The Echo Chamber Of Equality


Philosophy enables us to see life not as objects bumping into one another, but the concepts that cause us to act in certain ways as resembling a Matryoshka doll: one inside of the other, until you get to the smallest one, which is the original assumption that set off the chain.

When we look at modernity, at first we see technology. But then it becomes clear that technology is only as good as how it is implemented, and that our present implementation reflects mass tastes through purchasing (consumerism) and popularity (democracy). On to the next layer by removing the outer doll layer with a floop sound.

When we look at consumerism and democracy, we see that both are unified by a belief in the equality of the individual. Floop! goes another layer.

When we look at equality, we see that it is based in the idea of equal consequences for unequal actions, or that the person who achieves good results by his actions, and the person who achieves poor results, both being rewarded for that. In other words, people want insulation from consequences. Floop!

When we look at insulation from consequences, we see that this benefits the individual and not the group. In fact, the “collectivism” of equality is based in individualism, or the idea that the choices of the individual are more important than anything else — including, and starting with, the results and consequences of those choices. Floop!

When we look at individualism, we see that the motivating force behind it is an Ego which wishes to be free of consequences and their potential Darwinian effects, which in civilization means exclusion from the group. Individualism therefore uses universal inclusion as its primary goal. Floop!

When we look at universal inclusion, we see a desire to make understanding the world optional. That is: people cannot be judged as good or bad based on how well they understand the world, which is what determines the actions they take and thus their results. They want their own thoughts to be accepted whether real or not. Floop!

And finally, we are at the smallest doll. People want their thoughts to be accepted so that what they intend, wish, desire, feel or judge is real, not reality itself. “What I perceive or want must be real,” stands revealed as the core psychology behind this whole mess.

That mentally unstable state is the origin of modernity. Or rather: it is a perpetual pitfall of human thinking, but it won out. Why? Probably because society succeeded, which caused a proliferation of people who could not exist except for society, who were able to reproduce because the institutions and social order of civilization protected them.

Perhaps there is a final Floop! here, if only in our minds. Civilization replaces nature as the arbiter of who lives and who dies; we need a replacement for Darwinism, or the process which filters out the insane, unfit, deranged, retarded, criminal and pathological.

Modernity arises from an echo chamber produced by the social collaboration of those who are individualists. They demand equality, and filter out any ideas which contradict that emotional vision, which rises from individual fear of insufficiency.

Where the Alt Right nods to Nietzsche and Plato is in its recognition of the Jack London style quest for adaptation that needs to be at the heart of our societies. Our hearts are too big and our methods too good; our intelligence and morality is what produces a surplus of those who will destroy civilization.

Naturally, none of this is politically correct, but — Floop! — it is more fundamentally not socially correct. It upsets people. And yet, it is the only path to survival for an advanced civilization.

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6 Responses to “The Echo Chamber Of Equality”

  1. ConantheContrarian says:

    Brett, I thoroughly enjoyed this article; I even diagrammed it as I read it. When I got to the point of “we see a desire to make understanding the world optional,” I found this to be the crux of the problem. We must understand the world. If I may use Christian imagery: the world, the flesh, and the devil, all conspire against me individually and us collectively. We cannot deceive ourselves: The world is a dangerous place; human nature is imperfectible (at least in the physical world)and humans are negatively affected by their fallen flesh; and the devil is evil and is trying to kill us. Now, that is my understanding of the world, and it is from that understanding that society and civilization should be ordered.

    • I never understood the Christian concept of “original sin” until I understood this: like the One Ring in Tolkien, the heart/mind/body are trying to re-unite with their evil master and make him incarnate. We are always tempted by illusion because it is more convenient for our minds and allows us the pretense of if not immortality at least omnipotence, and this makes us feel better about our status as individual cells in a vast organic system whose outcome is more important than our lives, desires, feelings, wants, lusts, etc. The human that thrives uses self-discipline to beat this illusion; the society that thrives uses culture to keep it minimized, and has leaders who can remove those who are destined to give themselves over to it. Thank you for reading my chicken scratches!

    • -A says:

      This seems to be making an enemy out of nature. That mistake is what leads to civilization insulating the people from consequences and necessity of real understanding. We are a part of the natural world. At least, we are until we go extinct.

  2. -A says:

    Perhaps the assumption of an inalienable right to breed must be tossed out? We already see the assumption to the unalienable right to intimacy and love, acceptance, association and friendship. It must all go out.

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