Whenever a large group of people seems to enjoy talking about something, back yourself up and stop to think: it is a lie. Whatever the Crowd likes is always a lie, usually a paired distraction from the real problem and scapegoating of an easier target so we can beat up wimps and feel like we have done something epic.

But it is always a lie because the Crowd always chooses based on what is mentally convenient for individuals in groups, not for someone who cares about the results of his actions and therefore needs a realistic read on the world. That person, the lone “individualist,” is in fact not an individualist but a unitivist, or someone who has bonded with his world by beating down his own solipsism.

Human perception is usually defined by psychological need, not realistic adaptation. In the way of nature, a few adapt while the rest live in illusion, and over time, the adapted gradually predominate over the rest. Human civilization reverses this, of course, because the rest have more votes than the adapted.

We refer to people engaging in fantasy-as-reality behavior as LARPing, autism or sperging but in reality, it is just a nerdy version of what humanity normally does. In the ghetto, everyone is an undiscovered star; in the third world, everyone is a king; in modern America, each person is a precious snowflake. This psychology is more consistent among humans than varied.

The biggest LARP these days is talk about “The Collapse” or the coming apocalypse. The delusional people come in several flavors: some think it will be climate change, others economic collapse, still others WWIII, and the really crazy think that the Rapture will come and Satan will rule this world while the righteous get beamed to the moon for free french fries. None of these are wholly wrong, but they are minimally right, meaning that they are ingredients not end products.

For example: Climate change is the effect of too many people and too much concrete displacing our forests, which is why the usual idiots are raving on about automobiles instead of looking at the actual problem; economic collapse is the result of a circular Ponzi scheme made by our liberal leaders to keep demand-side economics afloat; WWIII will happen when multiple bankrupt nations look at each other and realize war is the only way that their presidents get to stay in power; the truth of Satan ruling this world is that people are liars and the Lord of Lies wins whenever they are not oppressed by the small minority who are not habitually dishonest to themselves and others.

In contrast to all of these Hollywood fantasies, we have a pretty good idea of what collapse looks like, because it has happened many times before. In fact, collapse is the destination to which 99% of societies go, with a lucky 1% escaping for longer than a few hundred years, mainly because humans are pathological reality-deniers and reality denial destroys societies. It is not difficult to make an enduring society once one accepts that what most people “think” is true and “intend” is in fact the usual brew of impulse control problems, disguised cleverly.

When a society collapses, it just begins to fade away. Social organizations stop being effective but retain their power, which enables them to extract money from the population like cops taking bribes. People get stupider because the intelligent, tasking with keeping the herd in hand, have become exhausted and died out from too much babysitting of idiot monkeys. Soon, disorder becomes the norm, and the true nature of humanity comes out: individualists doing whatever they want and ignoring the consequences so they have more time to feel powerful inside their minds.

At that point, a former first-world societies resembles any of the majority of third-world societies that make up human civilization. People will live on little, have no future, and produce nothing lasting. Instead they will simply exist, in a timeless fashion that demands almost nothing from the individual and so is popular, with the trade-off that nothing can be done because nothing really works.

A few wealthy mostly-whites will rule over a vast horde of Caucasian-Asian-African hybrids. Mindless tedium will become the norm, and idiots will rule because the voters will have an average IQ in the high 80s or low 90s and be completely incapable of making even moderately complex decisions. The SHFT is LARP. Instead, it is a long slow decline into irrelevance.

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20 Responses to “SHFT Is LARP”

  1. JPW says:

    If they’ve been doing it for years, ask them if they activated their GOOD plan on 9-11…

  2. Robert says:

    The world is what we make it. Most of the great things, the valuable things, in this world are cheap. We don’t need things, what we need is people, relationships, and that is completely within our control. Our ancestors were poor compared to us, but they had community, that is what we lost, we gave it away to appease the false god called freedom.

  3. Jake Saga says:

    SHTF would be far preferable. ;)

  4. Dirtnapninja says:

    De Tocqueville predicted this..that democracy would reduce all men into timid, industrious sheep of which the government was the shepherd. He also predicted that this state would be ended by a revolution.

    • epochehusserl says:

      The alt right needs to attack the Gramscian revolution head on and address the fact that men have been reduced to industrious sheep in no small part because our leaders defer to women’s judgement. Its not misogyny to state this fact. Failure to recognize social patterns under the threat of being accused of “racism” and “sexism” has not led to a utopia. No one ever thinks of why “racism” and “sexism” were never problems before 1964. They are just part of nature.

  5. AntiDem says:

    SHTF is a probable scenario in limited amounts – e.g. a really bad urban riot, a particularly deep recession/depression, secession (the breakup of the USA is inevitable in the medium-to-long term), etc. For these, one should be prepared – have some extra food and water handy, first aid kits, firearms, and so on.

