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Moral Replacement


Setting aside the question for a moment of whether Christianity caused liberalism, we should look at what that notion gestures at, an underlying thought: Leftism functions as a replacement for morality.

When a society defines equality as its ultimate good, it creates a preference for equality before all other values. If a question comes down to a competition between inequality and murder, the crowd will want to crush inequality first and only then get around to murder, if at all.

This can be seen no more clearly than in the American presidential race. We know that the Leftist candidate has lied, left men in the field, hidden her activities through private email, and been involved with corruption. Now we see the true face of her campaign as it aims to censor the press:

“Now, we’ve had a conservative media in this country for a while. I don’t always like what they have to say, but I respect their role and their right to exist,” said the email from Clinton’s deputy communications director Christina Reynolds.

“Breitbart is something different. They make Fox News look like a Democratic Party pamphlet. They’re a different breed altogether — not just conservative but radical, bigoted, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic conspiracy peddlers who never have been and never should be anywhere near the levels of power in this country.”

The email continues, “It goes without saying that we have to beat these people. But I want to beat them so decisively that their kind never rises again.”

For people in the grips of this delusion, beating back those who are not pro-equality becomes a goal that supplants all others. And so they are willing to do insane and immoral things, from the guillotines in France to the gulags in Russia to the reckless lawbreaking that has characterized the Clinton and Obama years.

They do not care that their candidate has done terrible things or plans to do illegal things. All that matters is the ideology, like the One Ring from Tolkien, which they view as their path to power. This is why they are zombies: they ignore reality and consequences so that they can keep the feeling of power, even if it is hollow.

When morality is replaced by this kind of substitute, it creates a feeling like addiction where the person in its grips feels good for simply having the right idea and beating back any competing ideas. This does not require them to actually do good, because it has redefined doing good as advancing the ideology. It creates a compulsive, consuming mindset.

And so our task comes down to this: do we want to be good, or do we want good feelings? Do we want to achieve excellence, or have a symbolic representation of having done so? Before we can make this decision, we must deep inside of ourselves want to strive for what is real and what is right, and history will judge by this decision.

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