Resurrecting A Western European America

The media will never tackle this, but Donald Trump recently addressed the oldest problematic immigrant group to America: the Irish.

In doing so, he revealed the vast amount of of illegal Irish immigration to the United States:

Kenny congratulated Trump on his election in remarks, telling the American president who likes to talk about the victory, ‘You beat them all.’

But then in a coded message about the estimated 50,000 Irish living in the U.S. illegally, he raised the topic of illegals with Irish passports – carefully never using the phrase illegal or undocumented but talking about being able to ‘stand out in the light’.

…An estimated 50,000 of the United States’ illegal immigrant population is from Ireland. Another 34.5 million Americans say they have Irish blood.

Other than the obvious, which is putting the lie to the Leftist assertion that recent immigration enforcement is “racist,” this revelation evokes knowledge of how disastrous immigration by other than Western European groups has been for America. Irish immigration provoked corrupt politics, a mixed culture, increased instability and finally, a political revolution toward blockhead fundamentalism.

This reveals how much each type of European needs a different type of civilization. Western Europeans prefer the orderly and abstract, starchily dry WASP society that the United States was before it failed; Southern Europeans and the Irish like Catholic theocracies; Eastern Europeans prefer strongmen in charge, hopefully standing next to a church. None are wrong but none are compatible.

A sensible policy might be for America to re-assert a WASP identity as we set about rebuilding this failed state and replacing it with a working nation. We cannot do that with the “proposition nation” and “magic dirt,” including as applies to Southern/Irish and Eastern Europeans.

With the rise of a WASP America, 35 million ex-Irish would return home bearing new skills and attitudes, helping Ireland recover from the slump it has been in since prehistoric times. Southern and Eastern Europe, both struggling to replenish their populations, would similarly welcome those who have been living in America.

Right now most Western efforts involve hard denial of the fact that Western Civilization has failed. Once we accept that, we can clean up the mess, put everyone back in the right place, and reconstruct a functional civilization without the errors of the past thousand years. The next thousand years are ours!

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11 Responses to “Resurrecting A Western European America”

  1. Brett,

    End diversity message goes. But Ireland is hardly in a slump. It’s GDP per capita is 69.375$, placing it on 11th place in the world, couple of spots in front of United States.

  2. JPW says:

    Are Green Krispy-Kreme doughnuts on St. Paddy’s Day cultural appropriation and racism?

  3. DysgenicGarbagge says:

    I think alot of people claiming to have Irish blood is a fad that has no basis in genealogy. Sort of like all the people who claim to be part Indian. They do it because it sets them apart and makes them feel cool. There were so many people on my college campus in Alabama claiming to be part Irish in 2006 when The Departed came out. I think the reasoning went like this. There’s Scots-Irish in the south, I’m in the South ergo I’m Scots-Irish ergo I’m Irish ergo I’m like those cool bad-asses in that movie. All these DNA testing services will clear a lot of this up. I’m straight founding stock on my father’s side. Now I just have to wait for some old relative to do one on my mother’s side.

    • Svmmoned says:

      I’m not so sure about Indian influx. When I see somewhat uninteresting faces of white Americans, there is often something in them that doesn’t look like anything produced on European ground.

      • Most likely trace admixture. Combine Italian, Polish, Irish and anything else and you will get something that looks mostly Caucasian, somewhat Asian and with fringe Middle Eastern influences.

  4. guest says:

    Immigration enforcement is apparently only beyond the pale against non whites (pun intended), because if you want to enter the US from Europe or Canada, well you better buckle up, because suddenly those laws are taken very seriously, now every t has to be crossed and every i dotted! Even once in, you have to report your every move back to the embassy, like if you change a motel, they track your bank account as well, and if your funds get low, bellow a certain threshold, it’s “au revoir” (good bye).

    I know a local woman who was deported from the US because she overstayed a few days, but only because some paperwork was delayed in the post over a holiday weekend (holidays between countries don’t always align), didn’t matter, the law is the law, deadlines are deadlines, and now she’s barred from re-entering the US for a whole whopping decade, a white Christian woman!

    I told her to get a poncho and cross the Rio Grande, i guess that sanctuary thing applies to whitey too?

    Bullet bullet dodged tho.

  5. Dracula's Cat says:

    Anyone expecting Irish or Italians to leave to return to a WASP paradise is fooling themselves. Also, we tend to be less pozzed than actual WASPs.

    This worship of the WASP is just as bizarre as the ‘muh constitution’ foolishness. The Irish and the Italians in Europe are not allowing Muslims to groom and rape their children and don’t have their capitals run by Muslims. The English cannot say the same. Then there are the Germans & Swedes and their suicidal tendencies.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Brett, what if someone, like many white Americans are, is, say going from one’s known genealogy; English, English, Irish, German, English, Flemish, Swedish, and who the hell knows what else! Lol (Or if that’s even one’s correct genealogy. We are going by surnames, not human nature and it’s failings, going by blind trust basically.) How exactly would you sort this for where one ‘belongs’? Go further back and just say Anglo-Saxon, Norman? I just don’t understand this detail, I guess.

    This cat may be already out of the bag.

    Maybe there is some other category of grouping of people we are missing. Something higher than ethnicity.

  7. Thewaters says:

    I agree that the US is a WASP nation, but im curious to know if you personally identify as a Protestant? Is it possible that the West failed precisely because it became Protrstant? Also, what do you think of the Scotch and French?

    • Is it possible that the West failed precisely because it became Protrstant?

      I see this as a variation on the Nietzsche question: did Leftism arise from Christianity? My answer is no, and the one-shot proof is Athens. Extending that to Protestantism, the question is of cause and effect. In the case of the Protestants, they broke away from Catholicism for many reasons but one large and practical one: the Pope was competition to the kings for leadership, and this weakens nations. I am not anti-Catholic, but I do not think Catholicism is a good idea, nor do I consider it the original Christianity (to be honest, the original Christianity was probably the Greek stories on which the religion was based).

      Also, what do you think of the Scotch and French?

      There are a lot of good people in both of those nations. Scots were part of the original American WASP contingent; the French contributed a number of people as well, because many French people are more Western than Southern. Beyond that, it varies; France is highly diverse owing to the vast amounts of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asiatic and Semitic blood flowing through some parts of it.

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