Charlotte, N.C. Burns In Latest Round Of Diversity Riots


Dearly Beloved,

Here we gather again to mourn yet another race riot, this time in Charlotte, N.C. — although the media will not call it such.

Yet again we see the Leftist narrative debunked but only after it served its purpose, which was to inflame the community:

Quiet returned to Charlotte streets Wednesday after the police-involved shooting of an African-American man ignited a night of anger and violence that left windows smashed, stores looted, trucks set ablaze and 16 police officers wounded in the melee.

The violence erupted hours after the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott, 43, who police say was armed and ignored several commands to drop his weapon.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney, at a news conference Wednesday, rejected claims Scott was holding a book, not a gun, and said the gun had been recovered by detectives. No book was found, Putney added.

As is typical, there are no solutions on the radar. The Left wants more power to minorities, including benefits payments and affirmative action; the Right wants people to stop pointing guns at cops; out here in the cold wilderness, us Realists want to look at the situation as a whole.

It makes sense to be sympathetic to the African-American point of view in the bigger picture. Not the specifics of this event, since those were rendered false by the Left-agenda narrative. But let us look at African-Americans and their situation, with compassion.

There is no possible solution for African-American angst in America. No matter what we do — trillions in welfare, lawsuits, benefits, affirmative action and draconian civil rights laws — they will always know that this society was founded by people other than them, designed for people other than them, and that African-Americans are only here because they were sold in Africa to slave traders for use as farm labor here.

Even with a black President, and former black Secretaries of Defense and State, with black Supreme Court justices and Martin Luther King Jr. as our official American Gandhi, black discontent roils. It does so not because of poverty, but because of the denial of pride.

For African-Americans, or any other population, to have pride in their nation they need to know it was founded by them, designed for them, and ruled by them since its creation. They need to have a sense of belonging that comes only from being the group that is the nation, and not one group of many, especially not one whose original utility was as chattel labor.

No matter what we do in response to this latest shooting and the resulting riots, nothing can ever be done that will make African-Americans happy, because the condition of their unhappiness is created by diversity.

Thus, as we contemplate this latest tragedy in a long line of American and European race riots, we should instead of looking for someone to blame, look at the conditions which make such events inevitable.

Gathered here, we pray.

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16 Responses to “Charlotte, N.C. Burns In Latest Round Of Diversity Riots”

  1. Brian in the desert says:

    I think this is very astute. Blacks should have a place of their own and they should be the ones to determine how it is to be governed and by whom. What we need is a “two state solution” but I have no idea how this could be accomplished unless we went the way that India and Pakistan did following the end of the British Raj. That didn’t work all that well but without the violence of Islam being a major ingredient maybe it could be done without tens of thousands of deaths.

    • Excellent comparison! The partition of India might have made sense if the British had repatriated the Pakistanis, who have middle eastern blood, to the middle east instead of leaving them in North India, creating a guerrilla war which rages to this day.

    • -A says:

      Never cede land. They need reparation and repatriation. So long as it works, I will support it. Down to the last drop, down to the last chimeric cell, down to the last biome.

    • Bill in Tennessee says:

      Well they actually HAVE a place of their own, it’s called Africa. And just look at how well that is run. Tribal, chaotic, impoverished, superstitious, and ….well, AFRICAN. Depending on which country you look at, you will find varying degrees of dysfunction at scales we in teh West cannot imagine.

  2. -A says:

    It is also short-sighted to misunderstand how diversity and liberal policies have led to police being as militarized and mistrusted as they are. Many on the force themselves have played their part but, if there was not an apparent need for blowing police out of proportion, it would not have gained momentum. But do remember, for every bureaucrat insisting that they don’t make the laws, there are ten(possibly including the former) who stomped their feet and demanded the laws in place, and are now complaining that they have obligations part and parcel with those laws. Kind of like people who vote in liberal policies and complain about taxes or being forced to bake a gay wedding cake. Nothing is free.

  3. Badmar says:

    I can’t give blacks pride any more than leave me to freely enjoy mine. That disparity will always cause a rift(haha).

    • I agree. No group can give another group pride; we can only allow them to discover it on their own, starting by reparations/repatriation so they have a chance to create their own thriving civilization. A chance is all that nature/God gives any of us.

