Race and Exit


So Kyrie Irving helps LeBron James win an NBA Title. Rightly or wrongly, this makes Kyrie one of the most popular sports figures in Black Amerika. So Kyrie does what I would have done. If, I, like my Nom-Du-Cyber, Jonathan Peter Wilkinson had made the drop-kick that won a Rugby World Cup it would be party time! So Kyrie got his hands on an @$$-kicking yacht and threw himself a flat-out bash.

Sadly, Kyrie Irving did something to cost him lots and lots of Black Cred. When threw his party, he rented the yacht, got his boys together and made a critical stipulation on the invite. He told them to only invite non-Black women along as dates. Sight unseen, you can tell Kyrie isn’t white. He just held a party, told his guests not to bring black chicks and he has yet to be shortened by a head. Here I thought (((diversity))) was our strength. Apparently not.

Now just because I’d totally hate it if anyone called me sexist, don’t think this desire for racial exit is one-sided. Christelyn Karazin, known on the Interwebz as “The Girl Who Swirls,” gives advice to black women who seek interracial relationships. She tends to advertise the positive and stay away from invective. In her view, it’s about expanding opportunity to enjoy lifetime happiness. She really does believe diversity = strength. And apparently she has enough of a following to rustle the jimmies of MGTOWs such as Sandman.

Others are less positivist and express a more deeply-rooted frustration.

Whither either side in this amusing YouTube spat is not material. What it shows is that under the pressure of forced diversity, even those who supposedly benefit are confronted with misery. It cannot work unless it naturally occurs. It has to occur on its own timescale amongst voluntary participants. Romans can slowly turn into Italians, but Rome can neither be built nor destroyed in a day.

Forcing people into proximity regardless of their preferences does not bring about a melting pot. It becomes instead a crucible. The hatreds never go away. They can be temporarily sublimated, but they remain. People notice these differences. They seek to escape that which threatens them. They chafe when they are prevented from egress. This re-inflames the hate. It satisfies the equation Diversity + Proximity = Conflict.

Only Freedom of Association will alleviate this condition and allow races, classes and religions to mix to the extent that they can do so in a healthy and positive manner. People should join who they want join and block the ones they believe they need to block. Private property and personal space should be private and personal respectively. What Kyrie Irving does on his yacht should pretty much be his business. Continued diversity at gunpoint will only lead to an explosion of violence. Trying to jump out of who we are isn’t going to make the process any less chaotic.

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  1. avraham says:

    I see race as pretty important from a evolutionary point of view. That is straight Charles Darwin. Race is the beginning of the divide of one species into two. To try and stop this -to fight nature-is doomed to failure. Another reason race is important is it is in fact how people react to others. A third reason is that there are characteristics unique to different races.

  2. Sam says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t invite any black chicks to MY party either. But then I’m one of those Evil White Supreeeeeeeemacists.
    Couldn’t watch the videos. They were unintelligible with that trash rap. Just too unbearable.

  3. In the end, even after blacks burn down a city, white boys will return to worshiping black athletes and rappers, and white girls will go back to imitating Beyonce and chasing after negro studs.

    Globalism is worship pf raw power, and blacks got the most elementary kind of fist, booty, and ‘muh dick’.

    OJ fiasco and black ugliness did nothing to dampen white addiction to black superbowl that year.

    White people must boycott and be free of the Afropium if they want to rise above the black threat.


    If the killer had been Muslim, Trump would say ‘no Muslim immigration’.

    If the killer had been a Mexican illegal, Trump would say higher walls.

    But the killer is black, so Trump is silent on that score, even though 11 white cops were shot.

    It goes to show blacks are the Invisible Thug. Whatever bad thing they do, we are not supposed to see color.

    PS. Whites are a strange breed. They are the ONLY people whose support can be won by insulting them. PC says blacks and Jews are good as a people; they can only be bad as individuals. In contrast, PC says whites are bad as a group; they can only be good as individuals… or as a group devoted to self-debasement.

    So, when you insult whiteness, ‘good’ white individuals will join your side to demonstrate that they reject their ‘bad’ group identity. They are just individuals devoted to justice and freedom. And if they have a collective identity, it is to support Israel, homomania, or MLK-worship.

    Whites may form white communities but always in admiration of something un-white or anti-white.

    • Dualist says:

      There are so many brilliant, perceptive statements made in this comment I wouldn’t even know where to start praising it.

      • Dualist says:

        Since yesterday I’ve checked out your three blogs. I’v read as much of your book-length articles as time permitted. All I’ve got to say is: wow. And it takes a lot to impress me.

        I imagine Brett will soon link to your blogs if he hasn’t already done so.

        As well as superior erudition, you show signs of being one of those rare people possessing the gifts of both deep analysis and wonderful prose-writing.

        Are you REALLY a woman? ;)

    • Jpw says:

      A lot of sad truth there. And they can’t even grap the hostility someone like Kanye displays when he gets with one of their women.

    • -A says:

      We simply have to either de-power or remove our own traitors. Furthermore, White people have become all too comfortable with not meeting their own fullest potentials. We have to remove the peasantry’s influence in de-clawing the best our people can become.

