The Alternative Right Knows This Is A Struggle For Civilization Survival


The mainstream right directs its energy toward preserving what is left of the status quo; the alternative right recognizes that our society is not only a sinking ship, but is built on false assumptions starting with the delusion idea that equality can replace hierarchy.

No right wing movement has succeeded in resisting this decay in part because it cannot be resisted; Western civilization needs someone to pound the RESET button and start over. Everything we think we know is tainted with assumptions brought in from the ideas and people infected with the delusion of equality.

While the new right seeks to rebuild from within a liberal framework of the welfare state, and neoreaction seeks exit by small groups who will then be inevitably re-absorbed, the alternative right — an out-of-focus coalition of those united more by a feeling of dread and distrust of all Leftist ideas — recognizes that not only is the ship sinking, but that it must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt.

This may seem extreme. After all, if Western societies just aborted any changes made after 1945, things would return to stability. But this is where the alternative right rises above the rest: it recognizes that just going back is not enough. We must renew, because even back then the seeds were sown, and the path will not change on instant replay.

Yet until we get to the root of equality… — no, we must go even earlier to find the source of our decline. Writings on this site have targeted individualism, or the idea that the desires of the self must come before civilization and nature, as the root of our problem. The ancient Greeks called this hubris, or pursuit of power beyond one’s place in the natural hierarchy by ability and character of men and nature. Old Christians preached humility. And in the wolf pack of the steppes, an arrogant young wolf must fight his way to the top, or accept his place in the order of things.

Nothing about our time is good except our material prosperity. Everyday life is meaningless and filled with ugliness, tedium and a constant struggle for power as the lower try to keep the naturally more gifted from rising to their natural place. Our cities are war zones where we struggle for enough money to buy our way into the areas that are not blighted.

If one accepts this as normal, it is possible to find similar bargains — better values for the money — in housing, medicine, entertainment and career. However the fundamental problem remains: our time and energy are wasted, while nothing we do can have any significance, all the while the rot gets stronger around us. This society is terminal.

In the upcoming American election, we have a choice between a right-wing-ish candidate and someone who will open the floodgates further to permanent Leftist voters, because minority groups always vote against majority interests. Once that happens, there will be no chance for those who remain except revolt, and then, they are most likely to be killed by their well-meaning fellows who just want to preserve the union as it is, despite its dysfunction.

The only sensible response is fanaticism. Support nothing that is Leftist; stop linking to Wikipedia, reading Leftist news, or earning or buying anything you do not need, as the taxes support the beast. Barter among friends as much as possible, work for cash whenever possible, and every day get out there and raise a hue and cry about how this society is dying and must be restarted, because that is the ultimate taboo.

Most importantly, we need to work toward power. If 2% of Western citizens find themselves agreeing on civilization restart, a critical mass will be reached, and we will pass the threshold of no return. Never accede to the argument that we can fix the leaky ship; always insist on its replacement. Ignore the zombies and focus on reaching that 2%.

If an actual conservative party took power, the first thing to do would be to reverse the flood of new left-wing voters by removing anti-discrimination law, post-1790 immigration laws, civil rights and welfare programs. Write law to reverse the civil rights and entitlements agenda, and then do away with all the laws based upon it, and the vast reams of pro-government laws which have created the out-of-control regulatory state.

But even then, we must go further: laws themselves do not work, because they are interpreted flexibly and people avoid responsibility. Replace them with strong leaders of arbitrary power at the local level who can re-arrange their societies as needed, and not have to be deferential to tiers and layers of limiting law. Restore freedom of association, cut taxes, and begin holding the Leftist media and entertainment industry accountable.

But even then, we must push further: we can abolish most laws and replace them with culture. We can remove the tedious and unreliable democratic process and install an aristocracy. We can cut checks to the Other among us and repatriate them. All of these things are doable, and yet they are not extreme enough to save a civilization.

We must go further: remove any subsidies or other equality-based institutions, cut ourselves off from we-are-all-one initiatives like the United Nations, repossess any degenerate businesses and exile of our own people who behave badly. Stop taking responsibility for lawbreakers by putting them in jail and trying to rehabilitate them; instead, view their behavior as a Darwinian event and exile them.

Even that does not go far enough. We must go further: using our aristocratic government as a shield, we can restore a sense of culture, in values just as in the arts, and bring back the calendar and seasonal events of the past. Abolish public schools, regulations, certifications and other proxies for talent. Promote the best among us, not just in ability to memorize, but in moral character and mental clarity on the task of building a civilization.