      • Badmar says:

        *they can Don’t you think that would have to be done by a combination of force and the benefits drying up/being cut off?

    • JPW says:

      Pride is a reaction to what you see in the mirror. It is a function of the viewer and of the image viewed. I can’t imagine someone else being able to give another person pride.

  4. avraham says:

    My grandparents owned property in Newark,NJ and donated it to the city when it was becoming black and left. They saw the writing on the wall.

  5. Dualist says:

    It is a shame that more authors on the Alternative Right do not frame the argument for Nationalism in these terms. It is very easy to say “we need to send them away because they are subhuman, hence bad for OUR people (the founders of the nation)”. But reminding readers that ALL the world’s Peoples desire their own self-determination, and actually do deserve it, is the much wiser course of action.

    Whatever one’s views on race, we here all know that repatriation is the only good, final solution. But it is not US that the Alt-Right ‘leaders’ should be trying to convince – we’re already very, very sold. It’s everybody else who needs convincing. It is the Trump supporters who have only just heard of ‘us’ that we need to persuade. It is all those disaffected, alienated youths, rare in proportion but large in number, who have been beaten to a pulp by leftist propaganda but nonetheless feel in their souls that something is terribly wrong, who we need to educate.

    But we forget at our peril just how entrenched leftist assumptions have become, even amongst conservatives. To argue for a position simply on the basis of the self-interest of one group is no longer, we are told, allowed (unless it’s for any group other than North-West Europeans). Nobody would even dream of going on a TV election-debate and defending such an argument: they would sound INSANE to all but the vanishing minority of sane. We need to change this fundamental assumption of Modernism, of course, and we will do so in good time – but we haven’t yet.

    So basing the argument for Nationalism on the grounds that it benefits EVERYBODY (certainly in the medium-to-long term) is certainly the only sensible option. It would be very difficult for even a hardened leftist to argue against this. Remember, it was the Left’s century-long cry of ‘Imperialist!’ that led to Britain giving independence to her colonies. Now, If the reason why colonialism was Unleftist=Evil was because of some specific abuses by the British administrators on their subjects, then the cry should have been just to end these abuses, surely? But no, the cry was ‘colonialism must end, even if the presence of the British DOES make the country materially better, because ALL PEOPLES HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION!’. So the Left doesn’t have a leg to stand on, here.

    Until that day – oh happy day! – comes when we have disenfranchised the current Media Entity, we cannot realistically expect to crawl out of the stinking basket marked ‘deplorables’, in THEIR eyes. But there are still many ordinary, decent, North-West Europeans who, although they may lack the erudition and world-historical vantage point of many current Alt-Righters, are nonetheless intuitively-conservative in spirit, and for whom such arguments are much more likely to ‘convert’ than any from the gas ‘em brigade.

    If ‘we’ could all just agree to agree on only one thing to begin with, I believe it should be that “NONE of the great things that the Alt-Right proposes will EVER happen unless ‘we’ first get in power VERY soon (and without bloodshed, ideally)”. So, once again, I commend this author and this website for continuing to resist the urge to play the game of ‘more-extreme-than-thou’ and for instead offering sane, realistic goals for people to aim towards.

  6. Salger says:

    Just do mass deportations of Blacks, declare Dindu Lives Matter a terrorist organization, let the cops do their jobs, do serious government program reform, make executions and mutilation with lastly exile the leads in handling Dindu criminals.

    We’re talking about a race with a mean IQ in the 80s.

    • It is too easy, in human life, to see effects as causes. The problem we see is the visual manifestation of the underlying problem, which is the cause. In the case of race riots, the cause is diversity itself; every other race we have tried to have live among us has caused clashes, and this is logically understandable because their goals will never overlap with ours. For this reason, the only solution is ending diversity; ending African-American diversity alone only upgrades the dangers we face.

  7. BB says:

    Very well-thought out and simply stated article.

    Problem: The (mostly) affluent white Leftists will fight tooth-and-nail against the repatriation part (but not the reparation part), for reasons that should be obvious to most.

    • The (mostly) affluent white Leftists will fight tooth-and-nail against the repatriation part (but not the reparation part), for reasons that should be obvious to most.

      I agree, but we will have to beat them down anyway because they are insane and will destroy us with their insanity. The zampolit of the West must be exiled to Brazil for our own survival.

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