Liberalism makes people into whores


The essence of liberalism is that it makes you entrust your self-esteem to the herd and thus, you are easily controlled. This is why liberalism finds culture, values, heritage and ideals threatening. They usurp its total control.

This entrusting of your self-esteem is a social experience. The liberal herd encourages you to externalize your self-esteem, or make it contingent upon avatar-like events outside of your self. Who likes you, number of tweets, whether you’re trendy, etc.

Its ultimate goal is to break you and make you dependent on liberalism. You think you have a soul, independent opinions? No: we will convince you to, in the name of having more autonomy, surrender your actual thinking to us. Then your life will fall apart. Then you will have nothing but us and our Ideology.

One way they attack you is through sex. First they make it naughty, then they convince you that you’re a loser if you aren’t having it. Then they lure you into doing stupid things for it, sacrificing a positive future for a present pleasure, and of course, for their greater control.

Blogger Matt Forney summarizes it this way:

I’ve been confronted with it in the past, and it’s disturbing, near sociopathic how girls can effortlessly justify their emotional promiscuity. Appealing to morality is a waste of time; you might as well be speaking in a foreign language.

It comes down to this: if you let them, all girls will become sluts.

Not necessarily physical sluts, but emotional sluts, seeking masculine attention like a crackhead financing his addiction by holding up gas stations.

Keep your eye on the really offensive part: if you let them, all girls will become sluts.

You think he’s kidding perhaps?

Try this article from six years ago:

Young women are becoming more promiscuous, with more sexual partners than men, researchers have found.

By the age of 21 they have had sex with an average of nine lovers – two more than their male partner.

And a quarter have slept with more than ten partners in the five years since losing their virginity – compared with a fifth of young men.

This is progress, remember. Now everyone’s slutty. What does this mean? The fewer sexual partners you have, the lower your risk of divorce. The fewer sexual partners you have, the better your chance of marriage. This matters for those years past age 27 when you want to find something to do with your life. It will probably take the form of a calling, even if separate from your tedious day job, and family. Temporary sex cuts you out of that picture.

They’re cutting you out of the good life:

Marriages, at least successful ones, increase longevity, health, and happiness, and, according to this paper (pdf), the effect is not due to selection.

…our reading of the longitudinal evidence, after looking across studies in a variety of literatures, suggests that:
•Marriage makes people far less likely to suffer psychological illness
•Marriage makes people live much longer
•Marriage makes people healthier and happier
•Both men and women benefit, though some investigators have found that men gain more
•These gains are not merely because married people engage in less risky activities
•Marriage quality and prior beliefs can influence the size of the gains.
In the terminology of this research field, there is a genuine protection effect from marriage. The pattern in the data is not a cross-section illusion. Moreover, it is large: for males the longevity effect of marriage may even offset the consequences of smoking.

Marriage is also the only way, in this parasitic world and every society before it, to conserve labor and resources enough to have a financially sound home. It’s also the only way to have a happy home if you’re not a narcissist.

Why are they doing this? It’s a technique, not at all different from the ways narcissistic parents manipulate you, that forces you to put all of your sense of what’s true in the hands of others. Narcissistic parents appoint themselves the ultimate authority and destroy anything you do that is not what they wanted. Narcissistic liberal crowds appoint themselves the source of reality and destroy anything you do that is compatible with actual reality, not liberal Ideology.

The reason it works is that most people, no matter how smart they are, cannot escape the pig-monkey primitive brain that keeps them enslaved to their impulses. Thus when sex is offered, they take it, and only years later start to realize what a bad trade it was.

Conservative values have always been right for people who care enough about life to want to live a good long time and do it all right. Those who do not have that kind of faith in life become upset that others do, and they conspire to destroy them. If you let them, they will do it to you.

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8 Responses to “Liberalism makes people into whores”

  1. Daoist says:

    Reality is bleaker than most people think. I guess the gap between male and female is the ultimate curse of liberalism and equality.

  2. Fred says:

    I wish to ask a question.

    How are you a loser if you aren’t having it manifest itself between the liberals in social situations ? Are there observable examples that can be provided?

  3. Time Curator 23 says:

    So, I agree that most people are undisciplined monkeys who need such institutions as marriage. My issue is, how do you promote such institutions to conserve the average person’s potential contribution to the society’s worth, whilst not having a witch hunt against the few who don’t marry? For, remember, most of the great mystical philosophers and romantic poets never married.

