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2016: The Year The Wall Fell


In Berlin, the wall was made of concrete. In the contemporary West, it was made of pretense: the idea that “nice” people believed certain things and refused to believe obvious truths because they were offensive.

In 2016, the Wall of the West fell, aided by massive immigrant rape violence in Europe and the Donald Trump campaign in America. The pretense was revealed to be fake, and self-serving for a small cadre of self-appointed elites, and common sense peeked through like a ray of sunlight above the clouds.

The amazing thing about the fall of the wall of pretense is that what was revealed was not hatred for a specific group, but knowledge of the importance of groups.

People began to realize that each group acts in self-interest, and when they are crammed together in the same space, they are forced into a life-or-death struggle for what will be the values, standards and behaviors of that society — perhaps we might call this “culture” — because each group wants its own ideals to prevail, and wants to feel in command of its own destiny.

With that came the realization that the pretense was constructed of self-serving lies that benefit an elite which intersects corporations, media and government. This elite wants total control, and it achieves that by forcing us to obey nonsensical ideology which is not to our benefit.

With the realization that our elites were not in fact highly competent people with our best interests at heart, but cynical manipulators, came other realizations. They have ruined our economies, shattered our social order, and made modern life a living hell, worse than it was even in the 1980s, which people felt (at the time) was the nadir of human experience.

Our society is heading downhill under these nonsense rules and ideals. Equality means we accept the lie as equal to truth, and the insane as equal to the sane, and the result is that the more convenient “answers” — always lies or partial truths — prevail, to our disadvantage.

The economy is just the crest of the wave. Modern life has been unfulfilling for some time, and now it has gone into hyperdrive toward nonsense. We are all slaves to the obligation of work, to a broken social order, and to the sociopathic behavior of those who hide behind pretense.

If we do not step off this treadmill, it will further exhaust us and eventually destroy us.

Whatever happens in election 2016, the wall has fallen and with it, the assumption of legitimacy behind the pretense. People are acting in self-interest now, and this means that the great gravy chain of squeezing the middle classes to pay for the welfare state is ending in the Europe and the USA.

Even more, illusions have perished. Even though that death is not yet realized, the hollowness has been recognized. With it comes a desire for the more orderly society and purposeful, gentle existence of the past. With that arrives the recognition that most of our modern activities do not benefit us, but the parasite elites.

The decision of Western people has come down to this. We know that our current course is destructive. We must find another way. The first step was tearing down the wall, and now we must find something to erect in the void left by its comforting but controlling presence. That will be the quest of our time.

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