Liberty GB party launches in the UK

paul_weston-liberty_gbPaul Weston, former UKIP candidate and former British Freedom Party Chairman, launches a new patriotic party called Liberty GB at midday on Saturday 9th March 2013.

Liberty GB will confront the three greatest threats to Britain’s future peace and security, namely the rise of fundamentalist Islam, the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions, and mass Third World immigration which is rapidly cleansing native British people from their own towns and cities.

The party believes that Britain could be a wonderful country again, but that it will take politics bordering on the revolutionary to achieve this vision. Recent polls have shown huge potential demand in ‘Middle Britain’ for such a politics, and for a non-racist patriotic party willing to confront the terrible threats facing us.

In preparation for Saturday’s launch, Weston has put together an experienced management team, and has already built a strong social media following. Weston explained his party’s more controversial views by saying, “The 2011 Census made it clear that we are not having some sort of wonderful multiculturalism, we are being cleaned out of our towns and cities. This is incredibly serious and it’s now reached the point –- the tipping point, if you will -– where in twenty years’ time all of our cities will be minority white.”

Liberty GB has published a Brett Stevens article, “Two Britains, Two Minds” as part of its series on the schizoid division of modern society by leftist ideology.

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Telephone: 0776 291 6034

25 Responses to “Liberty GB party launches in the UK”

  1. Wild says:

    The video was interesting, so I took a look at their website.

    “Make Christian assembly compulsory in all schools, excepting only non-Christian faith schools.”
    “Celebrate only Christian and British festivals in public institutions; make the patron saints’ days in England, Scotland and Wales bank holidays.”

    I can’t support this, nor can I see how any so-called “British Nationalist” could. Christianity and all other foreign cancers (ie, Islam, Judaism, etc) are incompatible with the party’s stated aim of: “Cut public funding for foreign cultural centres and festivals and instead provide funding for British festivals and cultural centres…”

    Beside that though, their manifesto seemed reasonable…for politics, at least.

    • Owl says:

      England has its own national church.

      It’s unfortunate you view Christianity as a “foreign cancer,” although I too have issues with forcing it on a national scale.

      Some Christian groups would surely be “not Christian enough” or fail some other manufactured state test of Christendom and then be banned frivolously.

    • Elijah says:

      Civilizations do not exist without spiritual foundation. Rome and its pagan traditions have long been dead. Islam is successfully colonizing large parts of Europe. What do you propose as an alternative?

    • I support the Britishization of Christianity.

      • Wild says:

        The Church of England hasn’t been relevant for a long time.

        Elijah, I suspect that if the British population were to rediscover their sense of nationality,ethnicity, and ecology that would do more for their culture and spirituality than following what was written down in a Jewish holy book.

        • 1349 says:

          The Church of England hasn’t been relevant for a long time.

          The “Britishization of Christianity” could be alright if it stood for a process analogous to the creation of Catholicism or Orthodoxy, i.e. paganization of christianity. Like making all pre-christian holidays and mythical figures officially christian.
          It’s pleasing to see that the party recognizes “British” as something different from “Christian”. Maybe it’s something usual for the UK, but our politicians over here (Eastern Europe) have hardly ever uttered a phrase like, say, “Ukrainian AND Christian”…


          Like with the hysterical negative-goal-ness (ANTI-islamism) of Breivik’s manifesto, i have a suspicion about where these parties’ “legs grow” from.

    • EmpireofLies says:

      How much Leftist brainwashing, how much ignorance of history, how much cultural vacuity does it take to get a man to call Christianity a
      “foreign cancer”. The avowed faith of 60 generations of Britons, the
      source of human hope and perseverance in the face of sickness, death,
      defeat and life for 1800 years? And now it is just an item on a consumer choice menu? So what is your faith? Hmm…what the largely homosexual and mindless programming execs in some glass tower down at the Beeb injected into your skull since age 3?

    • TheRealTruth says:

      This is where your indoctrination becomes stupidity. This is where your indoctrination forces you to parrot your enemies so you willingly destroy your own identity, history, and heritage out of dim-witted self-righteousness. What you’re saying is that your history doesn’t matter, your identity doesn’t matter. Your ethnicity doesn’t matter. It’s even better to pretend that people, YOUR people, don’t matter and therefore you can be replaced with foreigners.

      If I have no ancestors, then I have no heredity.

