I hate the third world


As I watch the coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight #70 this week, I’m reminded how much I hate the third world. Not any particular third world nation, but the third world itself. I can hate it because it isn’t a place, it’s a thing. Or rather, it’s the absence of a thing. As I watch the petit warlords of the Malaysian government hide evidence for days, fight amongst themselves, contradict themselves and cover up vital facts out of fear that it might unseat someone personally from a cushy government job, I am reminded of exactly why I hate the third world. It is dysfunctional. If you are unlucky enough to be in the third world, and to get on one of their planes, you are most likely doomed.

Sure, the plane may have come from Boeing’s factories. But the head mechanic got promoted to that position because he’s somebody’s nephew, and he may not know the difference between a wrench and a screwdriver. The field crew is probably on the take, getting slipped big bucks to hide mysterious packages in the hold. And the maintenance team? Once they figured out they could check off a box on the maintenance form without doing the world and go drink instead, that’s what they’ve done. Nobody knows the last time hydraulic fluid actually got checked.

Third world is a state of mind. It can happen anywhere, even in formerly civilized places like Russia. It is not a matter of one’s background, as it has happened to every race on earth somewhere. It is what happens when civilization fails.

Civilization is held together by a thin string, which is the idea that we are all collaborating so that we can have a group identity so that we can work together without getting the raw end of the deal. The only group identity proven to work by history is ethnic group, usually and probably necessarily pared with religion, culture, values, language and other essentials of life such as cuisine, calendar and customs. Any deviation from this is a state known as diversity. History shows us that diversity creates constant internal friction, and eventually the society breaks down, leaving a place with nothing in common between its members.

This is essentially a “bazaar,” then, meaning that it is driven only by commerce. At that point, everyone can rest assured that others are going to try to give them the wrong end of the deal. At that point, the society becomes a kleptocracy. People want to rip everyone else off because that’s the only way to avoid getting the raw end of the deal. Further, only an idiot would work on something like infrastructure. That’s just more wealth to be stolen, and there’s no money in it. Bridges, electric lines, schools, hospitals, etc. are ad hoc afterthoughts because there is no strong authority to protect them. Thus they are targets for theft, and those who hitch themselves to such crusades just end up flat broke.

The third world has come to the USA. At some point, probably around 1968, we not only stopped believing we had something in common but accepted the idea that having something in common was “oppression.” Thus the goal became the tearing down of the Establishment, a German-English coalition that had ruled the nation since before its inception. What was left was for the new groups — notably Irish, Slavs, Italians, Jews and other “near-white” groups — to rise up into the positions the Anglo hierarchy had vacated. Just like the French Revolution, it was a seizure of power. But at the same point, it was the death of culture, or the notion that we had something intangible in common. Now it was all show-me-the-money and nothing else, with a thick sludgy coating of Ideology to make it seem palatable, even if the promises were all hollow.

We know what to expect in the future for the USA. Trust declines, morality declines, honesty declines, and then institutions rot from within through hundreds of thousands of petit warlords each defending territory in their divisions while robbing the institution — in theory, the wealth of society as a whole — blind. At that point, police are no longer crime-stoppers but revenue-collectors, and politicians are there to make the grandest Marxist promises while enriching themselves as much as possible. Even more, people on the street are not neighbors and friends. They are potential scores. If they bump into you, sue them and take their money. If you can do it, take their stuff when they’re not looking. Or just muscle your way in. There’s a reason third world nations produce nearly nothing of value, and it is this: they are intensely internally self-sabotaging. After a while, anyone with any brains runs off and joins a monastery or convent just to stay out of society at large.

For centuries, leftists have told us that leftist policies work and there is no price to pay. “And it’s all free!” They assured us that in fact were were getting closer to Progress and/or Utopia. The fact is that this whole time the rushing of the wind in our hair has been the force of the plane in descent as it spirals downward toward a watery grave.

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  1. NotTheDude says:

    I am not American, but the loss of the traditional Western European Anglicised people and main culture of the USA and most of Canada is frightening. Without them North America is like a story without a title, it has no context. No other nation can truly respect a land with no people and culture that says ‘This is what we are’. They will just bypass the jabbering, confused mess and take what they want as outside powers do in the Third World. Leftists are too blind to see how so very, very important a leading people and place are, and how important coherent ethnic groups are. The thought of a world without strong ethnic groups scares the hell out of me.

  2. Foam Penguin says:

    I do not live in America, and in fact I live in the Third World proper, dark inhabitants and all.

    This and the previous article about America sanctioning Russia are the truest articles I’ve read here.

    The third world is indeed a state of mind – it’s what happens when nobody gives a damn about anything. Indeed, nobody shares any kind of common goal. Every step of the way somebody is trying to take their cut. Everything is halfassed beyond belief.

    We have a road nearby that leads over a hill. It’s totally decrepit, a lumpy mass of concrete. I asked somebody “like me” why it got to be that way. It turns out the people living here “repair” it by driving a concrete truck to the top of the hill, dumping it and calling it a day, letting the concrete run down the road as it will.

