Outrage — Not Despondency — Can Save Conservatives After FBI Betrayal


After the FBI betrayal, the Left is counting on two things: first, the Leftist base will be energized with a sense of entitlement and revenge, and second that conservatives will as usual become despondent and resignedly throw in the towel as they have for most of the past seven decades.

Outrage, not despondency, is our best weapon at this point. If you must have an emotional response, and it is difficult not to be emotional at this time, view the situation this way: the betrayal occurred because government has been so thoroughly penetrated by Deep State manipulation that it is impossible to fix it.

This is why we need an outsider like Donald J. Trump: he needs to go in there and make government accountable to results, in the part displacing the Red Guards who currently rule by ideological purity alone. They say what makes their base happy and then ignore the mounting failures of these pleasant words when put into practice.

If we do not turn away this beast, we will see only more of the same from now until the end, which will not be far off. We will follow the path of Venezuela, Cuba, the Soviet Union and other societies which went down the ideological rabbit hole. All of them ended up in a state of failure because ideology is inherently a denial of reality.

Let the anger flow through you. You have been lied to, betrayed, deceived and victimized by those who are raiding the public wealth for their own personal benefit. Hillary was not a wealthy woman until she began selling political favors for money, and now she is quite wealthy. This is the face of corruption.

Conservatives need to get over their tendency to write off the world as broken and hopeless because idiots are ruling it, and instead, fight back. It takes 2-5% of a society to come together on an idea to force change. We have to be that unit, and to drive these corrupt and horrible people out of our country because they will do nothing but betray us, time and time again, ever and ever after.

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15 Responses to “Outrage — Not Despondency — Can Save Conservatives After FBI Betrayal”

  1. Asian Reactionary says:

    Its hard to keep up hope with the defeats.

  2. Chris I says:

    Comey didn’t want three bullets to the back of the head from the sweet, old pedophile, but I wonder if he and the rest of the traders will get “suicided” by a now awaken giant.

    • If she takes power, he will be eliminated anyway. Meaning, at least fired. At that point, she has no need to physically snuff him.

      • Chris I says:

        Here’s what I would have done in Comey’s shoes:

        1. Sell the house, the cars and stock portfolios.

        2. Set up a bank account somewhere cheap where temporary citizenship can be bargained for for the wife and kids, say Russia or Thailand, anywhere safe, far away and off the grid. Set up another account here for three years living expenses.

        3. Buy a used car. Check into a new Motel 6 twice a month. Install heavy surveillance with a live feed to a trusted source. Keep a firearm on me or the nightstand at all times.

        4. Go through with the indictment.

  3. BlackPhillip says:

    Exactly as you said October 29. I really didn’t expect it.

  4. fenrir says:

    Conservatives need to get over their tendency to write off the world as broken and hopeless because idiots are ruling it, and instead, fight back.

    Precisely! Worst of all are all the armchair idealists and pussies.

    • They provide both no resistance, and a legitimacy to events by accepting them, usually with some bovine rationalization (“at least the grass in our our cages is fresh”).

  5. -A says:

    Outrage, good and consistent, should have been the Conservative reaction a long time ago. The shitlord hedrox has tasted blood and they want more.

  6. Diversant says:

    Mr. Comey, as all successful public servants today, as towing the line between the two camps, a line fine enough to assure him the appearance of impartiality. In reality, he looks ridiculous swinging back and forth, while the strings pulled and backroom shenanigans remain, for the time at least, a mystery to us. The partisans on both sides are even more ridiculous going from praise to condemnation as the director’s announcements swing. The reality probably is that after eight years of the current rule, the truth is the last thing any one cares about! Another reason to be quite worried about our present state.

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