Hillary Clinton Gets It Wrong And The Establishment Blinks


Follow if you will this entertaining modern tale: a politician is accused of doing wrong things, and she denies it, and then a trove of emails stolen in a hack come out saying that she did indeed do those things. She does what she has done her whole career and casts doubt on the legitimacy of the evidence.

Then, in a stunning turnaround that reveals what we can only call flamboyant incompetence, she or someone from her group at the Establishment Cathedral attack the man who is leaking the emails. His internet is cut off, and he possibly faces political pressure which will force his extradition to the United States.

Julian Assange is the man, as you surely guessed, and Hillary Clinton is the woman. The two have become actors in the final drama of this season before the election itself, which is the question of whether Clinton is as guilty as these emails make her seem.

She had a good chance of ducking those until yesterday. Before yesterday, she was casting doubt on their legitimacy. Today she has confirmed their legitimacy by attacking the Assange through her friends at the State Department. If the emails were as fake as she had implied they were, none of this would have been necessary.

What this shows us is not only that one of our presidential candidates belongs in jail, but also that the people in the Establishment Cathedral are not wizards; rather, they are students who studied hard instead of having actual ability. Peasants pretending to be kings. Vaisya play-acting as Brahmins. Children dressing up in adult clothes.

As the insanity has ramped up in the West, driven by the egalitarian politics of a bottom-heavy society, the intelligent people have been dropping out. They are in basements and small towns, exurbs and trailer parks, dodging the disaster and trying to starve it by not paying taxes or participating in the consumer economy.

They know that any person of sanity who steps into this mess will be beheaded politically as surely as if by a guillotine, and then have his name shamed and future destroyed. There is no point doing that because the audience of voters are seemingly oblivious to quality, and will not awake, but shrug and move on to the next cheeseburger.

But like a midget flung from a trebuchet, the arc of liberal democracy has reached terminal velocity. Everything is failing all at once. Everyone is incompetent. No one is paying attention. The idiots and neurotics have won, but it is a pyrrhic victory, because the real treasure — the people of the West — have defected.

Whatever happens in this American election, a Brexit of the heart has taken place. The people who belong to the West genetically have seceded from it politically and philosophically. That is a fracture which cannot be fixed. And as our insane leaders thrash out trying to perpetuate the deception, it looks more Potemkin every day.

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21 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Gets It Wrong And The Establishment Blinks”

  1. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    Well you have certainly caused me to notice problems in the USA establishment that I would not have seen as symptomatic of Democracy in itself.

  2. Chris says:

    “Like a midget flung from a trebuchet ” nice one Brett!

  3. Badmar says:

    Whoops! Opened themselves up for questioning!

  4. CH says:

    What happens after the election is what I ponder daily, as the madness reaches full-tilt. If Trump wins, what then? What sort of violence might erupt in the streets then?

    If Hillary wins, Putin and CO aren’t going to put up with her bullshit, which means there might end up being quite a few less streets for any violence to erupt on, as well as far fewer people to engage in that violence.

    Interesting times, to say the least.

    • Badmar says:

      You can celebrate before the rioting begins. Why lie to preserve a FUBAR situation? Maybe it’s time to admit it’s not working out? Will they? Hell no. Thia is the alternative. Better we figure it out now than later.

      • -A says:

        It would be awfully nice to avoid the rioting. In reality, who cares if there is rioting if Trump is President? That is a man who will enforce law and order. It will be googles, maybe some skypes and mentally ill SJW’s. Let them all get shot with rubber bullets to start and then suffer the real thing if they believe themselves invincible after their first failure. Maybe it will expedite Brett’s R&R into public discourse?

    • Crucifier says:

      To that I say fuck the roach infested streets, they can fucking have them! Rural living is the only sane option.

  5. Shitlord Johnson says:

    “trying to starve it by not paying taxes or participating in the consumer economy”

    Thats me.

  6. coyote says:

    as a drop out from corporate insanity, political insanity, thank you for the compliment. it has been difficult living outside; but as noted in other realms: there can be no strength unless you are tested. thanks again for some reassurance-

  7. Aodh Mor MacRaynall says:

    Up with trailer parks! The first step in secession is seceeding spiritually and philosophically.

  8. Robert says:

    I can imagine HRC winning and all the peasant groups coming to her to collect–at the same time. When they are told to go home and wait…will they? HRC might see riots like the late 1960s. Expectations are high.

  9. -A says:

    That can’t possibly be the real Hillary Clinton. She normally looks like an echo of a black ripple from Cocytus but…that robotic thing that looks like it belongs in an ad, like it is somehow making her look good…that is someone pretending to be her. Am I right? I have to be.

    Anyway, what would it take, I wonder, to unify the Scions Propre?

  10. Paul Washington says:

    The problem is that the collapse will take so long that the options for holding out look very bad indeed

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