Assorted glimpses

absurdity_of_modernityFrancis Fukuyama,
A man of Hegelian dogma.
He would do well to read some Burke,
To give his Neo-Connery a final shirk.

Alex Pareene
Mocks Jonah Goldberg with a mind so keen.
But his loathing of John Derbyshire,
Fills me with fiery ire.

Ira Glass,
A true mascot of the New Class.
His voice babbles on beautifully,
Stuffing me with incredulity.

Jose Angel Gutierrez,
I loathe everything he says.
With any luck he will soon be fired,
And Paul Gottfried will celebrate, as he is now retired.

Guy Somerset,
The details of his identity remain a secret.
His writings are filled with righteous indignation,
The roots of which beget no explanation.

David Brooks
Is just about as smart as he looks.
When he dies Ross Douthat will take his position,
A far cry from giving The New York Times a benediction.

Subcomandante Marcos,
Ever dueling with those vicious narcos.
Perhaps he and Dr. Paul should meet,
And form a united front to eschew defeat.

David Frum
Left Canada and to America he did come.
A Republican who enjoyed the company of Andrea Dworkin,
Is naturally a darling in the eye of Aaron Sorkin.


  1. Bob Wallace says:

    Jerry Pournelle always refers to Frum as “the egregious Frum.” To him it’s one word, and he clearly sees through the traitor.

  2. RiverC says:

    Derbyshire is a better rhyme for ‘cur’, not ‘ire’, methinks.

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