A false god dies


225 years after the French Revolution, the world lies in ruins, but in a subtle way.

There’s still wealth, military power, big cities, technology. But the population survives in a state of existential despair and belief in the pointlessness of its own activity.

We can’t be fooled into thinking that jobs, shopping and patriotism are all there is in life.

Thanks mostly to this lack of actual motivation, our society is afflicted with surplus parasites. Some work do-nothing jobs and forget to care about the results. Others seize as much money as they can through the credulity of others.

But now it seems a recession is upon us and here to stay. It is in fact the same recession that broke out in the early 2000s, had a brief interruption, and then returned with Obama. Its origins lie in the overselling of products and labor during the Clinton years. When the market adjusted for all that false wealth, the result was a depression.

Many people will call this “the Obama recession.” There is truth in that. The full truth is that this recession is what happens when a society is played out. There is no motive to produce, only to hype and profit, then abscond with the wealth. Our society has become so hateful that escape through wealth is the only reasonable goal.

The media are spending a great deal of time talking about Thomas Piketty’s new book or any other excuse they can find to blame this recession on capitalism. In their view, capitalism has failed. The truth is far more profound.

Democracy has failed.

Liberal democracy, which Francis Fukuyama proclaimed as the inheritor of “the end of history” after the fall of the Soviet Union, has turned into another dead-end. It can’t regulate itself, and because it is unrealistic, ends up creating existential hells like the one in which we currently live.

Democracy has failed but liberals are blaming capitalism. It would be convenient for them to blame capitalism and shift us further to the left, which will solve zero problems and make most of them worse, but will hand power over to the leftists. That’s all they care about: they are parasites.

They play on the fears that people have of the power of others. Leftist society fears power. Instead, it wants touchy-feely group rule. That way, they say, we are all equal and no decisions are made arbitrarily about individuals. However such societies give people zero incentive to strive for anything, and in fact crush all will to improve, so soon they must find ways to squeeze more money out of the population. Arbitrary seizures are just the beginning.

Since leftism is broken, and leftists know it, they have no endgame but total control. They adapted liberal democracy toward this purpose in the years after WWII. It has now run its course. They blame capitalism, but the actual factors are buried far deeper than that. What afflicts this society is lack of purpose.

More liberal democracy — leftism — will not cure that. But they will present to you that solution alone and hope you are foolish enough to hang yourself with the same rope twice.

4 Responses to “A false god dies”

  1. Ollie says:

    Yes Brett, the image you chose truly encapsulates what we face on the street level.

    Fake nerdy glasses (notice the lack of distortion behind the lens area – there is no optical correction visible)…check.

    The appearance of intellect.

    Highly styled, slightly effeminate haircut…check.

    The appearance of empathy.

    Trendy overcoat, man purse, and artfully arranged, but functionally useless scarf…check.

    The appearance of creativity.

    Thin arms and visibly reduced frame from a trendy vegan diet and a lifetime of recreational drug abuse…check.

    The appearance of health.

    Labour campaign button…check.

    The appearance of responsibility and control.

    Half effort smirk…check.

    The reality of unwarranted arrogance.

  2. Mark Yuray says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  3. Peter Connor says:

    Looks like “pajama boy”….

  4. Doug says:

    This was actually the original cover art for Slayer’s “Hell Awaits” but they chickened out claiming it was “too disturbing.”

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