Roots Of Modern Anti-Semitism

While anti-Semitism makes no sense because it scapegoats one group for the failure of the much larger phenomenon of Western Individualism, it is easy to see how it came about in the modern time because of the unfortunate affinity of a large percentage of Jews for egalitarian ideologies which also reveals the eternal tragedy of the Jewish people in Europe and Eurasia:

In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin. They too, of course, were gradually eliminated in the next purges. In a fascinating lecture at a Tel Aviv University convention this week, Dr. Halfin described the waves of soviet terror as a “carnival of mass murder,” “fantasy of purges”, and “essianism of evil.” Turns out that Jews too, when they become captivated by messianic ideology, can become great murderers, among the greatest known by modern history.

When 2% of the population represents nearly 40% of the Communist Party, they will be targeted. Herzl recognized this when he noticed that among national populations, those who do not fit the national profile are attacked whenever things go wrong. But even more, when a stereotype becomes somewhat true, the brutality that follows seems justified or at least forgivable to most people, despite being unrealistic.

Naturally the tragedy of the Jews comes into play here. The Jewish diaspora began before the Jewish people were exiled from Palestine. It lies in the mixed-race nature of the Jewish population, who were probably once European but became merged with Asiatics and Asiatic-African hybrids because of Israel’s place as the center of world commerce at the time.

The Jews are a bourgeois tragedy: successful in business, they accepted everyone, which led to them changing from a European population to a mixed one. This guaranteed them a home on none of the continents and, when their homeland in the middle east was dispossessed from them, a wandering group who could never point to an origin and say “there, alone, we belong.”

Like the good businesspeople of the West today, the original Jews accepted diversity because it made good business sense. Thriving businesses do not turn down customers because of their national origin. But in doing so, the Jewish people invited in the hybridization that ensured they would never have a racial home or continental home except themselves.

This fundamental alienation led to a fascination with anti-majority movements for many Jews, explaining their higher participation in Leftist movements. However, their lack of an identity in one of the four root races — Australid, Caucasian, Asian and African — then turned against them, as even the Communists recognized the power of nationalism.

While this seems like a problem without solution, nationalism solves this problem. A new race was made: the Jewish people. It belongs to no one but itself, and it needs its own homeland, whether in Israel or Madagascar. It will never be European again, but it can be the best of what it is, and this begins with a divorce from the alienation that has led it into so many disasters.

In the meantime, these historical events prove how nonsensical anti-Semitism is. Our problem in the West is that we are following the path that the ancient Jews did because, as individuals, we are willing to “succeed” at the expense of civilization. We cannot blame others for our own moral failing, and indeed, doing so obscures what we must do, which is to change our ways.

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15 Responses to “Roots Of Modern Anti-Semitism”

  1. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    I noticed that sometimes when anti-Semitism comes up, it seems to be when Jewish people are advocating the wrong types of things. It is not always like that but it seems to be at least one aggravating cause. The first time I noticed this was in the Ukraine when Jewish people were the tax collectors for the Polish overlords. That could not have added any degree of popularity of Jews by the local population. There was a time in the Persian Empire I think Jews were supporting the rebellion against the King and that rebellion failed. That is sometimes I think Anti Semitism is tie to support for bad causes. The Expulsion from Spain was I also think linked Jewish sympathy towards Muslims. This could not have garnered any sympathy for Jewish people by Isabella or Ferdinand. To some degree in modern times I also have noted Jewish support for really bad causes and it evokes a kind of panic and anguish in me to see that.
    The actual closing of the yeshivas in Persia I should mention was not due to that original cause of siding with the wrong side, but rather later when the monarch wanted to enforce the kind of scheme sharing of wives and no private property. At that point quite rightly Jewish people said “NO.”

  2. cecilhenry says:

    ‘Anti-semitism’ makes complete sense.

    It is self-defense as has been admitted by so many time and time again.

    Come on, is opposition to a groups actions never justified?? ITs absurd to argue such on the face of evidence.

  3. Cryptogenic says:

    The lachrymose history of the Jews, like that of the Irish, is entirely self-invented. I can’t imagine genuine tragedy without stoicism, something Jews lack. Whether they have a homeland or not, they are going to pursue international business. So are whites. I don’t think the current scheme has somehow backfired on Jews by any means.

