Flip turn

city_in_twilightThe flip turn is a technique used by swimmers where they somersault in the water to turn away from the wall as they swim laps. It is faster than the conventional method of turning, touching, pivoting and launching off in a new direction.

Conservatives are at a point where a turnabout is not only necessary, but puts us back in our correct role as those who improve the way of life of people in our society. That is what we do; we pay attention to consequences, and uphold those that create the timeless and permanent things in life, like truth, beauty and goodness.

Our society has ventured so far into the plastic, disposable, relativistic and pluralistic that it no longer has any standards or memory. People do what is convenient for them, and only later (slowly) realize that this means that they lack support from society at large. There is no context or nurturing growth medium for them.

When all you have is a job and an apartment, this outlook is fine. But as life goes on, and you want a stable place to raise kids, their future to be guaranteed by lack of political and social instability, and even the ability to meet like-minded people and live in places that are not mostly rotted, suddenly context matters.

The unfortunate part of this is that it requires many years of experience. The good part is that once you see it, it’s impossible to return to a state of its denial without in effect corrupting your own soul. This is why it is feared: it is a confrontation with the essence of life itself, much like maturation, death, combat and other big decisions.

Liberals fear this decision. They fear maturation. They fear anything other than the individual and what it wants, desires, emotes or judges right now. If kings were the thing liberals feared most, we should fear liberals, as they make each individual as abusive as a bad king by disconnecting them from context.

Context is what we rely on to thrive. When civilization has not yet formed, it is what people desire. When people take civilization for granted, they discard context and withdraw into themselves. Out of this anti-social impulse they form a social movement based on the idea that no individual should be compelled to do anything he/she doesn’t want to do.

At first, there are exceptions based on the logical need to collaborate. Over time, these too are mostly erased, leaving only those things that contravene the principle of individualism, such as rape, robbery or murder. Everything else is OK, and soon you have not one society but as many societies as you have individuals.

With this loss of context, life becomes chaotic and uncertain. People cling to power, and to control, as a vain hope of staving it off. They will even resort to appeasement, chucking bales of cash out of hovering helicopters in the form of entitlements. These delay, but do not stop, the decline.

As conservatives, we know the only resurrection is through a restoration of context. However, that cannot happen until it is well and truly dead, and so civilization needs to be re-formed from within. Unfortunately, by that point most people are either (a) addicted to denial that civilization is failing or (b) have given up hope.

Don’t give up hope. Here’s why: two things will happen at once, like tectonic plates moving in opposite directions. First, a society-within-a-society will arise which is dedicated to civilization. Second, and simultaneously, liberal policies will turn out badly for both individuals and society at large.

In fact, now is the best time to restore hope. We are finally seeing how liberalism fails. People are turning toward our side, if we don’t push them away. It’s time to re-take politics from the professionals, who failed to avert this crisis, and re-organize the political machine to get what we want.

What do we want? I propose this; see if you agree. I want Mayberry: a traditional society of towns and small cities, unified by a values system and a heritage, in which people are advanced by being competent and morally good, not by popularity and/or hoop-jumping certifications and/or political allegiance.

Maybe you want something similar. A society based on positive values, not the negative habit of looking for victims to use as its next great crusade. A society that rejects the French Revolution and its notion of radical, pathological questing for “equality.” A society devoted to normal lives and improving ourselves, not celebrating ourselves.

Liberal societies all face the same doom that the French Revolution did. Unstable, they murder their best citizens and install tyrants. Incompetent, they collapse from within. They return as crass marketplaces. Eventually there is money; at that point, their citizens become fully neurotic and most importantly, sabotage their children by treating them like toys or bragging rights.

The result is successive generations of neurotic people in a state of misery. On the social level, this creates incompetent politics, corruption and a breakdown of infrastructure as there are no clear-minded people left. The next stop is the third world levels of hygiene, corruption, disorder and lawlessness that characterize dying societies.

We are already at this point. There is no reconciling conservatism and liberalism: we are going in different ways. They want degeneration, we want regeneration. Liberalism is a path to doom because it makes people neurotic. Conservatism makes people realistic and hopeful, and is a path to success.

At this point, the only question for our fellow citizens is what kind of society they want. They won’t figure this out at first, since they’re befuddled by television and shopping. But we can win the smarter among them over to us, by showing them the choice they have, and the others will follow as they always do.

