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Demotism Dies in Dementia

Back in the 1980s, there was a point where that spry spring chicken Ronald Wilson Reagan knew he had The Soviets right where he wanted them. It was that time when the Soviets swore up, down, and sideways Premier Yuri Andropov was alive, healthy, and ready to address The Supreme Soviet. It would be that afternoon, the next day, then the day after that.

The speech eventually happened. It was given by Konstantin Chernyenko. Yuri, as one morning DJ put it, had shriveled up and dropped off. The George Will Set assured us the world was in danger. The Soviets were now so senile they were likely to sit on the button. You had to be nice to these people. Gramps is no picnic when he’s angry.

That, like most of George Will’s garbage was garbage. Physiognomy isn’t. Reagan looked at Yuri Andropov, heard the tired, old, shartmonger snoring at his Politburo, and there he saw the will of The Soviet People. He went in deep with Star Wars and lots of tanks. When the Russians got a mature and functional adult in charge, they cut a deal with Ronnie-Baby and got around to trying to clean up after their collapse.

Look more closely at Biden, Pelosi and McConnell. No really, I didn’t ask you to do that because I hate any of you – much. These people are ossified fossils. They don’t come from another socio-political era. They inhabit a different geological age. They are no more out of step with the times than Rodney Dangerfield.

You see the physiognomy of unreasoned decline and irreversible moral senescence. That is Amerikan Demotism. It will die in the dark because senile macular degeneration will soon render it even blinder. These leaders can’t fix our problems because they would have to admit to having caused a large number of them. When was the last time you ever talked to a politically engaged Boomer who was self-aware?

You couldn’t trust anyone over 30 until those guys hit The Big Three-Oh. Then forty was the new thirty. Oh wait, the new 30 is now 60. Eventually, the Botox just looks stupid. So you then can’t mention it or else you’re an age bigot.

It’s no accident that the Boomers telling us all about Amerika’s Fourth Turning predict a Grey Champion. That crashes head-on with reality. As we age, we age out. We age out of our peak physical ability. Then we age out of our ability to learn new things. After that, we forget what we used to know to begin with. The sad part of this is compounded as we outlive our friends who know better and could correct us when we come up short.

Then you are old enough to be Biden, Pelosi, and McConnell. At that juncture, there are things someone like this can manage. Perhaps a studio apartment. Certainly not the world’s largest national budget or a thermonuclear arsenal. Someone nice should select these people a home.

That home should never be The White House or either house of any bicameral legislature. It’s time for these three jokers to book the first cruise Coronavirus allows to leave port. They are yesterday. If that is what leads our nation, one can logically deduce that our nation is yesterday. It’s time for yesterday to go to bed, sleep it off, and let somebody with some skin left, on their face or in the game, take over for the sake of tomorrow.

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