  4. Wesley says:

    And, of course, none of this rationalization exempt them of their crimes, or legitimize them in any form.
    You see, greedy people, corrupt people, tyrannic people, evil people – they exist everywhere, be the society homogenous or not, but what the Jews have different from others is that they’re an Alien group who lives parasiting others, and all the while undermining their host country, people and culture.
    No Greedy, Corrput, Tyrannic and Evil person of the past would dare to replace their own population by others, or destroy their culture in favor of others, or willingly weaken their country in favor of others.

    Also, you got the first part wrong: the first Jews were Asiatic from Arabia, they were called Hyksos, or, how the Egyptians called them: Apiru, Hapiru, Habiru, Hebrew.
    They gained European genes while moving to Egypt and north to today’s Israel, Syria and Anatolia.

    • Salmed says:

      Pharaonic Egypt wasn’t a White kingdom as opposed to a meeting of the Levant and East Africa.

  5. Fitz says:

    I agree with the general approach but am a believing Catholic and cant dismiss the reality of evil and the overwhelming importance of Yushua of coarse. I always take such discussions as “tracking” language used as a “secular” alternative for the “theologically challenged”. (no insult intended)

    quibble – As an Ashkenazi I think of myself as European albeit without a single traditional homeland there. That is an important point along with others brought up in Brett Stevens article. However I think 2000 years of outbreeding and sporadic and shifting settlement’s qualifies one as properly “Western” and “European”.

    • We seek that which is “Western Civilization” via that which is “Western European” which means those who act like, appear similar to, and exhibit the classical Western European ideals.

    • Epaminondas says:

      “…but am a believing Catholic…”

      “As an Ashkenazi I think of myself as European…”

      Huh? What, exactly, are you???

      • Fitz says:

        A cradle Catholic and Jew… both parents, some non-converts – (Grandmother), lax “Americanized” lite & secular reverts, but a strong Catholic identity on the Fathers side going back generations and strong Catholic pedagogy.

  6. Herzog says:


    sincere question: What makes you think “the Jewish population … were probably once European”?

    Wouldn’t that require that there be at least traces of evidence for the most ancient Jews / Israelites having spoken an Indo-European or Paleo-Asia-Minor language?

    Supposing for a moment you share this assumption, I’m not aware of any such evidence: To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing but Hebrew documented as the ancient ethnic language. And Hebrew is thoroughly Semitic, with Semitic languages even being more closely related to a vast array of African tongues than to Indo-European ones.

    On the other hand, if you see my linguistic base assumption as incorrect, I would like to learn why.

    • > What makes you think “the Jewish population … were probably once European”?

      Two things:

      (1) The Italic maternal line
      (2) The predominantly European genetics

      Jews are basically Europeans, plus 2-5% Other.

      • james wilson says:

        When I see (frequently) Israeli Jews whose families never left the middle east after the Diaspora they are indistinguishable from the darkest Arabs. The HBD evidence points to the Ashkenazi being almost exactly one half European–Italian, French, and German in that order, the great majority Italian (or Roman), zero eastern European. They did not mix in the middle ages. In the Diaspora, families tended to stay in the Levant, as they always had before. But the first destination for young men without families was Rome, the home of the greatest number of Jews outside Israel and the land of opportunity. There were never going to be enough Jewish women to meet the demand. Apparently, though, they chose wisely. The women, for their part, may have faced a paucity of Roman men, lost to war and the things men do. Conversion afforded them better options. The rule of heritage passing down through the maternal line was stood on it’s head by necessity and buried from history later.

  7. Herzog says:

    I’m not familiar with recent genetic studies very much, so I’ll take your Italic maternal line argument at face value.

    As to your broader “predominantly European genetics,” couldn’t that easily be the result of two millenia of diaspora, mainly in Europe?

    While I have no difficulty accepting that today’s Israeli Jews are predominantly European genetically, weren’t you saying that the original / AT Jews were so already? But that would be a different proposition, and in that case it would have to be explained how those alleged genetic Europeans had become fully Semiticized linguistically by 1,000 BCE.

  8. james wilson says:

    The HBD evidence is well above my head, but has coalesced over time to fifty percent European, yet with no eastern European mix. This means that when 80% of the worlds Jews lived in Poland, for example, there was no mixing. I interpret this to mean that the interbreeding stopped in a century or three after the Diaspora when young men did not have to strike out to foreign lands in relatively large numbers without families. The Roman connection would have been first and foremost, then long established connections of Roman Jews may have provided the way for young men to try their hand in French and German lands when they were still Roman.

    The European genetic connection 1000 BC makes no sense to me, and I don’t address it.

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