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The Problem With Conservatives Is That They Are Blockheads

Not surprisingly for a time of total failure, and a system of government designed to bring about total failure, but on social issues conservatives continue to waffle:

Republicans’ 2016 platform calls out pornography as a national problem “destroying millions of lives,” and declines to even allude to gay or LGBT rights — instead demanding that “traditional marriage” be defended from an activist judiciary. Abortion, on the other hand, gets some three dozen mentions, with the platform accusing Democrats of “almost limitless support” of the practice and President Barack Obama’s healthcare law of promoting “the notion of abortion as healthcare.”

We are supposed to celebrate this? The problem here is that we have a Supreme Court which is programmed to always support individual desires against the needs for social standards.

This has led to a situation where the United States is composed of at least two incompatible groups. Conservatives want social order; liberals want individualism.

There is no compatibility there.

If conservatives had any brains, they would be fighting for the real issue here: the ability for states to be conservative. Until you get that core ability, none of this fighting around the periphery is anything but pomp and circumstance.

Further, while legally-defined homosexual marriage is a paradoxical and stupid idea, fighting against it directly is nonsense that will only lead to confusion of the symptom (homosexual visibility) with its underlying cause (lack of cultural standards). It does not make sense to target homosexuals when the real target is Leftism.

Conservatives have played this cute game of window dressing on important issues for too long. You have been handed a mandate for change; ask for what is actually needed, instead of semi-achievable but inconsequential activities which leave the root of the problem intact.

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