At that point, we can go even further: in each of us who remain, we can awaken a sense of responsibility to reality, a transcendental view of nature where each of our places in its order are significant, and a belief in the possibility of good, beauty, excellence and truth in life. We can reject the false assumptions going back to individualism and to the assumption before it, which is that life is terrible and we are victims. We must be conquerors, but first of all, we must conquer ourselves.

Whew. That looks like quite a to-do list. And yet, if we do not do this, we are merely putting duct-tape on a broken bridge, plugging leaks in a boat with oil-soaked rags, or plowing around the stones in our field. History is clear: we are either headed upward, or stagnating and will immediately head downward. We must reform our hearts to want an ascendant path, and then use the power of our civilization to instill that in others.

Without this new path, we go down the same path of the old, which ends in our civilization slipping away into irrelevance as a witless void of morally bankrupt, low intelligence grey people. In the absence of radical change, that is our future, and as the years go by and the pace of events accelerate, that doom is coming sooner than anyone thinks.

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15 Responses to “The Alternative Right Knows This Is A Struggle For Civilization Survival”

  1. Johann Theron says:

    You are demolishing the popular idea punted by Huntington. Good. Also, if I look at how any new politics start, then the alt right would need a sponsor and a plan. History at least have shown that this works imo.

  2. avraham says:

    I have always been very impressed by Western Civilization. In fact in high school I spent a good deal of my spare time with Dante, Plato, and classical music. The classical music was to some degree a result of my father’s influence and also the music teacher who was very much into it. [Haydn, Bach, Mozart, Sibelius etc.]

  3. Finnish Individual says:

    That doom is certain and already happened. southern european society is worthless and irrelevant and composed only by last men who can never be reformed or improved. DESTRUCTION is the only way, so we could start all over. There is no way to make southern europe decent, the people are zombies without a concept of improvement. They oppose it. Northern Europe and the US are gradually reaching those levels of uncivilization, where the only thing that matter are food and fashion. No substance ever of any kind, people are not interested in that, let alone evolution, inventions or values.

    We are living the doom and realistically there’s no way to improve anything at least in the whole bottom half of europe. Thanks to lowlife immigration, the rest of the worls has opened the doors of the third world as well. The only intervention possible is destruction, and the best thing that could happen: for the third world to cease to exist.

    The problem is that it exists (the third as well as the second world). It shouldn’t. It doesn’t have to change or become better, which is impossible: it must cease to exist, because it’s only a blob of toxicity.

    Maybe it is still possoble to save northern europe and the US, but not southern europe which is where I live, and unfortunately, it exists. I hate that it exists. The’s no reason why it should exist. It’s a fully worthless area and culture. Westerners think its nice and valuable because of tasty food and sunshine. No, those things are not important. Values and priorities are, and southern europe has none. Already the idea that food is important is a pointer to lack of substance. A life of civilized substance doesn’t put good food or other hedonism at the top of important things in life. It’s fucking stuoid to do so. There’s nothing in southern europe, italy or spain apart from food and other anti-intellectualism. They don’t produce culture, they did in the past and don’t anymore.

    SOUTHERN EUROPE MUST CEASE TO EXIST, and so its food and sunshine. Life isn’t supposed to be nice and shiny, reality isn’t. People must not be (superficially) happy, that makes them shit, cultivate hubris.

    • That doom is certain and already happened. southern european society is worthless and irrelevant and composed only by last men who can never be reformed or improved.

      Maybe it is time for a rant on the dangers of trace admixture?

      In every population, the solution is the same:

      1. Reverse the insane policies.
      2. Install the four pillars.
      3. Exile defectives.
      4. Breed toward a higher level.

    • Asian Person says:

      Unfortunately even Sweden is cucked now, with Finland probably soon on the list. Its a sad time to live in.

    • Agrippa says:

      You are the essence of the problem. Mired in personal failings you project out onto the rest of your society. Southern Europe is mounting the best resistance at this point bar none. But I guess more of the guys in Golden Dawn should be lamenting their own inevitable defeat on the Internet. The prospects for the South are better than for the North at this point. You have no right to stand in judgement, this is the end of history and you aren’t even preparing to put up a fight. If you believe your people should no longer exist perhaps you should begin with yourself. Utter tripe.

    • -A says:

      It is the belief that there is nothing good in Southern Europe that motivate most of their leftists. As has been said, they aren’t in full hegemony over the Mediterranean anymore, they are just clinging to power.

      As Brett said, though, trace admixture is like lining your goblet with trace amounts of arsenic.

