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  • What Happens When the World’s Population Stops Growing?

    “In the past, when the world population experienced a decline,” Tom Vogl, a development economist at UC San Diego, told me, “it was because a lot of people died.” This coming transition, meanwhile, will be the result of people having fewer kids—a product of rising incomes and levels of education, especially for women and especially in less-wealthy countries.

    In other words, modern society will kill off our best and leave behind our weakest. This is a typical outcome of when humans decide that human thoughts are more important than consequences in reality. Do we admit that liberal democracy has joined communism and tyranny in the category of things which kill societies, even in one small drop?

  • Crown Resorts takes out newspaper ads in attack on ‘deceitful campaign’

    China has bought its way into our industries as a means of bringing its people here to conquer. H-1Bs are just one method, where this Australian visa scam is another. Sooner or later, even the intransigent tantrum of democracy will have to face the fact that China is an enemy. I do not think the Chinese people are our enemy, but the state that rules them certainly is, and many of them want us dead. The average Chinese wants a better quality of life than they had under the early days of Communism and has been told that the only way to have it is world conquest, but really, that simply means eliminating competition for the weird consumerism-communism hybrid that the Chinese have cooked up, and when that happens, they will take whatever they are given and quite complaining — or else!

  • 61% of Canadians want government to take action on climate change even if economy suffers: poll

    And when the economy tanks, they will reverse course. Round and round we go, in democracy, repeating the same old battles and always losing because we cannot accept that our thinking is illusory.

  • Dutch ‘burqa ban’ comes into force

    These laws are toxic and stupid. They are sold to us under the idea that the national culture is being asserted, when really what is happening is the weakening of the national culture by saying that it will be forced to admit outsiders if they just follow “the rules.” Those rules will change, be weakened by the courts, or not enforced the instant that a minority-majority occurs anywhere. What we need instead of these “temporarily obey our pretense of still being a culture” laws is a strong statement of benevolent xenophobia: only one group gets to have its standards and customs prevail in a national entity, so you need only one group, which means that everyone who is not of that ethnic-cultural group must experience Send Them All Back (S.T.A.B.) and will only be welcome in the land as a visitor. If the usual nitwit teenage experience occurs and some lithe young thing “falls in love” (teenage love = lust + depersonalizing idealization) with a foreigner, the couple is welcome to Go Back Home to the foreign land. After a few of those, only the dense teenagers will fall for it, which is a win for Darwinism anyway.

  • Trump’s former top adviser: tariffs backfiring on US

    Make a headline that says what Leftists want to believe is true and you get rich and famous since the years after WW1/2 have made us lots of neurotic Useful Idiots. You have to read deeply into this one in order to see how deceptive it is.

    The trade war was “a very convenient excuse” for China to slow down its overheated economy, he added.

    “I think the Chinese economy was going to slow down with or without a trade war,” Mr Cohn said.

    In other words, China needs someone to blame for its economic failures, and is scapegoating the trade war instead of admitting that its economy is unstable. This is the economy that he wants us to depend on?

    In previous news from the Left, Trump’s trade war is savaging China:

    Donald Trump’s claim that his protectionist measures are hurting China more than the US has received support from the International Monetary Fund in new forecasts showing how a fresh slowdown in the global economy has been concentrated in emerging economies.

    In other words, he ended the wealth transfer from the first world to the third, and their economies are unsustainable without it, which means that the US is going to win this trade war “bigly.” If they depend on us, we win.

    Now let us look at how China feels about the trade war from 2017:

    “But although the Chinese economy has picked up again, there is no ground for exuberance. The Chinese economy is subject to massive uncertainties that could have a significant impact on its growth in 2017,” he added.

    “It’s widely expected that Chinese policymakers are going to push through some painful structural reforms to address the root-causes of a number of economic problems, particularly rising debt in order to secure a stronger and more stable economic future. The impact of such reforms will be reflected in slower growth in both the short and long terms.”

    In other words, China is desperate to end its economic slowdown. The BBC put a lot of spin on this one to make it seem like Leftists are right, when even their own article shows the opposite of the conclusions they want to draw. Takeaway: do not trust neurotics for your interpretation of world events.

  • Trump administration may end protected status for Syrians, leaving many fearing ‘a death sentence’

    Letting people into America to escape the disasters in their homelands is effectively a subsidy for those disasters. Instead of having them stay at home and fix their problems, they come here and the problems get worse at home. If we want Syria to thrive, we should send them all home with assault rifles and let them fix the situation. If we think clearly, we can see that the war in Syria was an Obama creation based on his desire to liberalize the world, and that the conflict we have now is the result of foreign powers interfering there because of the misguided Obama “color revolution” he attempted to foster with the help of the deep state. It is not our job to fix the problems of the world, but to make ourselves strong, so that they are forced to compete with our example. All Leftists policies consist of subsidies, and these simply sustain weakness instead of eliminating it.

  • Birth rate plunges to 80-year-low in England and Wales

    People are so happy in their democratic countries that they have stopped breeding at replacement rates. Maybe trying to make everyone equal was a stupid idea, since they are not equal in ability, and therefore will bungle the decisions set before them? We should have wise learned elders of impeccable moral character and high intelligence in charge, not a ravening mob.

  • Not enough migrants arriving to keep pay down – Central Bank

    The number of people willing to move here to work is not going to hit levels seen during the last boom and will not keep wages down, economists at the Central Bank are forecasting.

    It is rare to see them admit it so openly. The problem is not wages per se, but all the other costs we have layered onto business like regulations, bureaucracy, legal protection for unions, affirmative action, taxes, and other costs which do not translate into revenue. Government is a parasite, justifying itself with the parasitic underclass in order to support parasitic bureaucrats and lawyers making $200k+/yr.