    But no, that’s not what collapse looks like overall. For an idea of what that looks like, read “De Reditu Suo”, by Rutilius Namatianus, a Roman who lived in the early 5th century, just as the western empire was collapsing in earnest. Namatianus decided to get out of town and return to his family’s farm in Gaul – not a bad plan, all things considered. His account of the journey from Rome to Gaul – once a safe journey on smooth, well-guarded roads – is harrowing. Uncared-for roads and bridges had collapsed or been washed away, bandits plied their trade everywhere, wolves were back in what had been bustling trade routes. When he traveled by boat, pirates – which had once been cleared from the Mediterranean by the Romans – were a constant worry. Namatianus did make it home – but he considered himself very lucky to have done so.

    He did have the right idea, however, when it came to getting out of the city and onto some farmland. Do you really want to survive a collapse? Then here’s a plan: 1) Move to a small town which has good farming and/or fishing territory around it, and which is no more than 5% minority, 2) get involved with the community; joining a local church is especially recommended, 3) having befriended some locals, get them to take you hunting, fishing, and camping with them; this will both be a bonding experience and teach you some valuable skills, 4) learn to plant a garden, and do that for fun instead of playing with your PS4. All of that will ensure your survival far better than having a dozen AR-15s and a closet full of MREs.

    And here’s the thing: Even if SHTF never happens, doing all of that will improve your quality and enjoyment of life on a level you can’t even believe.

    • DysgenicGarbagge says:

      I can’t agree more. I was about to write a similar comment and you stole my thunder. I envision that there will be SHTF events and the will become more common and each time we will settle into a new normal as the capacity to rebound from them diminishes. SHTF in Alabama in 2011, but everything got back to normal. But imagine if the Big One hit in California, and neither the government or the market could fix the damage like in the novel 2030, which everyone should read. Like you said, doing the things to be prepared are things which can still add value to your life like having a community of like minded people to socialize with, to keeping your priorities and budget in check which allows you to avoid buying stupid shit and being another debt slave. Bugging out is basically urban, or suburban hiking, how can knowing the woods and streams and dirt roads in your area be a negative thing. The only thing negative about the preppers movement in my mind is the paranoia and anxiety. I work at a grocery store and one day I was looking in the magazine section and they have these prepper magazines with guys in gas masks brandishing AR’s on the covers right next to homesteading magazines with smiling couples in their fifties. It struck me that these are the same thing, but one group is happier and well adjusted. On a side note, I think actual LARPING has positive benefits like getting out doors and socializing which almost means that it doesn’t qualify as LARPING in the way we use the term.

    • Ernst says:

      I that plan as ideal for a collapse because your descendants are ones who are really going benefit from all of that. For this, it is really a long term more, than short term plan in which only our own selves would enjoy life.

  6. J.j. Cintia says:

    No. This scenario has happened several times already. The End of the Weimar Republic. The End of the British Pound being the World’s Reserve Currency was also much more chaotic than is admitted Today.
    Yugoslavia is a real life example of SHTF with “diversity”. Only a Police State like Tito set up can make people who hate each other co-exist without open warfare. That’s the dirty secret of “diversity”. They don’t expect anyone to get along at all. They want enough conflict and fear to get people to accept more draconian measures to set up a police state. Like when dumbass Bush used 9/11 to make airports into grope sessions.
    SHTF is the inevitable result of this stupid naked attempt at power by the JV team. They don’t understand divide and conquer. You need a dedicated force of jackboots or soldiers to make that work. Their mercenaries are hardly better than mall cops. SHTF is inevitable now.
    You’ll see a retail apocalypse this year. Stocks will rise and fall every day like a roller coaster. Inflation will take off, and a run on banks will follow. Then shelves will be emptied out as frenzied shoppers buy everything before the money becomes worthless. The US Dollar losing World Reserve Currency status could cause bank runs, closures and hyperinflation in a matter of days.
    Ethnic cleansing and Civil War II will follow that. Nothing can ever happen until it does. Let me tell ya. Its happened before.

    • epochehusserl says:

      Here’s the paragraph from Sir Glubb in The Fate of Empires:

      An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk, tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded. Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed.

  7. ray says:

    Can I get some ketchup with those fries?

  8. Dave says:

    Not saying SHTF won’t happen, I honestly don’t know, but the collapse I fear most is a gradual one-percent annual decline all the way into another Dark Age. Everything just slowly falls apart and no one can figure out why (the answer, dysgenics, isn’t even a word according to my spell-checker), or they’re too focused on the present to even notice.

    “Progress” in the 1960s meant putting men on the Moon; today it means putting men in the ladies’ room.