  4. 1349 says:

    They’re cutting you out of the good life:
    Marriages, at least successful ones, increase longevity, health, and happiness…

    Marriage is also the only way… to conserve labor and resources enough to have a financially sound home. … … …

    I’m afraid the very presence of such arguments means it’s too late. We have ended up trying to prove (!!!) to the individual that having a family is profitable/advantageous…
    Back in the day when people weren’t whores and it was natural for them to marry, did they need to hear such arguments; did they think about profit, in such a way at least? Aren’t such arguments the same as trying to make a dead body walk and talk?
    (Or was it ever natural to get married? How exactly was the marriage tradition established? How did it evolve? What is today’s goal of marriage aside from personal gains? Maybe this “higher” goal can be achieved by some other means? Maybe marriage must be reinvented/modified, and if not, we’ll just die out?)
    I could sound strange.
    But maybe the only way you (you personally) can fully understand what’s going on with the family today is by being young and experiencing things as a young person.
    Many of my friends & acquaintances divorce or have serious problems with their family life. Most of the marriages happen just because the woman accidentally gets pregnant rather than because the pair wants to marry.
    And it’s all not about everyone being slutty, or the ideology, or some other simple factors. It seems like something ineffable has been lost, and only some force majeure can bring us back to life…

  5. Aditya Barot says:

    Mr. Stevens:

    I believed in the solipsisms and the logical fallacies (“we hold these truths to be self-evident”) until 15. I started seeking, and I haven’t stopped.

    I am, I suppose, mildly financially successful. And that’s about it.

    Although I am polite, and although I dissent politely, my dissent bars me from most company. Since I am shy, I tried online dating. My “dates” were more than happy to swill $13 cocktails and wolf down $30 stakes. Never called back.

    I am not rude. I am not a dick. I can’t help but place women on a pedestal because I think they belong there. I am still overwhelmed by the idea that a woman would want to spend time with me. And, I think, realizing that, they turn the knife.

    I don’t know if Leftism has run its course. I don’t know whether a Civilization comprised of sluts and players has a future. If it does, men like me have no future.

    On most days, I feel like a dead man walking. I take no joy in the world around me. In this part of the country, a man is nothing without a woman. I can’t even go to the movies since I don’t have the courage to face the pitiful looks. I don’t go to happy hours and things like that because I am ashamed of being the only one without a date.

    The point is, the only arena where people don’t seem to have an entitlement mentality is sex. There is no movement for equality in sex. There is no affirmative action. This is the last unregulated field of human activity in this country, and men like me are the wreckage of daily creative destruction.

    I am not sure how to feel about this. There is nothing I can change about myself or the world at large. All I know is that I can’t go on like this forever.

    Thank you for all the good work. Your work reminds me that there is sanity, culture, class, all that is white still exists.



    • crow says:

      Great comment. People like you are scarce. All you need now is to know by how great a margin you completely outclass those around you.

  6. mae says:

    I read and actually read again each word written. I’m inclined to agree. It is a sad world indeed where lack of morals seem to reign supreme. I am a female in my 50’s who has had less sexual partners (4) than most teenagers. Please note I mean most teenage girls of both my time (70’s) and today. It is sad the self destruction that we seem to place upon ourselves by being mentally overpowered by complete idiots held in high position and/or regard. I am on my second marriage which will definitely last ’til death do us part’ as we love & respect each other and our morals are always on the same page, never lacking. The Father, Son & Holy Spirit comes first in my home and is family & it trickles from there. In a ‘free country’ such as ours ‘free’ seems to mean….free to disrespect, free to lie, free to manipulate, free to steal, free to do for ME ME ME. With each new technological advance our culture tends to be less patient, less considerate and less social minded in a face to face way. As an example I recall before air conditioning was common in homes. People sat outside on their porches in the evenings, sprung up conversations with their neighbors whether it be about the weather, jobs, politics or families. Boy has that gone by the wayside…I spoke with someone at the grocery store the other day who has lived in the same house in a small neighborhood for 6 years and she mentioned no one even knew each others name…I am saddened by that. With the loss of the old cash registers at stores simple adding and subtracting is gone….as an example I know someone who every time they go somewhere they stick out a twenty and request two tens and a five to break it…it is very rare they are not given $25 in exchange. Now I don’t necessarily feel we should live the way life was in the 1800’s as facebook is wonderful for family members & dear friends who live quite a distance apart….yet where does it end??? How can ‘social’ media make us less social…what a oxymoron!! Anyway, I am rambling….just wanted to thank you for what you have written and hope you will continue in hopes people will actually use the free will that was given us…and by that I do not mean the free will to be brainwashed by immoral fools!
    As a quick response to Adi….you are by far the true meaning of a wonderful man…my wish for you is the weeds all die and you finally find the honest, sweet, moral flowers blooming….DO NOT CHANGE who you are..a rarity indeed!

  7. Ron says:

    Look at what it did to Most of these women today.

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