Returning to a world that makes sense


A TSA agent spent several minutes groping a 10 year old girl after finding a juice box and cell phone in her luggage, explaining those actions by saying “we don’t live in a make sense world.”

This reminds us that not only are government officials just following orders and applying standard procedure, they feel no need for any of it to make sense. This is appropriate for a society that expects senseless actions and employs no tolerance policies mandating rigid responses that remove reason and judgment from determining appropriate handling for any situation.

In a reason-based society, you should be able to interrupt an official performing a mandated task and receive a satisfactory answer when asking them what they expect that task will accomplish. If they don’t know, or don’t think it will accomplish anything, they should not mindlessly perform their duty.

Some Luddites have warned us that the technology that promised to make our lives easier has instead enslaved us to an avalanche of email, texts, and links we need to check for and click on. Just as we have turned humans into procedural robots that work for the needs of computers that should function on our behalf, we have likewise inverted our relationship with rules by creating binding directives at odds with our goals.

Our system of rules is in constant expansion and is assumed sensible and benign only because this was previously the case. With reason increasingly banished from society and rational scrutiny considered offensive and antisocial, we may have reached the limits our of ability to design governing systems.

Surveying the chain of derailment shows us we got lost with successive waves of revolution against reality, accelerated most recently from 1950-1970 with waves of beatniks, hippies, and feminists who proposed compelling fantasies of flower-power, equality, trigger warnings and peace through surrender, despite significant conflict necessitating actual resolution.

This set the stage for political correctness, which ushered in microaggressions, pretending to feel threatened because alternative ideas are communicated, and identifying as whatever characteristics one wished themselves to possess. Surely future methods of crafting fantasies will continue to disconnect further from the real world.

We should consider simplifying all this by returning to a world that makes sense.

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23 Responses to “Returning to a world that makes sense”

  1. crow says:

    “Thank you for doing your job.” !!!
    If that’s not passive acquiescence, I don’t know what is. On the other hand, that little girl did resemble a suicide bomber.

    • If (1) all people are equal and (2) not all terrorists are Muslim, she could very easily be a suicide bomber. All that’s missing is motive, and now she has that.

  2. Tom Iron says:

    Don’t think in terms of black people (groping the girl} and “sense.”

  3. moe connoisseur says:

    Drop the requirement that jobs should make sense to everyone involved with them and you get much more flexibility. People don’t need to learn the context of their work, so they can be swapped around more easily. No-one is going to disobey in order to make sense, so parts in the work chain can interface directly to the job description. It’s inefficient in getting the thing done, but it’s efficient in setting up getting the thing done. Just like nonsensical methods of coding have taken over where “fast” is the keyword, these nonsense-jobs will take over every facet of work where speed of change is important. I agree this method of organizing work shouldn’t be used on a large scale (time or quantity), but it is the sensible organization when there is much to change and little time.

  4. hurr burr says:

    lol I was a airport security once.
    Then they sacked me for criticizing stupid and unnecssary rules and procedures.
    Even they knew somethings were bs. My sec. cheif said ”thinking is not our job, we just do what we told” .

    -and this wasn’t even in USA.

  5. The Nameless Arcana says:

    Hey guys,

    Society makes PERFECT sense, because it is a FARM.

    Why did the farm get so big?

    Because we are SELF-OBSESSED. We are afraid of DEATH, to the point in which we don’t LIVE.

    Cross the abyss and you will realize that THERE IS NO SELF. There is no past or future, there is only the present moment!

    There is only one thing to do….LIVE! :)

    If you can’t be happy now, THEN YOU WILL NEVER BE.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m totally feeling Trump and all…

    Well, I can’t think of anything else to really say, but I know what CROW knows…

    “Everything is FOLLY”. So LIVE until you DIE!
    Stop sitting around reading shit and go out there and learn from DIRECT EXPERIENCE! :)

    Everything is made worthless when compared to LIFE!

    RIP Lemmy Kilmister

    • crow says:

      Your sign-off would indicate that you do not, in fact, have any idea what a crow knows.
      Most parrots could do better than that.
      Still, Evolution works its magic in mysterious ways, so time will tell.

    • -A says:

      I knew someone from the Left Hand Path was going to announce themselves sooner or later. I have read comments here or there from many different handles which touted that particular approach to existentialism.

      Everybody already acts like there is nothing but the present moment. That is not working out well for us, now is it?

      The neurosis of people who only know the present is that they fear death but then, they commit to marching slowly but directly into it. They make damn sure to arrange their own deaths with everything at their disposal. Then, when they get it, they violently writhe and thrash against it.

