The alternative Right rises


This week, the phrase “alternative right” enters mainstream consciousness as the vested franchisees of the current system attempt to explain the dissent rising around them like a maelstrom. They wanted a handy phrase to describe the mostly young, post-libertarian conservatives who are supporting Donald Trump. Calling them racists and Nazis has failed, so there needs to be a new slur, and establishment conservatives and liberals alike would like to give the alternative right a bad name.

Most of them have forgotten the roots of the name alternative right, which finds its inspiration in the phrase alternative rock. Back at the origins of that term, it described music which could not find support in the mainstream but believed itself a legitimate inheritor of the role of rock music. In the same way, “alternative right” describes right-leaning thinkers who believe society has shifted so far to the left that truth cannot be told, so it needs a new medium.

This of course freaks out the mainstream conservatives. They are being told that, like most forms of opposition in a market, they have been bought out, and the conditions of the sale mean that they cannot discuss certain ideas. In particular, few will speak up — Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan being the most visible exceptions — to mention the logical fact that diversity cannot work, and that Leftist delight in it exists only because a Third World population is being imported to permanently skew the vote to the left. That the native population of the United States and Europe is being replaced is beyond what conservatives will discuss because they are unwilling to challenge the liberal Establishment.

The alternative right also speaks hard truths about democracy, namely that most people vote for short-term self-interest instead of what will maintain civilization, and that in groups people compromise on the lowest common denominator. Democracy does not work; the American Constitution was an attempt to limit it so that it would, but that quickly became overthrown. Now we live in a Leftist time and we are seeing the consequences of Leftism as our economies, environment and societies plunge downward into chaos, but mainstream conservatives have failed to do more than a token effort against it, collecting votes and money as The Opposition Party without opposing the core idea of liberalism — that all people are equal — at all.

Perhaps the biggest contribution of the alternative right is to mention the real elephant in the room which is the decline and fall of Western Civilization beginning with The Enlightenment™ and worsening as its ideas became more mainstreamed. The idea of human equality means that choices can be arbitrary because they are equal, which has the effect of banishing reality from the room. When the assorted fat feminists, minorities, lunatic liberals and apartment plankton millennials vote for Bernie or Hillary, they are unconcerned about the results of that act. They know what they want to be true and that is enough. Voting is wishful thinking. Naturally, with this mentality in place, the West has become unable to respond to reality and chases dreams and illusions instead of looking at hard problems.

Since the mainstream right will not mention these truths, and the Left and its enthusiastically compliant media will not mention them, actual conservatives needed another outlet. The alternative right draws together several groups — libertarians, paleoconservatives, white nationalists, New Right, neoreactionary — and unites them under the idea that our current way is dead and our conservative opposition will not stop it because it will not mention forbidden truths. As a result, there is great variation between alternative right beliefs. The leftist media and politicians will try to spin the alternative right as having “Nazi” or “neo-Nazi” origins, letting one trait speak for all others as usual, as will compliant mainstream “cuckservative” conservatives. Both groups are threatened by this outsider voice that accurately describes what mainstream politics will refuse to address.

With that in mind, we should look at some political definitions…

Useful idiots: These are voters who want to believe the least possible must be done to change anything because they are clinging to what they have. Useful idiots gush and drool over pacifism, anti-majority groups, revenge narratives and underdog success stories. Every enemy they want to believe is a friend, and every actual threat they wish to deny. UIs were originally a small group, but 200 years of liberal politics has increased their number and imported Third World peoples, who as a result of the natural selection they underwent back home, always support strong promises from government and forget when they turn out less than optimal.

Liberal: This is a deceptive word because liberalism is a spectrum from moderate Republican through full-on Communist and as power increases for liberals, they always drift leftward. Since it is a conformist ideology, it demands its adherents demonstrate it constantly, which they do by applying the same unrealistic theory — equality — in new and exciting ways. Thus liberalism always grows like a tumor, ending up in power, at which point it conveys the society into a Third World cultureless mixed-race population ruled by cynical tyrants. Liberals champion UIs by appealing to their fears and promoting them within the power structure.

