The term “hate group” is a hateful, bigoted slur

The SPLC’s Mark Potok admitted something disgraceful in an otherwise unrelated news story:

Groups must have ideologies that malign an entire group of people to be included on the map, and they must be actively promoting their ideas and attracting a larger audience than a single person, Potok said.

“Most of the groups — probably the vast majority — do not engage in criminal violence,” he said.

In other words, to be a hate group, you need only to have an opinion that contradicts a certain Leftist narrative. This is itself a form of bigotry, or judging people by category and assuming they lack the ability to contribute. In this case, it is mere political bigotry.

The idea of hate crimes, hate groups and “racism” is slowly passing into history — on the wrong side. People invested good faith in struggling against their instincts and common sense, but the last few years have revealed that these terms — and related terms like sexist, homophobe and transphobe — are merely manipulative propaganda, or “speech policing” in order to deflect criticism of the ideological paradigm of the current Establishment.

As liberal democracy enters its twilight phase, expect more such illusions to fall.

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2 Responses to “The term “hate group” is a hateful, bigoted slur”

  1. Doug says:

    Yeah, I like the way that if you do not very explicitly condone something, suddenly you have a “phobia” of that thing. This has been going on for years but they’ve really started hammering it here lately that everybody’s gotta be “scared” of everything, be it an ethnic group or a lifestyle orientation or what have you. So what this condenses down to of course is that every time a realist reads the word “fear” or anything ending in “phobia” in a leftist rant, he has just been called a wussy in hopes that he’ll say “I’m not scared to remain an inert enabler in order to sabotage future generations! I’ll go along with whatever you say, just please don’t call me a wussy!”

  2. -A says:

    Fear is only shameful to the leftist. They always fear the wrong things (similar to how they invest faith in a false god or idol) and they never know what to do with it. They always allow it to control them. Therefore,in their minds, rightists are the same way because everybody is the same. Then, when the Conservative feels fear born from disgust and dispossession, the liberal claims that they are scared of black people or strong women. The very lack of decency of the accusation leads to a knee-jerk reaction to disprove that they have displaced their fear. Fear is healthy. It is there to make you react, not to freeze you up as the world crumbles around you.

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