A Satanic Prayer


The first move that evil embarks on, every time, is to re-define words so that evil=good.

That way, evil can triumph, because ordinary people — caught in the grips of the ignorance that comes with narcissism — will promote evil, so that their neighbors consider them good.

The point here is: all that you think is good, is evil; some of what you think is evil, is good. This is designed to confuse you and make you impotent.

The Alt Right embraces evil — genetic determinism, nationalism, hierarchy, quality — in opposition to what you are told is good, which originates in equality.

The pursuit of equality however is a race to the grave. It is an illusion, and by chasing illusion, you self-destruct by forcing yourselves to obey a lie and destroying all those who do not obey. That is the service of evil, and by obeying it, you are making yourselves agents of evil.

Good requires stalwart defenders. Good is never popular; evil always is.

And so, when your media and politicians and all of your silly hipster friends agree that the alt right is evil, realize that the opposite is true. The alt right is good, and what is “normal,” is evil.

In nominee de nostre
Satanas: Lucifere

Introibo ad altare

Ad Satanas, qui
laetificat gloria

Gloria Satanas, et
Belial et Spiritui

Sicut erat in
principio, et nunc,
et semper, et in
saecula saeculorum.

Praise evil, for “good” is rotten.

Only through evil may we achieve good.

For what is now known as good, is evil in disguise, and must be fought with every weapon conceivable.

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17 Responses to “A Satanic Prayer”

  1. AntiDem says:

    > Good requires stalwart defenders. Good is never popular; evil always is.

    That’s pretty much what Christ warned His followers to expect. Enlightenment utopians said they’d make things better, so that wouldn’t be true anymore. In fact, they made things worse, because no system based on an inaccurate understanding of human nature will produce anything but evil.

    • no system based on an inaccurate understanding of human nature will produce anything but evil.

      I completely agree. We must recognize our inner tendency, which is to be monkeys (more). What we desire, and what we tend to “think,” is always wrong, until we become self-disciplined and can recognize reality.

      That is the emergence from Plato’s cave, in my view, and reality includes — as crow will note — both the supernatural, and a knowledge of what must be done.

      What makes this difficult is that it creates a world that rewards people who enjoy simple living. It rejects almost all theory, and suggests that we consolidate knowledge like the ancients, into epic poems and Bibles, instead of trying to invent new ways of seeing. It suggests that most people should work a few hours a day, and spend the rest of the time getting to know their souls and, most importantly, enjoying life.

      That terrifies most people. To look into the void, and make light out of darkness, is beyond them. And maybe that is where our next population bottleneck should fall…

  2. crow says:

    Inversion of word-meanings is a double-edged sword. Will the right now follow in the footsteps of the left?

    Knowing good comes easy to the good heart. The left is heartless, and knows only the intellect, which, with its limited understanding, decides which is which, based upon what its emotions tell it, along with what is popular.

    The words mean nothing, by themselves.
    Good is good, no matter what you call it.
    And evil remains evil, under any guise.

    • I believe the use of the terms themselves is evil.

      Let me explain: with terms like “good” and “evil,” we have found the One True Ring, the path to power without making it so, in literal reality. The shortcut around all struggles.

      Fred Nietzsche pointed this out years ago, but I think he got half of the picture. He wrote essentially what I did above — which was also the message of black metal, the movement — which is that when these terms invert, it is time to stop using them and to destroy their previous meaning, and then re-invent them.

      But then along came Bill Burroughs. His contribution was that humans exist in interlocking networks of control, enforced upon them by externalized symbols. Among those, of course, was The Word (which Thom Pynchon downgraded to “the Word”).

      Then enter us The Black Pill types. To us, language itself is untrustworthy, because what is meant by a token in one brain is in no way guaranteed to mean the same thing in another brain.

      In fact, by the nature of that other brain interpreting it, because the symbol is now separated from the reality, the inversion you speak of is guaranteed to happen.

      So, this:

      It makes no sense to speak of good and evil. Only “I intend to create X cause to achieve result Y, for the purpose of Z.”

      Anything else is bullshit.

      For the last several thousand years, Western Man has been externalizing himself into symbols and other proxies.