Conservative: Originally, this meant those who conserved the best of the great ages of humankind, since humans have never changed in their psychology. Over time this became a defensive action to hold on to whatever recent past was less infected with liberal insanity than the status quo. As a substitute for stopping the decay of society, conservatives offer symbols of health — strong defense, growing economy and nods to theocratic ideas — but because the name of the game in democracy is having more UIs than the other guy, they reduce this to simplistic flag-waving. In addition, they attempt to woo liberals by being more liberal-like, and in the name of working within the system, generally give liberals whatever they want after a token resistance to keep the votes and donations flowing in.

Libertarians: These are people who have woken up to the fact that government constantly expands and does nothing well merely in order to justify its continued expansion, like a tumor. To counter leftism, they argue for extreme equality in the form of free markets, free association and freedom of contract, which would in theory allow people to exist with extremely low taxes and the ability to exclude ongoing social problems. Unfortunately, this does not appeal to UIs, and so this group forever marginalizes themselves, taking potential conservative voters out of the pool. It also suffers from the same problem as conservatism which is that it has not rejected liberalism, only tried to make a devil’s bargain with it, and the result is that any libertarian society will become Leftist at the first mass vote.

White Nationalists: It is tempting to understand these as a variety of conservative, but really they are a variety of liberal that instead of blaming the unbroken chain of terrible decisions made by democracy, foist the blame on one or more of the symptoms, usually African-Americans and The Eternal Jew™ (which they refer to as “The Jewish Question” or JQ). White Nationalists want the present world but with these others removed, but are generally content to keep well-behaved others like Asians around, resulting in hybridization and destruction of the white race. It is not surprising that most of these are trace hybrids from Southern, Eastern and Irish Europe. In addition, they serve an important role as bogeymen for the Left by acting out every Hollywood stereotype of Nazis, allowing both conservatives and liberals to drive the UIs closer to democracy by pointing out the craziness threatening from the wings.

Anarcho-Capitalists: Honest libertarians who feel no need to conceal their belief in Social Darwinism, AnCaps want a world without government ruled by business, figuring that the most competent in business will be more competent than mass-polling the UIs and apartment plankton. However, they forget that as long as the UIs exist in large numbers, they will buy products that flatter them, which will result in the return of liberalism and also massively crass commerce taking over culture. Some AnCaps, specifically the Neoreactionary wing, have tried to temper this with a belief in business leaders or other strong authoritarian presence, but generally believe this can be applied to small communities, forgetting that the vast masses surrounding them will simply vote to invade them and take their stuff.

New Righters: The New Right arose in France as a means of restoring traditional society without upsetting the much-beloved European socialist benefits system. To keep those two contradictory impulses in balance, New Right thinkers generally insist on strong centralized power, nationalism and a religious basis to society, forgetting that these external methods cannot be imposed without causing a counter-reaction, and that without the internal impetus to adopt them, people will merely work around them as they do most strong power. Nonetheless the New Right deserves credit for systematically dismantling arguments for liberalism, democracy, equality and multiculturalism, although only a small segment of the population can understand their theory-heavy writings.

Donald Trump voters: Anyone who wants Donald Trump as a President. This is a wide group, including mainstream conservatives, Tea Partiers, libertarians and yes, some from the alternative right, New Right and even white nationalist groups. Generally however, Trump voters are middle American types who simply do not want to be ethnically replaced and ruled over by Leftists, who have proved incompetent in every instance where they have seized power.

I hope this little summary can help our politicians and media differentiate the types of voters they will encounter.

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31 Responses to “The alternative Right rises”

  1. Jpw says:

    When you have that Clint Eastwood moment, you want to tell the moderns to get off your lawn. Ylou then are ready to contemplate Alt-Right politics and philosophy.

  2. -A says:

    I wonder how long before the UI’s and middle class will think that they would prefer a Nazi to the current liberal status quo? How long before they get so resentful that they will outright sympathize and endorse the perceived Nazi stance?

