Liberals deny evolution

Every now and then, you read that is the equivalent of someone turning to you, with their glasses propped out of way on their head, asking “Have you seen my glasses?”

The political side that specializes in looking good to its friends, liberalism, makes a habit of doing this. This occurs because while they pay lip service to every “enlightened” belief, they never put them into practice.

For example, I’ve been through this dialogue many times:

Person 1: It’s just terrible our society isn’t more open to diversity.

Person 2: What? You live in the whitest neighborhood of any of us!

One area the liberal/leftist contingent like to get a superiority complex in, naturally, is their support of science.

By science they mean the scientific products, like magazine articles and movies, with which they agree, as considered in the abstract.

For example:

It’s a pathetic commentary on the anti-intellectualism rampant in American politics that this is newsworthy. A major-party candidate announces that he doesn’t deny a foundational theory of modern science! In fact, given the political atmosphere in the Republican party, it’s not just newsworthy but a daring act: polls have shown that almost 70 percent of Republicans deny evolution.

Huntsman is clearly trying to position himself as the moderate candidate. But while that strategy might play well in the general election, it won’t do him any good unless he can get the Republican nomination. And to win that nomination, he has to get past a huge obstacle: a solid bloc of Republican primary voters who are emphatically anti-science. This isn’t an exaggeration for polemical effect; it’s the plain truth. The modern Republican party has made a fervent rejection of scientific consensus its defining attribute — both on evolution and climate change, as well as in other fields — and Huntsman’s refusal to submit to party orthodoxy is likely a fatal blow to his chances. – Alternet

The reason 70% of Republicans may oppose “evolution” is simple: evolution as represented to the public is corrupted by all sorts of political propaganda, and by its insistence on the notion of “random” events, is offensive to anyone who believes the universe is orderly.

The left doesn’t care. This is a propaganda moment for them and nothing more.

After all, if they believed in evolution, they would have to refute the single most importance belief of leftism/liberalism — that we’re all equal.

Evolution isn’t about equality. It’s about the better succeeding the less good. Red in tooth and claw, and all that.

The very thought appalls liberals. But they won’t admit that in public.

Next time you hear this kind of pomposity, do us all a favor — laugh loudly, very loudly, and clap the offending liberal on the shoulder and say, “It’s been a long time since I could believe such a simplistic view of the world.”

There’s nothing they fear more than social predation. Which, if they thought about it, would fit right in with the real theory of evolution — not the sanitized, sound bite, liberal version.


  1. name says:

    Evolution is not presented to the public as “random”. That is a typical Creationist straw man argument. Natural selection is not random. This point is made again and again when evolution is discussed publicly – natural selection is not random – but the “is random” meme is a useful lie which is repeated endlessly to divert and mislead.

    The public is grossly ignorant of science and manipulated from both ends of the political spectrum by BS artists. Consistency is something one demands of the other guy, not of one’s self. DWL’s are masters of this sort of double-think. The right’s public embrace of Creationism makes it that much harder to point out the left’s anti-science blinders.

    A rational public discussion about just about any topic thus becomes impossible.

    1. Nicholas Marville says:

      And democracy becomes unworkable.

    2. Evolution is not presented to the public as “random”.

      Let’s look at the sleight of hand here:

      7. Is evolution a random process?

      Evolution is not a random process. The genetic variation on which natural selection acts may occur randomly, but natural selection itself is not random at all. – PBS

      That’s from government TV.

      Notice the duality: “the results of evolution are not random, but the process is random.” Presenting it as a designless, purposeless, random activity that magically has non-random outcomes does not mean it’s not random; rather, they’re trying to explain away that random.

      That is a typical Creationist straw man argument.

      Is that the best you can do?

  2. Muhammed Fatih says:

    I don’t see a contradiction in the person who believes that all humans are equal and at the same time adopts the idea of evolution. Evolution is one thing and its application to society -Social Darwinism- is another. After all we don’t have to adopt everything we see in the nature to our society.

  3. Slava M. says:

    Ha, that’s interesting.

    The only way to handle a fool is to ridicule him, faster and harder than he can ridicule you.

    1. Slava M. says:

      That’s if you’re in the business of handling fools.

  4. crow says:

    Not even ridicule works with leftists.
    Not having any ability to admit to being possibly wrong, about anything, the leftist is unable to feel rueful, sheepish, or ashamed.
    Any possibility of communication – even of the most rudimentary type – broke down a long time ago.
    There are exceptions, but not many.

    About the only value in a leftist, is to see how he behaves, what he lacks, and try to ensure that one never falls into the same mindless hole, oneself.

    1. hipster traditionalist says:

      Well hey man, that’s just like, your opinion!

      You can reconcile biblical events with evolution!

      1. crow says:

        It’s so very common to hear people who are, themselves, completely lacking in experience, and the wisdom that may result from that experience, labeling such conclusions as “opinion”.
        Opinions are the domain of everybody. Any fool may have one.
        Wisdom allows one – among other things – to make distinctions between opinions and realities.
        A leftist, of course, would call such ability “prejudice”, and dispense with what works in favour of useless pretense.
        I have no idea why the idiots are idiots.
        No idea what makes them that way.
        No idea of why they would rather be that way.
        And for that, a leftist would label me an idiot.
        It’s all a matter of perspective.

  5. Advice says:

    “Next time you hear this kind of pomposity, do us all a favor — laugh loudly, very loudly, and clap the offending liberal on the shoulder and say, “It’s been a long time since I could believe such a simplistic view of the world.””

    Make sure the guy you are talking to is smaller or weaker than you though. Or is not you boss.

    1. crow says:

      Are you a man, or a mouse?

  6. Ted Swanson says:

    Liberals simply use evolution as a hammer to do away with religion and God, in other words, authority.

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