Which direction leads to our future?

12 Responses to “Flip turn”

  1. unkempt says:

    That’s the answer then? Retreat to enclaves of like minded individuals with the unwashed and violently hungry hordes at the gates? It seems somehow a bad idea, although probably the only realistic one. I guess its helpful to remember that quality often triumphs over quantity even in bloody warfare.

    • There’s several things to do, and the first is to change our attitude from “include everyone” to “find the like-minded or those who can change their minds.” We need to stop trying to save the world from itself, and start trying to save the parts that want to survive/thrive.

      Next, we need to re-approach modern politics from this viewpoint. We are not here to preserve the dysfunction. We’re here to reform it.

  2. NotTheDude says:

    Great article. I like how you keep coming back and reinforcing the points and goals you make with new yet similar posts. It is easy to forget what we are about here. I suprised my father today when I said that I wouldn’t enter into an interracial relationship as it was against my beliefs and goals. I didn’t explain why because, as much as I love my father, he is not quite as Conservative as I and wouldn’t understand. He hadn’t thought that I wouldn’t because I didn’t want to throw away my biological inheritance and the beauty and bigger picture that race is a part of. To lose it would throw away more than just aesthetics in my mind. I need a bigger picture to work towards.

    • AnotherDude says:

      Forced tolerance (or “intolerant tolerance”) is one of those queer contradictions from which modernity is predicated. Especially when it comes to mating and having children: the lessons of the past and the consequences in the future are not factored in. Parenthood has become a personal matter and not a communal decision.

      As for the bigger picture, I couldn’t express how much I concur. We have become a society where the means have become ends in themselves rather than working towards a goal – the consequences of actions have been removed from the equation and replaced with the here and now.

      Great post and great comments. The fact that we are reaching out to one another is certainly a step in the right direction.

    • Per our last mission statement, we’re trying to flesh out what conservatism means. In bite-sized doses, unfortunately.

  3. Marcus Antony says:

    yes. reinforcing the points. bastille storming; BAD. andy griffith show; GOOD.

  4. NotTheDude says:

    Reach out to all like minds. Like the Conversation with Rabbi Schiller on the site http://WWW.Ulster Nationalist.org.uk. The Berbers may even be on the path to resisting Arabisation and cultural suppression. Hopeful times.

  5. unkempt says:

    You know, I just want to thank this site and its august and esteemed writers and commentators for being a voice of reason in this world.

    I’ve been thinking about your Mayberry idea and it really speaks to something deep inside me. My ideal place to live would have less whittling and more drinking and drag racing, but that’s because that’s what I’ve heard my whole life. My dad and his grew up in this town I live in, and I’ve heard so many stories of how things used to be. Hard working and hard partying people who had the occasional good natured brawl or rumble, enjoying the beautiful landscape around us by hunting and fishing and camping and having great big parties in the same little gulch.

    I was raised hearing my dad talk with his friends he’s known his whole life about ‘remember th at time Dad accidentally shot himself up at Ephraim’s Grave’ and driving around with him pointing out ‘theres where I drove my dirt bike off the ridge and that’s where I rolled my truck’ and the sheer joy always made me happy by association. Well he left for some years, met my.mom and made me and my sister, and then moved back here where his family and friends and whole life was, and he barely recognized the place. The whole lower half of town is populated by criminal mexicans and the foothills are all developed with the same big houses populated by Californians, and the mountains are all fenced off private property, and I’ve always been very displeased that I’ll never have anything like the life he lived.

    And all I see is influential people and the great masses celebrating this. Its been hard to maintain my belief that in my own community and in the country at large everything has been getting worse and worse. Its been hard for me to hold on to the belief that its bad that all the local businesses that used to be here, the locally owned markets and auto shops and yes even the bars and strip clubs are all being replaced with walmarts and franchises and hippy cafes and bullshit clubs. That’s its bad that the foothills are full of liberals instead of deer, and the land my grandpa wants his ashes scattered are owned and fenced off. That its bad that you can’t hang out below a certain street because of the masses of brown criminals, and its bad that there’s not just so many people I don’t know, but don’t want to know.

    I’m just glad this site exists, because it helps me remember that I can indeed be perfectly sane when I see evil and misery and shit I hate all around me when almost nobody else does, and that it is perfectly sensible to miss the heritage I never really had a chance to know. Thank you all for this sane and enlightening corner of the internet.

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