    Furthermore, if the right people come to power and eliminate democracy in any way less than crowing a king or submitting to the Windsors (would love to see a reaction to that or better, the Bourbons)would anybody even notice? How long do you think it would take for them to? Sure, many special interest groups would rail against not having their asses kissed but, would they even know why? The left has its head so far up its own ass that they would probably require an announcement of some kind outright saying that “democracy has been overthrown.”

    • Furthermore, if the right people come to power and eliminate democracy in any way less than crowing a king or submitting to the Windsors (would love to see a reaction to that or better, the Bourbons)would anybody even notice?

      I do not think most would notice. Nine-tenths of all people at least are politically inert or just follow the going fashion. For them, the change will mean an excuse to go shopping for new political accessories, and nothing more. They cannot predict its consequences, nor understand long-term issues like tax cost over their lifetimes. They only react in such ways as they think make them look best to others in their social group. “Talking monkeys with car keys,” as Kam Lee said many years ago, seems to describe them in this context.

  3. Wrong Side of History says:

    It’s hard to fight equalist lunacy when you’re afraid to point out that we have a hostile outgroup with a disproportionate amount of cultural and political influence actively promoting it.

    • I see many symptoms, some scapegoats, and one cause. That cause is, as you say, “equalism” which is a thinly-disguised individual. A.k.a. hubris and evil. Humanity undone by its oldest vanity, smuggled in within many layers of theory.

  4. crow says:

    Thanks. If there was anything left about myself I didn’t already know, then it was my political label. Now I know. I am a DTV.
    Too bad I can’t actually vote for him, but if I could, oh how I would.

  5. Israel Shekelmeier says:

    Your article seems to omit the elephant in the room, that jews own the U.S. completely. They’ve taken over the money system, the legal system, the media, and education. This is how you conquer a society.
    And as a white nationalist, I don’t agree that most of us are okay with a bunch of asians around. Preserving the white race is a prime imperative for WNs.

    • This society conquered itself by demanding an illusion, equality. Everything else is a scapegoat, and when you chase those, you let the real evil off the hook.

      • -A says:

        Furthermore, I do not know why I came to this theory (it could be wishful thinking and the belief that 92% of global Jews are just Khazarians) but I think that if the right power, a strong and graceful enough power, were to grip the US then the Jews with influence in institutions and markets would acquiesce and say: “Here, you can bloody have it!” I do not think they want necessarily to destroy anybody as a majority stance among them, even though I am very resentful of their hand in equalism. Of course, if it did not yield dividends then they would not have sold it.

        This acquiescence would require a true show of force, competence and saturation among any group of consequence which they cannot nullify with a marshal invasion.

        • I think that if the right power, a strong and graceful enough power, were to grip the US then the Jews with influence in institutions and markets would acquiesce and say: “Here, you can bloody have it!”

          I agree. Most Jews here would rather see a thriving USA/EU that defends Israel, and the ability to live with their own in Israel, than continue the diaspora. Right now, here seems like a better option. If the USA/EU return to national rule, Israel will be able to fully do the same and will become a much better option.

  6. peter connor says:

    As Ann Coulter said, the next several weeks will be among the most momentous in the history of the United States. The east coast Elites are panicking and pulling out all the stops…..We who are demanding a return to the Constitution and the firm control of all borders must stay the course, or we are looking into the abyss…

  7. bogbeagle says:

    You appear to be wedded to the concept of voting.

    Does voting legitimise behaviour, in your opinion?

  8. PubliusMN says:

    Great painting. Could you identify the painting?

  9. PubliusMN says:

    Also, there is something that also needs to be addressed: the fact, quite demonstrated to my satisfaction after years of thought and reading, that there is an actual part of the elite that is actively trying to destroy sovereignty, culture, and ethnic homogeneity. They think it is to their advantage.
    They do meet and conspire. Those who scapegoat the Jews or whoever are misguided, because they are focusing on the wrong group. The group is not defined purely by race. They are defined by their power and sociopathy. They actively conspire, successfully, to guide the masses. This is not a wacky conspiracy theory. They are open about it, using such phrases as “manufacturing consent,” etc.
    They are evil, because they are parasites killing the hose (us) that feeds them.
    They do murder, manipulate, assassinate leaders and movements that are a threat to them.
    This is a fact.
    They will have to be taken out.