      Think about what they desire in Silicon Valley: intelligent tools. They want the tool to take the place of the person. What does this imply? Equality. Why is equality always popular? Because when you come up with an externalized tool — a gadget, a recipe, a rule, a category — you can then do away with the need to have someone intelligent there. The tool replaces the brain, which flatters humans, because that way none of us need to feel bad because our brains or penises are not as large as those that others have.

      This is what has destroyed Western Civilization.

      And as Bruce Charlton and others have pointed out, we cannot use the One True Ring to destroy Mordor. If we adopt the ring — externalized proxies and tokens — it will destroy us.

      So let “good” burn.

      • crow says:

        “Good” is not a mere human idea.
        It is a natural state – a polarity – described by humans with a word-symbol. As is “evil”.
        Let us not confuse the state with the symbol.
        Let us not confuse Reality with human ideas.

        Hubris does not only entail one’s assumption that everything is about oneself. It also entails an assumption that everything is only about humanity.

  3. avraham says:

    I think the Alt Right is not so far from what my learning partner said. I was trying to defend the Constitution of the USA and he said that they way the USA is today is a natural consequence of the Constitution. I think he either said that himself or was saying it in name of his father.

    • I was trying to defend the Constitution of the USA and he said that they way the USA is today is a natural consequence of the Constitution.

      I agree, and would like to point out that Alexis de Tocqueville also ran this warning up the pole: there is no way we can control people with words/rules alone.

      There is no substitute for the kings. Without a core 1% of genius and strong moral character to lead us, we are forced to fall back on rules and other proxies, but these ultimately defeat us. A tool has no allegiance but to itself.

      What I would do for the USA is straightforward:

      1. Seize power and abolish all laws changed since 1790
      2. Add a Constitutional amendment that makes all law subordinate to the aristocracy
      3. Find the best people I know, and have them find other best people, in a cascade; from that group, form an aristocracy.
      4. Repatriate the Other, with reparations, and exile the bad.

      At that point, the situation will clean itself up and come to sanity naturally. We have our four pillars — nationalism, aristocracy, positive reward systems (shorthand for “NOT SOCIALISM” plus the idea of “good to the good, and bad to the bad” from Plato) and a transcendental goal — and we have then restored the only sane working type of civilization design known to humanity.

      Until we do that, we are doomed to become third world inside of our souls.

      • avraham says:

        That gives me a lot of things to think about. I have from very young age been very impressed with the Constitution of the USA.

        • Me too, and the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. But, I was also wary of them, because I have never thought democracy was anything but mob rule, no matter how many rules we put on it. That makes those documents noble attempts to save a doomed but pleasant illusion.

  4. JPW says:

    These guys are pikers. D&D players who took their LARP a bit overboard. Pope Francis is the real deal.

    • Finnish Individual says:

      Pope Francis is evil, whether willingly or not…His impact on the world is bad, not good. He reinforces moral confusion and illusion. Church as an institution is a big fat NO….

  5. Finnish Individual says:

    The more you hate equality and tolerance thereof, the more GOOD you are…and viceversa.

    And fuck Nelson Mandela.

  6. Finnish Individual says:

    Most evil looks good, by the way. It really does by lie standards. Handsome, KIND, comforting, and most of all SWEET AS HONEY. Ah, sweet is the worst of poisons…

    On the other hand, good requires one to merit it through sour trials and tribulations. Else you won’t savor its eternal sweetness.

  7. Jose Cruz says:

    Brett do you think Christianity played a part in the west going downhill? It’s morality talks about good and evil.

    • Finnish Individual says:

      Time to read the Antichrist by Nietzsche, fellow seeker of Truth.

      That’s the gist of the matter. The west has practiced forgiveness and kindness for too long.

      I don’t think that was the original idea. The clergy told the people to basically abandon all morals and standards with the fake morality of tolerance of evil.

      Tolerance of evil is evil, not good! Hatred of evil is good.

  8. josef haddad says:

    reminds me of the ‘holy diver’ album artwork; when a reporter asked dio why did he show a priest being drowned by a devil, dio told him never to trust appearances and that what might be looking like a devil, might actually be good, and vice versa. bless him. RIP :’ (

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