  • Man ‘who pushed boy, 8, under train’ was used in campaign to promote integration

    It would be pure comedy except for the tragedy. As usual, human arrogance causes us to think that we can ignore the rules of our natural world, including that diversity is a bad idea. We need diversity as a symbol for equality, since we have committed to egalitarian revolution, and so we press on despite the many constant failings. We are in a death spiral, in that we refuse to reconsider the assumptions behind all of our failing decisions, including diversity, the entitlements state, political equality, and of course, feminism.

  • Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA

    Eugenics is back in the news! Instead of trying to seed us with pedophile banker DNA, maybe we should try the genius pump, or natural selection made gentle by a caste hierarchy and promotion of the competent. That requires dispensing with our subsidies for the incompetent, including political equality, entitlements, and affirmative action.

  • With Nation’s Attention on Democratic Debate, McConnell Advances Over a Dozen Lifetime Trump Judges

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is rushing to confirm 19 Trump judges before the chamber breaks for recess at the end of the week.

    Tuesday night, the Senate voted to end debate on 11 of the president’s judicial appointees, setting up confirmation votes for as early as Wednesday evening.

    Now we see why Trump and McConnell formed an alliance. Leftist judges “legislating from the bench” have turned this country far Left in two generations. Trump is ensuring that the next two generations avoid this problem, and setting the groundwork for an end to affirmative action, mandatory transgender testicle waxing, and other insane symbolic demands that Leftists force upon us.

  • Remain in Mexico: Not a single alien has been granted asylum

    More than five months into the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” program, not a single asylum seeker has been granted refuge in the United States as migrants struggle to find legal representation, according to a new report.

    They come here because they want to play the lottery and see if they can be able to stay. Trump is savaging that lottery, and raising the risk of being denied, which reduces the benefit to coming here. Again, this is his pincer strategy: raise costs, reduce profits. When you do that, the migrants — who are coming here for the free stuff and higher value currency, meaning that they get paid ten times as much for doing the same mediocre work — will stop playing the lottery.

  • Flood of illegal migrants to the border outpaces last two years with 1.1M expected in fiscal year 2019

    Leftists refined their strategy in the French Revolution. If you produce enough people willing to break the law, the law breaks down. They hold you hostage because if you strike out against them, you seem like a Hitler. Trump is counteracting this by shaving off the benefits and making the process miserable for them, which will ultimately break the crowd, which has two weaknesses: its short attention span and the fact that crowds are formed of individualists, who are acting for their own advantage and therefore will flake out if something easier comes along. He should hurry, because The Great Replacement is underway as heritage Americans stop breeding because of high taxes and miserable, overly-competitive but pointless jobs, despite this being a case of “killing the goose that laid golden eggs” when with the heritage Americans gone, the higher productivity that makes greater wealth goes away, and America becomes as impoverished, corrupt, filthy, violent, and chaotic as the third world.

  • Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell, 60, admits she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now ‘truly alone’

    Typical of her to frame this as the inconvenience to her of being alone. In reality, family provides one of the great joys of life. Like all joys, it comes with sacrifice, but it allows a continuity of past and future. It also is just fun: little people are alternately hilarious and endearing (yes, even with all the poop, vomit, crayons on the wall, and oatmeal in the DVD player). Having a family shows a love of nature, God/gods, and the best in humanity. You are taking all that is good about you and your spouse and pushing it forward into the future. Leftists hate the family because Leftists are fundamentally miserable neurotics, and to them the only “joy” is found in the ideology of equality, with bodily sensations like box wine, weed, promiscuity, and ethnic food as compensations for being such good people in following this mental state of destruction. On the plus side, by not reproducing, neurotic Candace Bushnell has taken herself out of the gene pool. She gets a Darwin Award. In the meantime, China has recognized the threat of low birth rates and is encouraging healthy families in a reversal of its earlier, disastrous One Child Policy.

  • Poorer students ‘18 months behind’ classmates as progress in closing GCSE attainment gap stalls

    Like the Flynn Effect, Leftists created a statistical fiction by throwing money at education and encouraging Leftist educators to promote the incompetent in order to achieve equality of social class and ethnic groups. Like all Leftist subsidies, this failed because you cannot raise IQ with education, and IQ determines the greatest part of who is poor and who is rich. Humanity has been dancing around this unpopular truth for several centuries now, but the fact is that if you want everyone to be equal, you are going to have to kill off everyone below and above a certain IQ level. Leftists want that level to be low so that everyone feels safe and secure, but this will convey us to Idiocracy and third world levels of disorder, violence, crime, parasitism, and poverty.

  • Fired by Google, a Republican Engineer Hits Back: ‘There’s Been a Lot of Bullying’

    Google hired lots of people of the type who cluster in cities, namely the highly social people who always say “the correct thing” even when — and especially when — it clashes with observable reality. Now these have taken over and are driving out any realists so that they can have total control, in a parallel to what Democrats want for America and Social Democrats want for Europe. Like all such Soviet attempts — derived from the bureaucratic Asiatic government of Genghis Khan — this will fail, but no one cares because they know that Google despite growing revenue is on its deathbed already. Internet advertising is failing, and with it goes Big Tech. Instead of admitting in independent thinkers in order to find ways around that, Big Tech is going full Genghis Khan by finding sycophants in order to keep the existing group together, ignoring the fact that nature and its laws of logic (including markets) is in charge here, not human intentions, social popularity, and warm feelings of equality and inclusion.

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