    • there is an actual part of the elite that is actively trying to destroy sovereignty, culture, and ethnic homogeneity

      Might add the family and religious belief in there, but in my view, you’re correct.

      They want to replace those things with ideology and government so that the elites remain in perpetual control.

      It’s the usual megalomaniac, egomaniac, damaged human self esteem fantasy: become God or like God through power over humans.

      I refer to this as “control.”

      • -A says:

        Basically, this segment of the elite of democracy is not hidden and it is not secondary or even tertiary to the rest. It is out in the open pushing for more democracy. They want to destroy because they do not want to be held accountable, told what to do or to learn to live with reality.

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  12. Alternate Right is just more fracturing, just like the left is not really homogeneous. Unfortunately, right and left are not really anything but rich man’s ideologies designed to keep us divided and not paying attention to THEM. The world has never been about ideologies, but about The Haves vs The Have nots… 1984 is their instruction manual, power is their only goal. I have known some of these elite assholes, have worked for them, and the whole left right paradigm is a joke to them, for they play both sides. The Game being, last man standing owns the Board.

    Plato was right in The Cave. That, we are all tied up in a cave, so that all we can see are the shadows on the wall, forever arguing over the machinations of the shadows. When it comes to politics and economics, nothing is more true, but it mainly applies to religions, that reality itself is a mere shadow of the Hypostasis(Hyper reality, the Reality above and below ‘normal’ space). The High Seats take advantage of this ‘mystery of reality’ to promote the shadows on the wall.

    Your discourse is welcome in separating out the different shadows, but still, they are only a symptom of a higher reality, that The Ideologies of Men, are mere mind control, simply because both right and left legs of the statue with the Head of Gold, are the result of the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. This is the ultimate definer of our reality, because both the right and left legs lead to the same result; A few guys own everything and pronounce themselves to be BOSS.

    Thus the Way forward is the only way, is to see reality, and understand, that to destroy the shadow makers is to war against ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’, and to understand that both ideologies are taken from the foundations of The Family. That when we demanded ‘a King to rule over us’, we opposed The Prophet Samuel, and got Saul, and all things have proceeded from this.

    You only find the truth when you see the hiding of truth, what I call; The Way of Knowledge(of the rich and powerful), which is to hide the light by wrapping it in darkness… One of those truths is the truth of the Caucasian race, of which, a clue is provided in the historical record of the Saxons…

    Originally, they knew themselves as; Saacs Sons. The Sons of Isaac, you see, in those days as now, words were shortened to make them less cumbersome, and in those days leading vowels were often dropped. Then we have the the influences of the Catholic church, who were great hiders and destroyers of truths to fit their own version of truth. ‘Scholars’, thus, dropped the meaning of the original words and hid them with an ‘X’ marks the spot, Saacs Sons became Sa’x’ons. One of the ‘lost’ ten tribes. But they were not lost, they were in hiding from Judah and his Law and his God. The sons of Isaac wanted to remember their origins, but threw out their foundations when they divorced from Judah. That enmity still exists and today, we still blame everything on The Jews.

    The Caucasian race IS Israel, the Lost Ten tribes, the Ten toes of iron and clay that supports The System of Babylon, on the two legs of ideologies, that are all beholden to the heart and arms of the true believers, who are defending the Head of Gold that controls all things by the foundation of Usury… thus the love of money is the root of all evil.

    We are all but symptoms, symptoms in a cave arguing over the shadows placed there by the Golden Calf, the Phoenix bird that burns its own nest and rises from the ashes, to own all things, and we bow down to one leg or the other, but our true god is mammon, the god of Materialism, where all things are a Mystery of God, while science sees only shadows on the wall…

    To define the shadows is a useful exercise, but still only comports to the primary ‘approved’ exercise, arguing over the shadows, in the dark, while tied down and unable to do anything about it. The battle of the ages is about the shadow puppet masters, who have always been experts at chess while we ‘little people’ play checkers.

