Israel leads the way to revival of nationalism


Conservatives tend to support the idea of Israel because conservatives believe in upholding tradition and the practicality of nationalism. When everyone in a state is of the same type, government is less needed, and society grows from within instead of through carrot-and-stick manipulation by a controlling force.

One of the larger Israeli newspapers, Haaretz, has unwittingly put its finger on the wisdom of nationalism:

The mob was the first to internalize its true significance: a Jewish state is one in which there is room only for Jews. The fate of Africans is to be sent to the Holot detention center in the Negev, while that of Palestinians is to suffer from pogroms. That’s how it works in a Jewish state: only this way can it be Jewish.

…In a Jewish state, the High Court of Justice approves the demolition of a murder suspect’s family home even before his conviction. A Jewish state legislates racist and nationalist laws.

Haaretz in effect calls these Jewish nationalists Nazis, which is ironic in its mildest form and grossly offensive in its fullest. But they recognize the underlying truth: a Jewish state is for Jews only, because anyone else by virtue of being non-Jewish alone will pose a threat to this state and to the people it protects.

Thus, kick them out. Every one. Send them to be with their people. Do not open your doors to the poor of the world; there are always impoverished people by the billion. Instead, focus on what you can do, which is to make your own people succeed, thrive and be happy.

Everything else is just posturing. Every charlatan justifies himself by protecting the poor. Every lying tyrant works his way into power by making you “think of the children” or the minorities, the women, the rainbow people, whatever. Every corrupt advertiser sells you an image of pacifism and plenty where everyone just gives each other stuff because they live nearby. These are lies.

Reality presents a different question: can human beings overcome their solipsism? Solipsism makes us think that this human world we create, where it matters who knows who and who wore what, is somehow a replacement for reality. Solipsism is the human mind seeking to control reality by pretending it is something other than what it is. Most human individuals are blighted by solipsism and it makes them deceptive, selfish/individualistic, and unable to see reality. They do what they want to do and they ignore the consequences. They also refuse to preserve anything larger than themselves. That is the condition of most of humanity and not surprisingly, it creates societies that are corrupt, dishonest, filthy, selfish and bratty.

Only a few people out of hundreds will actually understand what needs to be done. We must focus on reality itself. Reality itself is not comprised of warm feelings, universal symbols, and moral judgments. It has one judgment: what works. From looking at history, we see diversity as a factor in every civilization collapse and as a positive factor in none. Israel recognizes this and thus is pushing itself toward nationalism so that its people are not destroyed by hard means (war) or soft (outbreeding).

Naturally the crowd of nervous nellies and chattering neurotics feel that “racism” — a word without meaning or definition — is the worst thing ever. It interrupts their dream, which is that we can all be pacifistic and wealth-sharing together. That dream comprises their fears and doubts which they have allowed to dominate their common sense. They fear conflict, so they try to outlaw conflict with social rules and warm fuzzies. It never works. These people are insane.

WWII showed us the defeat of nationalism and the world pulling away from it in favor of liberal democracy. As the USA self-destructs under its first black president, recognition spreads that democracy, liberalism and consumerism create an unholy triad that place human wishful thinking before reality and create solipsism. If we have a future, it is in escaping this mental disorder and getting back to reality and tradition.

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  1. NotTheDude says:

    Groups that start as outliers in a society, such as resident traders, become the focus of equality once French revolution style thinking occurs and drive it, either passively or not. In a strong Non leftist society there may well be a good few, but they will forever be only guests. This has been said on this site before but a reality reminder is always good before anyone starts to go down the whole ‘kick ’em all out!’ mindset. In addition, the ease and comfort of our modern western lives makes any thought of such change frightening. Most folk don’t want to rock the boat but the boat has a leaky hull and they ain’t all good swimmers.

  2. ben says:

    Israel has a leftist problem like no other. Only in a nation of Jews could some among us be so neurotic and self-hating that they advocate the dismantling of their own country in favour of barbarian terrorists and third-worlders. Morons. But in other news, Israel is also a good place to be a nationalist. You can state your beliefs openly, no matter how ‘extreme’, without expecting the thought police to come a’ knockin’ (though you may be assassinated). But unfortunately, Israel also has a diversity problem. It is a state made up of a whole mix of ethnicities, only vaguely bound by ‘jewishness’. Walk on the street in Israel and you will see pale-skinned, light-haired ashkenazi jews (approx. 20-30% of the jewish population but they basically run the country – apart from the hermit-like religious ones), swarthy ‘mizrahim’ (Jews from Arab or eastern countries) which comprise the majority of the Jewish population (most just above arabs in terms of aptitude levels – these are the guys that are mostly soldiers/policemen or elderly chaps playing backgammon on street corners), ethiopian jews (a visible minority that are not as destitute as blacks in other countries but still generally live apart from the bulk of the populace), russians (some bona-fide ashkenazi jews, some not but they tend mostly to look more ‘slavic’ than jewish and are often involved in criminal activity) and of course arabs (around 20-25% of the population, many are construction labourers, bakers etc.)

    This ethnic/cultural mix equates to a rather fractured country, bound only by a shared, but tenuous historical link between the various peoples. different areas are home to different groups, much like european inner-cities, and the desirability of these areas varies accordingly, with ashkenazi neighbourhoods/villages being essentially first-world, right down to third-world arab neighbourhoods. As a British Jew with strong ties to Israel (most of my family are Israeli, of european ‘founding stock’ (i.e. the guys who started cultivating the land, fending off murderous Arabs and admittedly committing acts of terrorism against the ruling British), it seems to me that Israel will (or already has) reach a crossroads: what does it mean to be an Israeli? Israelis are for the most part a far less racist bunch than others, and go out of their way to form friendships with people from ‘less-advantaged’ groups (a cringeworthy form of ‘Israeli guilt’), and members from all groups are afforded full citizenship, but it seems to be a case of ‘loyalty to the flag’ rather than a sense of shared ethnic identity, as exists between ashkenazi jews. The truth is, Israel is an ashkenazi state with the majority of the non-ashkenazi population sort of hanging on for the ride, then claiming racism if they don’t feel the benefits of their inaction. I’m not myself an Israeli though i have lived in Israel for some periods of time, and I have no problem with the members of other ethnic groups in Israel, but do not be under the impression that Israel is some ethnically homogeneous, nationalist utopia.

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    • Big Bill says:

      So what is the personal identity of the Old Yishuv? Where do they fit in?

      They lived in Israel for 3500 years until the European Jews colonized and took over ca. 1880 onward.

      The great Arthur Ruppin was a European Jewish colonizer par excellance and had no use for local Jews.

  3. ben says:

    see also –

    Although, it has to be said that mizrahi jews actually tend to be more patriotic than ashkenazim, most of whom tend to be left-leaning. It’s often the mizrahi police that are heavy-handed with bedouin, etc.

  4. nobody says:

    I see a future for the European races that is similar to that of the jews. Forced to live among diverse, less-intelligent peoples without a true home. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. But if it does, hopefully we can have our own Israel

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