      If I have no heredity, then I have no property.

      If I have no property, then the Marxist revolution is complete.

      I’ll be diamonds to donuts you go back to playing video games and keep shitting on your heritage.

  2. Dark Underside says:

    I’ve never considered the British isles as anything more than a cul de sac, or a launching pad for further expansion, aggresion etc.
    take your pick. Britain has always served as a battering ram against European unity all the way back to the Norman invasion. They don’t want to integrate with other Europeans, and it appears they much more prefer the swarthy third world immigrunts. The sad thing is that America always joined up with Britain to do in European unity.

    • Elijah says:

      The British isles are a sacred land with long memories, history, culture and traditions that are being lost. Within its borders have existed some of the greatest men of Europe.

    • EmpireofLies says:

      Would that “launching” pad for further aggression be the one that
      stopped Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler? Hmmm?
      If it wasn’t for the tiny island off the Northwest coast of Europe
      Europe would have committed suicide centuries ago.

      • crow says:

        Whoa. A real, live, stand-up crusader.
        It’s been a while since I last saw one of those!
        Not one for acting meek and mild then?
        Good for you :)

  3. crow says:

    The fire brigade, arriving to find a pile of smouldering embers.
    There is so little left of GB now, that there really isn’t much that can be done.
    Maybe I am wrong. That would be nice. Possibly this has all been an incredibly disturbing nightmare, and eventually I will wake up…

    • Elijah says:

      It often seems that it is left to very small groups of people to protect and preserve the good.

      “‘I wish it need not have happened in my time,’ said Frodo. ‘So do I.’ said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

    • Ted Swanson says:

      You may not be wrong. I don’t know a lot of specifics with regard to a lot of these things. I think it’s instinct to not admit defeat, though. A seemingly insurmountable problem is what brings out the best in man. This is when and where we confront the unknown.

      • crow says:

        The damnable thing is when one’s own people want nothing more than to string you up for caring about your nation. There were years when I would willingly have fought to the death to defend it, only to discover the paradoxical horror of being hated by the very people I defended.

        I used to wonder how great civilizations could possibly vanish.
        Now it is all too clear.

        • Ted Swanson says:

          You were ahead of the curve and seeing what was coming before most people. That’s why they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. You did the right thing by getting the heck out of there at that point, but there are many chess pieces and gambits in a game of chess. There are probably some young guns over in GB right now seeing up close and personal, what you saw years ago. The young guns are probably dying to take a bite out of crime. I don’t believe that the spirit of Great Britain can ever be completely vanished or erased.

        • Denial is strong among humans. You were ahead of the curve indeed.

    • I think it’s important to frame the question this way:

      There are people in the GB who constitute the British, and also are not mentally defective, and those people should be given an option to save themselves.

      No one should attempt to “save all of humanity,” or engage in any other One Love tomfoolery. Many people are rotten in the soul, and do not want to survive, and should not be compelled to.

      So the question is, are there things worth salvaging, so the rest can be sent on to Africa, Indochina or Eastern Europe to seek its future with people who historically think more like it?

  4. d says:

    excellent, another political party for the right. split the vote of an already minority point of view even further.

    • crow says:

      Yes. I initially thought the same thing.
      Then again, nearly every on-the-face-of-it conservative outfit is no such thing. Leading the extreme left-wing parties is the Conservative Party, itself. It’s difficult, nowadays, to even recognize any party with vaguely conservative leanings.

  5. NotTheDude says:

    We English are occupy an odd place. On the edge of Europe speaking a strange West Germanic tongue. But we aren’t very good at saying who we are, and so are prey for fools to take over our culture and Nationalism.

    • Awakened says:

      I would agree and it’s something all nationalists should research.

      I feel it is important to empathise Britishness to not alienate the Scottish and Welsh. English identity is built on modesty but I would always add the achievements in industry, engineering, justice system and how this country came since 1066 from a feudal peasants to a developed western world . Instead the state, education, arts, music, media, all the apparatus of state are replacing it with a hollow culture from those who resent us for past events and who the ancestral people of this country did not really want in such great numbers.

      The self imposed bastardisation of our culture and national identity, the reasons that bring national unity and a sense of belonging are hidden selective positive vocabulary and phrases to comfort the individual.

      Lady Britannia is being strangled slowly whilst those at the top whisper in her ear that all will be fine.

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