Reddit Admins Claim /r/AltRight Ban Was Not Political

Over at social media site Reddit, the admins are claiming that the recent ban of the Alt Right community there was not motivated by politics, and not sudden, in contrast to what appears to be the case:

We reached out to AltRight several times to attempt to cure the issues that we saw there. In the end, it was clear that they would not be willing to operate that community in compliance with Reddit’s rules, and so we were left with a choice: allow that community to ignore the rules, or admit that we had irreconcilable differences. There really wasn’t much disagreement about the eventual outcome.

In contrast, here is what the /r/AltRight mods said just a few weeks ago:

As one of the moderators at the subreddit, I would say we are pretty vigilant about trying to abide by Reddit’s terms of service by removing “hate” speech such as slurs or taking down material that is proliferating personal information of people i.e. “doxing.” In fact, we were purposely hyper-vigilant by having absurd warnings like NSFW tags on posts and an age restriction warning on the subreddit just to inform readers that they were entering a “dangerous” part of the internet.

The only incidence where our subreddit may have violated these terms of service was promoting the WeSearchr bounty that was looking to bring justice to the masked man who assaulted Richard Spencer, President of the National Policy Institute and Editor of Radix Journal and This would not be the first time someone has been removed from a social media platform for promoting WeSearchr. I should know because I was banned from Twitter for promoting that exact WeSearchr bounty. Twitter informed me I was taking part in “targeted harassment” and then had my appeal denied. Apparently, trying to identify a criminal is now considered “doxing” but I digress.

Only one of these can be true. Either Reddit is incorrect, or the /r/AltRight guys are. And if Reddit is incorrect and is asserting that incorrect view now, then the political bias of Reddit is beyond question.

Since most of social media seems to be enforcing political correctness at this point in order to create the impression that “everyone agrees” on Leftist values, Reddit would be an anomaly if it did not enforce political censorship, but the Reddit guys seem to want to hold up that free speech banner so they can be cool like Julian Assange, Aaron Schwartz and other anarcho-libertarian hacker guys.

However, that all fades if there was no actual dialogue and no unresolved problems, but a sudden ban on a pretext. That looks less like violation of the rules, and more like a censor waiting to pounce, and eliminating a thriving community as a result. If that is the case, Reddit loses its free speech mantle and will have to admit that it is a safe space for Leftists, which then limits its wider audience and threatens to send it, like Twitter, Starbucks and Target, into a decline as Middle America abandons them.

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10 Responses to “Reddit Admins Claim /r/AltRight Ban Was Not Political”

  1. JPW says:

    SJWs always lie. SJWs always double down.

  2. A.B. Prosper says:

    It certainly was a 100% political decision

    Reddit is Leftist through and through

    That said the .Alt Right Sub-Reddit was a septic place and during my visits I couldn’t see what insentient arguing about Jews and using racial slurs instead of actual content was supposed to accomplish other than venting

    It sounded to me more like what a place where rabbits would go if they believed some of the things we do , all feels and no thinks

  3. don says:

    1000000000% political.

    I’m shocked that these “The Donald” or “Alt Right” or “Red Pill” or anyone else is still using that fucking worthless site.

    They need to be starved of their population and audience. They need to be drawn up as a full blown communist website. That’s them. It’s what they are. FUCK Reddit. I’m sorry but that site has been a garbage bin for a long fucking time and I see no excuse for anyone to still be using it.

    What Reddit is doing is disgraceful. So you might find some useful stuff there, great. You might get a laugh out of Sausage Party too. That doesn’t mean you should spend your money on seeing it. And it doesn’t mean you should contribute any of your own personal energy toward Reddit and their brand of authoritarian trash.

    The site needs to be killed. Anything that contributes to that is a good use of time.

    • A.B. Prosper says:

      Its happening slowly. A lot of people on The Donald and Red Pill are only there for those subs.

      In time they will be moving to alternatives.

  4. _Anon says:

    Reddit has become synonymous with “doxing”, “SWATing” and Reddit Journalism (eg the incompetent and incorrect naming of the Boston Bomber).

    The idea of Reddit may be worthy, but in practice it is populated and run by children and child-like adults. The quoted moderator seems to be proud about putting a bounty on somebody (see Reddit Journalism) and then whines when an adult comes along and punishes him for doing so (“I was just trying to help!”). This snowflake moderator is everything that is wrong with Reddit, and yet he and people like him are the ones in charge.

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  6. Slayer says:

    Brett, is it possible to retrieve your AMA interview at /r/AltRight? I’m hoping maybe you have a copy.

    Particularly, I’m looking for top 10 metal albums you recommended there. First list was albums to prove that metal is art, second is top 10 albums with nationalist spirit.