After Equality Comes Mass Murder

Bryan Caplan finds himself confused by the link between recognizing the importance of IQ and wanting most of humanity dead. He argues for acceptance of fact without rancor, but seems perplexed by the vitriol expressed (h/t Outside In):

My fellow IQ realists are, on average, a scary bunch. People who vocally defend the power of IQ are vastly more likely than normal people to advocate extreme human rights violations. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate a One-Child Policy for people with low IQs. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate a No-Child Policy for people with low IQs. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate forced sterilization for people with low IQs. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate forcible exile of people with low IQs – fellow citizens, not just immigrants. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate murdering people with low IQs.

…If someone says, “I’m more intelligent than other people, so it’s acceptable for me to murder them,” the sensible response isn’t, “Intelligence is a myth.” The sensible response is, “Are you mad? That doesn’t justify murder.” Advocating brutality in the name of your superior intellect is the mark of a super-villain, not a logician.

Generally, his point is agreeable, but that is mostly because human groups require a span of IQs to cover all of the roles in society. Every general needs soldiers, and every soldier needs a cascade of leaders in order to give him guidance so that he is not left alone and confused to make decisions he has no hope of getting correct.

However, as one of the misanthropes he describes — or as we might call it, a “human quality control advocate” — I can attest to the power of wanting to purge the weak. This comes more from the conditions of our time than an innate will to do harm based on this realization.

Let us look at the factors involved:

  1. Overpopulation. There are too many of us, and too few good ones, especially in power. The urge to purge the excess and pare away the useless is great because daily, we see many people whose absence would make life better.
  2. Idiocracy. The herd rules us. When we look at the products available and the decisions made by our leaders, it is clear that mass opinion sways the day, and like a demonic compass it always points toward full retard.
  3. Stupidity. Our time is stupid. The cities are ugly, the jobs moronic, the culture idiotic. We want a war on stupidity and bad decision-making, and associate it with the stupid people we see among us.

We also live in a time of lies. IQ is denied, as well as most other natural and intelligent things. When people “wake up” from the stupor of egalitarianism, they react as does any consumer who has been defrauded: with injured rage.

The temptation is to make a continental mass grave to remind future humans not to go down this path because it ends badly. This arises as much from the perception that all decency and truth are lost on this world, and that all is futile, which produces a suffocating rage.

A more sensible view is that we could divide the useful from the useless. A janitor who does his job in a conscientious way and does not live like a degenerate is necessary just as a rocket scientist is, but people of any intelligence level who are given to evil merely thwart the realization of the good.

This would be done informally, in a natural method, if applied intelligently. A hierarchy of natural leaders would be set up; they would decide who to retain, and send the others away. Those who could not find a place would have to relocate to easier places to live, like the third world.

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16 Responses to “After Equality Comes Mass Murder”

  1. I also find Bryan Caplan very insightful on many issues, but sealed within academia makes him oblivious to the impact some of his positions.

  2. PopeOfRope says:

    I am often frustrated by the lack of will to advocate stronger usage of force against the low iq within neorxn. They’re already killing us, they’re already structuring the labor market in a way that disfavors remotely intelligent people and labor. The appropriate response to someone holding a gun to your child’s head is not to take him to court.

    Because no one is, or ever will be fnargl, the appropriate response to low iq assertiveness should always be with violence, otherwise it is the victim who pays the cost. They are not smart enough to conceive of a manner of gain that does not involve harming another person.

    • Asian Reactionary says:

      Intelligence appears to be negative correlated with violence, so perhaps intelligence is just a flash in the pan with no survival value.

      • Intelligence tends to view violence as both highly decisive and high-risk, so if there is another way, it is preferred. Sort of like whether you would rather walk a mile through rough terrain and get there safely, or take a motorcycle and have a much increased risk of traumatic brain injury.

    • Hierarchy is necessary and benefits those on the bottom most of all by preventing them from self-destructing. Good points.

      • Jose Cruz says:

        “Hierarchy is necessary and benefits those on the bottom most of all by preventing them from self-destructing.”

        The best way to do most things is not always the easiest. How do you keep the bottom from resenting someone who demands from them discipline, organization for long periods of time? They are incapable of visualizing or understanding that a worthy reward comes in the long term from this discipline, and organization.

  3. Dr Bryan Caplan’s early essays are masterpieces. He blew Hume right out of the water with his small essay on Hume’s misunderstanding of what reason can perceive. He is brilliant, but I guess even smart people can be wrong sometimes.

    • He is brilliant, but I think he is playing a careful political game here: advance one controversial theory by wrapping it in a non-controversial and popular one.

  4. The thing is I think he and Michael Huemer are intuitionit and that seems to ignore that fact that while Reason does a lot more than perceives contradictions, still the type of perception that it perceives is different in quality and kind that the type that sees contradictions. So he did destroy Hume, but still that does not take care of the problem posed by Kant. Thus I tend to go more with Hegel and Dr Ross that deal with knowledge based on reason in a more strict way.

    • Another possibility is that reason is analytical or passive, where intuition can be prescriptive.

      • Alchemist says:

        That is essentially correct, at least in the markets. A speculator watches and analyzes with reason and then jumps in, and out, when intuition informs that the time has arrived. One can make, or lose, a bundle only by acting on the intuition impusle. Reason alone results in the lament: If I had only done x on y’s signal, I could have …

        The speculator of course uses both, and does know when one takes precedence over the other.

  5. Kvädare says:

    I used to be in favour of limiting reproduction to stop overpopulation. Then I learned that it’s not my country or countries like it that breed unsustainably. Making our descendants more intelligent, healthier, more honourable, etc is still good, but overpopulation is not a problem in many Germanic countries. The birthrate of the natives is usually even, or slightly declining.

    • Kvädare says:

      As with many other issues, there is no political solution. The culture has to improve. If the culture is good, then eugenics almost plays itself out, because those with virtue become more sexually attractive, and those with vice become less attractive.

      It also opens the possibility for an adoption program in which exceptional people have lots of children, and the babies are distributed, which no one would agree to today.

      Also, a healthy society eliminates its traitors and irredeemable criminals, which is a form of eugenics.

      • Kvädare says:

        What I mean by political solution, is a solution through the main political system.
        Of course an Orania style society or a scientology style cult is always possible, with enough money.

      • We might add to that: however, politics can retard this process.

    • I agree, and would add that our problem appears to be quality control. Stupid, criminal, and dishonest people are not going to help us; in fact, they make us weaker.

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