State by its very organization becomes self-serving, and we saw the first hints of that process beginning in the NSDAP even before the war.

      • Eric says:

        Yes, the NSDAP state quickly burned out and I believe Hitler had some emotional hang ups which he projected onto his politics, but it still doesn’t take away Hitler was a major critic of Marxism, Social Democracy and Parlamentarianism and wanted a return to aristocracy. In my view, he was extraordinarily morally competent. So I don’t agree with labelling National Socialism entirely as a modernistic failure since it had transcendental ingredients. As you often point out, appearance is one thing, structure another.

        Plus I can see why NSDAP opted for socialism at the time because living in Sweden makes it so blatantly obvious for me that Germanics/Nordics behave very much like ants in civilisation building — they work best in group, they are high-trust, highly conformist and fail-secure. Perhaps it is hard for an American to understand that some form of Socialism might be valid in some cases.

        I agree with your assessment of the World War but at the same time it’s important to recognize Hitler was on to something and we need to build from those fundamentals yet rejecting the liberal/socialist framwork opting for Monarchism + a minimal state. As british philospher Alan Watts pointed out, leadership is not about control more than it is about organic delegation of power and entrustment.

        Anyhow, there is a reason the NSDAP symbols are so charged and sticks in the eye of the enemy because it is the symbol of the incorruptible interests of the Aryans — which means many are excluded (although the Reich was more inclusive than often thought).

        • Kvädare says:

          It is time to stop using the term socialism. Socialism technically means that the workers control the factories.
          Sweden today is not even socialistic, it is welfare capitalism.

          However, you are entirely correct in saying that nordic Germanics naturally act like ants in a hive. They co-operate and help each other. This is our nature, and based on this fact should the society be built.

          • Eric says:

            Either we stop using the term socialism, or we mold it to our liking and use it as a proxy to reach power. It’s true though socialism doesn’t really exist anymore as working class culture is vanishing and being outsourced while the left has become a political class of spoiled brats.

            The ant-like nature of Nordics requires strong and good leadership or else it self-destructs. Swedes are easy to rule and socialism is easy to implement but whats more important is to raise a healthy civil society, which the NSDAP did, and social democracy does not.

            Anyway, what enabled Sweden to flourish was a high-trust society, not capitalism, socialism or whatever.

  9. J.j. Cintia says:

    Without White Nationalism you may as well drink poison or eat a bullet. Its not Hitler loving that makes me admire him. I know more about this guy than members of my own family. The Jewish Media have fed me his whole life story. You can say whatever you want, but not much of what he did seems evil. He cancelled Germany’s debts, told the bankers to buzz off and signed a peace treaty with Britain. He didn’t start any wars. That crap about aggression is a damned lie. he was merely retaking what the Versailles Treaty stole. Germans found themselves in other countries without having moved an inch. Large tracts of Germany were illegally annexed by neighbors under the specious claims of a train full of banker paid crooks. WWII was caused by the bankers. The Jews declared War on Hitler in 1933 when he cancelled the debts and closed down the brothels run by Jews during the rump state of Weimar filled with German children and girls enslaved by the bankers through the planned impoverishment of Germans by our insane genocidal parasites. You don’t have to Hate them, they want you DEAD. White people don’t fit into their insane fantasies of a World run by them where they live in a World full of brown skinned slaves that live simply to serve them. These insane idiots actually believe a small army of 2800 brown skinned dullards will toil endlessly for them for absolutely nothing in return.

  10. Solidus Snake says:

    Even the post-WWII civil infrastructure was a disaster. In the big cities (now Leftist strongholds) the sight of urban blight, neglected, abandone deco-style buildings and their brick-and-mortor sisters can bring a tear to the eye. The American Welthauptstadt was a disaster. The infrastrucutre is a ghost of what it once was, only bones remain.

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