  4. Dr. Evil says:

    A good woman needs to be submissive to her man . Black women have been encouraged to mouth off and be aggressive . That doesn’t mean they all ail are, but it has rubbed off on a lot of them . Asian women are still submissive if they are first generation Americans, but they are obnoxious about their feeling of entitlement to forge documents and bring 20 cousins in . Latina women are OK if you find a Christian one and marry her , but the rest are drug addicts , alcoholics, and they are loud obnoxious and for the most part stupid, with not much insights other than pop culture. The best thing to do in terms of modern women ( if you are not willing to get married ) is to use them briefly for what they are worth , but be careful to not let them cut into your “me ” time, or you will have little time to read, enjoy peace and quiet, and build skills.

    • -A says:

      Mestizo females (not a damn thing Latin about them) are only okay if you don’t mind congealing out mutt bastards.

  5. -A says:

    Diversity+Proximity=Entitlement to Sex with your Race. This eventually leads to war when the real men aren’t scared of being called racists and concentrate social groups.

  6. Dualist says:

    Perhaps the ‘Black Lives Matter’ hysteria will have a consequence Obama-n-Co never foresaw: the more that Blacks show racial solidarity and consciousness, the more Whitey will also?

    I only hope no White Wolves dust off the ol’ sniper rifles and take aim at the next ‘peaceful’ demonstration. Because the outcome of that could escalate VERY quickly. I’m sure the media would spend a lot more time covering it than when 5 ‘fascist pigs’ get slaughtered.

    • Jpw says:

      You pray in vain. This is what your LCD skinheads have waited for. The enemy in the open.

      • Dualist says:

        Oh, I’d never PRAY for something like that to happen. I imagine I’m no more of a ‘hater’ than you are. I certainly don’t believe other races are the ROOT of the problem, as my previous comments should make abundantly clear.

        As for skinheads of the LCD variety, I wouldn’t know, as this is the most ‘extreme’ site I visit. Yes, I have seen much violence in my life, perhaps not always (or even often) for noble causes, though never once against an opponent who didn’t deserve to get battered, not one single time. Perhaps if you had been brought up in an area like I had you would understand it would be hard to be otherwise. I do admit there was a several-year stint when I grew to enjoy violence, and this was (shamefully) AFTER I had used my natural intelliegence, almost unheard of in somebody of my personality and physical makeup, to obtain a golden ticket away from the streets of boarded-up terraces.

        I now look on those days with sadness and shame. I am not a thug, I won’t permit bullying of any type, and when fighting smaller opponents, as was often inevitable, I would only use the minimum of force necessary, ideally a quick knock out, nothing more, unless he REALLY deserved it.

        Whether or not you believe the action described in the previous comment would have good or ill consequences, I do hope you would subscribe to one, vital idea: the lesser of two evils. Sometimes it is necessary to have some, admittedly, horror in the present to prevent a much greater horror in the future (ie. the complete destruction of Western culture).

        We both know that rebirth of civilisation we both pray for will be traumatic. But the further in the future it happens, the less lilely it is to be achieved by a relatively peaceful democratic takeover and the more likely it will be calamitous with widespread destruction. Or even worse, we pass the point of no return and witness only inexorable decline instead.

        My one, single aim is to bring this changeover of power about democratically, as soon as possible, by any means. Because the alternative is doing the same thing in 20-30 years, with much, much more death and destruction. No, the amount of short-term unrest that would be necessary before true conservatives get in power is miniscule compared to the horrors we will see if they don’t get in power for 25 years, or never.

        • EX says:

          Permanent solutions are the best solutions. The solution to the liberal question is simple, it just involves a lot of firepower.

          What compels someone to blogpost their lifes story in the comments section, I unfortunately do not have a solution to.

          • Dualist says:

            Good, no solution is required.

            I wrote 1 paragraph and didn’t specifically mention one, single event in my life. Hardly a biography.

            Either way, what we know about a person obviously influences how we view them. And how we view a person, sadly, has a huge effect on how we ‘take’ what they say. So that’s why sometimes it IS necessary to give a little background info.

        • Jpw says:

          I meant to say you pray in vain for the avoidance of at least some level of low-intensity racial conflict between organized haters of America. Obama has accomplished a major goal of his presidency. The gutters will collect the blood while Obama collects his pension.

          • Dualist says:


            Though just for the record, I really DID hope nobody starts taking pot shots at them right now. Because the outcome would be that the media would try their best to caricature the perpetrator(s) as sad, lonely, Hiter-Obsessed nutjobs, and would only cause more people to support the ‘other’ side. As ‘we’ do not yet have a truly traditionalist, nationwide political party going, our only very-short-term political aim should be to get Trump elected, but such an ‘action’ would actually probably hinder that aim.

            As I’ve said before, for any tensions to be ‘useful’ for our cause they would need to be sustained for weeks/months and would, crucially, make people start worrying that things could affect themselves personally.

  7. WE WUZ ROMANS says:

    I see a small conflict here. Are you saying diversity is fine if its consensual? Most can’t even be trusted on their own survival, forget about making “hard” choices, yet natural selection still isn’t effective enough to dispose them.

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