    THAT is their solution.

    It’s deplorable.

    You walk past squalor unimaginable as “people” scurry around in their little hovels and pile random garbage they’ve accumulated – little metal scraps, old windows, undisposed trash – all across their yard.

    Wild dogs run around in the street. Everyone carries weapons because of muggers.

    Nobody gives a crap to improve this place beyond its current state, and that is the essence of the third world.

    • Repair_Man_Jack says:

      And if you totally buy Brett’s last 2 posts; it makes you cast some very unpleasant conjectures regarding what the world will look like for about the next 10-15 years. Here’s a nice, happy example.


      The Golden Arches juxtaposed against the hell fires speaks to me somehow….

      • crow says:

        That certainly is a happy example.
        Thanks for reminding me to do what I did some years back:
        Get the hell outta Dodge.

    • Nico says:

      The question then arises, why did the world not resemble this in the pre-19th century, when living standards were scarcely higher than they are in the present Third World?

      I think part of it has to do with the clash of expectations. Third Worlders would like to live like First Worlders but are unwilling and/or unable to put the toil and sweat of several generations into it. Maybe it has to do with seeing people living “SOOOO much larger” and concluding that it’s worthless to put in the effort for three or four generations down the line.

      Or maybe it’s genetic.

      Or maybe it has to do with a burgeoning population, a gift of Western medicine arriving non-concurrently to Western living standards and more importantly modern Western fertility rates. Were it not for such interventions Africa’s and India’s populations would likely be fractions of what they are now.

      The most likely explanation is a combination of all of these, and perhaps other factors I have missed.

  3. brierrbbit3030 says:

    I grew up near the Mexican border in Arizona, {Tombstone area, actually} and have always told people that while hispanic culture had its charms, you did NOT want Mexican political culture to move up here with it. California is beginning to find out what I meant. Mexico has not had a well functioning goverment for over 500 years. But, the left never learns anything. In hispanic America south of the border, bribes are the way everything gets done. Get ready for that here someday.

    • LoreTek says:

      In part bribes are already how things get done here, it’s just legal and in the form of preemptive and built-in bribes. Aka donations and fines.

      Restaurant dirtier this month? Pay the extra fine, keep your old score!

      The day I woke up was the day I got a formal government document citing such and such law stating all pets must be registered and all clinics are required to provide the owners information to them (provided was a chart of my name, address, pet breed, color, weight and name of my dog filled out, and that I had failed to register my pet and needed to fill out a form with blanks for: my name, address, pet breed, color, weight, pet name and a spot for my credit card number for the $3 fee.

      Was all the energy that went into making the laws to enforce laws for gathering already know information really just for 3 bucks out of me? Needless to say I didn’t pay or fill out any such nonsense.

      I instantly recognized this for what it was, precisely because of my visits to many of these 3rd world places. It is instantly recognizable that the people just walk around content with their environment and are clearly not working towards anything – it is common practice to blame the neighboring country for the filth in your’s (trash is always flowing in not out apparently) – the possibility of a shakedown at any moment, the reassurance that anything can be cleared up with some cash, and what really stuck out was that I felt generally safe with the people but feared their police, feared.

      If any are working toward something it is likely in tourist guides. Usually just trying to show people the beauty still left in the land and wildlife around them. I will always respect most of the fishing guides and nature guides I have met from all levels of third-worldishness. They are truly masters in the art of their craft and are like some of us, not most, here in US, good people left clinging to the last good things in a wanton or soon to be wasteland.

      Terraforming an area into a 3rd world nation is a well researched, if unpublished, process that is down to a science. Perfected in the US with the native Americans.

      A beautiful culture (of which artifacts, from my grandparents’ friendship with the Navajo when my father was a kid, are some of my most cherished and meaningful possessions), respecting of nature, lead by the strong and able; all degraded to trinket stands, subsidized trucks, suicide, and rampant alcoholism. Even if given a reset button, its too late. The truth of the people and their former capabilities, and their cultural glue is lost forever.

      The progression to this end on a larger scale would be of no accident. I can only hope it is of a larger plan to trap the poor of mind, with only the citizens able to resist the temptations remaining. This, of course, would be far to forward thinking and exacting for our leaders and it is far more likely the revolutionaries already have the reigns.

  4. “The only group identity proven to work by history is ethnic group, usually and probably necessarily pared with religion, culture, values, language and other essentials of life such as cuisine, calendar and customs. Any deviation from this is a state known as diversity.”

    While group identity is important for a healthy civilization, rule of law and transparency are the products of the ability of the group to rise above ethnic loyalties. This may be more doable in a homogeneous setting since group power can be taken for granted even when people don’t think in those terms at all times.

    Thus, it’s a kind of a civilizational paradox. To best rise above tribalism, conditions must allow for the power of the tribe to be taken for granted.

    It’s like for a man to be generous and rise above materialism, he must be bountiful in wealth so that he doesn’t have to worry about his daily bread.

    Thus, ‘greed’ makes men more generous.

    Thus, tribal power makes men see beyond tribal power.

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