    • the collapse I fear most is a gradual one-percent annual decline all the way into another Dark Age.

      That is exactly what it looks like. My two corollaries here: (1) a Dark Age — return of high selection and low trust — would be a good thing, and (2) the one-percent annual decline has been going on for at least a millennium, so it is mostly likely even subtler than one percent, but will accelerate as it comes close to fully displacing the traditional civilization. We are now in the period of that acceleration, and it ends with us becoming Brazil or Mexico.

  9. thordaddy says:

    “We” are immersed in a perpetuating (white) self-annihilation that does not present “us” a collective solution outside of a voluntary and personally explicit articulation of this reality and how to transcend this “walking zombie” phenomenon.

    The reality is a mass of (white) self-annihilators in symbiotic regression with a cabal of high IQ “jewhites” prophesying profitably a perpetuating of this (white) self-annihilation.

    The anti-zeitgeist is wS.

    • explicit articulation of this reality

      I agree this is the core strategy. We must make it clear to our people how we got to this position, what psychological backdoor was used, and how to reverse it on the level of our psychology. All of that must happen before we are ready to leave modernity behind.

  10. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    Maybe the fall of Rome I think is a good example. I learned in history that that is the reason for the rise of the Feudal system of the Middle Ages that I think deserves a lot more study that it gets. Even on this blog the emphasis seems to be on kings but the Feudal system was certainly not Monarchy. Rather a very complex system of balances between princes kings and the church.

    • …the Feudal system was certainly not Monarchy. Rather a very complex system of balances between princes kings and the church.

      This is why this system — or rather, type of civilization design — is referred to as aristocracy, which correctly encapsulates what it is. However, that causes confusion with modern readers who do not realize that aristocracy includes monarchy.

      The aristocratic way of life involves multiple layers of nobility from local lords all the way up to the king, and since one caste has been established, the other two are also created, following one of several models (Nordic: Jarls – Nobility, Carls – Warriors/Artisans, Thralls – unskilled and semi-skilled labor; Hindu: Brahmins – nobility and priests, Kshatriya – Warriors/Artisans, Vaisya – merchants, Sudra – unskilled and semi-skilled labor). These follow the general intelligence divisions in The Bell Curve but also reflect moral character and degree of natural instinct toward what is not just utilitarian but transcendent.

      The church was useful when it was ruled by the kings; after that, it began to compete with them for authority, creating political turmoil that always ended badly. Strong power is good; divided power is weak, and so causes civilization decay and defers problems that later detonate at full intensity.

      An interesting thread related to this concept is the toxicity of law and politics generally.

  11. J.j. Cintia says:

    All this decline talk misses the core issue. We’ve had decline for decades already. Wages and standards have fallen since the 1970s. This decline is only possible as long as core functions and services continue. A society of rich and poor is inherently unstable. The only thing that held America together was the Middle Class. That core of Middle is now collapsing. The rich are insane and the poor are stupid. Neither insane or stupid will keep this charade going. Without a Middle large enough to keep the core functions going, collapse is INEVITABLE.

  12. Slow decline or overnight Mad Max scenario? Trying to pick from those two guarantees only one thing – you’ll be wrong. History has seldom, if ever, followed a nice straight line, and I doubt it will in the future. My guess is that the decline we’re seeing will be punctuated with frighteningly steep drops. At some point, one or more of those steep drops will be recognized as the end of an era, and life will never be the same again.

    The worst possible scenario would be a slow, gradual decline as some here have suggested. Perhaps I’m too much of an optimist to believe that scenario. I believe that at some point, the complex system that our civilization requires to function will simply collapse. The government that remains will have no means to enforce its will upon anyone and will dissolve in irrelevancy. That will be the opportunity that we need – the relatively clean slate. In a new free market of ideas of how to govern, it will be the time-proven system of monarchy/aristocracy that will prove successful.

    Roberto Vacca, in his book, The Coming Dark Age, describes modern civilization as a great machine that continues to run only because it has built up the momentum to keep it going. If the machine stops for any reason, it cannot start again in the same configuration. The inertia is just too great, and the low-hanging fruit of easily harvested resources is long gone.

    Dr. John Tainter, author of The Collapse of Complex Societies, demonstrates how civilizations move toward more complexity for the benefits that complexity brings with it. Complexity also brings with it a lack of resiliency that is a slow, but terminal disease to a civilization. I am convinced that is where we are now.

    AntiDem said it well, beginning with “Then here’s a plan:”. What he described sounds suspiciously like what the Southern Agrarians of the 1920-30’s advocated. That’s a pattern of life that I and my family have been following for many years. The spiritual, mental, and physical benefits of that lifestyle have been very rewarding – and I have no doubt they will only be greater as things deteriorate.

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