      Also: there are three windows into every culture. Music, literature and cuisine. As an epicurean, I can tell you, cuisine really opens a window into a society. I can also tell you that modernist “””refinements””” and an excessively liberal approach to Nouveau have shone light on the stagnance that liberalism brings. How many times, for instance, has it had to be said hat Macaroni Grill is not real Italian? How many tourist spots copy them? The culture and the standards always show themselves in the food. Never fails. The same for in the notes and in the prose.

  4. Doug says:

    Yes yes!
    Alt-Right begins with each of us. Join the honorable resistance. Tear it all down, one person at a time. The left and its destruction is entirely predicated on pariticipation, compliance and consent of useful dupes. Resistance is not futile. Refuse to be the dupe. Truth is that a tireless determined indomitable 3% of the population will bring them down and destroy them just by defiance and resistance.
    You have Alt-Right the moment you choose Alt-Right. I have discovered what what Nemesis means, what it is. A righteous infliction of retribution, manifested by an appropriate agent. Already, the left can hardly hold onto the rhetorical and propaganda terrain war. They cannot win. Alt-Right outnumbers them. Think about what that means. The core actors of the left, the powers that be behind it, it is very small, the auxiliary forces of cultural marxism only appear like a significant cadre because they control a mass media that wages a war on the truth along with ignorant compliance to it’s use of fear and loathing to socially engineer people. There simply isn’t enough of the sonofabitches to withstand the motive power of Alt-Right. Alt-Right is the new liberty. That motive power is why Alt-Right is so dangerous, because we are talking about people, the left, who understand the motive power of people who live so totally free they can never be conquered, cowed or forced to bend a knee in slavery. Understanding how motive power of Alt-Right works is part and parcel how they manipulate people to rule their souls. Alt-Right is impervious to totalitarian tactics, Alt-Right is so far upstream of the left it is untouchable. Alt-Right is honorable, it is resistance naturally, on a primal scale. Alt-Right is hierarchy, but it is hierarchy with a bone in it’s teeth. The moral precepts of being Alt-Right are real. Alt-Rightis epic, it is fundamental, it is becoming manifest.
    Alt-Right described in three words:
    I am a rebel.

    As the left takes off the gloves, every day it creates thousands who become part of the honorable resistance who realize it all has to come down and they after all really don’t have that much to loose, and not only is there not all that much to fear, but there is everything to gain. That standing up and withdrawing consent, rejecting the entire construct of the matrix of the left is in itself a motivating and liberating act.
    Joining the honorable resistance is simplicity itself, it is provincial in nature. It is the act of self determination and self sufficiency, primal. Garden, cook at home, teach your children, get right with the lord, learn a trade, a skill, cut expenses with a vengeance, build savings of real tangible assets, stockpile durable goods, disconnect from the grid, the matrix. Make this your finest hour. And it is simple to begin, because Alt-Right begins with each of us. That is the motive power. Nothing can withstand people of Alt-Right. Alt-Right is both evolutionary and revolutionary and a force of nature.

    • Joe draper says:

      That’s 4 words genius
      I’m an anarchist
      That’s 3 words

      • Overthrow modern society = also three words.

      • Doug says:

        Are you fucking serious?
        Are you so ignorant you can’t figure out 4 words is the point?

        Let me spell it out for you.

        Teacher: Little Johnny, describe yourself in three words

        Johnny: (Thinking, Johnny say’s to himself screw this brainwashing statist bitch and the lies she is teaching, I’m Alt-Right), I am a rebel

        Dude, how can you even understand Alt-Right if you can’t grasp the primal nature of defying and resisting the left?
        I thought you guys had your shit together!
        Alt-Right is moral rebellion Duh!

  5. It is good that things are so dark. Heroism is only possible under such circumstances.

  6. avraham says:

    300 Spartans and a certain number of allies [I forgot how many -I think it was about 2000] stopped the Persian invasion of Helles which was close to 3 million men. That was about one Spartan against 3000 men. It happened once. I can happen again.

  7. avraham says:

    Sorry I was not thinking. I had something ruin my concentration. It was in fact about one Spartan per 10,000 Persian soldiers. We know the number of Persians because Xerxes made a closure that would contain 10,000 men exactly. and thus he counted his invading army. The amazing thing was a king of Sparta that had been kicked out and was advising Xerxes told he that his army against 300 Spartans was not even a contest.[In fact the only reason the Spartans finally fell was someone betrayed their flank.]

  8. peter connor says:

    Nothing about our time is good except our material prosperity.

    That’s the problem, most likely….prosperity created by stealing from the future….

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