      Sure, society is a farm. It is a farm created by Nobles designed to keep decent but less capable people from dying. When we take away the core principles of how this farm is supposed to work (with farmers, not bureaucrats pussyaching at the farmhands for not being proper farmers and taking all of their produce while getting self-righteous about when the farmer used to do it in different ways and for different reasons) we are left with fences and procedures that are made just to give the appearance that the farm is doing okay. Of course it isn’t because, the Napoleon piggies who are in charge do not want to admit they are failing. This does not make sense in regards to the order that everyone is attempting to co-opt.

      • -A says:

        Also, no offense to Crow but, when I was reading one of his comments a looooooong time ago, he was also talking about ego-nullification and some such topics and I also assumed he was a Left Hander. He isn’t. He is some kind of Zen cynic with sixty odd years of life experience that I doubt any of us have ever had.

        • crow says:

          Everybody already acts like there is nothing but the present moment. That is not working out well for us, now is it?

          This is a paradox that very few people have any grasp of. It is both true and absolutely not true.
          The key to everything is to completely inhabit the present moment. To be it. But leftists misunderstand what that means, as completely as they always do. They are incapable of ever being present, anywhere, any time. Their version of this truth is to disregard past and future, thereby learning nothing from experience, and being completely ignorant of likely consequences.
          These two states are as opposite as you can get, yet each is described as ‘being in the moment’.
          I use the term ‘leftist’ a lot, but what I really mean by that is ‘egotist’, since it is ego that causes a leftist to become a leftist in the first place.
          Ego renders life no more than a movie that the leftist watches, without ever participating/living in it. Disconnected. Without context. And no consequences involved.

          • -A says:

            Ego renders life no more than a movie that the leftist watches, without ever participating/living in it. Disconnected. Without context. And no consequences involved

            This is touted as a high truth in and of itself that the existentialist observes. This is not only a bad habit of the left or egotistical but it is sacralized.

  6. Jpw says:

    The TSA deems more like.a social conditioning effort than a legitimate protection. I remember listening engineer from Boeing describe.a.way to secure airports with less.than half the personnel and intrusion. One mid-level functionary at an.aerospace firm can’t be the only one that is aware that the TSA is not the best way to protect airports.

    • -A says:

      I realized the same thing about high school. Most things are ultimately either a indoctrination and conditioning campaign. All high school was, was enforcement that White people are bad, creationism is on par with evolution (because the government requires both be “taught” and see how nice government is?) and personal lives could be intruded upon and used as a basis of judgement by one of four vice-principles who wouldn’t even know your name until called to his/her office, you will be told what is “proper/aesthetic/edgy/cool/interesting/creative” in the name of “fairness/majority/minority/tradition/modernity/government sanction” all at once and often pitted against each other to stave off real argument, the dumbass wrapped in duct-tape and cardboard to make a statement is expressing himself and a Goth is disruptive and if you leave campus for lunch, skip school, or get into a fight over a perfectly logical reason due to either honor culture or even flat out personal safety then the police will arrest you even if you are eighteen.

      That was high school and none of my fellow students, many of whom were more mature than me in many ways, understood what the problem was or how to verbalize what problems they did perceive. Some very promising kids became drug addicts and promiscuous. Lives went into the dirt because they did not realize that the hand holding they never saw would be ripped away as soon as they left high school and made any real attempt at having their own lives. I wish I got over my introverted and resentful phase while I was around what in retrospect were pretty nice people. I knew then what I know now in that regard though, they never would have listened and they would have thought I was crazy. I would have been popular though. I kind of was. The actual outcasts by choice were strangely popular in the early oughts. Not needing approval tends to make people interested in that person.

      • Most things are ultimately either a indoctrination and conditioning campaign.

        For school, it’s even deeper than propaganda: get used to spending 8-10 hours a day hanging out somewhere doing busywork and accepting orders unquestioningly from your superiors, while ingratiating yourself to (1) whatever dogma holds sway and (2) the difficult, broken, neurotic and petty people you encounter.

        Jobs are jails. School is a pipeline to servitude.

        • -A says:

          Hell, it can even be a pipeline to sexual “grooming” (I hate what the left has done to that noble word. I prefer the term “priming”)what with the inappropriate sex-ed classes and the dysfunctional anti-culture obsessed with offensive coitus and sodomy.

          • Leftists governments traditionally love degeneracy, as Huxley so wonderfully illustrated. It keeps the people busy and compliant. Same with drink, drugs and television.

      • JPW says:

        John Dewey openly advertised to people that public education would provide such a service. It was intended to take the piss out of the human animal.

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