    Unfortunately we think that there are only two ways of running the world, both, being a symptom of the System of Babylon, we love our kings and our money while we pay lip service to God by ‘submitting to Godly authority’ and pretend we get a free ticket to paradise for screwing the world and saying its nothing personal, ‘just business’ while we do ‘Gods work’.

    Now the cups of karma are full and The Last Trump blows, metaphor becomes reality while the sea and waves roar in confusion. We are the toes of iron and clay, the ‘iron constitution’ of minds never able to agree with the sticky clay of emotions, our governance defined by the most ignorant among us instead of the most wise, for who can communicate big ideas with 144 characters in a nation of robot zombies? How can something good be resurrected when those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living?

    Was it ever good to begin with, when we defeated an Aristocracy of Royalty only to replace it with an Aristocracy of Money? Who is deceiving whom while the tree of liberty needs watering with the blood of patriots and tyrants? Will a patriot be a tyrant in the eyes of the shadow dancers? What is good when evil is now good, and all things are upside down? How do you fight the Big Lie of Hitlerian propaganda artists, that is designed to promote the Two Legs of the false ideologies of the Babylonian puppet masters?

    Many think such metaphors are silly, but these structures have been built around our minds over the last millennium, we have abandoned the search for truth, and replaced it with the search for trivial pursuits. It is no wonder that in this regard we reap what we have sewn, for in the end, it is not the Elite that have done evil that is the primary problem, no, but we who have allowed evil to succeed by wanting the deception, wanting the pap and feel good messages, wanting The Dream of Materialism, and have no room for ultimate truth in our lives.

    Even when we achieve wealth, we do so with empty souls, and search for something ‘else’, that will fill that emptiness. Into such voids come darkness, and all the things that gratify the animal within. But even darkness is misunderstood because its truth was taken away by the masters of deception, calling themselves good and righteous, full of all pious sounding words to achieve power and control over minds with the ‘sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly’, while telling us to ‘submit to Godly authority’, and through their doctrines of devils, we remain apathetic, complacent in the knowledge that we are the good guys instead of the reverse, becoming filled with righteous indignation, and ‘turning the tables’ on the money changers. Now the indignation rises and is accomplished by the blowing of The Last Trump, and it is met with derision and mockery by those self righteous souls who see their power slipping away.

    Metaphors are also useful, in that a picture becomes a singular image of a thousand words, but the ignorant cannot fathom a thousand words, and the intelligent don’t seem to have to time to read them. It can also aid the drawing of proper conclusions, if we can see that such things have been around thousands of years before our time, and our time is little different from the times of ancient Israel, or Rome.

    Metaphor is useful in defining a people, and their mistakes through history, always making the same mistakes and drawing the wrong conclusions because in the words of Hosea ‘my people are destroyed through lack of knowledge’, and in the end, knowledge is the only thing that allows the manipulation of reality, for or against the ultimate tool of the powerful, the shadows on the wall of the cave.

    • The world has never been about ideologies, but about The Haves vs The Have nots…

      My rejoinder to this is that if the Haves are good and competent, this is not a problem.

      When the Have-Nots select the Haves, we end up with people who think against success (Have-Nots) implementing rather destructive policy.

      • You sir, have eyes but cannot see, you read but do not comprehend…
        THE SYSTEM is the problem, and it is as old as Babylon… it is the same system invented in Babylon to keep the masses happy and under thumb. The system of usury was invented by Babylon’s master stroke, the invention of the Fixed contract of debt, backed up by the Kings soldiers, given moral authority by the Priests… sound familiar? It should.

        The Family system is the system of tribes, this structure was the system of the Barbarians, and of ancient Israel, which stood for thousands of years without anything more than comparative squabbles. Now, our system, has the capability to destroy the planet.

        How is all that king stuff working out for ya?

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